Title: Brand New Us 1/9+ Epilogue
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own none; all belong to Joss Whedon
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Summary: The Hyena never left Xander and now they want Spike….whole
Warnings/Spoilers: Why not Season 5
Beta'd by: Whichclothes

Part One

They had an agreement for five years. Five years ago Xander had been possessed by the leader of a pack of hyena spirits. The most powerful one had chosen him; saw something in him that no one else did. Later after they defeated the guy who worked at the zoo, while the others were rid of their hyenas Xander's stuck around. She was pushed back so Xander could be in charge but she was still there.

At first Xander found it a burden but was afraid to tell the others. He was still new to knowing about demons and he really didn't want any magic or God knows what done to him. After a while he and the hyena came to an agreement. Xander had control when he wanted but would allow the hyena to come out during patrol. There was never any attention on Xander during patrols so when he let the hyena out no one noticed. It worked out well. They did good, keeping the town safe and Xander got to live another day.

When Spike arrived chipped the hyena demanded to come out more. She wanted to protect the vampire. Protect him from Buffy, the Initiative and humans. Xander could feel her anger; he understood it. That's when they made a deal; they agreed to share Xander's body completely. Xander was still Xander, he loved his comic books and science fiction but he was more confident. He'd voice his opinions and if no one listened the first time he'd say it louder telling the group to shut up and listen. The look on the gang's face was priceless. Xander noticed Spike's face, it wasn't shock like the others but it almost looked like pride.

The hyena howled when she found out Spike and Harmony had kidnapped that Dr. Overheiser to remove the chip. The hyena was upset that Spike had trusted Harmony to actually be competent enough to be able to help him. Not only that but Buffy ruined Spike's chance of getting it out. Who cared about Riley? He was the reason Spike couldn't defend himself! So the doctor got away and Spike was still stuck with the chip.

After Spike's plan failed Xander came up with his own plan. This time Spike was going to get the chip out. So here Xander was walking into Spike's crypt. Mission de-chipping started. He had a hammer tucked into the back of his pants. "Hey, Spike. Get your ass up here!"

"Bloody hell, whelp, don't you know what time it is? Sun's still up," Spike complained as he climbed up the ladder. He had his usual black jeans on, the button undone, and a red button up shirt in his hand. "What are you doing here? The slayer's already been here wagging her holier than thou finger at me."

"Course she has. Kick the dog while he's down," Xander muttered.

Spike's eyes narrowed. "I'm not a dog. I'm not a bleeding pet!" He turned his back on Xander to get a bag of blood. If he was up he was going to eat.

A feral grin spread out on Xander's face. His eyes flickered bright green. Quietly he made his way to Spike, pulled out the hammer and after a powerful whack Spike's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he crumpled to the floor. Xander squatted down checking to see if Spike was actually out and not faking. A couple of not so gentle smacks to the face confirmed he was out. "You'll forgive me," Xander said and stood.

He rushed out to his car grabbing a blue tarp and a small cooler. When he came back in he threw all of Spike's blood bags into the cooler before rolling Spike up in the tarp. His plans didn't involve a crispy vampire. Before he covered Spike's face he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Spike's lips. "We'll get you fixed up," Xander promised and covered Spike's face and hefted him over his shoulder. He figured he had half an hour before Spike woke up and it was a forty-five minute drive. Their talk would be an interesting one.

Xander gently settled Spike in the back seat, rushed back for the cooler, and put it into the passenger's seat. He climbed into the driver's seat, put the car in reverse and drove out of the cemetery. So far things were going according to plan.

Just like Xander figured Spike started moving thirty minutes later. A low groan came from under the tarp. "The sun's just setting," Xander told Spike. "How's your head."

"My…. you hit me!" Spike accused and sat up. The sun had set enough for him not to worry about burning.

"Well technically we knocked you out." Xander corrected. With his eyes still on the road his used his right hand to reach into the other seat, open the cooler and pull out a baggie. "Here, this should help."

Spike accepted the bag and ripped into it with his fangs. When it was drained he dropped it to the floor. "Why did you knock me out and why am I in the back seat of your car?"

Xander's eyes remained on the road. There was no point looking in the rear view mirror he wouldn't see Spike. "Because you wouldn't have trusted us and the trunk is occupied."

"We? I was the one smacked in the head not you," Spike said and rubbed the bump on the back of his skull. "And why the hell did you kidnap me?"

"Short version, back in high school I was possessed by a primal hyena spirit along with a bunch of other douchebags. Theirs was exorcised and mine wasn't. We've come to an agreement to share my body," Xander explained. "I…. we…. whatever didn't kidnap you. We're saving you."

Spike growled in frustration. "Stop with the 'we' crap!" He snapped and then paused. "Saving me; from what?"

"The chip," Xander answered. "We… I don't like it. I want you whole. I don't want a mate who can't defend himself." He turned the car to the left, spotting the warehouse he had found a month ago after going out of town on business. "We're here."

"Mate? What the hell are you talking about and here where?" Spike asked. He felt a headache coming on and it had nothing to do with bump on his head.

Xander parked the car and turned off the ignition. "Come on, we need to get something out of the trunk." He didn't wait for Spike; just opened the door and made his way to the trunk.

By the time Spike met Xander the trunk was opened. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Dr. Overheiser was bound, gagged and blindfold. "Bloody hell." Spike's voice made the doctor struggle against the ropes. "What's that bugger doing in the boot of your car?"

"You ask a lot of questions you know that?" Xander asked and grabbed Dr. Overheiser under his armpits and dragged him out of his trunk. "Grab his legs would ya?"

"Sure…." Spike responded, unsure of what else to say. So instead of asking anymore questions he grabbed the doctor's legs and allowed Xander to lead the way into the warehouse.

It wasn't actually that bad, the windows had all been boarded up and it was pretty clean, could have been better but it could haven't been a lot worse. "Not bad," Spike commented. He followed Xander into another room. This one was much cleaner than the other, the smell of disinfectant in the air.

"Should work," Xander said. He had Spike drop Dr. Overheiser's feet and he dragged him onto a chair. Xander ripped the bond fold and gag off. "All right, I know you are both wondering why you are here. It's simple, I want Spike's chip out."

"Pet, I already tried this. The doc can't do anything. It's impossible," Spike explained. He couldn't keep the disappointment out of his voice.

Dr. Overheiser nodded his head in agreement only to be cuffed in the side of the head. "Spike, he was the top doctor in the Initiative. You honestly don't think he knows how to get the chip out?" Xander stood in front of the doctor staring down at him. "I've done research on you. You're a top brain surgeon for the government. I just don't think you have enough incentive do help Spike last time."

Spike pulled Xander away from the doctor to talk to him privately. "As much as I appreciate, this but if a vampire with a crossbow wasn't incentive enough how are you going to get him to do it?" His mind was whirling. Xander, the white knight of the Scooby gang, had kidnapped a master vampire and a doctor. The mate thing was confusing as well.

"Harmony might be a vampire but she is also an idiot. No offence to your ex-girlfriend but she is an idiot. Waving a bow and arrow around, sure it's scary but did she prove to him that she was serious?" Xander asked his arms crossed over his chest.

"Well she shot an arrow but that was just an idiotic mistake. Considering she could have killed the doc before he even started," Spike said. He could see Xander's point.

Xander clapped his hands together. "Great, so we are in agreement. Let me deal with the doc and we will get the show on the road. Go lie on the table and just relax." Before Spike walked away Xander grabbed the front of Spike's shirt and slammed their lips together. The hyena howled in pleasure when Spike reciprocated, placing his hands on Xander's ass and pulling him in closer. "Go," Xander growled and pushed Spike away. This time Spike saw the change in Xander's eyes.

With a lick on his lips Xander focused on the doctor. "I'm going to untie you. You think of screaming for help or run know that I can out-run you," Xander said when he received a nod he untied Dr. Overheiser. "Now I know you are capable of getting the chip out of Spike's head. No more games."

"I-I don't have any instruments," Dr. Overheiser stammered.

"I took the courtesy of grabbing all your surgical tools," Xander assured him. "I don't want any trouble. You get the chip out or I'll break every fucking bone in your pathetic little body and leave you here." Xander said and pulled out the hammer he used on Spike earlier. He placed the head on Dr. Overheiser's knee and lightly tapped it. "I'm sure you don't want me to give you an example now do you?"

Dr. Overheiser shook his head, unable to produce any words. This man was much scarier than that blond bimbo Spike had with him the last time. He could see that Xander was not playing games. His eyes were cold and hard. He'd have no problem following his promise.

Spike was sprawled out on the table listening to Xander's threats. To say the least he was impressed. The hyena did wonders for the boy! "Are we getting the bloody show on the bloody road or not?"

"Let's go, Doc." Xander pocketed the hammer once again and helped the doctor to his feet. "The sink is over there. Wash up good. I don't want any dirt in my mate's brain."

Spike didn't know where this mate thing was coming from. They were going to have to talk about that. Sure Xander stood up for him against Buffy and Riley, but he figured that was out of pity. Poor impotent vampire can't defend himself. He was jarred from his thoughts when Xander laid the palm of his hand on Spike's cheek.

"I want the doctor to give you some anesthesia," Xander said. When Spike went to argue Xander growled at him and his eyes once again changed colors. "I said you're going to have anesthesia. No fucking arguments."

Spike swallowed; Xander really could be scary. "Sure, pet. Trust you to look after me don't I?" That seemed to please Xander and he was rewarded with a kiss.

"If I think he is doing anything to mess with your brain I'll break his leg," Xander said with a savage grin.

Dr. Overheiser cleared his throat, getting their attention. "I-I'm ready."

"Great, everything you need is over there." Xander pointed to a try full of surgical utensils. "Get cracking," he said and sent and apologetic smile to Spike when he snarled.

After Spike was injected with the anesthesia Xander held his hand. The last thing Spike saw was Xander smiling down at him.