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Once again the guys from Big Time Rush has been practicing all day without rested for their new song called 'any kind of guy'. The four hockey heads from Minesotta were becoming tired, and frustrated. Each wanting to go so bad to the Palmwoods pool.

"Gustavo! We are tired! Gives us a break!'' whined Kendall Knight leader of the band. James and Logan nodded eagerly nodded while Carlos just took a deep breath to calm his nerves. The blonde and with big eyebrows was always overprotecting with his friends and he didn't want any of them to throw up or even passed out because of the hard work.

"NO!" Gustavo shout making the teens frown. Carlos was becoming even madder, the usual happy, energic, adorable helmet-wearing Latino wasn't in the mood to be hearing his stupid boss screaming at them. Carlos has been quite all day, he was always like this when he had a day just plain awful. "OK From the top! Carlos!"

Carlos took a deep breath and the music start playing and he start singing. "You seem so hard to know…say-" he was rudely cut of by Gustavo screaming, "DOG! STOP! YOU SING HORRIBLE, BAD! TRIED AGAIN!" Oh that's it, Carlos calmly took of his headphones and throw with all his might to the glass of the recording booth making a long crack…

"HEY WHAT WAS-" Yelled Gustavo getting cut off by a furious Latino.

"YOU KNOW WHAT? SHUT UP GUSTAVO! IF YOU DON'T LIKE HOW I SING FIRED ME ALREADY! I'M TIRED OF YOU AND YOUR STUPID YELLING AND YOUR BUG GLASSES!'' Shout Carlos, the guys looked at him with shocked their friend never was like that he is always positive and thought about kitties when things where going bad.

He madly storm out of the recording studio slamming the door as he walk out. Kelly turn around looking in shock at the guys. Kendall and Logan had their mough open, but James have an unreadable look on his face. .

James knew something was up with Carlos this last month he has been acting even more weird, he hardly ate, he spent more time in the bathroom, he always look like he was deep in thoughts, he even didn't want to go to the pool a lot. Kendall and Logan knew something was up but they didn't worried as much as James did.

"Look what you did Gustavo?" shout the three boys in union. Gustavo tried to said something but the guys where already out of the door .

Gustavo turn and look at Kelly but she just shook her head. " I'm sorry I didn't know he would get that mad…" Gustavo said. "That's the thing Gustavo you never care about the others peoples fillings…"she said with anger in her voice, Gustavo just sigh maybe he took things too far.

"How can I repair this?" Gustavo ask, Kelly just smile, suddenly Gustavo throat went dry something he knows he wouldn't like what is about to happen….

The guys enter to the Palmwoods where Kendall spot his little sister playing cards with some employees. The guys run to the little girl who just won her card game.

"Katie!" Kendall shout running to her sister breathing heavily. " Hey! What's up big bro?" asked a happy Katie Knight . "Have you seen Carlos?" Kendall asked with hopeful green eyes.

"No, why?" Katie ask kind of worry she knew that Carlos was very sensitive. "No time to explain!" and with that the guys took of running,.

James then spot guitar dude sitting in one of the lobbies chairs, why is his guitar on his head? James shook his head to clear every thought, he need to focus to find there Latino friend. The guys run to him, "Guitar Dude!" the guys shout at the same time making jump at the weird guy in front of them.

"What's up?" guitar dude ask with his funny voice, "What happen to you?" Logan asked pointing at the broken guitar in the guy head, "Oh this? It was Carlos, tell your little friend he need to chill out…." Guitar dude said dead serious.

"You saw Carlos? Where is he?" the guys said at the same time really worried about their friend they already saw what he could hurt or break somebody or something.

"He went to your apartment...and tell him he needs to say sorry to Greta…" but once again he was left talking by himself

The guys took the stairs and run, falling a few times but getting up again once they got to the door of 2J, they felt on the ground clunching their chest for dear life…when they regained their composure they got up and walk inside. The apartment was empty but they knew Carlos was hiding somewhere. They check every side of the apartment but they didn't have luck. They walk to the bathroom door and Logan knock the door.

"What?" the voice of a tired person come from the other side and the guys knew it was Carlos.

"Open the door please…"they pleaded to their short Latino friend, they where silent for a moment but then they heard some footsteps and the door open, showing a Carlos with red and puffy eyes.

"Come here… we want to talk to talk to you…" said James grabbing Carlos by the wrist, the boy yelp by the sudden touch and was drag and throw on the couch

"What was that?" Kendall asked standing in front of his friend with his arm cross over his chest.

"What was what?" Carlos asked innocently .

"Carlos…" his friend said serious and Carlos just sigh, "I'm just tired of Gustavo screaming at me…." he looked down turning a bright color of red from the shame he felt.

"We understand….somehow I knew someone would scream at him one day, but I never thought it will be you…" Kendall said laughing a little bit.

"Is not funny…" Carlos said smiling for the first time in a long time, "Are you kidding me? You should have seen his face"...Logan said smiling they have never saw Gustavo look so scare and they never thought it would be because of one of them."

"Who wants to go to the pool? James asked all the guys said yes and went and look for their shorts.

When they all came out they stared at Carlos weirdly because instead of having a tank top he had a long sleeve shirt. "What?" Carlos asked nervous evident in his voice. "Why are you wearing that shirt?"Logan asked pointing at the purple long sleeve shirt. "I-I feel k-kinda sick and if I am… I don't wanna get…..even more sick…" the brunet just stared, Carlos is not like this he always tried to hide it when he felt sick? Logan thought but instead of asking his shortest friend he put his hand on his forehead.

"You are not warm…" Logan stated looking at the Latino in the eye, he would gasp when he saw his eyes they were hallow full of hurt and lie.

"Or maybe is just a cold…" Carlos replied, pushing Logan gently out of the way and walking out of the door.

Logan just stand there glue to the floor, he had thought that it was his imagination when he thought that his friend was acting weird but when he looked those eyes that usually have a tinkled of happiness, he knew that something wrong was going with him, those eyes wasn't the eyes of Carlos Garcia. Those eyes where filled with hurt, disappointment and guilt. That wasn't the Carlos Garcia he used to know.

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