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Joanna is a Arch, but she doesn't know it

Reily is a naught, but she doesn't know it.

Two girls.

A pair of best friends. Jumping demenisions. Living life in a predjuice world.

One is superior, the other is inferior.

Secrets surrounds both.

Life changing events; phsyical, mental, and emotional are ensured.

Do you know who is superior or inferior?

Do you know what secrets surround them?

Do you how their lives are going to change?

I do! I know!

But if you want to find out.




This story.


Alyera (Uh-Lay-ree-ah)- The universe that the Naughts and Crosses series events takes place(With some minor diferences).

Mylera [(Me-lie-ree-ah) or (My-lie- ree- ah)]- The universe we (The readers of this story and me) live in.

Gemini Universes- Two univeres Side by side only hidden by a thin veil that both universes can see. Think of seeing yourself in a mirror, that other self is you in the other universe and the mirror is the only thing separating you two from noticing the other.

Emerika (Em-ree-ka)- The name of the new world in the colonial Alyera unvierse like The new world ( the americas) in Mylera. the name is kept when it becomes a country but it's slighty change to the United States of Emerika ( similar to the United States of America)

Feeder (feed-er)- a person who gives blood to Aces to drink.

Popet (Pop-pet) a type of slave/ servant. which is a feeder, a friend and all purpose maid.

Luxphyte (lucks-fight)- a plant in Alyera that creates electriy and other kinds of energy. It is harvested and used for powering everything in the world.

The Ruling system of Alyera

Arches (Ruling Class)-Dark skined people. Any one who is of Non Eurpeoan desenct with Light brown skin like sand, to deep dark skin, like the night sky. They have wings and fangs (which they don't have untill second coming of purbety) and Strong powers from the Physical abilities all the way to mental. As well as the seven elements.(Which will be mention in the story)They are rich ( or at least high middle class)) and/or Powerful and/or Famous(This does not mean they can not be poor). They tend have jobs that rule or influnce a county like Politicians or in the Entertainment bussiness. They aslo have jobs as world famous scientist, writers, journalists, etc. If they do get a everday job, such as, Teaching or being a Lawyer or Docotor. It's being a tutor or a private lawyer or a private docotor.

Crosses- African desenct Arches

Aces-Hispanic desenct Arches

Krus (Cr-ew-s)- Natvie desenct Arches

Quans(Qw-an-s)-Asian desenct Arches

Derogarty names:
Blood sucker,
Life/ Soul sucker(s)
Demon(s) / Devil(s)
Life Killer(s)
Fredom Killer(s)
Vampire(s) (worst of the worst names)

Duos(Common Class)- meduim skinned people. Anyone of Non Eurpeon descent and Jacks. Thier coloring is lighter than sand to darker than tanned white skinned. They have fangs but no wings. They have weak Physical and Mental abilities compare to aslo do not control all seven elements. They do control the earth bound four elements(which will be explained in the story.) They have every day jobs like teachers, lawyers, doctors, plumbers etc. They are the every day man. The only exeption are Jacks They are of nought and Arch/Duo descent. If they can pass as any Arch, Duo or a Nought then they are an Arch, Duo or nought. The number of Jacks who don't pass decline by 10% a year so by morden day in the story the term 'Jack' is barely knowed.

Aitis (I-aw-tee-s)- Hispanic descent duo

Satis(S-ah-tee-s)- Asian descent duo

Katis(k-I-tee-s)-Native descent duo

Citis-(S-I-tie-s) African descent duo (rarest one)

Jacks- Any one of nought and Arch/Duo descent who cannot pass as an Arch, Duo or a nought.

Derogarty names:
Half vampire(s)

Serves(Servant Class)

Noughts- Light skinned people. Any one who is not of African, Hispanic, Native or Asian descent and is of Eurpeoan descent. They look human. Thier coloring is tanned white skin to paler than have serving jobs. They serve mostly Arches and rich duos. They live in gated communties called Communes if they are not working. They are bougt and sold like their slave anestors. Though they are given a small salary and a house(getting a house is dependent on what kind of job you get). They do go to school (k-12) but do not college unless they require a certifaction for thier job (like being a nanny or a cook) and they only go to a vocational school. they work for life usually starting training between 14 and 18 years of age but can work form age 6.
Many noughts try and run away from communes to live with the hidden soicety of V hunters ( Short for Vampire hunters). V hunters have many agendas but the main one is to make Arches the servant class and to make noughts the ruling class. They aslo kill many Arches and Duos as well as their own who decide not to have anything to do with them.

Derogarty names:
(any string of cuss words possible) Blanker
Sub-Human(s) (Worst of worst names)
Cattle(worst of wrost names)

Other info:

Minor- by law in Aylera you are a minor untill 24 years of age as an Arch or Duo and 25 years of age as an nought.

A/N Termology will be updated ever so often so check it if you're lost on a word or confused it may be here!