Chapter 1: Found!

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Two girls ran on the streets as if they were rats being chased by cats. But the only difference was that these two girls were being chased by a police officer. They ran as fast as they could, each of them was carrying a heavy bag on their back, trying to outrun the cop but to no avail. Their long hair blew wildly behind them as they ran against the wind.

"Could you please try running faster?" the raven haired one said to the other.

"I'm trying! I'm running as fast as I can!" the aqua haired one replied.

"Well try harder!"

They both made a sharp turn towards an alley, the cop a few seconds behind them.

As soon as the cop turned the corner he was surprised to see the alley way empty and in front of him was a wall. He looked around a bit more before cursing and running out of the alley.

Behind the wall the two girls smirked and high-fived each other, congratulating themselves for the victory. They both then went back to their house singing happily.

As soon as they reached their house they were met by a boy. He had brown hair with hazel eyes. He said only one thing that made both the girls drop the bags they were holding "You're parents are coming"

These two girls were identified as pan and bra. None of them had a last or middle name because they weren't given one or they didn't know it.

Their home was in fact an orphan house where abandoned children, children who were outcasts and other similar types of children lived.

But pan and bra were a completely different case, they weren't abandoned or neither were they orphans, they were kidnapped.

Both pan and bra were kidnapped form their respective homes as soon as they were born but the person who had kidnapped them was very weak and had collapsed in a park with the two babies. Hera, the owner of the house, was the one who had found both of them and had brought them back home with her. They never knew their families; all they had from them were their names. Hera had told them that when she had found them, both were wearing some sort of pendants with their names, pan and bra, carved into them.

Pan and bra had grown up at the orphan house that was known as Lyle house. It was a home for all of the children living there and there were 20 kids in total. All of the kids always idolized pan and bra for their, beauty, strength, intelligence and kindness. Indeed both of the women were without a doubt drop dead gorgeous. Bra had long aqua hair that reached till her hips with white streaks. She had sapphire eyes and a beautiful curvy figure.

Pan on the other hand had long raven hair that reached up to her knees. She always kept them tucked inside her bandanna so everyone thought that her hair was shoulder length. She had red streaks in her hair which made it look like she had red hair with raven streaks but in reality it was the opposite and had beautiful emerald eyes. She had a perfect hour-glass figure.

They were the oldest in the Lyle house along with two others, Eric (the guy mentioned above) and Kim. Kim had chin length baby pink hair which was cut in layers and was black from the roots. She had black eyes.

The four of them were best friends and shared a room together in Lyle house. Hera had raised them with the love of a mother and soon they became a family. When pan and bra started to grow up, they developed a natural interest in martial arts and other fighting forms. So Hera had sent them to a place where they could learn it. By the time they were ten, both were known as the strongest people in the small village. They would often go to the neighboring city and steal food and other necessities for the village. By the time they turned 13; they were well known criminals in the city and were often referred to as the cat burglars. When they turned 15, they started working at a café in the city. No one in the city ever knew their identities because they always wore mask whenever they were in action.

They were never once caught in their life. Bra had always come up with the most amazing yet flawless plans strategies. She could hack into the safest vaults in the world with the blink of an eye. She was pretty strong but preferred to stick with the technology. Pan on the other hand was the stronger of the two and could defeat anyone in a single breath. She was very smart but she rather help bra carry out her plans. Bra would hack into the computer systems and instruct pan on what to do and pan would easily slip in the vaults with her stealth and flexibility. They wouldn't exactly call this stealing because the arrogant city people always treated the villagers with disrespect and injustice. So pan and bra would just take what the villagers deserved by force. Both had unusual abilities as well, they very well jump 2 meters into the air and act like it was normal for them. They also had twice the power of a normal person and both loved to fight and for some reason they had freakishly long fangs.

In the end, both pan and bra had spent 16 years of their lives without their families, fighting, stealing, gambling, clubbing and now, their parents were coming to take them back to their "home"

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