Chapter 24: Decisions

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"Umm… Bra, where are you taking me, more importantly, what's wrong?"

Bra ignored Goten's question and continued to fly through the air while holding his hand as hard as she could. She wanted to enjoy his presence a little longer, before she would tell him the secret she and Pan knew. Fear was something which was a very prominent factor in her mind. She knew Pan would take up the offer, but she herself still wasn't sure about the situation. If she chose to stay here, then she would lose Pan, but if she went with the raven-haired girl, there was an enormous possibility that Goten would forget about her. I mean, who in hells name would wait for their girlfriend for two years, when they had hot girls literally flinging themselves at them?

Snapping back to reality, Bra started thinking about the most important matter at hand, where in hells name was she going?

Deep down inside, she secretly wanted to be all mysterious and lead Goten somewhere private, but what was the point when she didn't know where to go? So that was the reason she abruptly stopped in midair, Goten crashing into her back, sending her a few feet forward.


Said girl turned around all of a sudden, long hair whipping around in the air, sending a whiff her strawberry scented shampoo through the air. She faced Goten with a serious look on her face

"Goten, take us somewhere private"

Goten was worried. Not like when he's eating dinner and Goku attempts to steal the very last chicken leg, he was genuinely worried.

Bra had been leading him through the air for the past hour, and he had been asking her questions every 2 minutes. She hadn't been responding to any question, which really worried him. His girlfriend usually was bubbly and loved to talk. Girlfriend that was a term he was still getting used to. Sure he had been on various dates before, but he had never gotten serious enough with anyone to consider them his girl. Trunks had even accused him of being gay once, the only comeback he had was that Trunks may have a girlfriend, but she was one crazy bitch. Of course he never said it out loud, that would really hurt krillin, and since the short warrior was his father's best friend, he had to show him respect.

Anyways, back to the original topic, what was the deal with Bra? When she asked him to take her somewhere private, he could only think of one place, the field where they had their first unofficial date, well at least he thought of it that way. With these thoughts in mind, both half-saiyans slowly landed on the ground of the enormous field.

"Alright Bra, no more beating around the bush, what's up?"

Bra bit her lip lightly, nervousness visible in her eyes, and she suddenly wished she was wearing something more suitable for the cold because shivers were running through her entire body, and the cold breeze didn't help at all. She wanted to go home as soon as possible, and cover herself with the warmth of her comfortable blankets. So with these thoughts in mind, she began explaining everything to Goten.

Pan fiddled with her tissue as she waited for Trunks to return with their food. After their *Ahem* heavy make-out session (which she still remembered in detail), Trunks took Pan out to eat. They decided to go to a five-star hotel at first, but then changed their minds simultaneously when they passed burger king on their way. So now, as Pan waited for Trunks to bring their burgers, she reconsidered her decision. She already knew for a fact that if she chose to go, then Bra would obviously want to go with her, but would have to leave Goten in the process. When she shared her thoughts with Trunks, he simply laughed and said that Bra wasn't a child, though she tended to act like one in front of everyone, she was smart.

It disappointed Pan to hear this from him. Actually she was more upset with herself because she had known Bra her entire life, hell both of them were experienced masterminds. She knew that Bra could do more than handle herself, but she just couldn't help but treat her like a child. Pan groaned and began slamming her head down on the table repeatedly, Gohan would have raised an eyebrow at this action, but since she was outside dining right now, she would have to settle with Trunks' surprised expression as he stopped dead in his tracks. Speaking of her father, she hadn't contacted any of her family in days. It was when she felt something horrible in her mouth that she snapped out of her dream world, and found that she had already unwrapped her beef burger and eaten half of it. Hmm…Beef burger….

"Trunks! I don't eat meat!"

Was that a bird? No it was too dark for birds to be outside, but it definitely looked like a bird. Oh! There were lights! It was a plane! Goten seemed pleased that he finally figured it out, though he felt proud of his discovery, he felt like he should have been paying attention to something else…hmm…what was it?


Oh yeah, he was supposed to be thinking about Bra going away for two years. He sneaked a peak at his adorable girlfriend. Large watery blue ey….wait, watery? Oh shit she was gonna cry.

"Bra, I really don't know what to think…but if it makes you happy then I guess you should go"

"How the hell will leaving you make me happy! Hell I don't even need to be asking you this! I could've just gone away with Pan without even thinking of you! But I didn't, why? Because I love you Son Goten! I love you so much that it breaks my heart knowing that while I'm gone, you could very well be dating some other girl, but I won't mind! Because then at least you'll be happy! But I need to know whether you really love me or not so that I don't have a guilty conscience in my head later, telling me just how much you're suffering because of me, BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" Bra gasped out the last word, face at least an inch away from Goten, his wide eyes staring at her, the only good thing about this situation: she didn't cry. Even though there were tears in her eyes, which she refused to let them out. She had somehow ended up crawling on Goten during her outburst, so now; she was on top of Goten, long blue hair falling like a curtain on each side of her face. She was determined not to show any weakness tonight, but that thought was quickly shattered after Goten did something really unsuspected.

Goten, finally noticing the tears at the end of her eyes, softened his gaze. He lifted his head up and in half a second, gave Bra a lick on her lips, and lied back down, grinning like The Cheshire cat. Bra blinked twice and stared at the Son in shock.


"This is me when I'm in a playful mood, and this, is when I.." Goten shifted and in a second, was on top of Bra, his own somewhat long hair covering his eyes, kissing her roughly "am extremely turned on by my hot girlfriend who just so happens to be lying under me" he finished in a husky voice.

Bra blushed fiercely and turned her head to the side. "Goten, what are you doing" she mumbled.

"Showing you all of my different faces. Bra, I want you to memorize each and every one by heart, so that whenever you look at another man, you remember me, when you're alone and sad, you remember me, and yearn to be with me, so that you know that no matter what happens, I'll always be waiting for you because I love you"

Goten leaned down and kissed each tear falling out of Bra's eyes, telling her how much he loved her at the same time.

"Gohan, there's a fly near your mouth"


"I'm not kidding it's gonna go inside!"






"Ow! Dad! Watcha do that for?"

"You weren't paying attention!"

"I was!"

"I'm not talking about Goten and Bra, I was talking about concentrating on the fly near your mouth!"



*Sigh* "Let's just go home, I'm tired"

*Hmph!* "You're just jealous that Goten managed to get Bra as his mate in just a few weeks when it took you years with Videl"


"I see, so that's your decision…"


Pan sat in the Briefs living room, along with Trunks, in front of Bulma, telling her the final decision she had taken. Of course it had taken a lot of convincing from Trunks' part for Pan to do this, but eventually she had caved.

"Does Gohan know?"

"No, not yet, I haven't even gone home since last night" Pan mumbled the last part.

"Pan, go home, I'm sure everyone's really worried about you"

"I know, I just wanted to know your say in the matter. You've been helpful in every way possible since the first day me and Bra came here, and besides, if it weren't for you, we would have never even gotten the chance to meet you all"

Bulma smiled warmly at the raven-haired girl.

"The feeling of respect is mutual Pan"

"The both of you do know that Gohan's gonna throw a fit when he finds out Pan's decision"

Both pairs of female eyes turned to look at the lavender-haired saiyan.


"Come on Goten we have to go"

"No we don't"

"Goten! It's 9 in the night! Our mothers are going to be extremely worried!"

*Sigh* "Do we have to?"

"Yes! Besides, I still have to tell my decision to Mom!"

"Fine" Goten grumbled out and reluctantly got up.

Bra smiled slightly and lifted up into air, ahead of Goten, who was still sulking slightly.

"Come on, I'll see you tomorrow"

"Yeah, see you later Bra"

With that, and one last kiss, both half saiyans turned and flew towards their own homes, Bra anticipating her mother and fathers reactions and Goten imagining the huge fit his brother was going to throw when he found out that Pan was choosing to leave, again, and grinned widely.

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