Shouldn't start another but the idea won't leave…. Drama will abound as we get into this….

It was a quiet Saturday in the Booth/Brennan household, Brennan was writing a new book and Booth was watching TV. Brennan tried to concentrate, but her mind was wondering, two weeks before on their third anniversary Booth and Brennan had filed paperwork and gotten approved to be foster parents. They'd decided to only foster older children, the ones who would never get adopted or 'special needs' children. Brennan had a feeling that this weekend would be the weekend that their lives would change. Brennan was in the kitchen when her phone rang, Booth could hear her talking, but not what was being said. A few minutes later Brennan came into the living room, "Booth, that was Erica, she' has a 4 ½ year old boy that needs emergency placement. We can get him in three hours. We need to get a booster seat before we head to Washington General to get him."

"Is the little guy okay?"

"He will be he's got a broken arm, contusions and a split lip, that required stitches. His last foster family was abusive."

Booth got up and went to Brennan," You okay Bones?"

"Yes, I'm happy that we get to be foster parents, but I wish that it was under better circumstances."

"I too, let's go get a booster seat and some toys and start giving this little boy some better circumstances."

"Okay." an hour and a half later Booth installed the seat in the SUV while Brennan took the trucks they had gotten out of the packaging and stacked the half dozen books on the nightstand in the guestroom that didn't look much like a Child's room, but they'd work on resolving that this weekend. Brennan smiled at the flop-eared stuffed dog on the bed that Booth had insisted they buy, because after all every kid needed a stuffed animal.

"Ready Bones?"

"Yes I believe so, or at least as much as I can be." the drive to the hospital was silent, Booth parked the SUV in the first open non emergency parking space and smiled as Brennan waited for him to get her door. "Come on Bones, there's a little boy in there that needs us." Brennan nodded and followed Booth into the hospital where they saw Erica waiting on them.

"Seeley, Temperance, it's good to see you again."

"You too Erica."

"While you sign the papers I'll give you background on Tyler, he's four and a half, born December 23, 2011. He was placed into foster care when he was four days old; he was adopted by the Henderson's at 10 days old. Sarah and Scott were killed in a car accident when he was 2 ½ and Tyler was put back into foster care as the Henderson's didn't have any family who would take him. Tyler was then fostered by Janet and Bryan wills, but they were forced to relocate before the adoption would be completed. He's been living with Maggie and Harrison Kramer for six months; he was removed when neighbors reported screaming and not seeing him for days. The doctors had to do surgery to set the break in his arm, they're confident he'll recover fully."

"I would like to see the x-rays."

Erica smiled and handed Brennan brown envelope, Brennan walked to the corner of the conference room they had just walked into and popped the film up on the light box. Booth put a hand on her shoulder and winced as the images became visible, he didn't know what it meant, but it had to hurt like he'll.

"You'll only sustain a break like this if someone is twisting your arm while you are trying to get away. It looks like the force of the impact dislocated his elbow too. It had started to heal; the Doctors had to re-break his arm." Brennan sucked in a breath.

Brennan popped the post surgery X-ray up on the light box, "The bones are in perfect alignment, the pin holding the bones together should be more than satisfactory as Tyler grows."

"So Tyler will be okay?"

"Yes Booth Tyler will fine, he'll be in pain for a few days, but he'll be okay."

Erica stood watching the two people before her, Brennan was right; Tyler would be okay. He would be more than okay, he'd be fantastic. Erica had never been more confident with a placement, Booth and Brennan would not let anything or anyone harm Tyler.

"Are you two ready to meet him?"


"Sign the papers and then we'll go meet him."

Booth and Brennan signed where Erica indicated. "Tyler might be a bit apprehensive; he doesn't like men. The last placement damaged him; he has folded in on himself a little.' Brennan sucked in a breath and Booth took her hand and followed Erica. Erica led them down brightly colored hallways to a room at the end of the hall. Opening the door a crack, Erica stuck her head in, "Tyler, can I come in? I have some people I want you to meet." Tyler nodded and Erica went in the room, Booth and Brennan followed.

Erica went to the bed, "Tyler, these are your new foster parents, Temperance and Seeley."

Tyler glanced at Booth and Brennan, "Are they gonna hurt me like Maggie and Harrison did?"Brennan wiped away the tears that silently slipped down her face, Booth pulled her to him.

"No Sweetie, I promise." It was a promise that Erica made with a hundred percent confidence.

Tyler sat up and smiled at them, "Can we go home now?"

"As soon as the nurse comes to give your medicine so your arm doesn't hurt in the car."

"Don't want it, it tastes bad."

"I know, but it makes your arm feel better doesn't it?"

"Yeah, it hurts when I move it."

"I know and I'm sorry, Tyler." Brennan quietly asked Booth if they had anything to prop under his arm to support it so that it wouldn't hurt so much on the drive, he nodded. Just then a nurse came in with Tyler's pain medication, he took it mostly willingly. Fifteen minutes later Erica strapped Tyler into the Booster seat in the back of the SUV while Brennan opened the door on the other side, Tyler flinched a little.

"Tyler, I'm going to put this folded up blanket under you arm so it has something to rest on, instead of hanging there, okay?"

Tyler nodded and Brennan gently placed the blanket under his arm and smiled at him, Tyler kind of retuned it.

Ten minutes into the drive home Brennan looked in the backseat, Tyler was asleep.

"Tyler's asleep."

Booth smiled, "That's good it means he feels safe with us."

Brennan smiled.

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