WOW: well. Dean's poorly; he's hard work when he's poorly; well ... alright, actually he's just hard work.

Dislaimer: I think it's pretty obvious by now who owns them and the tragedy is, it ain't me!


The 'flu had really done a number on Dean this time.

After a week of feeling increasingly unwell, it took hold with a vengeance.

Fuelled by his weakened state after a recent serious wound, it had homed in on his chest like a radar and settled there leaving him breathless, burning with fever, hacking up a lung and utterly, horribly debilitated.

Oh yeah; and cranky.

Oh man, was he cranky.

In exasperation, Sam hovered between wanting to help and wanting to strangle his brother, sometimes at the same time.

So Dean did it all the more


Tormenting Sammy was, after all, the best medicine.