Full summary: Rasha, Ganondorf's daughter and the new holder of the Triforce of Power, has always had one ambition in life: to avenge her ancestors and punish the people of Hyrule for isolating the Gerudos. Her father trained her to do so ever since she was a young girl. But when her father is killed by the great Hero of Twilight, that ambition is taken to another level. She must leave the desert for the first time in her life and do what her father never could: kill the Hero of Twilight. However, Rasha is in for the surprise of her life when she meets the Hero of Twilight and finds him to be completely different than what she expected.

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I think that deep inside of his mind, Father knew that he would one day be defeated. All of his planning and scheming was only a single part of his overlaying plan, because he somehow predicted that he would be bested. His battles were only the prologue to his conquest. From the moment he began training me, he knew that. I'm not sure what he truly thought of me, but I do know that I'm a weapon in his everlasting armory. Perhaps I'm the strongest one he ever had. Either way, my father had a vision unlike any other. In his head were the twisted yet brilliant prophecies of a new world; a world of more equality. A world where people like us don't have to be isolated for crimes we never committed. I believe in that dream with every ounce of my heart and soul, and I also believe in his idea of doing whatever it takes to attain that world. My life experiences have shaped me to the point where I know my place. And that place isn't here...

It's in a new world.

Chapter One

LINK: I stared, breathless, at the scene before me. Everything we had struggled for had just been attained. The great, mighty Ganondorf stood in front of me, gazing out with eyes as lifeless as the face they had once embellished. All light disappeared from the yellow irises, and his chapped lips were slightly parted in his final frame. For a few moments, I was afraid that my mind was playing tricks on me. Perhaps this was all just another prank in Ganondorf's head, and in a few moments he was going to spring back into action and strangle me as he promised he would. I simply stood there, panting heavily and still attempting to wrap my mind around what had just happened. Had I really just defeated the King of Darkness...?

"Link..." I heard footsteps approach beside me, but I didn't turn my head. In my mind, there was still a significant sense of shock. "We did it."

A cold, slightly trembling hand found its way into mine, and the touch sent shivers down my spine. Finally breaking through my trance, I turned to face Princess Zelda.

"We did it," I echoed quietly, and a small smile broke through my blank features. Her eyes were glistening with tears of joy, and droplets of rain ran down her face and matted her hair against her porcelain skin. "It's over."

With a sob of relief, she stepped into my embrace, burying her face in my chest. Our bodies were numb to the rain that was pouring down upon us, lost in this moment of wonder and solace. The past year had been one of indescribable strife and terror, and now that it was all over, our emotions were beginning to run wildly and without harnesses. We could barely believe it. I found even myself struggling to suppress tears as Zelda wept happily in my arms. It seemed as if for once in my life, my hard work had finally paid off. Everything that I had done in the past year had amounted to something important; something that had changed the world. I wasn't just a ranch boy anymore, struggling to find my place.

I was the Hero of Twilight.

RASHA: The tears were slow, warm, and salty as they slivered down my burning cheeks. My eyes, wide and glassy, stared ahead with a dullness that reflected the torturous motions of my soul. The only thing they could see was the tall, tattered flag in the distance, billowing eerily in the stinging desert breeze. Sitting on my rock, hugging my knees and leaning my chin on them, I watched it with undivided attention. The color of the flag was dark, even compared to the dreary atmosphere of the desert. It was a dark red color, darker than even spilt blood. In the center, however, was a spotlight of shimmering gold. Carefully etched into the raggedy red cloth was the familiar symbol of three triangles coming together to form a larger triangle. I had made sure that the flag was placed right in the center of the desert so that if anybody came, no matter from where, they would see it. I wanted the world to see his tribute.

It seemed as if with each passing moment, the sun became hotter against my back and rose higher in the sky. My body and mind, though, were immune to the physical pain that battered them. It was the emotional pain that caused the tears to flow from my eyes in quantities that I didn't think were possible. They were never-ending. I couldn't remember the last time I had allowed myself to cry; yet here I was, not even bothering to wipe the shining tears flowing in flurries. Though my lips trembled, they uttered not a single sound. Perhaps if I didn't say anything, I wouldn't be reminded of it in such a horrible fashion...

There was still no denying what had happened. My father was dead. He had been slain mercilessly by the one person who held any chance of my happiness in his bloody hands. The proof that he was dead was there on the back of my right hand: the golden, shimmering triangle symbolizing my father's demise. The triangle had once glowed on the back of his hand. Now, he was gone, and the burden was left upon me.

Father had been captured over a year ago, promising that he would one day return with the ability to grant us a new, better life; one where we were not left alone to be tortured by the harsh heat of the desert. But now I knew that he would never return. It was now my duty, and my duty alone to finish what he started. The anger and pain building up inside of me gave me the motivation to realize Father's dream. He will not have died in vain.

It was now upon my shoulders to kill the Hero of Twilight.

"Rasha," Father said. "People will always try to lie to you. They will try to tell you that Hyrule is a good place...that Hylians have good intentions. Never believe them."

"Why? Is Hyrule a bad place?"

"Well, it's more complicated than simply being bad or good."

"Then what is it?" My eyes were wide with wonder and curiosity, but my father's flashed with hatred.

"Hyrule itself is not a bad place." Here, he leaned down and lowered his voice to an urgent whisper; as if he harbored the fear that somebody was listening. "It's been corrupted over the years by its people."

"Well, what's wrong with its people?"

"They're cowards," he spat. "They're afraid of us. That's why they've forced us into isolation. They've been unjust to us for one reason alone: fear."

"How do you know, Father?"

"Rasha, I have been around long enough to know that Hylians are conceited, powerless people. Why do you think we are stuck here in the middle of the desert, struggling to survive? Fear. We barely have enough food and water to get by while they're down there, stuffing their faces and getting fat...and hiding from us."

"Why did they do this to us? Why are they so afraid?"

"Because they know the kind of power that we have, Rasha," Father chuckled almost evilly. "They don't want us to ruin their lifestyles."

"Have you been there before, Father? To Hyrule, I mean?"

"Many times. And it seems as though as the years go by, things are only getting worse." Here, he paused and licked his lips as a smile slowly crept onto his face. "And there's one thing that I've discovered. Rasha, you need to remember this very carefully: the only way to avenge our people is to show the Hylians just how powerful we are. We must give them something to fear."

"Father, not everybody can be afraid of us. There has to be at least one brave Hylian...right?" My brain had a hard time digesting his explanations.

"Well of course there are brave individuals," he admitted. "But they are few. In fact...they are the ones who we must truly defy."


"The ones who aren't afraid of us are envious of us. They're the real reason that we're shunned from Hylian society. The brave ones are the leaders we must defeat. And this I swear to you, my darling: one day, we will defeat them."

I was fifteen when my father talked to me about that, after I had asked a question about Hyrule and why he hated it so much. It was two years later that he was captured by these brave leaders about which he'd spoken to me...and I never saw him again.

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