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Two Days Previous to last chapter:

"That's it! Your big plan was to rig an election? What were you going to do then? How were you going to ensure the survival of the prisoners?"

"No," Nate said, "not rig an election, steal one. If we can convince Moreau that he is loosing, then we can manipulate him to our advantage."

A woman, with extremely bushy brown hair, snorted, "That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Moreau has leverage over us. Once he realizes what you are doing, he will not hesitate to kill both Jasmine and her son. You are not used to working in situations where hostages are on the line."

It looked like she was about to go on, but Draco interrupted, "Hermione, enough. You can explain why the man is an idiot later, for now we need to figure out how to fix this mess. Elliot, do you know where Jasmine or Teddy is?"

Elliot shook his head, "She was in the tombs under the palace, but, on the video we saw, it looked like she had been moved. We haven't been able to figure out where, yet. She could have been moved back to the tombs, as well. As for Teddy, we know that he is somewhere close to Moreau and away from Jasmine, but that's it."

"Alright, that's the first thing we need to do. Hermione, twins, and Neville you need to find Jasmine. Ron and Blaise, your job is to search for Teddy. Locate them, but do not try retrieval, yet. Remember, if possible, we need to keep our involvement in this operation a secret. Astoria and I will organize with Sterling, let's see if we can't get Interpol or the UN inspectors to find the two-ensuring that Moreau receives the blame."

Elliot took a deep breath and headed into the center of the palace. He was following the woman who had been introduced as Hermione. She had found the room that Jasmine was being kept in, though Elliot had no idea how she had done so, and it was his job to watch the room until they could tie Moreau to Jasmine's torture. Sterling was waiting for the call, leading a group of UN inspectors through the palace for a surprise inspection. If everything went to plan they would manipulate Moreau to check on Jasmine at the same time the UN inspectors were in the area.

Sterling could not believe that he was in this situation. He was willing to help Jasmine Potter, but the way that Ford ran his team was ridiculous. He couldn't believe that they had been so successful over the course of their existence. In fact, he bet a lot of it had to do with pure, dumb luck. Malfoy was a different story, however, and he appreciated the ruthlessness of his plans.

Burning in her bones, all around her. She was awake, she knew it, yet it seemed like she was living in a dream. Nothing was in focus, She couldn't see, couldn't breathe. She had to find the child, her child, before it was too late. The magic, the magic that had once been hers burned through her veins. She was not prepared for it.

Ron and Blaise had finally located Teddy. Funnily enough, he was located one floor directly below where Spencer and the others had found Jasmine. Luckily, Teddy appeared unharmed except for a few bumps and bruises. Like with Jasmine, they wanted to tie Moreau to Teddy's situation as well.

Nate's job was to formulate a plan to piss off Moreau enough that he would go back to Jasmine in retaliation. That was easy enough. Moreau had a hair trigger with this election and Nate was very good at pissing off his opponents. The dog-fighting story was a stroke of genius. Moreau headed to Jasmine almost immediately.

That was the last piece of the plan to work. Yes, they had managed to prove that Moreau was a bad guy, they had tied both Moreau and the President to Jasmine, though not to Teddy, yet before anything could be done, a fire started in the palace. It had felt like a bomb going off, starting in the center of the palace and moving outwards. No one knew where it came from, but it burned hot and fast through the wings, forcing everyone out at a run.

Parker and Hardison had been forced to speed up all the plans concerning releasing evidence against Moreau and in regards to rescuing the general and his men from underneath the palace.

She found him. Felt him moving through the building. Someone had her child. Who? Could she trust him? He felt familiar, but why? She let her magic go…it recognized the man, even if she didn't.

Someone had her. She felt her body moving, though she was not in control of it. Her magic hurt. She had not felt it flow in years. She couldn't control it.

Eliot carried a screaming Jasmine out of the palace. A strange electric sensation washed over the both of them, making the hairs on his arm stick up. Beyond that sensation, Jasmine seemed relatively unharmed besides the wounds he had watched Moreau inflict on her. When they approached the team with Teddy Jasmine jerked in his arms, unconsciously reaching for her son.

As the fire continued, Eliot began to suspect that something was wrong. The energy he had felt began to get stronger, feeding into the palace and the fire burning within it. As the fire went on, Jasmine's breathing got shallower and her skin turned clammy.

The fire department showed up moments later. Their efforts to put out the fire were looking like they were for naught. The fire was gaining intensity and range, spreading from the top of the presidential palace. The windows shattered, one-by-one, the top floor first.

The palace burned, hot and quick, uncontrollable flames ate away at every last piece of the building and the things inside. Miraculously, the flames harmed not a single person. Every person working in the building was accounted for on the streets. Moreau was under international arrest, the prisoners had been freed, and the Leverage team and their helpers quickly faded into the background.