Okay...alot of people have been asking me to continue this would-be-oneshot so I decided to relent and do so. But mind you, there probably will be no more smut. It's gonna be rated-T from now on and the only reason it's still in the Rated-M section will be because of Chapter 1...

Chapter 2

The faint chirping of what Harry believed to be the Wood Warbler woke him up of what was a pretty good dream. After the "Locket Incident", which he decided to call it, every dream he has had consisted of Hermione with her legs wrapped around his waist as he fucked her everywhere possible. The settings included the Hogwarts Infirmary, the World Cup Stadium, under the Quidditch Stands, and even in Dumbledore's, now Snape's, office.

Now, the hard part wasn't the fact that he woke up with a rock-hard boner everyday, no. It was the fact that after every dream, every sex-filled, passionate dream, he would wake up to Hermione. His object of desire with her mismatched underwear and her sleep tussled hair that made him want to...

No. No way was he going down that road...again...after multiple times...of hot, steamy, drea-

"Morning Harry."

"!" Alarmed, he started to stammer.

"I-I...I got to go." he finally got out as he scrambled off the bed and hurried towards the single bathroom whilst tripping over books and clothing along the way. With one last glance at the confused Hermione still sitting on her bed, he locked the door and sat down on the closed toilet, trying to calm himself.

'Why did I run away from her?' he asked himself. 'It's not like I have anything to hide from her...except for the fact that I did hide from her the fact that Ron came back and left after watching an improptu porn show from Riddle about me and Hermione... But otherwise, I have nothing to hide from her...'

"Harry...are you done in there? I really need to use the loo..." came Hermione's urgent voice from behind the door.

"Huh...oh yeah. Let me just...clean up and everything..." he replied. Getting up, he flushed the empty toilet and washed his hands. He opened the door and help it open for Hermione, then promptly closed it when she went in. Sighing to himself, he walked back over to his bed and fell down backwards onto it. When did life get so complicated? It was just supposed to be a simple enough mission, albiet with a dark lord, it would never be simple enough. The plan was to find the horcruxes, destroy them, kill Voldemort, and marry Ginny. Nowhere on the plan did it say "Fall hard for Hermione Granger." The fact that she pined for Ron, his best friend, should've toned down his feelings for her.

'What's happening to me?'

She knew something was bothering him. After being around him for 6 and a half years, she could easily see that something major was on his mind. The question was, would he spill to her, or would she have to coax it out of him. The last time she "coaxed" a secret out from him, she threatened to cut off his balls and make him swallow it. Of course, he was 'kinda' tramatized by it and asked her to Obliviate him from that particular memory. All in all, it was a successful Obliviation, although he did forget his name once or twice during the week. Wiping her ass, she flushed the toilet walked over to the sink, where she began to wash her hands.

'I wonder if I should use that same trick again...Nah, probably not. If I screw up the Memory Charm, I might screw over the rest of the world... But how to do it..." she thought to herself with a sigh.

Picking up her comb, she started to comb her hair as she continued to think of a solution. As she was combing her hair, saw an edge of a magazine from behind the toilet. Striding over to the porcelin bowl, she reached behind it and tugged out...a PlayWizards. Flipping through the pages, she couldn't help but giggle as she saw all of the pages with a folder corner had a brunette.

'Hmmm...seducing Harry...seemed like what a teenager would do.' she mused with a giggle.

After a while, Hermione finally opened the door and sauntered out with a sway to her hips with the magazine held behind her back. She giggled lightly as she saw that Harry was mesmerized by the motion of her swaying hips. Coming to a stop in front of him, she threw the magazine that was flipped to a folded page with a brunette that also had bushy hair. Putting her hands on her hips, she looked at him with a smirk on her lips.

"Anything you want to tell me?"

Wide-eyed, Harry cursed Ron for putting him in this situation.

'Damn Ron and his fetish for PlayWizards!' he ranted in his mind.

"U-um...well, you see..." he rambled, trying to latch onto a shred of dignity.

"Aww, it's okay Harry. It's only natural for you to have these feelings for me. We've been friends for so long, and the added fact that we've been stuck in a tent with each other only adds to it." Hermione said with a playful tone.


Plopping herself onto Harry's lap, she put her arms around Harry's neck and leaned into his ear.

"Is there anything you want to tell me?" she whispered, licking his ear.

With a slight shudder, his eyes rolled up to the back of his head and he promptly passed out.

Getting up off of his lap, she looked down at Harry's prone body.

She couldn't help but ask out loud, "Did I do something wrong?"

End of Chapter 2

Understand this, I suck at smut scenes so I'm probably not going to write one until I lose MY virginity...=.=

Then we'll see if I can write them or not...

And, no. Hermione's not trying to do it with Harry. She's just trying to get Harry to tell his secret by seducing him...=.=

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