"An Evening with Mrs. Doctor"

by: Zaida Thorngage

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in the "Doctor Who" universe, they are the sole property of the BBC. (Although, I'd like my own personal copy of the 10th Doctor; anyone know how I can get in touch with Rose Tyler c/o the alternate dimension...?) I gain no profit from this... it's just a sick little fan's demented ramblings. :) Enjoy!

P.S. I know it's short, but please - forgive me. I've just started a new job and have been pressed for time lately, but I just *had* to get this one out of me and into the world. Please enjoy this very short one-shot!

Amy woke up in the middle of the - well, she couldn't tell really. Then again, the concept of time does tend to get a *little* skewed when you're traveling aboard a time machine. Her throat was dry; she wanted a glass of water. She looked over at the sleeping form of her husband, Rory, before slipping quietly out of the bed they shared and down the halls of the TARDIS toward the kitchenette area. She knew the Doctor would still be in the control room - he always was. Amy wondered, Does that man *ever* sleep? She groggily tromped down the hallway - the entrance to the control room lay just ahead of her.

She stopped faintly in her tracks; in her half-asleep state, Amy could have sworn that she heard an odd noise coming from the TARDIS. If she didn't know any better, Amy would swear that it sounded almost like ... laughter. Not the sort of belly-jostling laugh let out after a good joke, mind you - but almost a giggle, like the sort shared between two lovers.

Faintly, she could hear the Doctor's voice - speaking softly to the control panel, remarking how beautiful and magnificent she was. Amy crept up to the doorway, and just paused - she waited... and watched. He sauntered around the console, his hands brushing gently over the bits and bobs that currently made up the instrument panel. The Doctor's hands found the pinball machine lever, and gently pulled on it. The sound from the TARDIS sounded quite like that lovers giggle again. With his left hand, the Doctor gently dragged it over the flashing lights, taking care to trace his fingers around the contours of each button as the TARDIS giggled and sighed. Amy had to force back a giggle when she heard the Doctor remark, "Yeah, you like that - don't you, Sexy?"

The Doctor made a face, as if trying to say "I'm cool and sexy, too!" - Amy simply lost it. The ginger girl's laughter caught the aged time-traveler off-guard. "OH! Amy-," the Doctor choked out, "Wh-what are you doing up?" His face looking like the young boy caught with the hand in the cookie jar - his eyes darted about the room, looking anywhere and everywhere but at the red-headed companion before him. Amy answered his question, but with an accusing tone, "*I'm* up to get a glass of water. What are *you* doing, Doctor?"

"Oh, well," the Doctor began, "I'm just putting the Old Girl through her paces, you see." Amy just kept looking accusingly at the man known as the Oncoming Storm, he continued, "I've just made a few updates, rather a few adjustments, really. I was just trying to make sure that things are running smoothly."

Amy decided to let the Doctor off of the hook with this one; the bed was calling her name once more. She simply decided to forget about getting her drink of water. Amy turned and began to walk back through the doorway, down the hall to get back to her room.

As she departed, she faintly heard the TARDIS' "laughter" once more, with the Doctor's voice trailing behind her, "Shh, darling. I think she suspects something..."