Hey guys! This is my first story that I've published. It's a Toko short that is in 3rd person limited, from Zuko's point of view as much as possible. If you'd like to hear Leaves from the Vine, go to .com/watch?v=0iCPTmFHxYQ
Otherwise, enjoy, and I'd greatly appreciate a review. I'd' love to hear your thoughts. I'll try to get another story out soon.

Leaves from the Vine, a Toko short story

"Leaves from the vine
Falling so slow
Like fragile, tiny shells
Drifting in the foam…"

The memory of accidentally seeing Uncle Iroh singing one evening is ringing in Zuko's mind. It was Iroh's dead son's birthday that day, and he was honoring Lu Ten. Zuko was on a walk to clear his mind after a fight that day when he found his uncle singing, and even crying. Zuko had walked away. He knew his cousin had died in battle, but never had he seen his uncle truly crying. The memory stuck with him.

Zuko was taking a calm sunset walk on the beach behind the palace, thinking about this moment. As he walks, he sees a figure in the distance walking towards him. As the two get closer, he recognizes the person and a smile crosses his face. After a while the figure seems to recognize him as it takes off full speed towards Zuko. He opens his arms as Toph embraces him, knocking him back a bit. This is the first time in a year that they saw each other. Returning the hug, Zuko says, "I missed you."

"I missed you too, princess," Toph replies. "Ever since I returned home after the war, my parents wouldn't stop bugging me!"

"Sorry I couldn't visit, I've been…uh…busy." Zuko feels ashamed, blushing a bit. "So, how'd you get here?"

"Oh, I ran away again. I left a note this time, though," she says with a smile. Zuko chuckles a bit. Toph leaves the embrace and plops down against the vine-covered wall, already starting to pick her toes. Zuko sits down next her and wraps an arm around her. Toph doesn't seem to notice, staring forward blankly, being blind and all. "It's just that my parents are getting even stricter! It's getting to the point where it's worse than before!"

Zuko replies with a "Mh-hm," leaning in slowly without Toph realizing it. She continues, "They're really getting on my nerves! I mean, do they even know when to " when she is interrupted by a warm, soft hand on her cheek, a hand she knows is Zuko's. He turns her head towards his and leans in, landing a kiss softly on her lips. Her lips are warm and soft. Zuko can see Toph blushing. Toph's shock fades away as she closes her eyes and enjoys their first kiss together, returning it. After a while, they break the kiss as they notice leaves from the vines them falling slowly around them. Iroh's song comes back to Zuko as he sees this. He starts humming it quietly, and can tell that Toph likes it. Settled in his arm, she is slowly put to sleep by his calming humming. Zuko, seeing that she's asleep, continues humming. He sofly kisses her on the forehead and eventually drifts off to sleep.