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"No!" I shouted.

I could tell Twinkletoes and Sparky are shocked for a moment, because they both feel surprised. "Why not?" Aang asks me sternly.

I look up at Aang. "Because, they'll realize who you are and try to kill you. What other bald kids with arrows on their heads and airbender clothes are running around with a staff?"

"Toph's right," I hear Zuko add in. "We're already wearing Fire Nation clothes, so we can probably blend in easier. Besides, neither of us can steer Appa. Go find the others and tell them about this."

Twinkletoes nods and leaves the ground, probably mounting Appa. I hear his load roar and feel him take off the ground. Zuko looks down at me and smiles. His heartbeat is faster than usual. He takes something out of his pocket and puts it on his head. "What's that?" I ask.

"It's a bandana. I'm using it to cover my scar. Ready?" He offers his hand, and I grab it. We go in the direction of the "Loyalists", hoping to find them.

After about a half-hour, we find their camp. Sparky lets go of my hand and steps forward. I can feel the group staring at us. "My name is Lee," He begins, "And this is…Lien.

I step forward and he puts a hand on my shoulder. "We heard about you," I finish, "and we wanted to join you. You're the Loyalists, right?"

One of them, a bit taller than me and probably my age, speaks up. "I like these two." He sounds a lot like Jet. "We should keep 'em. What do you guys think?" His group responds positively, and he walks forward to greet us, shaking our hands. He seems to linger on mine. "Well, I'm Jian, and these are my guys." He gestures to the people at the camp and they come up to shake our hands.

A polite girl comes first. "Pleasure to meet you, my name is Yi."

Another female; this one sounds shy. "Hi, I'm Ling."

An eccentric girl comes up next. "Hey, name's Yun."

A silent male comes up to us. "His name is Bo," Jian says. "He doesn't like to talk much. Well, you've met the gang. What can you two do, anyway?"

Sparky responds, "I'm great with dual swords." I can tell he doesn't want to take the risk of telling them he can firebend.

"And I can fight with knifes pretty well." Zuko looks down at me, questioning me with his expression. He knows I'm lying. I'm not very good at it. He turns back to Jian and nods.

"Well, we've been through a lot lately, so we were about to call it a day. Lien, you can go in the big tent with the girls," Jian says. "Lee, I'm sorry that we don't have an extra sleeping bag for you."

Zuko puts up a hand. "It's all right; I've slept on the ground plenty of times." He and the guys go to the right and sit down. I follow the girls into the tent.

Once inside, the other three sit down. I take a seat next to the shy one, facing the other two.

Immediately, I'm met by three pairs of eyes looking at me. I sit there awkwardly, until I ask, "What?"

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