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Inspiration: Vaccum

It just wasn't happening. Sam groaned as he rolled over again in his bed, his legs tangled up in the cotton sheets, and shifted his arms under his head, trying to get comfortable. Images of Chicago's skyline flashed before his eyes; black smoke furling in billows from the buildings and the burn of bright orange flames licking away at the bases of skyscrapers. His eyes flew open in frustration, catching the red lights of his alarm clock glaring at him across the room. 2.49 AM. He sighed, knowing full well that he would be lucky to ever sleep soundly again on his own. He had seen too much over the last few years, and while he had mastered at locking away all of the memories of dead bodies and destroyed buildings during the day, he found that he could never keep them away at night.

He knew what he wanted-knew the only cure for another sleepless night, but he hesitated as he put his feet on the cold floor and sat on the edge of his bed. He didn't want to keep appearing weak and instable-he was afraid of wearing out the security that the only being on the Earth could provide him without fail. He stood up and crept to his window, looking down into the quiet city street a few stories below. He wasn't surprised at the sight that he was greeted with in the dingy street lights. He found himself smiling slightly at the comfort he felt at just the sight of the yellow camaro parked in front of his apartment building. Bee was supposed to be at the hanger with the rest of the Autobot special ops team, but it was a very rare occasion that he didn't end up parked below Sam's window every night.

Sam started thinking about how his life had lead to this moment, how the nightmares, the sleepless nights, the battle wounds, scars, the death he had experienced over the last few years had all started with that camaro. Yet, Sam found that nothing in the world could make him want to change what had happened. He couldn't imagine his life without Bee. That car was his guardian…that car was his best friend.

Hundreds of feet below, the headlights of the camaro flashed a few times as if he could read Sam's mind. Another sigh of resignation escaped his lips as he turned and slipped on his shoes and quietly exited his apartment and made his way down the stair well. The brisk air stung at Sam's face as he slipped outside and made his way to the parked autobot.

"Aren't you supposed to be recharging?" He asked softly as he reached out a hand and put it on the hood of the car. The engine rumbled softly under his hands and a voice over the radio said: "I'll sleep when I'm dead."

"Don't say that!" Sam exclaimed. Connecting a concept like death to Bee was still too sensitive a subject for him to fully come to grips with. Just a few months ago Sam had been inches away from watching a Decepticon blow off Bee's head-and the what-if's still haunted him daily. Sam could still recall with picture perfect accuracy the sadness and fear in the autobot's optics as the gun was placed against his head-he could still taste the vomit in his mouth and feel the heart-pounding dread in the pit of his stomach as he helplessly watched.

Bee detected Sam's alarm and revved his engine quietly in a reassuring way. "I'm not gonna leave you…I'll stand by you…won't let nobody hurt you," came fragments of different songs pieced together through the speakers. The driver's door opened and Sam didn't think twice about accepting the invitation to crawl into the leather seats. "Bee, I thought I lost you twice during the last battle. I never want to have to go through that again, okay?" Sam said as he ran his hands over the steering wheel, trying to memorize the way the smooth contours felt under his hands. He relished in how familiar it felt. Familiar was safe. Bee was safe.

"Never say goodbye." The engine purred to life and Sam felt the Mech take control of the steering wheel as he accelerated and pulled out into the empty streets.

"You're the best car in the world, Bee." Sam said and as the Autobot revved his engine, he quickly added: "Don't let that go to your head."

It didn't take long before they had reached the city boundaries and the sky opened up before them. Bee slowed down to a stop and his engine rumbled with contentment. Sam looked at the sky and wondered about the stars up there and if there were other forms of life and he thought about the autobots and how big they were and how infinitely small and insignificant he felt.

"What's on your mind?" Bee asked through the speakers.

"There is just so much out there, huh? I used to think the world was this huge place, but after you guys arrived, I realized how wrong I was."

"The world is still the same…there is just less in it." The slightly slurred voice of Captain Jack Sparrow wafted through the speakers.

"Really Bee? Pirates of the Carribean?"

"No matter how small you feel…you are never alone…"

"What's it like, out there?" Sam asked, realizing he never once asked Bee about his travels in space.


"Thank you, Captain Obvious."

The radio clicked off and another voice spoke. Sam almost never heard Bee use his vocal chord processors because they had never been fully repaired. It was only on the rare occasion when Bee spoke for real and Sam had learned to never take those moments for granted. "Space is like a vaccum, Sam. It's so big and vast that you can easily get sucked into it and never find your way out. It's easy to forget yourself out there. It's lonely. I'd much rather be here."

"I'm glad you are here," Sam said, curling up a little in the seat and patting the dashboard affectionately, "but don't you miss being free and scouting out new placed out there?"

"I am free. And with that freedom, I choose to stay here, with you."

"Thanks, Bee."

"Goodnight my angle, it's time to gooo…" The radio clicked back on and Billy Joel began to waft through the speakers.

"Goodnight Bee." Sam mumbled as the purr of the engine slowly rocked him to a dreamless sleep.