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New characters, new worlds, new adventure

The new characters are called "dragons", they're humanoid beings, green skinned with wings, and little vampire-like fangs. They're home word is called Genso Ryuu-a new dimension participating in the Battle Nexus Tournament* (read "About the story" bellow this)

In Genso Ryuu-the dragon dimension- technology and ancient traditions coexist together in perfect balance.

They are ruled by a monarchy

Although they use weapons to fight, they also can control the 4 elements. The dragons are divided by their powers: water dragons, fire dragons, air dragons and earth dragons.

About the story

The Battle Nexus Tournament has been moved to a new dimension for the first time, courtesy of the recently proclaimed Queen Lee-Onara. The turtles are called by the Daimyo to participate on the Tournament as always.

While the Tournament is going normally in the Arena, things in palace are different: Guardian Jada's vision announces that it's time to look for new guardians; the queen orders Guardian Althor to keep an eye on the participants of the Battle Nexus Tournament.

Meanwhile, Aldarnius has convinced the Counsel to marry the queen with a member of the royal army just as the ancient traditions say. The young monarch is so focused on getting the new guardians that is totally unaware of her fate.

At the end of the Tournament, Althor informs that the winner is not what they were looking for but there were strong energies coming from other participants. The queen sends the guardians to the other dimensions. To cover more ground, the princesses are also sent to that mission with a warning: they must not reveal their place in the royal family.

The guardians come back after a month of searching with no good results. They are still no news of the queen's sisters.

Guardian Jada has another vision: the princesses had been captured by a man obsessed with torturing creatures that are not like him. The queen abandons the kingdom looking for her sisters but first, she leaves Aldarnius in charge. A big mistake.

Aldarnius takes this as an advantage and proclaims himself king. Althor recognizes Aldarnius is Arkaam, who was exiled for attempting against the heir's life years ago but before he can do something, he and the other guardians are taken prisoners.

On the other dimension, a couple of weeks later… the turtles decide the take a break from the city and move to the farmhouse. Late that night they set their tents near a lake where they find a strange creature bleeding badly.

And here's when the new adventure begins.

Writer's words: I hope you like this story. This is my 1st attempt writing and working with OCs s… I'll expect your reviews, comments, critique… whatever… LOL! The story will be posted on my anniversary (17-07)

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