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Every time he left, Lovi would come home with new wounds. At some point, I just forbade him to go outside. He did not seem to mind having to stay in the house, but he did seem to mind when I left it. To keep him somehow satisfied, I tried to cook particularly tasty dishes for him and coddled him with all the affection I had to offer. I would pet his head, hug him tightly, kiss his forehead, nose, cheeks. And kiss him. He would sneak into my bed at night and then we would kiss deeply, taking our respective breaths away. It was during kisses like those that my hands would start wandering on their own. They would go on journeys of never-ending discoveries; through forests of silky hair, across valleys of soft skin and over hills of well-shaped muscles. This is the way I discovered how attractive Lovi actually was. And he, he did not hesitate to return the affections just as tenderly, which surprised me a little. He would rub my chest, sides and back through my pajama shirt with slow, circling motions. He would sometimes play with one of my nipples while gently licking and nibbling my neck. It made me shudder; it made me feel hot, anxious and needy. It made me feel in a way I had never felt before. And soon, I did not mind anymore if one of his hands slipped underneath my night clothes and explored still untouched territory. The purring against my ear was enough to push all the worries away and let me just enjoy the moment for what it truly was: the picture of two persons in love. I knew we were by then, but it did not change the fact that it was not quite alright to be so. It still did not stop me from allowing Lovi to do anything and everything he wanted to me. Our exploring hands eventually turned into claiming hands and our tasting mouths eventually turned into starving mouths.

It did not come as a surprise when, one night, I finally lay half-naked under him while he showered my body with bittersweet kisses and caresses. He massaged my hips and thighs in a way which would have made me relax even against my own will and the result was me, opening myself up to him. And he, touching me in places I had barely spent enough time exploring myself. His warm, smooth skin pressed against mine; I could feel all of him. His whole presence was overwhelming. I could not get my thoughts straight… I was completely at his mercy. He stroked me through my shorts and the hot pants he breathed against my damp temple were distraction enough to limit my surprise to a sharp gasp when he decided to get rid of them. Suddenly, his hand was around me and he was whispering in my ear to touch him, too. Trembling, I complied. My palm lay flat on his taut abdomen and slid downwards… until my fingers brushed his fur. I wrapped them around him uncertainly, as well. And then, we pleasured each other. And it felt alright to do so despite it being wrong.

It became routine, somehow. We were really intimate and I wondered if this was already considered "mating" to him. I knew through my older French cousin, who had recently told me about sexual matters, that even two men could have sex as in intercourse. But I could not imagine myself and Lovi doing something like that. Would it not hurt? Would he force me to be the one on the bottom? I was glad Lovi seemed to be satisfied with what we did right then, because I did not feel ready to take this whole "mating"-business any further.

I was walking home from gymnasium, one day, as I stumbled into an injured dog. Even though he was rather large in size, I could clearly see that he was still young. I crouched down and noticed that he had similar injuries to the ones Lovi had come home with the last few times he had left the house. The poor puppy was bleeding from a wound on his neck. I made cooing noises while reaching out to gently pet his blond hair and light-brown, folded ears. He was a really beautiful puppy. He opened his blue eyes and looked at me, before starting to weakly wag his tail. "Hey, hey, I can protect you…! Because I'm a guard dog, a real one…!" he chirped, even though his voice was hoarse and barely louder than a whisper. He had a black leather-collar around his neck and I mused that the puppy must have run away from his owner. Or have gotten lost. I flinched startled as he suddenly started snarling threateningly and struggled to stand up. But he was not menacing me. It was a wolf. A wolf had crept out of the bushes and trees on the border of the road and I wondered how the heck it had gotten that near to the village. He was really huge, even if a little emaciated. He had beautiful silver hair, two elegant, pointy ears sticking out of it, while his long bushy tail moved mesmerizingly slow behind him. He was smiling innocently, but I knew better than to trust wild wolves. I was afraid, but I did not want the poor puppy to get hurt even worse. So I pulled him behind me and thought hastily about what to do. My grandpa had once told me what to do in case something like that ever happened, but I could not remember. Did I have to be quiet or loud to shoo away a wolf? The puppy continued to snarl and yell at the wolf to go away, but the wolf was approaching, looking unfazed.

"Hey, you smell like that strange cat!" the wolf suddenly said, sniffling the air. He grimaced and I felt a shudder run down my spine. I realized then that this wolf was probably the reason Lovi did not like it when I went outside. I curled my fingers around the puppy's hand and dragged him with me as I slowly made my way down the road. But the wolf followed me. He actually did not look like he wanted to hurt me, but Lovi's and the puppy's injuries were the proof that he could if he wanted. When I noticed that the wolf just would not stop following me, I came to a halt and started waving my hand in a shooing motion, but it did not bother him in the slightest. Other wolves crept out of the bushes. I froze. Two other females. Three other males. The most of them approached me only shyly and looking even a bit scared, but one of the females practically lunged at me and I stumbled backwards, uttering a cry. The puppy yanked his hand out of my grasp and tackled her to the ground before she could actually touch me. A fight started and I could hear only snarls, growls and whimpers. Blood splattered on the floor and I could only watch in horror as the brave little dog struggled to keep the overhand. "Make her stop, make her stop!" I continued to scream over and over again. The wolf which had appeared first, alpha wolf I guessed, indeed jumped between the two of them and forced them to separate, snarling loudly himself.

"We don't want any trouble." he growled to the puppy and forced him down onto the ground, holding him still. "My pack is starved up, we need food." he added. My heart skipped a beat. I realized that with the work in progress of cutting down a part of the forest, many animals must have fled or died. And the consequences were right in front of me – starving wolves attacking human beings. Had Lovi been trying to protect me all the time when he had gone outside and returned with those injuries…?

I wondered if this was the way I was going to die – mauled by wolves… and I thought of Lovi and my grandpa… I could not help but start to cry; I was so scared. I pleaded for my life… I told them I would give them food myself if they spared me. But they did not seem to be listening as they cautiously approached me. … And I could not even blame them… they were starved up and distressed because of the great change in their habitat. It still did not make it any better when the female which had already attacked me before, decided to have the first taste of my flesh and jumped at me. I heard the puppy howl desperately to leave me alone, but my screaming drowned out every other noise as her fangs deepened themselves into my shoulder. Suddenly, there were wolves all around me, holding me down by my limbs, trying to get a piece of me themselves. It was the end, I thought.

But he came to rescue me, just like the hero of one of those incredibly unrealistic and yet irresistibly enthralling movies. And even though he was nothing but a lone kitty, he did not hesitate to challenge an entire pack of wolves to save me. He was practically sacrificing himself for my sake… and yet, in that moment, I did not even think about the danger he was getting himself into… and screamed for him to help me, crying hysterically. He lunged at the wolf with his teeth in my shoulder and forcefully bit her neck, clawing her maned upper body with his fingernails. The attention was not on me anymore, but on him. Even the alpha wolf let go of the puppy to throw himself onto Lovi. Freed from the huge wolf's clutches, the puppy climbed to his feet and joined Lovi in the fight. It was a horrible and terrifying scenario and at the same time disturbingly fascinating… I had never seen this side of Lovi before. I had seen him angry, yes… I had seen him hiss, growl and strike out to warn me or express his irritation. But I had never seen him fight like that. His muscles were all tensed up, looking double as developed as they usually did. His ears were resting low against his head, his tail was bushy and jerking menacingly back and forth. It was the most horrible and most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was the picture of my beloved one fighting, risking his life to protect me.

It was a hopeless battle. I watched as Lovi was overpowered by two of the male wolves… and I watched how the puppy was hauled back, whimpering softly, as he fell onto the ground, staying there motionless.

"Retire." the alpha wolf commanded, surprising us all. They had definitely won… and yet… "We shouldn't have attacked him in the first place. He obviously belongs to that cat, at least he smells like him. And that cat has been warning us for days to leave him alone. Let's look for another prey." The few wolves which still had the strength to complain, did so. They argued that I was already weakened and an easy prey, that they had not eaten for days and maybe would not find something else for another few. But the alpha wolf was honorable and therefore determined. They left, without further problems.

And someone was gently, lovingly licking my exposed and injured shoulder. His warm, soft tongue lapped at the deep fang marks while a bloodied and slightly trembling hand tried to enclose around mine. Lovi was battered… and still thought about me first. It hurt so much in my chest that even the throbbing in my shoulder died out for a moment. Right then, I realized that I did not give a heck about the wrongness of our relationship. I loved him. And he was right – no human could ever love me as much as he did. I would not give up our happiness for something as mundane as morals. Life was too short and too unpredictable to do so if what had just happened was not proof enough.

I squeezed his hand reassuringly. I pulled him closer, I held him tightly against myself, I kissed him tenderly on the lips. I told him how much I loved him, how much I cared about him. I told him that nobody and nothing would ever change that. I thanked him for saving my life. I apologized for his injuries. I do not know anymore what else I said; I was completely out of my mind. I just know that I was suddenly free of every doubt and ready to give up everything just to stay with Lovi.

My grandpa took me to the hospital. He was upset and on the verge of tears. He had been shocked to hear that I had been attacked by wolves and had thanked God that I was still alive. I continued to babble things like "Lovi needs help…" or "the puppy… the puppy was passed out…", but my grandpa just held my hand and assured me that they were both fine. They stitched up my shoulder. It reminded me of the time Lovi had bitten me. The injury he had inflicted on me had been nothing compared to this… but the doctor said that I was going to be fine. The scratches on the rest of my body were not concerning, he added, after having examined them, as well.

I returned home to find Lovi waiting in the hallway of our house's entrance, still in the state he had been in after the fight. He lunged at me and wrapped his arms around me. My grandpa observed us in silence for a while and I was afraid he was going to express himself negatively about the way Lovi was holding me tightly against him. But he just walked up to us and raised his hand to pat Lovi's head. "You're a really good cat, Lovi." he spoke softly, with affection and gratitude in his eyes. I sighed in relief and felt warmness washing over me. Even Lovi offered a little smile.

The puppy was lying in a corner of the living room and sleeping on his side. He was still covered in blood and whimpering softly in his sleep. When I saw him, my eyes narrowed in pity. He had tried so hard to protect me, even though I was not his owner. I thought that his owner, whoever it might be, was a really lucky person to have a dog as brave as him. Together with my grandpa, we supplied the injuries of the both of them. Lovi was not very happy about our guest. He continued to glare at the dog, to hiss at him to get the fuck out of his house. And the poor puppy just wagged his tail in response.

We called the puppy's owner, using the phone number attached to his collar. It was an English boy around my age. When my grandpa told him that we were keeping his dog in our house because we had found him injured in the woods, he sounded surprisingly calm. He answered that he would come pick him up the next day and that he was sorry for the disturbance. Lovi was not very pleased about having to bear with the dog for another while. Every time the puppy approached him, he would hiss warningly and raise his hand in a very clear gesture. And the puppy would sit down onto the ground and ask him why he did not want to play. "Because you're a damn bastard, that's why!" Lovi would answer and the dog would argue that it was not true at all, that he originated from a pure American breed and that he was a hero at that. It was cute and funny to watch them quarrel, but I would always step in when the situation seemed to heat up.

When the English boy Arthur, as he introduced himself, came to pick up the puppy the next day, I felt a little sad. He was so sweet and wanted to play all the time. I had enjoyed rubbing his tummy and going walkies with him. But seeing him being beside himself with joy at the sight of his owner, made my heart flutter with happiness, too. Arthur scolded him for having run away, told him that he was a stupid and bad dog and that he hated him, but he had tears in his eyes while he said all of this and let himself be tackled to the ground without resisting. It was a touching scenario which filled my chest with warm feelings. I wished them well and life returned to its ordinariness, even if I had to wear a string around my neck to keep my arm up against my stomach. I had been told that I should not move it to much as the wound needed to be spared.

Lovi was relieved to have the dog out of his way. I had the impression that he was jealous about me paying the puppy too much attention. As soon as he was gone, he did not give me one second for myself. He insisted so much on touching me and kissing me all the time that I was afraid grandpa would find out about us. But I have to admit that that idea did not scare me as much as it used to scare me before.

At night, he almost devoured me despite the both of us being injured. I realized quickly that Lovi's behavior went beyond jealousy. I tried to calm him down and asked him what was wrong, but he would not answer. He cooled off only after we had both reached climax and lay in each other's arms, breathing heavily from the effort. I kissed his hair and caressed his sweaty nape and back and he leaned in to me, tightening the embrace. He started licking my neck in a grooming manner and even tried to lick my wound through the bandages until I told him to stop, squirming and giggling. I was so happy right then that telling him how much I loved him just did not seem enough. Our lips joined in a lazy and tender kiss and when they separated, Lovi replied that he loved me way too much, as well, and that this was the reason I must never have anybody else. I was confused and asked him why I would want that and why he was so concerned about it. That night, he told me everything. He told me about the way his first owner had given him away after having brought home another kitty, claiming that that one was much gentler and more suitable as a pet. He told me about the way another family had taken him in and how they had owned a dog which had not been ready to share his territory. He told me, how he had constantly been picked on by him, how he had been denied his own food and water. He told me how he had repetitiously been attacked and how it had turned out one day when his family had been out of the house. The day, my grandpa found him on the street.

And I cried. I sincerely cried. Lovi had not deserved to go through all of this in his short life. He was the most gentle and most affectionate pet somebody could ever wish for, in my eyes. It had taken a long time to bring out his true side, but he was everything I had ever wanted and I could not understand how his first owner had been heartless enough to give him away. And the matter with the dog… my poor kitty had had to suffer so many injuries. He had been hurt even to protect me… It was just too much. I wanted Lovi to be happy. I wanted him to be happy for the rest of his life. And when he practically begged me if we could mate as soon as my injury got better, I did not hesitate to answer yes. And I meant it, with all my heart.

But as the day came I had to have the stitches taken out of my shoulder, I was much, o so much more nervous than I had been when I had agreed to it. What was it going to be like? Was it going to hurt? Did Lovi know how it worked? I returned home and I could see the anticipation written all over his face. It was disconcerting and strangely thrilling at the same time to experience the kitty so inpatient. I painted that day, because painting helped me a lot when I was not feeling alright. And Lovi respected my privacy and showed up only at dinnertime to eat the food I had cooked for him. I sat on the ground and watched him eat from across the room, just like I used to do when he was still new in the house. His wounds had healed up, as well, and maybe it was just me, but he looked like he had grown another tad. He was completely shaped now. The most beautiful cat I had ever seen in my whole life. Actually, the most beautiful living being altogether I had ever seen in my life. His body was lithe and yet muscular in the right places. His face delicate and manly at the same time. I felt the nervousness slowly crumble as I realized in embarrassment that my mouth was watering. He shot a glance at me with a predatory look on his face which made my skin crawl. And I found myself more than willing to play the role of the prey.

So I lay in bed at night, wearing only my shorts, and waited for him to sneak into my room. After a short while which appeared like an eternity to me, he silently entered it and cautiously approached me. He climbed onto the bed and crawled over to me, lying down next to me. I slightly turned around to face him better, adjusted the cushions under my head and then pushed a hand underneath my cheek, continuing to gaze at him. We exchanged an intense look and he carefully leaned in and kissed me. And it was a slow and passionate kiss, one of those that made me melt like margarine. His fingers ran through my hair, his thumb stroked my cheekbone and temple. I reached out and linked my arms behind his neck, pulling him closer to me. And for a while, it was just like always. Expect that I was thinking about what was to come all the time. He touched my burning body, I touched his. We shared tender caresses and kisses. We stroked each other… and I winced when the fingers of his free hand brushed my opening. I anxiously grasped his upper arms and buried my face in the crook of his neck. I was already tense then, I failed to figure out how something like that could ever work. He stopped massaging my manhood and just pulled me closer, the way our crotches pressed against each other. He licked his fingers and touched me there again… rubbing the tender spot gently with his fingertips. I was nervous and embarrassed, especially when he started putting more pressure on it. I inhaled sharply as he started to push one of them in. It felt so incredibly weird, it did not feel good at all. … Until he buckled it against a spot inside me which made me softly gasp in pleasure. My trembling hands on his upper arms relaxed and wandered over his damp skin to cling to his back instead. He nudged the side of my face with his nose and I shyly looked up at him. He kissed me gently, comfortingly. And while the tip of his tongue repeatedly grazed mine, he continued to stroke that special spot in me and soon I did not mind anymore that his lone finger had been joined by a second one and that he was actually stretching me rather widely without me really noticing. He carefully pulled them out of me and whispered in my ear to turn on my back. Shaking, I did so. I lay on my back and he massaged my thigh and lifted it a little, bringing it up to his chest as he lined himself up against my backside. I closed my eyes, trying to calm down my breathing and my furiously beating heart, and felt him moistening me up well. And then, I felt him pushing against me. The head of his member slipped in and it hurt. It hurt despite him being slow and careful. He pushed completely inside and then gave me a moment to catch my breath. His tail was curling around itself, expressing tension and impatience. He rubbed the underside of my thigh soothingly and leaned in to purr against my ear. He nibbled my earlobe and nuzzled my neck with his nose, before gently biting it. His body was burning up, I noticed. No, both of our bodies were burning up. I felt hot and strangely aroused, now that the pain was starting to fade away. I wrapped a trembling arm around his neck and turned my head to hungrily kiss him on the lips. And he started to move. Holding my thigh tightly against his chest, he slowly pulled out and pushed back in, and so forth. We kissed. We touched. We made love. And I became his, for good.

I turned eighteen. Lovi and I had started sleeping together on a regular basis after the first time. I was really happy with him, but the fact that Ludwig had moved out of our village to go live near the city, made me sad. We had grown apart in the last few years… but he still meant very much to me, so I was really shocked to hear that his parents had given away Gil. When I had asked him why, he had only answered that they thought the bunny was not being treated properly. This whole story made me think very much about the relationship I had to Lovi and how it would also be considered inappropriate if found out by the others. I knew I had to do something about this whole matter, so I decided to tell my grandpa myself. If he was not going to accept it, I would be old enough to move out, even if it would break my heart to leave my grandpa alone. I could not let something come in between Lovi and me. I would not let Lovi suffer again.

We sat at the table in the evening and ate the pasta we had cooked together. I did not know how to start, I felt so uncomfortable. I started by asking him what he thought of people having an unusually intimate relationship with their pets and he did not answer for a long time, eyeing me like he already knew why I was asking. "It's not alright to force your pet into doing something like that. People who do this, should be punished." he said. I felt my blood freezing and took a few forkfuls of my pasta, trying to cover up how upset I was. "… What if the pet initiates it? What if he wants it, as well? Would it still be wrong then?" I asked softly. "Animals get carried away by their instincts. They sometimes initiate things or play along only because it's their nature telling them to do so." My eyes welled up with tears and I tried to wipe them away without my grandpa noticing. I considered not telling him anymore, I just would not have had the heart to really leave if he did not accept the relationship I had to my kitty. But I felt a light weight on my thigh and looked down to find Lovi's arm and head resting on my lap and him looking up at me encouragingly. I took a deep breath and just told my grandpa. And he just stared at me and replied that he knew. I was shocked – if he had known all along why had he never talked to me about it? He told me that he had known for a long time and that it had been difficult to decide what to do. At first, he had wanted to give Lovi away because he had not liked Lovi's aggressive and dominant behavior towards me. But then, I had started to look so happy together with him that he had not been able to separate us. He said that it was not alright having a more than owner-pet relationship with a cat, but that he could see how happy it made us to be together. And then he joked that Lovi was much better-looking and more reliable than most of the other persons out there anyway and we laughed. He said that he would keep it a secret and that I was always going to be his beloved little grandson, no matter who I decided to love and be with.

My grandpa is the best grandpa in the whole wide world. I started studying arts and kept living in his house only for that reason alone. I just could not believe how blessed with luck I was. I had a family which supported me in everything I did. I had a pet, a best friend, a lover, who was always there for me, looking after me, protecting me and offering me all of his love despite being the little grumpy guy he was.

One sunny day, we were sitting on the short grass of grandpa's garden together. We had both grown so much; we had turned into young adults. It was not only a juvenile thing anymore; I knew this was a thing which was going to last for the rest of our lives. And this idea released butterflies in my tummy and made me grin stupidly. "Lovi, do you remember when grandpa brought you home and you bit my arm so hard that I had to have it stitched up?" I asked him while scrutinizing fondly the pearly white scar on my underarm. He got flustered and told me to shut up, that it had been my own fault for waking him up. I giggled and his expression softened, as well. He shifted slightly closer to me and leaned in, brushing my ear with his warm and soft lips. "The truth is I decided that you were going to belong to me already back then and therefore marked you mine for the rest of your life." he whispered. A pleasant shiver ran down my spine and suddenly the scar seemed to have a much bigger meaning than before, even if I knew that Lovi had just made that line up.

I realized that I had not written all the beautiful and important things which had happened between Lovi and me in my calendar since a long time ago. But it did not matter. Every day spent with him would be worth marking in my calendar, every hour, every minute, every second. And even though I did not mark the days in my calendar anymore – they were marked deep within my heart.

And I knew there were a lot more to come, even more beautiful and joyful than the already passed ones.

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