Fairy Fourth

Summary: The guild is busy planning their huge annual anniversary celebration. With barbeques, beer, fireworks, games, an unusual tradition plus a special occurrence that only the Master knows about, this Fairy Fourth will be the most exciting one yet! Let's just hope Lucy is prepared for this… This is my first fan fic! R&R please! Rated T for cursing. Also, Nalu & Gruvia but mostly Nalu. Possible appearances from some of the Edos too. Genres: Humor, Friendship, and Romance. I hope you enjoy! c(= P.s. this is for the fourth of July!

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Lucy: N-No way!

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Lucy: See what? W-what are you talking about?

AnimeFlower: THIS! NATSU~

Natsu: Hai, AF1-chan?

AnimeFlower: *whispers stuff in Natsu's ear* Got it?

Natsu: *scratches head* Um… L-Lucy.

AnimeFlower: NATSU! *glares*

Natsu: Fine, fine. *makes voice deeper* Lucy, you are the most beautiful-

Lucy: *Faints*

Natsu: LUCY! …?

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Chapter 8, the day of the Festival (!), part 4

Last time…

Lucy pulled up a chair beside Natsu and sat down, Happy close behind. She pulled out a book from Happy's bag and began to read. Happy sat on her shoulder, peeking at the book she was reading.

Okay… so I'm going to spend the day with Lucy. Awesome. After this job, I'm going to win her a bunch of prizes and just make her feel happy. Good plan Natsu. Good plan. He thought while toasting a few more pieces of meat. "Lucy…"

"Yes?" She replied, looking up from her book.

"Why don't you spend the day with me?"

"Eh?" Lucy gasped, knocking the Exceed from her shoulder in the process.

"We're best friends. Come on Luce. It'll be fun."

"S-Sure." Lucy agreed.

"AWESOME! This is gonna be the best day ever!" Natsu grinned.

"Why's that?" Lucy asked, afraid of the answer.


"Happy, what did I tell you about being a perv?"

"Sorry Natshu…"

What in the world is happening to that boy? Lucy thought bewildered.

"E-ERZA!" Juvia cried.

"What?" Erza growled. She did not want to be interrupted from her feast.

"I-It had a… the sign… i-it said… ERZA!" Juvia whimpered.

"Do you think I give a flipping cake about what that damn sign said?" Erza roared.

"B-But Erza-san…" Wendy sweatdropped, trying to pull the girl off the remains of a bed.

Moments ago, they had entered the cake shop. Not too long afterward, a delicious aroma wafted through the air, causing Erza to go berserk and begin eating the cake bed. Gajeel just shook his head and walked to the cake store, probably buying something for Levi, leaving his girlfriend and the others to deal with the problem. Gray tried pointing out the fact there was a sign that said 'Do not eat bed.', but Erza sent so many swords towards that poor sign, it was no longer recognizable, and couldn't even classify as a straight line. Gray hesitantly scolded her about the sign, but she sent flaming swords his way, and he was now hiding under the couch on the far side of the building. By that time, half the bed was gone, and Wendy was panicking. The managers of the cake exhibit were called (probably by Carla, who was no where to be seen) and the exhibit bouncers attempted to pull her off, but were all sent flying towards the other side of the building.

Levi tried to convince Gajeel to get her, seeing he was the only one who stood a chance, but he refused. When she started whining, he pulled out a blueberry cake with their names on it, and she immediately stopped caring about Erza. That just left Wendy and Juvia to deal with the problem, however, by the time Levi left all concern about Erza behind, the bed was almost completely eaten, except for a bunch of clumps. Juvia was now close to crying, and Wendy was trying to control herself. Which brings us to…

"YOUNG LADY!" A man's voice scolded.

"What?" Erza glared. She did not like this man's tone.

"How on earth, did you devour the whole bed with no one stopping you? Further more, what possessed you to eat this prized creation?" The man shouted.

"Do not question my actions." Erza glared, opening a portal to her storage. She threw whatever was left of the poor, poor bed in the portal and sealed it up.

"I am the event manager. I have the right to question your actions." The man growled.


"N-Now Erza…" Juvia stuttered.

"Do you want to be the next thing on my menu?" Erza growled, changing into her jungle woman costume, complete with a pointy sword shaped stick.

"N-No m-mam!" Juvia and Wendy stammered.

"Thought so." Erza sneered.

"ERZA SCARLET!" The man yelled.

"You're still here?" Erza asked, walking over to the cake samples.

Suddenly, a bright light shown from the man, and he began to shrink into none other than Master Makarov. He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at her.

"M-M-Master." Erza sputtered, getting into kneeling position.

"What do have to say for yourself, Erza?" Makarov scolded.

"I-I'm sorry… I d-don't know what came over me… I… am ashamed." Erza apologized. "You may punch me, and I will cover the damages. I will pay for two- no three, new cake beds. I deeply apologize for my actions."

"It's alright Erza." The Master assured her. "Just go apologize to Gray, Wendy, and Juvia for the stress you've caused them."

"I understand Wendy and Juvia but Gray? I don't-"

"Do it. Now."

"F-Fine." Erza sighed. "Gray? Could you come here?"

Everyone was shocked when the couch began to tremble and squeak. Erza apologized to Wendy and Juvia, and walked over to the trembling couch. When she got within three feet of the couch, it began to shake violently.

"Gray? I know you're under there." Erza said.

"I'm j-just an innocent c-couch. N-Not made of c-cake, s-so there's no reason to eat m-me." The 'couch' squeaked.

"Gray, I will stab the couch in so many places, you won't ever be able to crawl out!" Erza roared.

"I-I'm just a couch…"

Frustrated, Erza pulled out her sword and held it above her head, ready to strike. She swung it down, and right before it hit the couch, a loud 'ahem!' sounded through the room. Erza dropped her sword, looking quite embarrassed. She bent down gently and peered under the couch.

"Gray… I'm sorry for sending over twenty flaming swords your way." Erza apologized. "It's just that cake bed… was so delicious! It was strawberry flavored, and soft, and fluffy, and nice, and oh, sorry. I just lost control and you may punch me for my lack of control."

Gray popped his head out from under the couch. "It's okay…"

"Good. If you hadn't accepted my apology…" Erza glared. Gray shuddered, not wanting to think about what misfortune would befall him had he rejected her apology.

"Further more," Erza added, looking him in the eye. "How in Earthland did you manage to squeeze under that couch?" She eyed the small gap that separated the couch from the floor; there was no way he should've fit under there.

"Uh… fear does something to you?"

"Sure..." She attempted to pull the boy out from under the couch, but failed miserably. "…"

"I'm stuck, aren't I?" Gray asked. Erza nodded, and he sighed. "Oi, Juvia, Levi, Wendy! I could use some help!"

"You shouldn't have hid under there in the first place, dumbass!" Gajeel yelled.

"No one flipping asked you!" Gray retaliated.

Erza looked around for the Master, but he had apparently gone about his business. She sighed and shook her head at Gray, probably thinking about what an idiot he was. The other girls soon accompanied her on her mission to pull Gray from under the couch, while Gajeel just watched with a smirk on his face.


"Alright! Hold on a few more minutes Luce!" Natsu shouted to the blonde, who was reading in a chair.

"Sure, sure." She replied, flipping the page.

Happy was watching Natsu in amusement as he worked at lightning speed. He was cooking so fast, he was sweating buckets. Lucy had tried to convince him to slow down, considering lunch rush was over, but he just ignored her, continuing to work at an incredible pace. It had almost been thirty minutes since the others had left, and he had worked about twenty minutes before they came, leaving him with a little over ten minutes left. He figured if he pushed out enough food, the Master would let him off early, but he was having no such luck.

Looking up from her book, the blonde sighed. He was generating too much heat for her comfort, making it nearly impossible to read her book.

"Natsu." She stated. No reply. "Natsu." She tried again, but to no luck. "NATSU." She said firmly.

"Eh? Oh hiya Luce!" he grinned. "Just be patient, we'll be out of here soon."

"That's not the problem…" She sighed.

"Then what is it?"

"Slow down."

"Why~?" He whined.

"Because~," she mimicked. "It's too hot in here! I doubt the Master will let you off early even if you pushed enough food to feed a thousand. Besides, like you said, we only have a few minutes left. I don't mind waiting."

"But I do~." Happy interrupted. Lucy shot him a glare and he flew to Natsu's side.

"Alright, Luce." Natsu sighed, slowing down to normal speed.

"Thank you." Lucy smiled. Before she could open her book, the very man they were talking about stepped in. Lucy looked up in curiosity as the man walked over to Natsu, with a huge grin on his face.

"Natsu." Master Makarov greeted him.

"Oh hey, ji-chan. Am I off the clock?" He asked, a hopeful glint in his eye.

"No, no." The Master replied, taking amusement in Natsu's dejected look. "Seems like your barbeque is the talk of the Festival. I would like to try some, if I may."

"O-Of course!" Natsu agreed. "It's not like I could stop you from getting any…"

"Oh yeah…" Makarov chuckled. "Well anyways, I'll be getting some." He walked over to the aluminum warming pans and chose several items such as ribs, corn, burgers and sat down at the nearest table and bit into his food.

Natsu and Lucy looked on in anticipation of his review. Lucy was literally on the edge of her seat, and Natsu was so nervous he was causing her, Happy, and himself to sweat golf balls. Happy looked curious, yet unconcerned at the same time. A weird beeping noise went off, but everyone was too concerned with the Master to care. After Makarov had taken a bit out of each item on his plate, he looked to them with an emotionless expression, and the room got another five degrees warmer.

"Natsu," Master began, clearing his throat. The boy looked on nervously, afraid of what he would say next. "This is the best damn barbeque I've ever tasted!" Natsu beamed with pride. "Seriously. Way better than Mira's..." he looked around hesitantly. "P-Please don't tell her I said that." The three nodded their heads in sync. "I believe your timer has been going off..." He commented, taking another bite of his burger.

Finally, they took notice to the annoying beeping sound. Natsu found the source of the sound under the table, and clicked it off. He looked to Lucy with a huge grin on his face. "Shall we go?" He asked, extending his hand.

Lucy gave him a look and took his hand. "Sure…" she blushed.

"Let's go then!" Natsu cried happily.

"HE LIKES~ YOU!" Happy grinned.

"Happy…" Natsu scolded.


What, the, fuck. Lucy thought, eyeing the boy suspiciously. First, he's being gentlemanly, then he starts using big words and scolding Happy, and now he's doing it again! There's got to be something wrong. "N-Natsu…"

"Yes Luce?" He replied, looking to her.

"Are you… okay?" She asked, concern was laced in her brown eyes.

"Y-Yeah. Why?"

"You've been acting strangely…"



"Oh. Sorry!" He grinned.

"Why are you, you know, doing that?" Lucy inquired.

"I thought that you'd want me to be more civilized is all." Natsu replied, placing his hands behind his head.

"Oh." Lucy sighed. This hadn't been the answer she'd hoped for. But it did make her feel like smiling. After all, he went through all that trouble just for her. However, she had failed to notice he had started calling her Luce much more often.

"SO~, whatdoyawannado?" He asked on one breath.

"Um… didn't Gray have an ice exhibit?" Lucy asked.

DAMN BASTARD! Natsu thought, suppressing a growl. "Y-Yeah, you wanna see it or something?" He attempted to hide the anger and hurt in his voice, but was probably failing, due to the look Happy gave him. Lucy didn't seem to notice, because her smile was as big as ever.

"Yep!" She grinned.

"O-Okay… let's go then." He nearly growled, walking a bit faster.

Lucy observed him from afar with a questioning look on her face. What's his deal? She thought. She ignored her thoughts and sped up, Happy hovering directly above her.


The group was walking through the Festival, due to Erza being kicked out of the cake exhibit. It didn't really matter because the exhibit was close to closing anyway. As soon as they'd rescued Gray from under the couch, the exhibit bouncers had warily escorted her out. She did manage to grab a bunch of samples before she left, and whatever she didn't manage to get, Juvia and Levi brought her.

"Yo frozass?" Gajeel called, looking to the ice mage.

"What do you want?" Gray growled, clearly annoyed with Gajeel's nickname for him.

"Don't you have an ice sculpture building or whatever?"

"N-No…" Gray lied.

"I can tell you're lying." Gajeel and Wendy said at the same time. Wendy blushed and hid behind Levi, who ruffled the girl's hair.

"Shut up Gajeel!" Gray growled.

"You tryin to start somethin?" Gajeel bit back.

"You're the one who called me frozass, metal ass!" Gray hissed.

"BOYS!" Erza roared. She smirked when Gray retreated behind Juvia. Gajeel had just rolled his eyes and continued walking. "We are going to see your sculptures, Gray." Erza demanded.

"Y-Yes mam!" Gray saluted, continuing to hide behind Juvia.

"Good." Erza growled.

A few minutes later…

"WOAH!" Happy and Lucy gasped.

Gray's ice exhibit was located in an upstairs room of the guild. The whole room was covered in ice, yet the floor wasn't slippery. It was quite chilly in the room, but they had grabbed a bunch of coats to keep themselves warm by the door. Well, Lucy and Happy were wearing coats. Natsu on the other hand had to keep his body heat down so he wouldn't melt the place. There were ice sculptures neatly placed around the room, and the sight was breath taking. It seemed to sparkle and glitter, which made it even more amazing. The room was huge, and there had to be at least one hundred to one hundred twenty ice sculptures in the exhibit.

"Tch. Exhibitionist." Natsu growled, his eyes landing on a certain statue.

In the middle of the room was a huge statue that depicted Gray, Erza, Juvia, Lucy, Natsu, Happy, Wendy and Carla. Gray was in the middle, with a crown on his head, a king cape, and boxers. Guess he forgot to mold the shirt. To his left was Juvia, dressed as a princess, and to the right, Erza in her knight's armor. Lucy was also dressed as a princess, standing behind Gray. Natsu was dressed as a jester, and was juggling flames next to Erza. Wendy, Carla and Happy were dressed as servants, looking towards the king and the two princesses. The poor statue should be glad Natsu didn't have heat vision. Otherwise, it, particularly the part with Lucy and himself, would've been melted away.

"AWW~ that is such a cute sculpture!" Lucy cooed.

"I look handsome!" Happy grinned.

"He even sculpted himself with no flipping shirt on." Natsu growled.

"Oh, lighten up, Natsu." Lucy giggled, punching him lightly in the arm.

"Humph." Natsu huffed.

"Let's go explore!" The Celestial mage grinned, tugging his arm.


The three traveled through the exhibit, two of which where admiring the statues. Each guild noticeable guild member had their own statue. Iced Cana was surrounded by barrels and barrels of ice booze, and was downing a rather large one. Iced Jet and Droy were fawning over Iced Levi, and the real Jet and Droy were fawning over an ice sculpture that depicted Levi alone. Another sculpture had Gajeel sitting at a table with a gigantic nail in his mouth. A rather amusing sculpture depicted Gajeel standing on top of Jet and Droy like a king, holding Levi bridal style. There was also one that depicted the couple alone, even though no one knew about it at the time.

Natsu had managed to wander away from Lucy, and into a different part of the exhibit. His jealousy kicked up a notch at what he saw. Statues of Gray were everywhere. And the only other statues in that particular part of the room were of Lucy and Juvia. Natsu didn't care about Juvia, but he was pissed about Lucy. The fact that there were only two statues of Lucy in that part didn't change anything. He didn't want that iced freak near her, whether it was in person or in a sculpture. Suddenly, a shout broke into his thoughts.

"NATSU~!" Lucy cried frantically.

Natsu ran as fast as he could to where she was standing. "Y-Yes?"

"L-Look!" She stammered, pointing at the sculpture in front of her.

It depicted Natsu and Lucy holding hands, smiling at each other, and next to them was a cat, who was playing with a baby that had fire coming from its hands.

"W-Wha?" Natsu exclaimed. Did Gray, seriously, not only make them holding hands, but with a baby too? Was he seeing things?

"N-NATSU!" Lucy squealed. Now she saw what the Master meant by don't get mad at Gray. But had Gray really made the statues under the Master's command? Or was Makarov just trying to cover for Gray's foolishness?

"Uh…" Natsu muttered, trying to find the right words for this. "Um… I got nothing."


"Damn ice freak." He mumbled. But on the inside, he wished that picture was real.

"LUCY-SAN!" A voice called. "What's this?"

"L-Lucy?" Two more voices asked.


Natsu turned around and punched the person behind him in the face.

"THE HELL FIRE ASS?" The voice roared.

"WHY THE HELL'D YOU DO THAT?" Natsu glared.

"Natsu." Erza glowered.

"S-Sorry…" Natsu apologized, hiding behind Lucy.

"Gray? What is the meaning of this sculpture?" Erza demanded.

"M-Master Makarov made me d-do it! I k-knew they'd g-get mad, but he made m-me do it!" Gray stuttered, hiding behind Juvia.

"Tch. Flame Brain and Bunny Girl actually go together." Gajeel muttered.

"SHUT UP! WE'RE FRIENDS!" Natsu and Lucy exclaimed at the same time.




"Look, man," Gray began, putting a hand on Natsu's shoulder. "I'm sorry okay. I didn't want to offend you guys."

"It's okay Gray." Lucy smiled, removing his hand from Natsu's shoulder. "It's a nice sculpture."

"Thanks…" Gray blushed.

Gajeel and Wendy suddenly looked up in a jerky motion.

"Is something the matter?" Erza asked.

"Uh…" Gajeel said, scratching his head.

"HEY! I see a hilarious sculpture! Come on guys, let's go see. Lucy, Natsu, Happy, we'll be back." Wendy grinned, grabbing Gray's hand.

"Why can't we go?" Lucy and Happy whined. But Wendy was already dragging Gray off, followed by Juvia and the rest.

"That was… weird." Lucy commented.

"Sure…" Natsu growled.

"Eh? What's wrong?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah Natshu! You've been acting really weird! Weirder than Lucy!"


"N-Nothing. The cold is getting to me." Natsu replied.

That's probably a lie. Lucy thought, suppressing a growl. "Okay? Well let's wait for the others, and then we can leave."



"What was that all about, Wendy?" Gray asked, rubbing his wrist. She had been grabbing him so hard that there was a red spot where her hand had been.

"I think you should stay away from Natsu-san." Wendy said, looking up at him.

"W-Why? Don't tell me you're jealous I'm hanging out with him."

"NO!" Wendy exclaimed, waving her hands in front of her face while blushing slightly. "J-Just do it! And you should probably stay away from Lucy as well."

"… Okay…"

"Just do it if you don't want to be punched in the face so hard you'll be feeling it for weeks, and you'll also lose a bunch of teeth."

"He wouldn't punch me that hard. And for what?"


"Fine." Gray growled. "I don't know what's going on, but if it's that serious, Flame Brain needs to chill. No pun intended." He waved and walked over to the statue Juvia was standing in front of.

"Now you tell me. What's going on?" Erza asked, crossing her arms.

"N-Nothing…" Wendy stammered.

"Wendy…" Erza warned.

"It's nothing, Erza." Gajeel growled.

"Don't play me," Erza growled. "First at the barbeque, you send Gray off, and now you send him off again, with little explanation! Tell me what's going on!"

"W-We are simply trying to save Gray-san." Wendy gulped.


"Idiot's gettin' jealous of Gray. When a dragon is jealous, it's not pretty." Gajeel explained.

"I see… but Natsu wouldn't go that far. Plus, he's too, you know, to like Lucy."

"Nah." Gajeel said, waving his hand. "He likes her. I can sense it. The point is, if he gets too jealous, it won't matter what you think he'll do, because Natsu won't be in control."

"I understand." Erza nodded.

"So that means Natsu likes Lucy!" Levi squealed. "We've got to get them together!"

"Levi…" Gajeel sighed, shaking his head. "You've got to let nature take its course. Any interference from us could mess things up."

"OH~." Levi grinned. "Fine, fine."

"Who knew you could be so… smart." Carla commented.

"HEY!" Gajeel growled.


"Let's go find the group, Luce." He said, walking over to her. "I'm getting bored in here with all of iced ass' lame sculptures."

The blonde shook her head and began to walk in the direction their friends went.

Moments later, they found the group huddled around a statue looking awestruck. Erza on the other hand, was glaring at Gray, who looked like he wanted to die. Natsu, Lucy and Happy walked around to the front of the statue, and immediately began laughing. The ice sculpture depicted Erza standing on a mountain of cake in a girly costume with a cherry on her head. She was standing with one knee bent and a flag in her left hand. The flag had E.S. on it, and a huge strawberry cake behind it. In her right hand was a frightened winged cupcake with a huge bite taken out of it. The poor cupcake had anime tears streaming from its face.

"GRAY!" Erza growled.

"I d-didn't… M-Master t-told me s-sorry d-don't h-hurt p-please M-Master m-made-"


"EEP! J-Juvia-c-chan!" Gray yelped, running behind the water mage.

"Normally, J-Juvia would be h-happy to protect Gray, b-but not now." Juvia whimpered running behind Lucy, who was still giggling.

Erza realized Lucy and Natsu were laughing at her, and shot them a glare that could sever a mountain, instantly shutting them up. Lucy ran and hid behind Natsu, who hid behind Happy, who hid behind Carla, who rolled her eyes and flew off. Happy then hid behind Wendy, who hid behind Levi, who hid behind Gajeel. Gajeel crossed his arms in an annoyed manor and sneered at Erza. Erza charged over to said boy, but stopped abruptly and smiled in a manor which scared even Gajeel.

"W-What is it, E-Erza-sama?" Gray gulped, sinking even further behind Juvia.

"You…" Erza grinned, stepping closer to the line of people. "Called Juvia… Juvia-chan."

"N-No I didn't!" Gray blushed.

"Oh really?" Erza asked. "'EEP! J-Juvia-c-chan!'" She mimicked, quaking in her boots as Gray had done.

"I d-didn't shake!"

"Did too, droopy eyes!" Natsu laughed.

"Who asked you, squinty eyes?" Gray retorted.

"Look you a-"

"BOYS!" Erza growled. The boys instantly formed Operation Fool Erza, linking arms around each other and began 'dancing'. Carla resurfaced, although no one seemed to notice.

"Friends!" Gray smiled.

"Aye!" Natsu said.

"Idiots…" Gajeel mumbled.

"You know what?" Erza growled, rubbing her temples. "Let's go because if I see any more art work of myself, I may just kill you."

"A-Aye!" Gray yelped. Luckily, we're not in that part of the exhibit. He shuddered, walking towards the exit.

They arrived at the door, removed the coats they borrowed, and walked out. As they walked down the stairs, they stared in curiosity as Evergreen dragged Elfman up the stairs, saying something about beautiful art. Elfman argued the fact it was not manly to be seen in such a place, nor was it manly to be dragged around by a girl. Evergreen said some choice words as they walked into the exhibit out of the group's earshot. Well, Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel heard what she'd said next, but they refused to tell anyone. Once they reached the deserted lobby, Erza tackled Gray and Juvia, much to their shock.

"E-ERZA!" Juvia and Gray cried. The rest of the group sweatdropped, probably pitying the two mages. Except Gajeel and Carla, who looked like they could care less.

"I will not move until you two admit it." Erza growled.

"A-Admit w-what?" Juvia squeaked.

"That you like each other!" Erza replied.

"F-Fine…" Gray mumbled, blushing. "I l-like Juvia."

"E-Everyone one k-knows I l-like Gray." Juvia murmured, blushing furiously.

"Excellent! Now Gray, ask her out."

"W-What?" Gray asked.

"DO IT." Erza growled.

"B-But we were dis-"

"Are you defying me, Gray?"

"N-NO!" He denied, shaking his head rapidly. "It's just we were discussing things a few days ago and…"

"And?" Erza pressed.

"We started d-dating about an hour ago when you left us alone..."

"WHAT?" Everyone yelled.

"DAMN IT!" Lucy yelled.

Wendy looked at Natsu in alarm and her eyes widened when Gajeel punched him in the gut, knocking him out instantly.

"The hell?" Gray said, looking confused.

"What'd you do that for?" Lucy asked, looking at Natsu and Gajeel in horror.

"Lucy, do you like Gray-san?" Wendy asked. Juvia instantly shot Lucy a death glare.

"N-NO!" She cried, blushing. "Y-You guys already m-made me tell you the truth! N-Now why are you asking again?"

"Then why'd you say 'Daymn it~!'" Gajeel asked, making his voice girly when he copied her.

"I DIDN'T SAY IT LIKE THAT!" Lucy roared. "I said that because usual I'm so perceptive of relationships… but first you and Levi, and now Gray and Juvia!" Anime tears were forming in the girl's eyes. "I'm losing my touch~!" She sobbed, hanging her head in defeat.

"Oh…" Wendy giggled. "Let me heal Natsu-san. Gajeel-san, try not to be so rash."

"Sure." Gajeel snorted. "I'm gonna be at the drinking contest. I've got money on Cana." He turned to walk up a different staircase that had a sign that read, 'DRINKING CONTEST, DANCING CONTEST, OTHER CONTESTS, THIS WAY.', with an arrow pointing up the stairs.

"Okay Gajee-kun." Levi replied, watching his retreating form.

What just happened? Lucy thought, watching Wendy heal Natsu. She was startled when the boy sprung to his feet, looking as good as new.

"LUCY!" Natsu grinned. "I'VE GOT MONEY ON CANA AT THE DRINKING CONTEST! LET'S GO!" He grabbed her by the hand and ran up the stairs, ignoring Lucy's protests and the fact she was waving like a flag.

"We might as well go too." Erza commented, walking towards the stairs.


Damn it. Gajeel thought while trying to find a seat. I'm becoming a frickin softy. I'm saving Gray from Natsu's wrath; I'm being nice to Levi's friends. Hell, I'm even hanging out with her friends! Stupid assed… why do I even give a shit about Natsu? Or Gray? And now I'm thinking about those stupid idiots. He resisted the urge to kick a seat that some man was sitting in. His eyes landed on a row of empty seats. Alright, found seats for ten. WAIT? Did I really just think about saving their seats? Again? The confused Dragon Slayer sat down and looked on at the blinking board above a table, telling him the contest would start in 1 minute and 55 seconds. His eyes darted towards the door he'd come through, and sure enough, the pink-haired Dragon Slayer was running towards him, dragging Lucy like a flag.

"Nice score Gajeel!" Natsu shouted, running towards the pierced man.


Natsu sat Lucy a few seats away from Gajeel, and then walked over to him. He sat next to Gajeel and whispered, "Thanks, but if you ever flipping punch me that hard again, you'll lose a tooth."

Gajeel smirked and replied, "Whatever. I'd like to see you try."

"Is that a challenge?"

"You bet, fire breath."

"Metal detector."




"The hell?" Natsu commented in confusion, standing up from his seat.

"I need to stop hanging with you idiots! Get away from me!" Gajeel roared. On the inside, he was sobbing. So stupid! Why me~? He thought miserably.

"Sure, sure." Natsu replied with a hint of amusement in his voice. "Later, metal weirdo." And with that, he walked over to Lucy.

"What was that about?" Lucy asked.

"Nothin'." Natsu replied. "Oh look, there's Gray." The rest of their group walked in after he'd said that. He glared at Gray, who didn't seem to notice him. Gajeel had knocked Natsu out cold, so he hadn't heard Lucy say she didn't like him.

"Did he do something to you?" Lucy asked.

"No. Why do you ask?" the boy replied.

"It just seems like you're mad at him."


"Lu-chan!" Levi grinned.

"Levi-chan!" Lucy giggled.

"Come sit by me and Gajee!"

"Kay!" She replied. Oh wait… Natsu… "Natsu you wanna come sit by me?"

"Sure." Natsu replied, standing up. He followed Lucy over to the end of the row where Gajeel had chosen to sit. Lucy immediately sat down by Levi and they began to whisper. Natsu sat next to Lucy, and Happy sat next to him. Wendy made Carla sit next to Happy and Erza sat next to Wendy. Juvia sat beside Erza and Gray took the seat next to her, which had been Natsu's seat, and as soon as he sat down, he shot right back up, steam wafting from the seat. (A/N Eww?)

"DAMN IT NATSU!" Gray shouted, instantly forgetting what Wendy told him to do. "YOUR HOT ASS MADE THE SEAT SO WARM IT BURNED MY ASS!"






Gray began cooling the seat, muttering something incoherent. Suddenly, the timer board began flashing and Master Makarov appeared onscreen. He explained the contest rules and announced the bets, a staggering 20,000 jewels on Cana, while Macao and Wakaba had 5,000 jewels each. Some random guild members were also participating, and they had low betting amounts. Basically, the first person to down fifteen beer barrels wins. The Master shouted begin and began to watch the drinking contest from the screen. People began yelling and hollering like no tomorrow.

The contest was over almost as soon as it began. Within two minutes, Cana had downed fifteen beer barrels, amazing all the spectators. After she'd been declared the winner, she'd continued to down barrel after barrel of beer. Mirajane decided to take the barrels from her after her fortieth one, causing sweatdrops to form on each member of the audience. After Mirajane rescued the barrels, they awarded Cana a huge medal shaped like a beer keg, a trophy shaped like a wine bottle and two hundred jewels, which she'd probably spend on alcohol. Everyone began to gather their stuff to leave, but were stopped by Master Makarov.

"HEY!" Makarov shouted. "Don't forget, the cooking showdown of cooking showdowns, Mirajane vs. Lucy, occurs at 4:15, which is about an hour and thirty minutes away. See you then!" And with that, the gigantic screen turned off.

"Nat~su." Lucy glared.

"H-Hai." Natsu squeaked.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" She roared, chasing after the fleeing boy.

The rest of the group stared at the place the two had been sitting until Erza broke the silence.

"They are meant for each other." She said with an unusual amount of firmness.


They walked outside the building in time to see Lucy tackle Natsu and hear his shrill scream. Erza had to pull Lucy off of the poor boy, who was twitching on the ground with a bunch of cuts and bruises.

"Asshole." Lucy growled, facing away from Natsu. Erza had her arm around the blonde's shoulder to keep her from attacking Natsu again.

"I'm-m s-sorry… Luc-." He grunted before passing out.

"Ha. Weakling." Gray and Gajeel scoffed.

"Lucy-san!" Wendy scolded. She walked over to the boy and began to heal him. Moments later, he shot to his feet and hid behind Wendy.

"Lucy… s-scary L-Lucy." He whimpered.

"It'll be okay, Natsu-san." Wendy grinned apologetically.

Lucy shook her head and walked over to where Levi was standing. "What should we do now, Levi-chan?"

"I don't know…" Levi put her finger to her chin in thought. "OH! Hey! You guys should use your presents now!"

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Lucy asked warily.

"YEP!" Levi squealed. "Ne, ne, Gajee-kun! I wanna see yours!" She pulled on his arm.

"But you already know what I got…" Gajeel replied.


"Fine." He growled, pulling the rings from his pocket.

"KAWAII~!" Levi, Juvia and Lucy exclaimed.

"Here. You can have 'em." Gajeel growled.

"But there's only two…" Lucy mumbled.

"Well, Levi gets one, and one of y'all gets the other." Gajeel shrugged.

"It was obvious Levi-chan got one, but what about us two?" Juvia asked.

"Yeah." Lucy agreed.

"If you two can't decide, then it's mine." Gajeel smirked, dropping the metal ring in his mouth.

"D-Don't you remember wh-" Lucy began but was interrupted by a yelp.

Gajeel's hair was standing on edge and he appeared to be twitching in an unnatural manor. The ring had fallen out of his mouth and was now emitting tiny blue shocks on the ground.

"G-Gajeel?" Lucy asked.

"N-No, b-bef-for y-you b-begin I d-did not y-yelp."

"Then what's wrong wi-"

"T-There's n-nothing w-wrong w-with m-my damned h-hair, B-Bunny G-Girl."

"But you're still twitching man." Gray commented.






"I'll go next!" Wendy grinned, pulling out her presents. Gajeel glared at her, probably upset she didn't offer to heal him. She slipped the pendant over her neck and eyed the whistle suspiciously. "You guys want me to blow the whistle?" She asked.

"Sure." Everyone except Natsu and Gajeel said. The two Dragon Slayers took several giant steps back and covered their ears.

"Here goes!" Wendy shouted, putting the ear plugs in. She popped the whistle in her mouth and gave it an incredibly hard blow.

"EYAAAAAH!" Natsu shrieked, placing his hands over his ears.

"AGH! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?" Gajeel shouted, covering his ears as well.

With a simultaneous eh, everyone gave them an incredulous look. They'd heard nothing, but apparently the Dragon Slayers had heard it. Loudly. And they'd been several feet from Wendy.

Seeing the look of pain on their faces, Wendy stopped blowing the whistle. As soon as she'd stopped blowing it, the two Dragon Slayers snapped to attention.

"W-What's going on?" Wendy asked.

"You called, Master?" Natsu asked in a proper voice, taking a bow.


"Now, now, friends. Please do not make such improper noises." Gajeel chuckled properly.

Eight jaws dropped simultaneously.

"N-Natsu?" Lucy asked.

"Yes, fair maiden?" Natsu replied, kissing her hand. "I did forget to mention you look lovely today."

Everyone's eyes bulged out of their heads. Lucy looked like a fish out of water.

"N-Natsu?" She repeated.

"Yes, fair maiden?"


"NATSU'S SCARY!" Juvia shouted.

"GAJEEL! NO~!" Levi yelled.

"AAHAHAHA! Losers." Gray laughed.

"That is not a nice word." Gajeel scolded.

"You are very improper. Please do not streak in public." Natsu added.

"W-When did I-?"

"Natshu!" Happy interrupted. "I command you to fry me some fish! NOW!"

"Yes sir!" Natsu saluted, running to the guild.

"Gajeel!" Happy continued, crossing his arms.

"Yes sire?" Gajeel asked.

"I command you to call me master!" Happy grinned.

"Yes master, although I must check with Master Wendy before I can agree to that. Master Wendy?"

"Uh… it's fine?"

"Then it's settled, Master Happy." Gajeel bowed.

This caused Happy to giggle uncontrollably.


"I d-don't know how!" Wendy wailed, searching the box for instructions.

At that moment, Natsu returned with fish on a plate. "There you are, Happy Sir."

"Thank you, peasant." Happy laughed evilly.

"HAPPY'S GONE MAD!" Lucy shouted, placing her hands over her head. "DAMN IT! WENDY, HOW DO WE CHANGE THEM BACK?"

"I SAID I DON'T KNOW!" Wendy yelled back.

"Are we no longer needed?" Natsu asked properly.

"Y-Yes, w-we want the old N-Natsu-san and G-Gajeel-san back!" Wendy stammered.

"Well, it can be difficult, or really easy." Gajeel replied. "You can A. blow the whistle you called us with until our personalities are back, or B. blow a different whistle."

"And we will have the memories of what has happened to us when we are restored." Natsu added.

"Well crap." Levi growled, kicking a rock. "There's not another whistle."

"Ugh. Could you blow the whistle again, Wendy?" Lucy asked, rubbing her temples.

"Of course, Lucy-san." Wendy replied, grabbing the whistle.


"Happy…" Wendy sweatdropped.

"Be quiet, he-cat." Carla growled.


Wendy blew the whistle forcefully, causing the servants to clutch their ears in pain, although they did not complain like the first time. Wendy stopped blowing the whistle and looked at them hopefully. "Natsu-san? Gajeel-san?"

"What, brat?" Gajeel grumbled. Wendy stepped back in shock, looking quite hurt.

"Damn, we've found some fine ladies haven't we Gajeel?" Natsu smirked, surveying the girls.

"Damn straight."

"IT'S NOT THEM!" Lucy whined. Although she noted they were pretty close to the real thing.

"I think we're much better than those idiots you were hanging out with before." Natsu grinned, and looked to Gray. "And much better than that snooty looking asshole."

"Bastard!" Gray yelled.

"Calm down Gray, it's not really him." Juvia tried to console him.

"It basically is them, but much more rude!" Gray retaliated.

"Put on a damned shirt. No one wants to see your sorry excuse for abs." Natsu sneered.


"Actually, I can." Natsu smirked, removing his waistcoat.

"K-KYAA!" Lucy squealed, covering Wendy's eyes. "D-Don't do that w-with children around!" she scolded, looking away.

"So you wouldn't mind if the girl wasn't around?" Natsu smirked, flexing an arm muscle.

Lucy made a gasping noise and promptly fell over, and so did Juvia, although she tried her very best not to. Levi, Erza, and Wendy (who could now see due to Lucy falling over) stood there, mouth agape. Erza desperately tried to hide her stare, but failed in every way. Happy just smirked at the Celestial mage on the ground. Gray just scowled and looked away. They had pretty much proportional muscles, but Natsu never flaunted it around.

"Damn, these guns kill." Natsu chuckled, putting his arm down.

"Now Levi," Gajeel smirked. "Don't look at that ass, I'm your boyfriend, remember?" He put a finger to the poor girl's chin.

Levi attempted to say something, but failed miserably. After what seemed like an eternity, Wendy came to her senses and blew the whistle, causing the boys to call out several unpleasant words in a row. When she stopped blowing the whistle, the boys hunched over.

"W-What's wrong now?" Wendy asked.

"Eh?" Natsu asked. "Whatchu say, girlie? I seemed to have lost my hearing aid." He smacked his lips together.

"Shut up, old fart. I can't hear what their saying." Gajeel grumbled.

"I couldn't hear you, old ass! All I heard… was old fart, and you better believe when I find my cane…"

"HAHAHA! They're old men!" Happy laughed, but was completely ignored by the two Dragon Slayers.

"You can't do anything… to me! I'm faster… than you!" Gajeel argued.

Lucy and Juvia sat up on the grass, dazed.

"Oh look. Hi Lola. I didn't know you were visiting today." Natsu greeted.

"Eh?" Lucy and Juvia asked at the same time.


"Now Wendy, all we can do is keep trying." Erza encouraged.

"B-But…" Wendy whined.

"HEY! I JUST REMEMBERED!" Lucy shouted, startling everyone. "I HAVE A WHISTLE TOO!"



Lucy rolled her eyes and took out her whistle. She blew on it as loud as she could, and the two Dragon Slayers winced in pain.

"MY HEARING AID IS MALFUCTIONING!" Natsu shouted, holding his ears.

"THIS DAMN PIECE OF SHIT!" Gajeel roared, holding his ears.

When Lucy stopped blowing the whistle, the boys stood straight up.

"Are you normal now?" Lucy asked.

"HELL YEAH!" Natsu shouted, fist pumping the air.

"HAPPY!" Gajeel roared. "YOU DAMNED CAT! I'LL KILL YOU!"

"AHHHH! NATSU SAVE ME!" The cat cried, hiding behind Natsu.

"No can do, Mr. I-think-I-can-take-advantage-of-Natsu-and-make-him-fry-fish-against-his-will."

"WAHH~ LUSHY HELP ME!" Happy cried, flying into the girl's bust.

"There, there, Happy." Lucy said, stroking his fur. "Come on Gajeel. It's just a misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding?" Gajeel roared. "I'll show that cat a misunderstanding!"

"Gajeel-kun…" Levi warned.

"Fine." Gajeel grumbled, backing away from Lucy and Happy. "Ya got lucky, cat."

"Natsu. Put a shirt on." Lucy mumbled, looking away from the boy.

"W-WHAT?" Natsu yelled, looking down at himself. "I'm turning into Gray! A pervert!" He grabbed his discarded waistcoat and put on frantically while blushing.

"SHUT IT, NATSU." Gray growled.

"Put on a shirt, frost bite." Natsu smirked.

"Shut it, heat ray." Gray bit back.

"Annoying little a-"

"BOYS!" Lucy and Erza shouted.


Lucy stared intently at Natsu. He remembered the servant incident, but he didn't seem to recall flashing her and the rest of the girls. OR saying something mildly flirty. She blushed slightly. He was really getting to her.

Natsu did remember what happened, but decided against saying something. He was actually quite embarrassed and hoped he wasn't blushing. However, he was secretly happy he dissed Gray like that, and the fact he made Lucy (and Juvia) pass out didn't hurt either.

After a few moments of an awkward silence, Erza spoke.

"Lucy, why don't you bring out Luke?" Erza asked.

"Good idea!" She grinned, reaching into her pocket.

"I'll get Nala." Natsu chimed in, digging into his pocket.

The two miniature people uncurled themselves and waved.

"NALA!" Luke shouted.

"LUKEY! I mean, LUKE!" Nala smiled.

Natsu and Lucy set them on the grass and the two ran to each other. Luke whispered something in the girl's ear and she nodded. Since Luke was so small, even Natsu couldn't hear what he'd whispered.

"I haven't seen you in forever, friend!" Nala exclaimed, casting a feminine version of Natsu's grin.

Luke facepalmed and shook his head. "Same here, Nala."

The two continued to talk animatedly and everyone got bored watching them.

"WAH~." Juvia wailed, a sad aura surrounding her. "Juvia doesn't have a present!"

"It's okay Juvia… the presents we have are weird anyway." Lucy soothed her.


"I don't want this stupid glass jar." Carla interrupted. "You can have it."

"What… is it?" Juvia asked, looking at the strange jar.

"I have no idea. And I don't want it." Carla huffed.

"O-Okay… thank you?" Juvia said, taking the jar from the Exceed.

"Sure, sure." The white cat replied.

Juvia stuffed the jar in her pocket and planned to throw it away later. She looked at her watch and was alarmed at the time. "THE CONTEST STARTS IN FIFTEEN MINUTES!"

"NANI?" Everyone but Lucy exclaimed.

"CRAP! LUCE! I GOTTA GET YOU THERE TO PREPARE!" Natsu yelled, putting a protesting Nala in his pocket.

The blonde sighed and scooped up Luke. "Natsu, I swear if Mirajane kills me, I will haunt you for the rest of your miserable life." Lucy threatened.

"Y-Yes mam!" Natsu nodded. "L-LET'S GO! SEE YOU GUYS IN THE AUDIENCE!" And with that, he took off, Lucy waving like a flag in the wind.

"Who the hell said I was coming?" Gajeel growled, crossing his arms in defiance.

"Gajeel…" Levi warned.


Ten minutes later, Lucy was standing behind a cooking table in a huge room. Natsu was sitting in a seat behind her with Nala and Luke on his shoulders. Mirajane was standing behind her cooking island, preparing her station with an angry aura. Behind her sat Elfman and an empty chair, probably for Lisanna.

"You're going down." Mirajane hissed.

Lucy sweatdropped and continued prepping her station. Her group had just walked in and was sitting in the front row, followed by Lisanna. As Lisanna got closer to the cooking tables, you could clearly see scratches across her face, and Lucy shot her a worried glance. Lisanna smiled as if to say it was okay, but there was something else in that smile Lucy couldn't put her finger on. Natsu on the other hand was looking from Lucy to Lisanna in confusion, but there was also a hint of shock in his expression. Lucy was going to ask him what was wrong, but the lights dimmed, signaling the contest was about to begin.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" Master Makarov announced. "You are about to witness a beating -Lucy scowled at this-, aheh, I mean, a cooking contest between Lucy and Mirajane. They will cook three dishes that will be announced. World renowned chef, Brandon Mersey, Erza Scarlet and I will be the judges of this contest. Don't worry, there are no biases. The girls' dishes will not be seen by the judges when they are finished, and if by any chance the dishes were seen, they will be shuffled around. The judges will see the dishes during judging, of course, and you'll be able to see who's winning on the megaboard, we won't. Alright, the contest will start in two minutes!"

Erza walked to the table Master Makarov was sitting at and took her seat. A man whose light blonde hair had begun to grey was next to him in a white chef's coat. Meanwhile, in the audience, everyone was finalizing their bets. Some random person had bet a hundred dollars on Lucy, and Gajeel had bet a thousand on her, much to Levi's dismay. They were best friends, but Levi still had her money on Mirajane. Gajeel was risking too much money on Lucy, and for the sake of her friend, she hoped Lucy didn't lose. Otherwise, Gajeel'd be pissed. Gray had his money on Lucy, and Juvia did too. Happy bet five hundred jewel and ten fish on Mirajane. Carla refused to let Wendy or herself bet on such a trivial matter. The supporters and the judges were not allowed to take part in the betting, so Natsu couldn't place any money on Lucy.

(Before we begin, I don't really know how to cook, so sorry for inaccuracies…)

Minutes later, Master Makarov cleared his throat into the microphone. "LET IT BEGIN!" He shouted. "First item is a bacon cheese burger! Remember, you can make it any way you want to, as long as it classifies as a burger with bacon and cheese. Thirty five minutes, go!"

Okay…Lucy thought. I'm good at making burgers… but Mirajane makes delicious ones! She looked over to her competition who was furiously chopping away at onion. Crap. Need to get started. She began to slice her tomatoes. Um… I KNOW~! Inside-out burgers! She placed the bacon in the oven and began slicing her cheese. The timer on the bacon dinged and she removed it from the oven. It couldn't be completely cooked other wise it'd burn inside the meat. She slipped the quarter cooked bacon into the meat along with some cheese clumps and began kneading the paste. She put the newly formed patties on a baking pan and placed it in the oven. She set the timer and proceeded to chop her onions, and lettuce, along with a cheese slice per burger. She put her pickles in a bowl and got out the condiments. Once she was done prepping, she looked to Natsu, who gave her a reassuring smile. The little people on his shoulders gave her a thumbs up, although Nala may have given her the finger. The blonde grinned and turned back to her work. Twenty minutes later, the timer on the burgers went off and she rescued the meat from the oven. She placed each patty onto its bun gently.

"Five minutes ladies." The Master announced.

Lucy put the finishing touches on her burgers and placed the top on it. Mirajane did the same. When the buzzer went off, a robot took the plates from the table and placed them inside itself. It flew over to the judges and placed the dishes on the table.

"Look delish." Erza commented.

"I agree." The Master replied, eyeing the burgers. He drew a coin from a bag and announced they'd taste the red dish first. The red dish was labeled an inside-out burger with the works.

"Delicious." Makarov grinned, wiping his mouth.

"Interesting taste… but not bad." Brandon commented.

"Yum." Erza chimed in.

Then they tried the blue dish, which was also an inside-out burger.

"This burger manages to melt in your mouth some how… it's really good." Brandon commented.

"I like this one too." Makarov added.

"I agree."

They each pressed a button and their answers popped on screen. Master Makarov and Brandon Mersey chose the blue dish, while Erza chose the red. The cookers, supporters and judges could not see the score, but the audience could clearly see Lucy had been the blue dish.

"NEXT DISH IS… A pizza! Of any kind! Forty minutes! GO!" The Master announced.

Darn it… I've only cooked pizza once before… gotta give it my all! Go Lucy go! Lucy thought. She decided to make a green olive, pepperoni and bacon pizza. Mirajane on the other hand decided to make a pizza with bacon, mushrooms, green olives, onions and pepperoni.

When the forty minutes passed, the robot brought the pizzas up to the table. Master Makarov drew a coin and announced that the blue dish was going first this time. They cut into the five topping pizza and took a bite. Good reviews came from the mouths of each critic. Next they tasted the three topping red dish.

"It's a bit… doughy." Brandon commented.

"I like it!" Master Makarov grinned.

"I'd prefer a little less dough and a little more oomph." Erza added.

They pressed the button and their results appeared onscreen. Brandon and Erza had chosen the blue dish, and Makarov had chosen the red dish. The red dish had been Lucy, whilst the blue dish had been Mirajane. The two girls were now tied.

"ALRIGHT! NOW, THE FINAL DISH IS A STRAWBERRY CAKE!" Master Makarov announced. "Thirty five minutes, go!"

YES! My specialty is strawberry cake! Lucy and Mirajane thought simultaneously. She's going down.

The two girls began to mix their batter at a lightning fast pace. Lucy chose to put strawberry chunks in her batter, and Mirajane opted for strawberry paste. Twenty minutes later, each girl pulled their cake out of the oven. Lucy desperately tried to ignore the stare she was getting from Natsu and her friends. The blonde cut the cake and placed a piece on three plates. Then she drizzled a strawberry sauce around each cake in a decorative manor and placed a huge strawberry on each cake. When she was done, she placed the dome on top her creations and the robot took them away, along with Mirajane's.

The robot placed them in front of the judges and flew off. Master Makarov pulled a coin and announced they'd taste the blue dish first again. The blue dish was decorated beautifully with a strange sauce on the plate. It even sparkled. It was a strawberry cake with hot pinkish zigzag lines going through it. It had white icing on top and a light pink icing through the middle.

"This is delicious." Brandon commented.

"Agreed." Master added.

"Definitely." Erza chimed in.

Next, they tried the red dish. Although it wasn't as extravagant, it looked delicious. It had a light pink icing, with a gigantic strawberry on top. The plate had a strawberry sauce dribbled around it and you could see the fleshy dark pink chunks of strawberry inside of the yellow cake.

"WOAH." Brandon gasped. The crowd was in shock. It took a lot to get such a picky man to say woah.

"This is delicious!" Master Makarov grinned, taking another bite.

Erza was too stunned to say anything. She'd known whose dish was whose by the taste. After all, she'd been buying strawberry cakes from the guild for who knows how long. And Mirajane's was good. Really good. But Lucy's…

They each pressed their button and a collective gasp was heard from the crowd. The robot brought a card to the Master.

"The winner is… LUCY HEARTFILIA!" The Master announced.

"REALLY?" Lucy and Mirajane exclaimed.

Lucy shook in fear of what the demon mage would do to her. For a moment, Mira had a dark aura around her, but Lucy was shocked when Mirajane shook her head and walked over to the girl, her usual cheery expression on her face. "Good job Lucy. You earned it." She smiled.

"Thanks Mira." Lucy grinned back. I'm just glad she's back to normal again… she suppressed a shudder as she thought of how scary Mirajane had been. The girls shook hands and walked in their respective directions.

"NATSU! I DID IT I DID IT!" Lucy squealed, jumping up and down.

"I know… good job." He congratulated her.

"Good job is all you have to say?" she asked, twitching her eyebrows in annoyance.

"AHH~ RUN!" Nala and Luke shrieked, climbing down Natsu's vest and jumping into his secret vest pocket.

"EEP!" He squeaked, running over to the group.

Before Lucy could chase after him, Erza motioned for her to come over. Lucy agreed and walked over to the girl. "What's up, Erza?" Lucy asked.

"Two things." She said, holding up two fingers. "One, here's your reward." She handed her two thousand jewels. "Two, can I have the rest of your strawberry cake?" She asked with puppy dog eyes, which was really weird for Erza. And actually kind of cute, but it would've scared the crap out of Natsu or Gray.

"S-Sure…" Lucy sweatdropped.

"YES!" Erza whooped, running over to the strawberry cake.

"Try to save some for Natsu and the others!" She added, but she knew it was futile. She walked over to her group, and was surprised when Juvia embraced her in a tight hug. "J-Juvia?"


"Same here." Gray added nonchalantly. Juvia released Lucy from her vice grip.

"LUSHY!" The cat whined. "Why did you do tis to me~? I losht ten fish! TEN FISH!"

"You're worried about fish instead of the jewel you lost?" Wendy sweatdropped.

"But it was eshpensive fish!" Happy cried.

"Yo Bunny Girl." Gajeel smirked, interrupting Happy's tears. "I'm glad I didn't listen to my girlfriend. She tried to convince me not to bet on you. Now she's lost her money." He laughed but stopped when Levi punched him in the arm.

"No problem?" Lucy sweatdropped.

"I'm goin' to participate in the eating contest." He said, grabbing Levi's arm.

"Eating contest?" Natsu exclaimed, coming out of his hiding place. "Where, where?" He asked.

"A few rooms away from here." Gajeel replied. Wait... DAMN IT!

"I'M GONNA WIN!" Natsu shouted.

"LIKE HELL YOU ARE!" Gajeel retorted.

The two Dragon Slayers ran out of the room, dragging Levi and Lucy behind them.

"What crawled up their scaly pants?" Gray snorted, looking at the spot they'd once stood.

"Food." Juvia replied, rolling her eyes.

After a moment, he extended his hand. "Shall we follow?" Gray asked.

"We shall." Juvia grinned, taking his hand.

Erza walked over to them, with cheeks full of cake. Anything she didn't eat she threw in her trusty portal. "I'm ready." She said, wiping her mouth with a napkin.

"Then we're going." Carla announced, flying towards the exit.

"Aye sir!"

By the time Erza and the others arrived at the eating contest, Gajeel and Natsu had blown their competition out of the water. Each boy had a table stacked with food, both of which were now more than half depleted. Levi and Lucy had been discarded by the door, and were now sprawled on the floor dazed.

"Lucy-san, Levi-san, are you alright?" Wendy asked, looking at the girls in concern.

Lucy sat up slowly and rubbed her head. "If that idiot doesn't drag me again, I'll be fine, yeah." Lucy replied.

"Same here." Levi grunted, sitting up.

"Well that's good to hear." Wendy laughed. She opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by the two idiots.

"DONE!" They shouted, slamming their fists on the table.

"Don't copy me." Natsu growled.

"Like I'd copy your annoying ass." Gajeel retorted.

"You wish you were as cool as me." Natsu smirked, crossing his arms.

"You're a fire Dragon Slayer and I'm a thousand times cooler than you'll ever be!" Gajeel roared.

"In your dreams."

"Damn you!"

"I'll knock the piercings off your metal face!"

"NATSU, GAJEEL, knock it off!" Levi and Lucy shouted.

"AYE!" Natsu agreed.

"Whatever." Gajeel growled.

The contest supervisor shakily handed them their metals and hastily backed two feet away.

"FIRST PLACE! I TOLD YOU, DIMWIT!" Natsu and Gajeel yelled simultaneously. "How did we both get first place?"

"STOP COPYING ME!" They shouted at the same time.

"Bastard!" Natsu glared.

"Effin flaming asshole!" Gajeel roared.

"Shut the-"

"Boys, boys." The event manager tried. "Y-You both finished at the s-same time... That's why you both got f-first place..."


"Oh Natshu." Lucy giggled. "Yous and Gajeel need to stop aguwing and get over it." Her eyes widened in horror. "WHAT'SH WRONG WIT MY VOICE?" The girl gasped.

"AHAHAHA LUCE!" Natsu laughed, instantly forgetting about his feud with Gajeel.

"SUT UP, NATSHU!" Lucy fumed.

"S-Sorry Luce..." Natsu choked out between laughs.

Wendy studied the girl for a moment before speaking. "It seems as though you've inhaled Speech Spray."

"Tat was the stuff zay sprayed on meh?" Lucy asked.

"HAHAHA Lushy talks funny!" Happy giggled.

"I DONWANNA HEAR TAT FUM YOU!" Lucy shouted. "Wenny-chan~." The girl whined.

"I'll see what I can do..." Wendy sweatdropped. She placed one finger on the girl's forehead and the other on her chin and her fingers began to glow. Everyone crowded Wendy as she worked. After a moment, Wendy released the girl's face and her hands immediately stopped glowing. "Say something, Lucy-san."

"I am going to kill Natsu Dragneel." Lucy spoke. Natsu took several frightened steps back. "I CAN TALK NORMAL AGAIN!" Lucy cried in glee.

"Cool." Natsu grinned, embracing her in a hug.

"N-N-Natsu!" Lucy stammered, her body tensing up. "W-What are y-you doing?"

"I'm just congratulating you for getting your voice back." Natsu said sweetly. Lucy's body relaxed after he said that. "Plus," he smirked. "You can't kill me if I'm hugging you."

"LEMME GO!" Lucy shrieked, bonking him on the head.

"A-Aye!" Natsu yelped, letting the girl go. "I w-was trying to b-be nice!" He whimpered.

"Ha, flame-brain." Gray sneered.

"Shut it, Gray." Natsu growled.

"Make m-"

"Gray, try and be nicer 'kay?" Juvia asked.

"S-Sure..." Gray blushed.

Who's laughing now? Natsu thought with a smirk.

"We need to come to a decision on what we're doing next." Erza stated.

"Well... I was gonna walk Levi around the Festival... Maybe ride some rides." Gajeel commented.

"Juvia and I were going to do the same." Gray added.

"I hope you know you're not staying with us." Gajeel snorted.

"No one wants to stay with your ugly ass!" Gray countered.

"Gajeel." Levi warned.

"Gray." Juvia scolded.

The boys turned away from each other.

"Well, I'm going to look for the monkey." Erza stated. "Wendy, Carla, you may accompany me."

"Okay." Carla replied.

"HEY! Why didn't you say I could come?" Happy whined.

"Because you're going with Natsu." Erza responded.


"So it's settled." Natsu grinned.

The group walked out of the guild and saw preparations for the fireworks being made. The cooking showdown had started at 4:15 and it was now about 6:10. Seeing as the night was approaching, the friends said their goodbyes and hastily walked in their respective directions.

"W-What exactly are we doing?" Lucy asked.

"We're gonna play some games!" Natsu exclaimed. "And I'll even ride some rides with you if you want."

"Come again?" Lucy asked, giving him a wtf look.

"I'll ride some rides with you." He repeated with a duh face.

"Did Wendy cast Troia on you?"


"Then wouldn't you get sick and vomit all over me?"

"I tend to feel less sick when I ride stuff with you." Natsu explained. Seeing the look on her face he quickly added, "I f-feel less sick with Happy too!"

"Oh." She said, trying to hide the hurt in her voice. "Well I'm not taking any chances. If you vomit on my brand new outfit, I'll have to kill you. And kill you again. And again. And then beat you up for good measure."

Natsu nodded and scooted an inch or two away from Lucy. Even if he loved her, she was still scary as hell.

A few minutes later, they arrived at the Games Boulevard. This seemed to be one of the livelier parts of the Festival. As the sun began to set, the multicolored lights turned on, making a bright display of colors shine through the evening light. There were several food stands that sold things such as hotdogs, pickles and nachos. There had to be at least forty different games to play, and there were a few miniature rides here, which Natsu would not be getting on. He had no idea what had come over him when he suggested riding a rollercoaster with Lucy. He almost vomited thinking about it.

"Ne, Natsu." Lucy inquired with puppy dog eyes.

"Y-Yes?" He replied.

"Can you win me that Bronze Key?" She asked, pointing to an incredibly complicated looking game.

"Bronze Key?" He repeated. "I thought there were only Silver and Gold…"

"The Celestial Spirit King started issuing Bronze Keys not too long ago. They are extremely common, even more common than Silver Keys." Lucy explained.

"Then why on Earthland would you want one?"

"Because~, they contain Celestial Pets, like Plue."

"The game looks really hard."

"But the Key is the Key of the Star Fire Dragon!"

"Star Fire…?"

"PLEASE~?" She begged.


"Star Fire is a pet that can use fire, so we could possibly do Unison Raids together during battle to make our attacks stronger…" She persuaded, batting her eyelashes rapidly.

Just battle partners? "Fine." Natsu grumbled, walking over to the booth.

"Well, well, well, hello, hello, hello!" The man managing the booth greeted them. "Would you like to try this game? You would, I bet! You look like a strong young man, with a fine girlfriend, if I say so myself." He winked at the two. Before either could object, he continued, "The object of the game is simple, knock that bottle down."

"EASY!" Natsu exclaimed. "But… why does the game look so hard?" He asked, surveying the game once more.

There were three pipes extending from behind the bottle, and several holes on the sides. Also, the bottle appeared to be sitting on top of a lift, making the game even more difficult.

"Oh no, no, no!" The man exclaimed, shaking his head. "Tsk. Tsk. You see, it is really quite easy. Just throw the ball at one of the holes, and if it sticks, you'll get a consolation prize if you lose. I'll give you a second ball. Throw it at the bottle and hope it hits. OH, and if you miss terribly, the consolation prize is voided. The pipes blow out celebratory confetti if you actually win."

"Huh?" Natsu asked, scratching his head. "How is that easy? And voided? That means… stopped right? So the prize is stopped? Why? That's not fair. This mak-"

"Now, now. No one likes a whiner. Come, come, try~. Unless you're… chicken." The man smirked.

"I am no chicken!" Natsu glared.

"Really? You seem afraid of this game…" The man chided.

"I'LL SHOW YOU!" Natsu roared, picking up a ball.

He threw the ball at the hole, sure of his aim, but the ball missed. "Eh?" He picked up the ball to throw it at another hole, but the man stopped him.

"Ah, ah, ah~." He scolded. "First time's free, second time you gotta pay. Finish the game you're on and try again."

"WHAT?" Natsu exclaimed.

"Hey, I gotta get paid kid." The man shrugged.

"Why I oughta…" Natsu mumbled under his breath. He aimed it at the bottle until he was sure it'd hit, and then chucked it. The bottle dodged the ball, shocking Lucy, Happy and Natsu.

"WHAT THE BLEEP WAS THAT?" Happy shouted.

"WHAT KINDA CROOKED GAME ARE YOU RUNNING?" Lucy yelled, stopping her foot.

"No, no, no, no, no~." The man shook his head. "I just forgot to mention. Mention in fact. The bottle and holes may move at anytime, so it's harder to play. That is all. That is it."

Natsu, who was really annoyed with the way this man talked, slapped five jewels on the counter and chucked the ball again. This time, the ball made it in the hole, but when he threw it at the bottle, it missed terribly. So he didn't get the consolation prize. After five more minutes and forty more times, Lucy put a hand on his shoulder.

"Come on, Natsu, let's go." Lucy said.

"Not until I win this for you." He glared at the man.

"Y-You don't have to." Lucy sweatdropped. "Seriously. It's getting late and he's taking all your jewels. It's not like you have to win this for me." Because we're not dating. She thought bitterly.

"I'm gonna win."

"Just stop it. Let's go."

"No." He replied, crossing his arms.

"No?" She questioned. "I wanna go."

"I'm gonna win this for my pride." He declared defiantly.

"Okay…" Lucy sighed. Secretly, she'd hoped he was doing it for her.

"Well, well, well. Final try." The man grinned.

"Damn you…" Natsu cursed. He picked up the ball and threw it as hard as he could at the hole. It landed inside.

"Ohhoho?" The man smirked. He had a button that controlled the movements of the objects. No matter how accurate Natsu's aim was, he'd make sure that idiot couldn't win a thing. Genius. However, Natsu had thrown that last one so fast he couldn't even see it. Let alone react. He was determined not to let this kid win.

"Here ya go!" Natsu shouted, throwing the ball as fast as he could.

Before the man could flinch or even blink, the sound of shattering glass was heard. He looked to the ground and saw remnants of the bottle scattered around his feet. He was shocked. He paid good money for the most indestructible glass he could find! On the rare occasion someone did knock the bottle down, it never broke. Not even when a man who could lift two hundred pounds with ease shattered this glass. Before he could speak, Natsu's voice reached his ears.

"I would like my prize please." The fire mage grinned cheekily.

The man blinked once. Twice. Three times for good measure and began to laugh. Natsu scowled at the man and he laughed harder. "Of course, of course. You won my game, fair and square, fair and square. I am a man of my word." Even though I cheated this whole game. "Here ya go." He handed him a Bronze Key with a dragon insignia on it. "You earned, you did."

"Thanks?" He replied. He turned to Lucy and smiled a big Natsu smile. "Here, I can't use it anyway."

"T-Thanks." She blushed.

"He likes~ you!" Happy giggled.

"SHUT IT, HAPPY!" Lucy roared.

Natsu looked at the two and shook his head. "Alright! Let's go hit up some more games!"

"Step on up! Knock down the pins and win a teddy bear!" A man with grey hair shouted.

"Let's go over there." Natsu pointed.

"Sure." Lucy replied.

"Aye!" Happy grinned.

Natsu wished he could hold her hand, give her a hug, or more. But they were just friends, and he couldn't do that. Even so, Natsu treasured this moment dearly, for it was almost like they were dating. Almost. As the three walked to their destination, Natsu's thoughts were clouded with ways to make them more than friends.


Minutes later, Natsu had won Lucy five teddy bears and she was jumping with glee. After walking around for a few minutes, Lucy spotted a way to make this day extra special.

"Oi, Natsu! Let's go over there!" She smiled, pointing at the photo booth.

"Sure." He agreed, walking in that direction.

When they'd arrived, Lucy, Natsu and Happy stepped inside the booth. It was kinda cramped with all of them in there, but they made it work. Lucy pressed a button and the machine began counting from fifteen. Lucy put Happy in between her and Natsu and gave him a big side hug, squishing the Exceed. When they walked out of the booth, Happy pouted.

"You squished me!" He whined.

"Oh cheer up, Happy. It's a cute picture." Lucy said, waving him off.

She grabbed the picture from the photo slot and smiled. Her smile was huge and filled with warmth, while her eyes were shut tightly. Happy's eyes were bulging out of his head due to the hug, and Natsu just grinned sheepishly at the camera. Lucy failed to notice the small tinge of a blush on his face.

"Hey! Let's go over there!" Lucy grinned, pointing at a games booth with ducks on it.

"Sure." Natsu agreed, walking towards the booth.

Over the course of an hour, they hit up thirty games and ten food booths. Natsu was carrying an arm load of prizes, Happy was carrying a bag full of food and Lucy was carrying nothing. Natsu had insisted he and Happy carry everything because they were the escorts. Lucy reluctantly agreed and decided the last stop before they went to the marshmallow roast would be the costume store at the end of the Games Boulevard. Minutes later, they arrived at Costumania, a costume store that sold clothes as well. Next to the store was Joke-a lot-Citay, where they sold gags and such. And on the other side was a Triple F souvenir store.

"Let's go inside Natsu!" Lucy begged, pointing at the door.

"I know I said I'd come… but I'd prefer to sit out here." Natsu explained, taking a seat on the bench in front of the store.

"Natsu!" Lucy whined.

"Yeah, Natsu! You promised Lucy!" Happy complained.

"Did not! I said I'd come down here, not go in." Natsu defended.

"Fine." Lucy grumbled.

"Here's a hundred jewel. Knock yourself out." Natsu shrugged, leaning back in the seat.

"Okay!" Lucy grinned, running in the store.

Once Natsu was convinced she wasn't by the door, Natsu leaned into Happy. "Can you do me a favor?"

Happy gave him a look. Since when did the Salamander ask for help? "Sure?" Happy replied.

Natsu began to whisper his plan into Happy's ear. With every sentence, Happy's grin became wider and wider, until Natsu had to pause in fear of Happy's mouth falling of his face.

When Lucy came out of the store, she had five bags in hand and a suspicious look on her face. Natsu was whispering to Happy, and actually whispering too, not like when they were talking about her being weird or something. Whispering like I-don't-want-anyone-or-their-momma-to-hear-me-whispering whispering. She didn't know whether to be curious or mad that they were capable of whispering all this time. "AHEM." She grunted.

"AHH! O-OH h-hey Luce." Natsu grinned nervously.

Lucy cocked an eyebrow. There was something going on between them.

"What's going on?" She squinted.

"Nothin, there was just a shady character walking through here every few minutes and we didn't want him to hear us." Natsu explained.

"Really?" Lucy questioned.

"HEY!" Happy exclaimed. "I just remembered! Wendy had caught a Healing Fish for me! She said it'll boost my immune system 200 percent and heal any injuries I currently have! And she said it tastes really good! So I gotta go!" And with that, Happy flew off, leaving a very confused Lucy behind.

"Healing Fish huh?" Lucy said skeptically. She'd believed both Natsu and Happy, but something was nagging her not to.

"Apparently." He nodded. I'm the best liar in the world, damn straight. He thought, suppressing a smirk. And apparently, Happy gets it from me. Awesome.

"Are you sure he didn't lie, Natsu?" The blonde asked.

"Let's get going Luce, I still have fifteen minutes of duty left." Natsu said, pretending he didn't hear her comment. He picked up all the prizes he'd won Lucy and walked towards the hills. The sun had almost completely set, and night was approaching fast. As they walked to the hills, Natsu had one thing on his mind. Tonight is the night.

Minutes later, Natsu and Lucy arrived at the base of the hill. It was dark outside, the only light being the stars and the fire burning brightly on top of the hill. As Natsu carried a tired Lucy up the hill, the shouts and guffaws of their teammates became louder. When they reached the top, they were greeted by the cat-calls of their guild mates, much to Lucy's embarrassment. She hastily grabbed Natsu by the vest and stormed to where Gray and the others were sitting.

"Lucy. Flame-Brain." Gray greeted. Juvia and Gray were cuddling in front of the fire, looking rather comfy.

"HI LUCY-SAN!" Wendy smiled. Erza waved to the two while Carla scoffed.

"Hey," Lucy began, "where's Levi and Gajeel? Most of all, where's Happy?" She surveyed the area but saw no flashes of blue or black.

"I think Levi and Gajeel are off macking in the bushes." Gray snickered but was quickly punched by Juvia. "Ow! I haven't seen Happy anywhere… wasn't he with you?"

That's strange… Lucy thought. "He said he was gonna get a Healing Fish from Wendy."

"Eh? I haven't seen Happy since we last met." Wendy said, a curious look on her face. She refrained from telling the older mage that Healing Fish didn't exist.

"What if he got captured or something!" Lucy gasped, looking alarmed. "Or… what if he lied?" she added with a glare.

"I'm sure it's nothing, Luce." Natsu assured her. He sat on a log in front of a huge fire and began making roasted marshmallows and s'mores. "Want one? I'm on duty." He grinned.

"Sure." Lucy replied, taking a seat by Erza.

"Lucy…" Erza smirked.

"W-What?" Lucy asked hesitantly. Natsu handed her a marshmallow and walked back to his seat.

Erza began to reply but was interrupted by a disheveled Levi and Gajeel emerging from the bushes.

"Levi-chan! What'd he do to you?" Lucy shouted, pointing an accusing finger at Gajeel. Erza raised an eyebrow and drew her sword.

"N-Nothing! It's not what it looks like!" Levi replied frantically.

"Sure, sure." Lucy grinned, waving her off.

"Next you'll be telling us you two got 'lost' in the bushes, correct?" Erza smirked deviously.

"B-But we did!" Levi attempted to assure them.

"Sure~." Lucy grinned.

"Tch. Annoying girls." Gajeel scoffed, walking over to Natsu.

"What do you want, Metal-detector?" Natsu asked with a smirk.

"Shut it, walking oven!" Gajeel glared. "I want a roasted marshmallow for Levi."

"Fine. But I'm doing this for Levi, not you." The boy stuck his tongue out at the other Dragon Slayer.

"Just do it, flame ass." Gajeel grumbled.

Natsu glared at Gajeel as he put the marshmallow on a stick. He blew on it a little and handed it to Gajeel. "Enjoy." Natsu said bitterly.

"You wish." Gajeel smirked, walking away. Once he reached his destination, he smiled an un-Gajeel like smile. "Here ya go." He said, handing Levi her marshmallow.

"Thanks." Levi grinned, accepting the treat.

Ignoring the smirks he received from her friends, he sat down next to his girlfriend. After putting up with their stares for a few minutes, he couldn't take it anymore. "What are you people gawking at?" Gajeel roared.

The two girls giggled and looked away. Levi blushed at her friends and looked at the fire. She didn't know how much more of this she could take.

Lucy looked at Natsu, who was fixing a s'more for Romeo. He looked so happy, like nothing could get him down. Even from their distance, Lucy could see Natsu's love for kids. She blushed as a stream of thoughts rushed through her head and quickly shook them away. She liked him, but this is Natsu for peat sake. She directed her attention the fact that Natsu was sitting in front of a fire, when he could roast the marshmallows himself. She put her head to her chin in thought. For the next eight minutes, Lucy thought about Natsu, fire, marshmallows, and children. What a lovely combination.

After eight minutes, her train of thought was interrupted by none other than Natsu.

"LUCE~~~~." He whined. The boy was now standing in front of her.

Startled, she jumped in her seat, nearly falling off her log. "W-What is it?" Lucy asked, clearly annoyed with him.

"I've been done with my job for two minutes~ and you kept ignoring me~." Natsu continued to whine.

Sighing, Lucy stood up. "Do you need something?" She glared.

Ignoring her tone, Natsu nodded his head. "YEP! I know a perfect view of the fireworks! But I'm not telling either of the bastards or their girlfriends." He snickered at this and ignored Gajeel's glare.

"But I wanted to watch the fireworks with Levi-chan…" Lucy complained.

"Too bad! You're watching them with me!" Natsu grinned, dragging her off before she could protest any more.

After they'd left, Gray shook his head. "Good luck, you flaming bastard."

"N-Natsu! Where are we going?" Lucy asked, shielding her head from tree branches.

"I told you already!" Natsu responded, pulling her through the brush even faster.

Lucy tripped, slipped, skidded, and nearly fell several times as Natsu pulled her through the forested area. Much to Lucy's dismay, he began to run even faster, literally dragging her through the brush. After several minutes, he came to a stop in a cleared area with a perfect view of the stars.

"Woah." Lucy gasped. "This place… is beautiful."

"Sure is!" Natsu grinned. "Come on Luce, let's sit down!"

Lucy agreed and took a seat next to him. "So," she began. "You're not worried about Happy?"

"Naw, he'll be fine." He assured her. "But," he pouted, "I really wanted him to be here with us, y'know?"

"I guess…" she replied, looking at the ground.

"Hey!" he shouted. "I brought you a s'more!" He grinned, pulling the smushed creation from his pants.

"NATSU!" Lucy shrieked.

"What?" He asked.

"Y-You just pulled that out of y-your pants! Why the hell would I eat that?"

"I dunno, because it's still good. Want it?"

"No, thank you." Lucy shook her head.

"More for me then!"

Lucy shook her head again and wondered what pocket he'd been putting Nala in. Afraid of the answer, she shook the thoughts from her head and looked at the boy, who was now staring at her.

After two minutes of silence, Natsu opened his mouth to speak. "Luce, I need to tell you something." He began.

Suddenly, strangely shaped colored rocks began to fall from the sky. The two could here the oohs and ahhs of the citizens and guild members alike.

"T-This is beautiful…" Lucy gasped.

"I never expected the cosmetic eventamacallit to be like this…" Natsu expressed.

As the space rocks continued to fall, the two noticed one of them was drifting towards them. Natsu moved in front of Lucy protectively, but moved when he saw the rock was smaller than Lucy's hand and was drifting rather slowly. Blushing at his actions, he faced forward and continued to watch the rocks fall.

Lucy was almost sure the blush she saw on Natsu's face was real this time. Smiling, she turned her attention to the sparkling rock flying towards them. Somehow, it was changing colors between pink, yellow, red and blue. Every once and a while, it flashed a rainbow color, as mesmerizing as it was, it scared Lucy quite a bit. What if this rock was radioactive or something? She was going to suggest they moved, but her voice wouldn't work, as if a supernatural force prevented her from saying anything.

The rock landed next to them, and they realized it was a heartish shape. Natsu moved to pick it up, but the rock began to vibrate and he instantly shot back. Eyeing it suspiciously, he reached for it again and it stopped vibrating. He picked it up and remembered Ji-chan's words.

"…If a piece of this event lands by you, be sure to pick it up. You will be surprised with what's on the other side."

Clutching it, he flipped it over and saw a couple? The hell? He thought, examining it. The girl had blonde hair and the boy had pink hair, and in their arms was a pink haired baby that looked suspiciously like the one they'd seen in the art gallery earlier. Oh. My. Flipping. Goodness. He thought. T-This… w-woah… and ice jerk can tell the future now? The asshole. B-But this r-rock? That means-

"Natsu~." Lucy whined. "What's on the rock?"

"N-N-Nothing." He replied, stuffing the rock in his pants.

"Natsu!" Lucy scolded. "I wanna see!"

"I put it away." Natsu shrugged.

"Damn it! I'm getting you pockets!" Lucy pouted.

"Now that I know your motives, no way!" The pink haired boy teased.

Before Lucy could retaliate, a popping sound erupted behind them. They turned to see an amazing firework display unfolding behind them. As Lucy ogled the fireworks, Natsu prepared himself for the worst.

"Lucy…" he began, looking the girl in the eye.

Lucy observed his serious expression and wondered what could be wrong. "Y-Yes?" she stammered.

The boy leaned forward and kissed her. Lucy's eyes widened, but she didn't return the kiss. After a few seconds he pulled away. "I… love you… a-and even if y-you don't l-love me b-back, e-even if you love G-Gray," He scowled, "I-I just want you t-to know I've had the b-best day of my life with you, and I h-had to do that, j-just once…" Seeing her blank, shocked expression, he looked away, blushing sadly. "I knew it… its okay Luce, N-No Lucy. I've had an amazing day… and y-you got a bunch of n-new stuff. I g-guess I'll be g-going now…" He began to stand up, but Lucy pulled his arm right back down.

"Y-You idiot." She said softly. "I l-love you too. Not Gray. He's dating Juvia remember? Why would I love a-anyone else but you?"

Natsu's sad look did a three sixty as he moved to kiss her. Their lips met, and Lucy's eyes widened once again, but she quickly closed them. Natsu begged for entrance, and she happily obliged, wrapping her arms around his neck. Natsu cupped her cheek with his hand a deepened the kiss, instantly dominating her mouth. The fireworks raged red and yellow behind them, and at that moment, Lucy knew that they were meant to be. A bright white flash accompanied by a click brought them up for air. As Lucy panted, she looked for the source and saw none other than Happy, smiling mischievously while holding a camera.

"Y-You damned cat!" She shrieked.

"HAPPY! What did I tell you?" Natsu scolded, fighting his smirk.

"Sorry, Natsu…" Happy sighed, looking at the ground. He too was fighting a smirk of his own. "But Lushy, now you have an even better picture to replashe the one we broke!" We are the best damned liyars in the world! Happy thought.

Blushing, Lucy looked at the ground. This had been the best day ever, even better than the day she'd joined Fairy Tail. And now, she had two pictures, prizes and even a space rock to prove it. What more could she have asked for?

"So… I guess that means we're a couple now?" Natsu asked, a slight blush on his face.

"Yep." Lucy grinned, bringing the boy into a kiss.

"AHEM." A voice grunted.

Lucy and Natsu broke off and saw their group, with Gajeel and Gray smirking, Levi, Erza, and Juvia squealing, and Carla covering Wendy's eyes. Happy had already made his way over to Carla, holding a heart shaped rock in his hand.

"Nice move, flame-brain." Gray smirked.

"So you've got a chick now, you flaming bastard?" Gajeel added with a smirk of his own.

"LU-CHAN!" Levi squealed.

"Lucy-san!" Wendy grinned.

"Congrats Lucy." Erza said. "And Natsu…" she glared, a dark aura surrounding her. "If you dare hurt her, or force her to do anything she doesn't want to do, I will have your head on a pointed stick!"

"A-AYE!" Natsu nodded.

Lucy stared at her friends incredulously and began to laugh. This had truly been the best day ever, better than any Fairy Fourth she will ever have. And maybe, just maybe, she'd start a family with this flaming idiot one day. After all, she never got to see what was on the other side of the rock.

THE END~~~~~



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