There's Something In The Water

E/O Drabble challenge, word: well.

Summary: Dean knows damn well why he hates being outdoors – it's full of traps and some might be deadly...

A/N1: Really nice word, well :-) Just a little problem: I needed a second chapter for my first idea, so please forgive me for a hundred more words

For a moment he really thought he'd lost him.

Seeing his brother lying limply at the edge of the water, lips tinged with blue damn near petrified him.

Then instincts kicked in: feeling for a pulse, switching from cardiac massage to mouth-to-mouth ventilation, all the time counting, praying, counting, until finally dark lashes gave way to familiar green and in a huge eruption Dean heaved up a gush of water, hacking his lungs out.

Wordlessly Sam grabbed the shivering form of his brother, rocking him silently, well aware of how awkward Dean would feel about that. But what the hell...

...and one more chapter to go :-)