"Dean! You okay? Why can't I leave you just a sec without you getting into some kind of trouble?"

"W..." – cough – "well"

"Tell me one more time you're well and I throw you back into the water, jackass!"


"Cause I'm so tired of your 'I'm invincible' kinda shit, you know?"

"Well! Idjit! The well" – a violent shiver.

"The well?"

"Well nymph. Kkkk..." the chattering sounded almost like a castanet "killed the campers last www...eek."


"Oh. Err... well nymph. That's a new one."

He swallowed.

"Okay. Back to the motel, hot shower, phone conference with Bobby. And – uh – sorry."

A/N2: I wanted to add a last chapter to hunt the poor well nymph, but it turned out I could find nothing helpful about how to kill one, actually usually they are nice, if a bit erratic creatures, so I stopped here and perhaps saved her life :-)