"Mommy! Mommy! I want that one! The one that's face is brown!" squelled little Ryoma. Ryoma, age 5 wanted a new pet for his birthday. At the pet shop he spots a baby cat with a brown face and white fur.

"Mommy can't get that one honey. You know Daddy doesn't like cats."

"Daddy can't say anything because it's my birthday! Pwweaaaassseee!" Ryoma stands with the cat and make puppy dog eyes to his mother.

"Alright, I guess it'll be fine." Ryoma's mother asks one of the employees if they can't get a cage for the cat and that they are ready to go. When they release the cat, she leaps into Ryoma's arms.

"Yay! We're gonna be together forever!" Ryoma holds his new friend close to his chest.

"Ryoma, honey, lets go." His mother calls from the door of the shop.

"Okaay!" Ryoma skips past his mother cuddling a kitten with the largest smile on his face.

"Ryoma! Don't run into the street!" His mother screams at him.

Hearing his mother's voice he turns and sees a car speeding his way. He squeezes his kitten and closes his eyes.

"WATCH OUT!" Ryoma feels his body pushed to the side. He opens one eye and sees the speeding car pass him. His head begins to hurt and he closes his eyes once again and falls asleep.

"Ryoma? Come on, Honey. Wake up for Mommy. Please wake up."

"Mom? Why are you crying?"

"Oh Ryoma! I'm so happy you're alright!" His mother hugs him tight. Ryoma hugs her back. His eyes roam as he realizes where he is. When he sees his kitten he jumps out of his mothers embrace.

"KARUPIN!" Ryoma yells and grabs his kitten out of a person's lap. He nuzzles his kitten.

"Oh boy." His mother says with a smile and wipes the tears away. "Ryoma, you have to thank this Onii-san for saving you and Karupin."

Ryoma looks up to the stranger. With karupin in his arms he stands and bows to the stranger. "Thank you for saving me and my kitty Onii-san."

"Hehe, no problem." The Onii-san ruffles Ryoma's hair and begins to walk away. "Be careful next time!"

"YAAAWWWWNNNNNNN, I haven't had that dream in a long time." Ryoma says sleepily. Grabbing his clock he looks at the time. "Oh crap, I'm gonna be late!" Ryoma pulls on a t-shirt and shorts and stuffs everything else into his tennis bag. He runs down the stairs and begins to put his shoes on.

"Good morning Ryoma! Are you not eating breakfest today?" Nanako asks.

"No thank you, I'm gonna be late. Bye." Ryoma rushes out the door. Running to school thoughts of punishment run through his head. Oh, I hope I won't havr to drink any Inui juice!

Finally Ryoma reached the Seigaku gates. Trying to catch his breath he strides pass the gates and bumps into someone.

"Oi! What makes you think you can touch Ore-sama!" Atobe turns and looks down at Ryoma. "Ah, so you wanted to touch Ore-sama some more after taking my hair?"

Ryoma smirks "I see it grew back pretty quick. Why don't we play another game and I shave it once again."

"Ahn? What makes you think you can beat Ore-sama?"

"What makes you think you can win, Atobe?"

"That's Atobe-sama, to you."

"No, I think Monkey King is better."

"Ore-sama believes that you are being quite rude."

"Well I don't really care what Monkey King believes." Ryoma says and continues to walk to the courts.

"Che, gaki running away from a challenge."