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"Gaki! Quit calling me Monkey King." Atobe said.

Wait; did he just say "me"? Who is this? Ryoma didn't realize he was gawking.

"I know I am a beautiful creature you aren't presented with everyday but we have more important issues to discus."

Awakened from his stupor Ryoma replied, "What are you talking about?"

Atobe took Ryoma's arm and said "Let's go!" and dragged him to a white stretch limo.

"Stop! Let me go, Baka Monkey King!" Ryoma yelled trying to resist but Atobe had a tight grip.

Finally Atobe threw Ryoma into the car and told the driver to take them to an Italian restaurant.

"What are you up to Atobe?" Echizen asked in all seriousness.

"Oh? No more stupid nick names?" Atobe smirked.

"No tell me where we're going, if you don't I'm jumping out if this car at the next red light." Ryoma said sliding toward the door.

"Car? Poor child, you don't even know what a limo is." Atobe frowned and patted Ryoma's head.

Ryoma smacked Atobe's hand away and glared.

"Ouch, I'm just trying to show you a good time. The least you could do is enjoy it. I mean I am your life saver." Atobe pouted.

What? What is he talking about? Ryoma began trying to remember. Ever since he came back to Japan his life has never been in danger. What's more is that if it was, Atobe could have never saved him.

"Oi! We're here." Atobe snapped Ryoma out of his thoughts. "Let's go." Atobe smiled and held out his hand,

Really, who is this guy? Ryoma let out a sigh. Unknown to him Atobe noticed.

~After Dining~

"Didn't I say the food would be good!" Atobe smiled and wrapped an arm around Ryoma's waist.

"Yea but now I full and a little sleepy." Ryoma said rubbing his eyes.

Ryoma hasn't realized that after one dinner with Atobe, he is chatting to Atobe as if they are friends. Ryoma is even letting Atobe hold him in a suggestive manner.

"Does your stomach hurt?" Atobe asked with concern. "I hope you aren't getting sick!" Atobe touches his head to Ryoma's bring their faces very close.

Ryoma's cheeks begin to burn and he can feel the warmth coming from Atobe. Ryoma closes his eyes and begins to relax until Atobe moves away.

"Your head's not hot but you're a little flushed. Do you want to lie down?" Ryoma can only see concern in the man's eyes.

"Hm." Ryoma mumbles and nods. Maybe this guy really isn't so bad.


Eh? Smells like eggs. Ah, I'm hungry but I don't want to open my eyes. Ryoma tosses in the bed trying to not smell breakfast.

"Ryoma if you're up you should wake up!" A familiar voice said chuckling.

"Eh?" Ryoma said and sits up in the bed. "Where am I?" he asked. He looks around and sees a beautiful western room with the weird theme of purple.

Ryoma suddenly gets the chills. Where are my clothes? Then Ryoma finally realizes he's in an unusual situation.

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