Perhaps I should've realized that things became odd in Bon Temps after the Great Reveal. I mean, I'd always been odd. Not odd like my best friend Sookie; she can read minds and I'm nowhere like that. I just know there's something off about me. Almost like I'm a completely different race than anyone else in town. It's one of the things that made me really like and want Sookie as a friend. She could understand. My boss, Sam Merlotte, also fell into the weird category but I suspected I was the only one who knew there was something weird about him too.

I'd always lived in Bon Temps, rarely travelled except to Shreveport and occasionally New Orleans. My family, like Sookie's, still lived in and owned their old plantation house. My property was right beside the Compton's and across the cemetery from Sookie's. As of now, I lived alone in the place except when Jason, Sookie's older brother, came by and didn't feel like going back to his own house. Jason had a completely obvious thing for me and I suspected it was because I was the only girl in town he hadn't slept with.

The day it all changed, I was working in Merlotte's, the bar that Sam owned and the most popular place in town. I vaguely remember seating a nice looking dark haired man alone and as soon as he sat down, I gave in.

"Forgive my manners, sir, but are you a vampire?" I asked, innocently. I had never seen one before and I was instantly intrigued.

He smiled slyly and nodded at me. "Am I that obvious?" he replied. "I've just moved back. I don't wish to be an outcast immediately."

"Moved back?" I questioned. I had never seen him around and I wouldn't have missed someone that unique looking.

"It was my home before I turned vampire. Oh, I completely forgot to introduce myself. I'm Bill Compton," he said in a slow voice. It was like hearing honey.

"Oh, I'm Dallas. Dallas Montgomery… Wait, Compton?" He nodded. "Any chance you'll be living at the old Compton place?" Again he nodded.

"That was my original home." Wow, I thought. He was like a Confederate soldier or something.

"Well, meet your new neighbor. I'll be living next door."

"Montgomery, of course. They were always nice people. I'm glad to have made your acquaintance, Dallas." I smiled and walked away. He wasn't my table to serve, he was Sookie's, but I had a feeling that Bill and I would be fast friends.

I watched Sookie walk over and fall under his spell almost immediately. After all, this was Bon Temps' first vampire. I started absent-mindedly wiping part of the bar off and occasionally glancing at the door for Jason. That was when Sam came up to me.

"Dallas, what the hell was that? That guy is a vampire!" he said harshly.

"Hey to you too, Sam. You know, last time I checked you weren't one to judge someone based on what they were. Give the guy a chance. He was nothing but nice to me and he's being awfully sweet to Sookie."

"You just be careful. We don't need him around." Sam shrugged. Sam was a scruffy guy with shaggy brown hair and an unshaven face. He really was attractive and almost puppy-ish.

That was when Jason blew through the door like a tumbleweed. He walked up to the bar where Sam and I were, all tan skin and blond sun-kissed hair and gorgeous white teeth. "Can I get something, Sam? Anything really. I don't know what to choose." Sam rolled his eyes and walked away at the obvious excuse. "Hey, Dallas, how are ya?"

I grinned. I don't care that I hadn't slept with him, Jason was still incredibly gorgeous. "I'm alright. There's a vampire in here tonight, can you believe it? I kinda think that Sookie may be getting a thing for him after tonight."

"Seriously?" Jason asked and looked around aggressively, trying to find the guy and Sookie. "She ought to stay away from him, vampires are dangerous." I rolled my eyes, wasn't anyone going to be happy for her? "But uh, have you seen Dawn tonight? We're doing something once she gets off."

"Oh, a hot date? That's why you're trying to look so yummy. Actually, she's right around back, I could get her if you wanted?"

"NO. I mean, you don't have to. She's been kinda nuts lately actually. I don't know why I said I'd do something tonight."

"Don't complain to me about her, Jason. I know she's kinda crazy but she's been my friend for awhile and that means something to me. Didn't your mama ever tell you that if you didn't have something nice to say, you better not say it at all?"

"Um, I don't really get it."

"Of course you don't, honey." If there was one defining characteristic of Jason, it was that he was unnaturally dumb. It's really endearing most of the time.

But as I mentioned, this was just the beginning of a long saga.