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The red-head's feet moved with surprising quickness as he ran across the roof of the building, launching himself from one roof to another, dark blue eyes focused on something other than the things in front of him. Eventually he came to a stop, head tilted up towards the starlit sky.

"They're coming."

From the ground, another red-head looked up at him with uncertainty. Hearing the words that were spoken, he turned and ran off, red overcoat flapping in the wind as he ran, the clicking of his heels the only noise that was made.

Eventually he came to a young girl sitting in the middle of a clearing, the head of a giant Sumatran tiger in her lap. The cat's ears flicked as the girl turned to face him.

"They're coming." the red head repeated. The girl just smiled and lowered her head.

"Prepare for their arrival then."

Turn the coward into a hero

the Brotherhood will rise again.


The Brotherhood: the pact formed between Matt, Grell, Italy, and Romano to help and protect one another in times of need.]