EO Challenge: Use the word "well".

Disclaimer: If it was mine all would indeed be well.

Words: 100

Warnings: Got stuff in it that was told in Family Matters, but it's my own interpretation.


To die human

Rufus burst through the door as the mortally wounded, possessed woman charged her retreating husband. He didn't waste any time looking at the man's facial expression; he knew it too well. Rufus made her steam with a holy water attack - momentarily blinding her - and stabbed her with the blessed wood. The hit wasn't fatal and he taunted her into responding in a voice the wife could never have used, and then exorcised it. The exchange served no other purpose but making it easier for the stunned, grieving husband to believe the impossible. Saved them all a little time.


There was a secondary challenge: review two drabbles from people you haven't reviewed before. I'm in.

There was also a third challenge: do something awesome for somebody and keep quiet about it. Hm, I did two awesome things to be able to compromise by telling you ONE since I really, really want people to do this too - I donated money to "A Dog's Life Rescue" in LA because it's Jared's chosen charity. I do this every month but hey, maybe some of you people coming here for the first time to review a stranger's drabble (ahem) didn't know about it and wanted to know about it:-) Jared knows we fans do it and he thinks we're awesome. That makes him awesome! The other awesome thing I did will remain a secret, but it DOES have a Supernatural connection... :-D