I was falling. Falling into what seemed like an endless white void. After a while, I saw colours. Then I landed. I was sure the fall would kill me, but I survived. Then I realised the colours were other people, trapped with me in a giant white room. They look like strange caricatures, some looked like famous people. Then I realised they had no arms, or fingers. Just round floating hands. I looked down and realised I had the same.

It wasn't long before a floating white hand grabbed me by the head. It lifted me up high into the sky: Everything soon became a blur. I passed out.

When I came to, I was sitting in a go-kart. I had never driven one before, but it seemed as if a race was about to start. How did I get here. I was surrounded by famous video game characters. I wanted to get out, but I could not move. It was as if someone was controlling me. Suddenly, the race started. My foot pressed down on the pedal and my hands grabbed the wheel, though I just wanted to turn around and leave.

The world was bright and colourful, but terrifying all the same. The kart drove onto giant mushrooms in the middle of a canyon. I felt as if I was going to die. Amazingly, the mushrooms propelled me into the air, and I reached the other side of the canyon. Driving along the path, I approached a floating colourful block. It looked like it would hurt, but I drove straight though it. To my horror, I was holding a bomb. I didn't want to harm anyone, but I was forced to throw it straight at another racer. The bomb exploded and knocked the racer off a nearby cliff, falling to his death.

I was approaching the starting line, but a banana peel was in my way. The kart didn't move, instead drove straight into it, causing it to spin wildly. I wanted to be sick. It wasn't long before I was approaching the starting line for a third time. The end of the race. I was sure I would survive, but as I glanced behind me, I saw something strange. A flying blue turtle shell, heading towards me. Surely it wouldn't do much harm. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The shell collided with the kart, causing havoc. There was a giant blue explosion, and everything faded to white as I fell off the side of the course. What would happen next?