Author's notes: This is only a short story, with some very short chapters. I plan to make a chapter based on most of the Nintendo games that have Miis as playable characters, and if all goes well I'll upload chapter every few days so I can focus on my other stories.

The mii woke up. He was Toby, a mii living on Wuhu island. All miis lived there. The species was famous for their love of sport, games and almost any other form of competition. Toby lived in a hillside cabin on Wuhu island. He noticed that his Nintendo Wii (his favourite video game console) had been left on overnight, with Mario Kart wii still playing on it. He had selected to play as himself on it. This was shockingly similar to the events of his most recent nightmare. Frightened, heturned off the console.

Toby was a huge fan of video games. Before he got a Wii, he played his NES every day. His favourite game was Super Mario bros, but he was terrible at it. After that shocking nightmare, he decided to leave his consoles off for the day. After an extremely fun day, Toby decided there would be no harm in playing a new game he had purchased, title Mario & sonic at the Olympic games, for a little while. He was only a little tired, but decided he wouldn't play for too long. However, Toby had so much fun that he played non-stop for hours, until finally falling asleep.

When Toby opened his eyes, he was the centre of attention. He was standing on a large ship. Next to him was an all too familiar faces-Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, along with someone else he didn't recognise.. He was in another nightmare. Then he realised: The ship was flying. Just as Toby was trying to get over this shock, the others dived off the edge: |He quickly realised that this was part of the sport. Toby was petrified, but dived off any way. He saw blocks floating in the air, and quickly moved out of their way. He was falling so fast that he couldn't react to everything in time. It wasn't long before he failed to dodge one of the many robot patrolling the sky, before falling towards the ocean.