"Truth makes many appeals, not the least of which is its power to shock."
-Jules Renard

Aigis, as a machine, understands plenty of things.

She knows how to disarm a man six times larger than her; she knows where exactly to aim in order to render the other party useless, if he is human. She knows where exactly to fire if the other party is a machine, as she is. She knows every part of the human anatomy, where she can puncture and where it will release the most blood. She knows exactly how many seconds or minutes or hours it will take for a human to die, depending on his wound.

Not that she has ever touched a human being intending to kill, however. It was not what she was created for.

She knows how to aim for the critical points of a shadow. She knows when to go into Orgia Mode when it will be most effective. She knows how to avoid the enemy's attacks.

She knows how to summon a Persona.

Aigis only knows destruction and not life, for she was built for the very reason of the destruction of shadows.

She does not understand why Yukari-san and Fuuka-san laugh, or why Junpei-san finds school boring, or why Akihiko-san and Mitsuru-san argue over his wounds if they will heal in due time.

She only understands that she is a machine, she kills shadows, and that she wants to be by Minato-san's side.

She understands nothing else.

So when the bolt of electricity runs through her system and brings her to her knees, it comes as a moment of what humans would call clarity.

She understands nothing.

This is the realization.

Aigis is a machine and knows only a specific number of things, she knows everything relating to weaponry but she knows nothing about humanity.

She wants to know why Yukari-san and Fuuka-san laugh, she wants to know why Junpei-san finds school 'boring', she wants to know why Mitsuru-san yells at Akihiko-san for his injures. It is because she is 'worried', but what exactly is worried? Is it the same feeling of 'needing to protect', as she feels with Minato-san?

She has asked the others to explain to her what 'school' is, what 'fun' is; sometimes they can give her a definition and she adds it to her system, other times they find it very difficult to explain to her and she cannot even understand why it should be so difficult.

Sometimes a 'feeling' relies heavily on simply 'emotion', which she is lacking in.

She wants to know. She wants to begin to understand.

The bullets shoot forth from her fingers as she leaps into the air. Minato-san shakes his sword, Yukari-san returns the arrow to the quiver, and Amada-san sighs with relief. Yukari-san and Amada-san smile at her, grateful for her expertise in the elimination of shadows. She does not find Minato-san's lack of expression odd at all, possibly because she is the same way.

She thinks she begins to comprehend the feeling of camaraderie and friendship.





End Notes: Teaching Aigis must be hard…things like boring would be hard to explain, especially since you could just keep going. "What is boring?" "Well…the lack of amusement." "why is there a lack of amusement that classifies it as boring?" "well…like school. Homework is boring. It's work." "Why is work boring?" "Because…I'm lazy!" "What is lazy?"

Then again, Aigis might be satisfied with "the lack of amusement"; I don't think she'd ask that many questions...

But still, teaching things like feelings and emotions are rather difficult. Nostalgia might be one…