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Checking the information that Demyx had found for me, I spotted a very cute cottage with what looked like fresh flowers planted all around it. Beautiful ones, placed in simple but attractive arrangements surrounding the path that led to the door. I was suddenly nervous and I bit my lip as I turned off my car and removed my hat and gloves. Would he be happy to see me at all? I hadn't even contacted him besides the note that I sent before I'd been dragged to London.

Stepping down and squaring my shoulders, I opened the gate and walked in, closing it behind me. Walking up to the door, I gently knocked and waited for someone to answer. The door opened, revealing a short woman a couple of years older than myself. Her hair was tied back with a red ribbon and she wore a simple beige dress, a basket hanging from her arm. Taking me in, she blinked.

"Lord O'Malley?" She asked in surprise, giving me a quick curtsy. "I... I'm sorry, but may I ask what you are doing all the way out here?" She shook her head, giggling, "I'm sorry, this is very surprising indeed. I hope you won't require my attention for very long, I was just on my way out to bring my husband his lunch." She smiled happily the moment she'd announced the word 'husband'.

Wishing that I'd put my hat back on so I could tip it to her, I placed my hand over my chest and gave her a slight bow. Shuffling my feet, I cleared my throat. "Pardon my intrusion, ma'am. I was hoping that you could tell me if Axel Griffits is at home? And please, don't let me keep you."

Smiling, she nodded and stepped out of the house, closing the door behind her. "Yes, he's in the back garden turning the dirt. The potatoes are ready to be taken out of the ground, so he's lending a hand to Peter while he's out working in the field. Just follow the gravel path around the house and you'll find him there." She curtsied again. "I must go now. Have a fine day, Lord O'Malley." She walked away and then halted. "Oh, and if you are here to have a lengthy discussion with Griffits, tell him I don't mind if he invites you to stay for dinner." She giggled, "He can just fetch some extra potatoes." Giving me a small wave, she walked away, her curly brown hair bouncing after her.

Stuttering out my thanks, I followed her instructions and walked along the path that wound around the cottage. He was right behind this house. Licking my lips, I turned the corner and spotted him just as Anne had told me I would. Turning the dirt in the garden. I hadn't thought the day to be a hot one until I saw Axel's naked back, a thin layer of sweat covering his skin, his muscles tightening every time he shoveled the tool into the ground, pulling it back out to loosen the potatoes.

I was so used to seeing him in a pristine uniform, this was definitely a side I hadn't expected to see on him ever. He was wearing some type of work pants that had holes in them, feet shoved into rubber boots and his red hair wasn't tied back like it normally was, it was flowing freely over his shoulders.

Dear god..."Bloody hell." I breathed out, unable to stop the flush of heat that shot through my body as his muscles flexed. He was even more amazing out of uniform. He halted in his next shove, turning around with a frown on his face, probably having heard me speak. The frown vanished as his eyebrows shot up when he saw me. Now I just had to wait and see if he still felt anything for me...

Planting the tool into the dirt, his face broke out into a smile and he quickly strode over to me, not giving me much time to react as he scooped me up, arms around my waist, feet off the ground, pulling me tightly up against him, his face pressed against my neck.

"God, I missed you..." He breathed.

"Axel..." My arms wrapped around his shoulders and my entire body sighed in relief as I breathed him in. "Missed you too..." Chuckling, I whispered against his neck, "And here I thought that you might not want to see me again." Closing my eyes, I just focused on his arms around me and his breath on my skin.

Setting me down onto the ground, he framed my face. "Not see you? That's just ridiculous." He pushed the hair out of my face with one hand, using his thumb on the other hand to brush my lips. "I'm guessing the servant gossip community did it's job right once more and Demyx told you about my location?"

I nodded and just stared happily into his eyes. "Of course, he was a little slow to tell me that you'd been released from service by your father until it had been a week later. I'm a little disappointed in him for that one." Raising up my hand to cup his cheek, I asked, "Are you alright, Axel? Did he do anything else besides let you go?"

He shook his head. "No, he just fired me, told me not to come back to ask for money as a goodbye." Shrugging his shoulders, he leaned in, kissing the tip of my nose. "I'm absolutely fine, Roxas... I don't think I've felt quite this free ever before in my life. Started breathing properly when he told me I was dismissed from my services. I suppose I do feel a bit sorry for those he hired though, they must not have it easy." He placed a kiss beneath my eye. "But that's nothing I have to worry about. Anne and Peter were gracious enough to let me stay with them for a little while until I can figure out my next move." And then he kissed the corner of my mouth, humming in appreciation. "You're still as addictive. How are you, Roxas? What happened in London?"

"First, kiss me please. I cannot think of anything else right now." I murmured, my face tickling where his lips had rested. My eyes were on his lips and I wanted nothing more than to taste them, my body thrumming with desire. Moving my arm tighter around his neck, I moved forward. Stopping me just short of our lips touching, Axel shook his head.

Licking his lips, he murmured, "Please assure me I don't have to share you first..." His voice almost sounded pained. "No matter how much I feel for you, I will not share." He breathed, head tilting and slowly moving his lips closer to mine.

Confused, I pulled back to look at him. "Axel? What are you talking about?"

"London? Weren't you there for courting purposes?" He sighed, "Did you marry?" He took a step away from me. "Look, I love you, but I'm not about to fight every single day with feelings such as 'does he love me more than his wife?'. I deserve more than that. I won't be hidden away again."

Oh yes...I couldn't stop myself from giggling in happiness. He loved me. My heart swelled with happiness and I took a step forward and wrapped my arms around him again. "Axel. Relax, I am not married. I will not marry. I love you."

His arms came around me hesitantly, and when I looked up I saw him frowning down at me. "You didn't marry?" I shook my head. "And you love me?" I nodded and he smiled then. "And you'll never marry..." Cupping my chin, he tilted my head back and finally gave me the kiss I'd asked for, pressing his lips to mine. His other arm around my back tightened, holding me against him firmly.

Moaning in delight, I couldn't help but take the opportunity to run my fingers over his naked back and hum at how his skin felt beneath my fingertips. After I'd seen this cute little cottage and how happy Axel was in describing how he no longer worked for his father, I had an idea. But that could wait as I was too busy letting Axel kiss me into oblivion.

Holding onto the back off my head, he breathed in deeply. "I want to invite you in," He said against my mouth. "But the room I'm sleeping in will become their baby room whenever Anne gets pregnant. I can't-" He kissed me deeply. "I want too, but-" His hand slipped under my shirt, fingers touching the skin on my back, a moan coming from him before kissing me feverishly.

Humming in agreement, I was also aware that we were standing in someone else's garden kissing while he was half naked but I didn't care about that, I wanted to take him somewhere else, somewhere far away from here. Continuing the kiss for as long as possible seemed like the best idea, but I needed to talk to him. "Axel...I do need to talk to you." I got out between kisses, before my brain got distracted by his tongue massaging mine.

He shook his head. "No, you don't." His hand slipped down to my ass, cupping and squeezing it, pressing against it so our groins connected. "Unless it's really important..." He breathed out, his mouth dragging down my cheek so he could kiss my neck.

Pushing my hips into his, remembering that afternoon in my library over a month ago, I gave in for just a moment to feel that heart stopping friction again. And there it was..."God, Axel." Allowing myself a few moments to enjoy the feeling and heat of him against me was enough. Stopping my movements and taking a deep breath to clear my fogging brain, I tapped on his shoulder. "It is important, I think. Please."

He groaned, "Yes, alright. But make sure not to leave for another month before we get to at least finish that." He gave me a quick smile, letting me know he was just kidding. "Come on, we can go sit on the bench. Anne made some lemonade before leaving."

Enjoying the view as I followed him, I thought about what I was about to ask him. Was it too much? I knew that marriage proposals took months, sometimes as long as a year to go through, and even setting up oneself with a mistress took longer than I'd known Axel. So, how could I know that if what I proposed to him would be successful?

This cottage had reminded me of a story that my father had told me. When I'd been reading about the genealogy of our family line, I'd learned that it had not always been the O'Malley line that was important. No, there had been a point a few generations back where the name had been something else. But, when the eldest son of the family had refused the title, he'd given it to his eldest sister and her husband to carry on the line. He'd gone to live in the countryside, forsaking his title and fortune.

From what I understood, he'd lived happily on his own, and the family had continued under the name of O'Malley. Granted, that was years ago, but the cottage had brought back the memory of that story and then as I'd thought about the situation I found myself in, I'd had the idea that I would rather live out my life in a simple way than be concerned with names and titles. And it would just be perfect if Axel would consent to live with me. But, that was so much so soon. I could not see how he would agree right away. And I would need to tell my parents that I would not marry before they could find more marriage prospects for me.

Sitting down on the bench, Axel handed me a glass of lemonade, sipping some from his own before putting it down on the garden table before us. Looking at me, he gave me a soft smile, reaching out to tuck a lock of hair behind my ear. "What is it you wish to say?" He asked.

I sighed. "I do not know how to start. Except to tell you that I love you." Licking my lips and feeling a bit giddy about saying that out loud again, I took a sip of my own lemonade. "I have decided that I cannot marry and be happy. I haven't told my parents yet and I am afraid of what they might say, but I will tell them. I refuse to marry some poor girl that I will never be happy with."

He gave me a curious smile. "That is very honest of you. Makes me love you more." Placing an arm around my shoulders, he gently pulled me into his side, sighing contently. "So after you've told your parents, which, I won't lie and tell you it will be an easy thing to do... what are your plans?"

And now came the truly hard part. Could I really ask this of him? Taking a deep breath and praying that this could somehow work out, I said, "I was hoping that I could give up my title and being the heir to my family's name and perhaps move to the country, maybe own a cottage such as this. And, I was hoping that I could ask you to come with me."

"The only reason I stayed here at Anne's house longer than I needed to is because I wanted to wait for you to come back from London. Couldn't move on without knowing what was going on with you..." He murmured. "This all is very new, what we have? Are you sure you wish to give all that up?" He asked softly. "If you are then yes, I'll go wherever you go."

"Axel, there is no question in my mind that I want to give that up. That is nothing, just emptiness. Nothing felt real when I was in that world." I waved my hand towards the city for emphasis. "You've shown me so much. You've been a truly amazing friend." Blushing, I went on. "And you've become my love." Leaning over I kissed his cheek softly. "My idea was just that, an idea. What would you like to do?"

"I want to be away from society..." He murmured, cupping my face to keep me from moving away. "I have enough resources to get us that." Kissing me softly, he smiled. "I'd like to be with you. I like your idea. This cottage has been very nice to be at for the last weeks and to have one of my own, sharing it with you? It'd be lovely."


And here I thought I'd hit a streak of bad luck, while instead, getting fired seemed to have been the best thing that ever happened to me and on top of it, Roxas was telling me things I thought only possible in my dreams. He wanted to give up his title and fortune to be who he really was... With that, he wanted me to be with him. Pulling him into my arms, I kissed his forehead.

"How about I go pack my things, we'll pass by the field to tell Anne and Peter I'm leaving, and I'll rent a room above the tavern for a couple of days while you figure things out with your parents?" I murmured, tilting his face up. "I wish I could stand by you while you have that scary conversation with them, but I can't. It would make things worse. But I can make sure to stay close, be there before and after you speak to them." Twinning my fingers into his hair, I kissed him because I simply couldn't get enough of it...

Pulling back and stroking my face, Roxas met my eyes, his face serious. "Axel, you'd do that? For me? I feel I must warn you that I will be almost completely, if not totally useless to begin with. I do not know how to take care of myself. You'd have to teach me everything." He looked nervous as he said that, as if he was afraid that it might scare me off.

"Hey," I murmured, "You're not useless, and of course I'll teach you. I'm sure you'll teach me a thing or two as well." Clearing my throat, I looked sheepishly down. "I... I don't know how to write. Ashdown never wanted me to learn. Otherwise I would have offered to write that note in your stead when you needed to answer Kairi."

"Axel, I can truly say that your father is a horrible man. That he deliberately kept you ignorant like that is almost a crime." His hand reached over and lifted my chin up, placing a kiss on my lips. "I would love nothing more than to share the art of literature with you. I've often thought of sitting in front of a fire with me resting my head on your lap as we read together." Taking in a deep breath, he closed his eyes. "We must hurry and get you to a room of your own. I want..." He licked his lips and ran his fingers gently over my face. "I want to be with you..."

I nearly moaned at his words, blood rushing faster. Swallowing, I nodded my head, "I'll go pack. It won't take long. I'll meet you by your car." Kissing him quickly, I got up and went back into the cottage, assembling my belongings, packing up my suitcase again.

When we arrived back in town, Roxas had parked the car on the same lot by the serenade park where we'd started talking, really talking for the first time, where our stations didn't matter and how we'd come to be friends. It was hard to keep my hands off him, but we'd made it through the park and part of town, reaching the tavern after a short while and although I'd missed Demyx, I was glad he wasn't there to interrupt my way up to a room, alone with Roxas. I could say hello to my friend some other time.

After having paid for a week in advance, I got the key to a room on the second floor in the far back. Roxas hadn't followed me right away as although I doubt anyone would notice, we wanted to make sure not to raise any curious eyes. So, he'd gone to the bathroom, agreeing to stay there a while before going to the second floor to meet me.

It wasn't a very big room, and no great luxury either. However, this bed seemed a lot more comfortable than the one I'd had back in the Ashdown manor, more space too. Being alone in the room, sitting on the edge of the bed after having shoved my suitcase into the small narrow closet, I wondered if... Well, it was rather obvious we would be doing things. He hadn't been with men before... Maybe a room above a tavern wasn't the right way to do this. Did it have to be more special or something? This was all very strange.

I heard a soft knock on that door that could only be Roxas coming to my room. Getting up, I quickly moved over to the door, opening it and stepping aside so he could come in. Once he was, I locked the door behind me, not wanting anyone to interrupt us, even if we happened not to do anything sexual.

"Are you okay, Roxas? I know you said you wanted too, but I understand if you're too nervous or need a long time before being ready. Not long ago you believed you'd marry a woman and that would be that. This is a big step." Okay, so now I was rambling. Sighing, I moved over to the bed, sitting on the edge again. "I don't even know if you know what two men do when they are with each other. Did Demyx explain?" I cringed at that thought. My love talking of sex with my best friend...

He smiled and moved over and sat next to me on the bed, not quite touching me, but not sitting far away either. "It is not as big of step as you seem to think it is. Yes, I have been with woman, but seeing as how there were no feelings at all besides lust involved, I have never thought beyond instant gratification when I think of them. And no, I have not spoken to Demyx about this. I was hoping that you would explain it. Or maybe, tell me of how you first came to enjoy men."

I pressed my lips tightly together, looking at him in worry. "Alright... I will tell you, but I hope it won't make you feel strange." Sighing, I looked back at the memory and couldn't help but let out a confused chuckle. "It was seven years ago. Both Demyx and myself were seventeen at the time and we were trying to find women willing to help us..." I grinned, shrugging, "I don't know, we wanted sex and women were the way to do that. So we tried very hard and when we finally found two girls that were interested, we got a room and we went there and..."

I licked my lips, turning to look at Roxas. "I've never felt lust in any way towards a woman, and neither has Demyx. We came to realize this fully that evening and after the girls left, we got really drunk." And now came the part that was a bit delicate. "Since we'd paid for the room, we decided to just sleep there and get our moneys worth. We kissed, touched, but no sex. It was a heated moment that lasted thirty minutes at the most and never happened again. Demyx and I don't feel like that for each other, but I can't help but be glad that moment happened as I don't think I'd have realized my preference without him."

He blinked. "You and...Demyx? As in, my manservant Demyx?"

I grimaced. "Yes. Our friend Demyx. You're not upset, are you? It happened seven years ago, and again, I wish to point out that it lasted not more than thirty minutes, which is very, very short. And, it never happened again."

Shaking his head, he smiled. "No, Axel, relax. It's completely fine. I was just surprised. I mean, I knew that Demyx was also one to enjoy men, and I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you two were like that, no matter how short it was." Laying back on the bed, he crossed his arms behind his head and stared at the ceiling. "What is it like when two men make love? You don't have to tell me who you learned from, but I cannot lie when I tell you I'm jealous about your experience."

Grinning, I turned over onto my stomach, lying down beside him. "If you let me have my way, I'll make sure you catch up with the experience I have." I murmured, leaning in to kiss his cheek. "I'm sure it's a lot like making love with a woman sensation wise. But with men..." I cleared my throat, never having thought I'd have to spell it out. "Well, you know how you, err, stick your-" Oh dear god... "cock between the woman's legs?" My voice sounded uncomfortably high pitched, and I quickly cleared it again to get it back to it's regular tone. "Well, one of the men would stick it into, ehm, into... into..." I peeked at Roxas, giving him an amused frown. "Ass."

His face turned red and he gulped. "And does it...feel good? For the one err...receiving?"

I cupped his cheek, brushing it with my thumb. "If you prepare them right, yes."

"And would you...prepare me right?" He whispered, his eyes wide and his face openly honest and trusting. I blinked in surprise, never having really thought about who would be in what position between me and him... Not that I hadn't wanted to think about it, I really had, but... I hadn't thought we'd come to the point we were at now.

"I..." Smiling, I nodded, stroking his cheek and leaning in to kiss his lips softly. "Of course, I'd take very good care of you." I whispered.

"You know, I am not expected back until later today." He murmured, keeping his lips against mine. "Or, if you would rather wait, we can."

I gulped as a flash of heat shot through me. "I want you." I told him honestly. "But if you wish to wait, then I will without issue."

Smiling sweetly at me, he said, "We both want it, and yet, I feel as though we both want to wait. I cannot tell you if I should wait because I have never experienced it. You are in charge here, Axel. I'm putting my trust in you. What do you want?"

"How about you stay right here and I'll get us some drinks. We can talk some more, drink a bit, see where things go? If they go there, then they do, if they don't, then they don't." Flicking his nose, I sat up. "In any case, you're staying here until you absolutely have to leave. Haven't seen you in a month, Roxas, need to get my fill before I let you out of my reach again."

Getting up, I gave him a quick smile before moving over to my door, unlocking it and then sliding out so I could get us those drinks down at the bar. And oil... If it were to go anywhere, we'd need oil. And if we were to make it to that point, I wouldn't want to ruin the moment by having to vanish for a few to get us that oil.


I watched as Axel left the room and my hands went to cover my mouth. What on earth had I been thinking? I wasn't scared or even that hesitant. I knew that I didn't want to wait, so why had I acted like I did? Maybe I was still unsure about what Axel was feeling. He said he loved me and I believed that. Closing my eyes, I rested for a moment trying to collect my scattered thoughts. How was this any different than those times that I'd had sex before? Only the part that Axel was a man was different. And that I had no problem with. I trusted him. Trust. Love. Because I loved him, I trusted him. That's what was missing from before. That's what made this so different from the other times that I'd experienced sexual release.

Love made it different in ways that I did not understand yet. To truly join with someone that you loved; it must be that much more amazing to experience than simple lust and sexual relief. I'd hesitated because this was the unknown still. We didn't know how this would change us and I didn't know how it would feel.

Opening my eyes, I smiled at nothing in particular. I tried to imagine what sex with Axel would be like. His kisses and body were enough to spread heat through me even now when he was in another room. And remembering the feel of his body pressing into mine was still branded in my brain. Could sex with him be more amazing than that? He said that it wouldn't hurt, that he would make it good for me. That was all the reassurance I needed. He may think that I was hesitant, but I was not. Not anymore. He didn't stand a chance.


Entering the room with a bottle of apple cider, remembering Roxas had liked that from trying it some night out in the tavern with me and Demyx, two glasses and then a flagon of oil... I managed to lock the door behind me again, smiling as I saw Roxas lying back on the bed, his eyes closed. Setting down the bottle, glasses and flagon on the side table, I sat down on the edge of the bed beside him.

"You're beautiful, you know that?" I murmured, trailing my fingers softly along his face.

Opening one eye, he glanced up at me and smiled. "I thank you, kind sir, for the compliments." Giggling and opening his other eye, he glanced over at the side table. "What have you brought me?"

I smiled at him. "Apple cider. Here," I opened the bottle, pouring him a drink and I grinned as he snatched the bottle from my hands, pouring me my drink before I could have done it myself. He didn't offer an explanation, simply handed me my cup of cider and waited for me to take a drink.

Touching my glass against his, I then lifted it, taking a sip. "Scoot over, love." I nudged him before settling down on the bed beside him, our legs stretched out next to each other.

He hummed and took a quick drink. "I like that name." Resting his hand on my leg, he finished off his cider in one take. Setting his glass back down on the side table, he moved so that he was near the foot of the bed next to my shoes. "Axel, let me make you more comfortable." He murmured and began removing my shoes.

"I..." Staring at him, I then shrugged, smirked, downed my glass and once I'd set it down, I crossed my arms behind my head. "Go right ahead."

He removed my shoes slowly, as if he was unsure on the mechanics of it. Once removed, he set them neatly on the floor next to the bed. Turning back to me, he licked his lips and his eyes settled on my pants. Moving forward, his hands were suddenly on my belt, undoing it and sliding it out of the loopholes.

Without a word, he stood from the bed and went to hang my belt on the hook by the closet and then turned and came back to the bed. His eyes once more on my pants, his hands were moving quickly to undo my trousers. Licking my lips, I remained mute, lifting my hips off the bed so he could easily pull them down. He folded them neatly, placing them on the chair beside the bed before coming back to me, shaky fingers reaching for my shirt. Taking a hold of his wrist to still him momentarily, I cupped his face, sitting up to kiss him softly.

"I love you."

He smiled and nodded. "I love you as well my handsome friend. You have a beautiful body..." Murmuring against my lips, he kissed me again, but pulled back. "Let me undress you."

Nodding, I made this a tad easier on him by moving over to sit on the side of the bed and placing my hands on his hips, guiding him to stand between my legs, letting him take care of me. Slipping my thumbs underneath his shirt, I rubbed them in slow circles over the naked skin of his hips.

Closing my eyes and appreciating the feel of his hands on me as he pushed my shirt over my shoulders slowly. As he removed my shirt, his breath shook and he bit his bottom lip as he stared at my chest for a moment. Sighing, he pulled away from my hold and neatly folded my shirt and set it gently on top of my pants. Feeling my breath speed up, I reached over to start undoing his shirt, but he smacked my hands away. Chuckling, I obediently placed them back on the edge of the bed, watching him as he continued.

"Would you please stand up? I wish to remove your um, ehm, undergarments." Again, the cute little stutter that popped up. He was still nibbling on his bottom lip as his eyes were staring at my chest. Framing his face, I kissed him softly all the while obliging him by standing up, ending the kiss once I was and spreading my arms so he had full access.

Leaning in, he put his face against my stomach and took a deep breath. Pressing his lips against me, he trailed soft kisses across my abdomen before pulling back and hooking his fingers into my underwear and slowly pulling it down, waiting for me to step out of them. Once I did, I was standing fully naked before him, not uncomfortable whatsoever, but wondering when I could start undressing him.

"May I? Or do you have more in store for me?" I asked in amusement, brushing the hair out of his face. "Thank you."

"I've wanted to serve you and show you how much I love you. Is there anything else you will let me do for you?" He whispered softly, his eyes burning into mine, his face hovering just out of reach to kiss.

I smirked, using one hand to start undoing his buttons, letting the other move down. "Moan for me." I said, palming his groin over his trousers, squeezing and rubbing while pushing the shirt off his shoulders, not letting him kiss me until I'd hear him moan. Immediately, he moaned and his eyes were half lidded as my hand worked him. Panting, he raised his face to mine, his eyes silently pleading for more.

Letting his shirt fall down to the ground, I slipped my hand back over his chest, pinching his nipple while undoing his trousers, pushing those along with his undergarments over his hips, freeing his hard length. Leaning in with my head, I nearly let my lips touch his, but not entirely, just letting them hover there as I grasped his erection, fabric no longer hindering it. Rubbing it slowly but firmly and deliberately, I moved my other hand over to his ass, squeezing it while slowly turning us around so his back was facing the bed now.

"Does it feel good, love?" I asked softly, pressing one short kiss against his lips.

"So good...more please." His voice was rough and needy and his face tried to follow my lips, begging for more kisses.

"God, you're lovely." I breathed, sliding my hand off his ass, over his back and letting it settle against the back of his head. Rubbing his cock a couple of more times, I released him, but before he could make a sound of protest, I kissed him roughly, pushing him back onto the bed, laying him down and hovering over him. "Part your mouth for me." I said while settling onto my left elbow, nudging his legs apart with my knee as my right hand slid down over his stomach.

"Yes, my lord." Blushing as the words left his mouth, he obediently opened his mouth and waited to see what I would do.

My eyebrows raised, and I grinned. "Well there's something I didn't think I'd hear coming from you..." Grasping his length in my hand again, I squeezed. "Tell me something, Roxas. How far do you want this to go?" I asked, somewhat serious as I wanted to make sure, but I also just wanted to hear him say it.

"Axel...Are you really asking me that," his breath hitched, "with your hand around me?" His eyes closed and he bit his lip before opening his eyes and nodding. "Yes, I want this. I want you. Please."

I hummed, nodding my head, "Do you know how sexy it is to hear you tell me that?" I murmured, kissing him and taking advantage of the fact that his lips were parted to deepen it, picking up speed with my hand. When he let out a long moan, I pulled away, slowing my rubs teasingly. "One moment." I murmured, pecking his lips and releasing him so I could sit up and grab the flagon of oil from the side table, opening it and pouring some on my hands while letting my eyes rake down his figure.

Leaning up on his elbows, he watched me. "What are you doing with that?" He asked, meeting my gaze and licking his lips. "I suddenly find myself really understanding what beauty is when I look at you, Axel." Smiling, he rested his head back on the bed and waited.

Rubbing my hands together to make sure they weren't cold, I moved back over him, kissing his neck softly. "Thank you..." I murmured at the compliment. "And the oil is to help make this as comfortable as possible for you." I whispered, letting my hand rest on his thigh, gently pushing it apart from the other. "We'll do this slowly and if at any moment you wish to stop, you tell me so." Dragging my mouth back up to his lips, I pecked them. "Relax as best as you can, trust me, it will help." I instructed gently, letting my hand slip down between his legs, using my index finger to tease his entrance.

Taking a deep breath and releasing it, he nodded. "I'm ready." Not kissing him, but letting my eyes fix onto his big blue ones, I gently pressed the tip of my finger inside of him, pushing it halfway in and then stilling so he could adjust. He blinked in surprise, frowning as it most likely felt a bit odd. Smiling, I pushed the hair out of his face with my other hand, starting to move the finger slowly inside of him.

When he started to moan softly, lips parting and panting, I carefully added another finger, holding onto him as that move had him tense. But after some soft hushed whispers and encouragements, he relaxed, giving me a nod to start moving again. I kept at it for a long while, even if he told me numerous times that he was ready. He probably was, but I wanted to make sure, scissoring my fingers, stretching him as best I could before adding a third.

That last one led him to wince, and I felt bad for the discomfort, but I also knew it would be over soon, telling him that. He smiled when he realized I was right and somewhere along the process, I started kissing him softly, taking my time. Once he seemed more than comfortable with my fingers, I slowly slipped them out of him, grabbing the oil and then started coating my length, not able to contain the small moan that escaped me as I rubbed myself softly.

"May I?" He asked softly, suddenly leaning up on the bed and watching me hungrily.

Licking my lips, I nodded, reaching out to take his hand and wrapping his fingers around my cock. "All yours, love." Without a word he started stroking me, his eyes pinned to my length, studying it and seemingly fascinated as I moaned when he squeezed the head. Spreading the oil around and bringing his other hand up to grasp it as well, he sped his movements up.

I chuckled breathlessly. "Rox, easy there, you'll make me spill." I kissed him before he could start stuttering. "That felt amazing, and I'll definitely let you do that again some other time..." I whispered, pushing him back onto the bed, settling between his legs. "Hold onto me and remember to relax, it may feel a bit strange at first, but I'll be careful." I promised.

He nodded giving me a smile and snaking his arms up to cup my cheeks. "I am very happy to have you above me again, Axel. I have thought of that day in the library every night." Leaning up to connect our lips, he moaned. "I'm ready. Please, Axel..."

"So have I..." I returned honestly, grasping the base of my length so I could guide the tip carefully into him. His lips pressed tightly together, and I quickly kissed him on the desperate side, holding onto his hip as I slowly pushed inside of him, finding it hard not to just start pounding him as this felt incredible... Moaning loudly, I manage to still my movements, giving him the time to adjust. "Tight, very tight, good, you feel so good, Roxas." I breathed out, placing numerous small kisses all over his face, "You okay?"

"Yes...oh god...this feels incredible...And I may not know too much, but please...a little faster would feel better..." Pulling tightly on my shoulders with his hands, his legs were wrapping around my hips and gripping me close to him.

"Here," I managed to get out, lying down on top of him so his length was trapped between our stomachs. Shoving a hand underneath him, I flattened my palm against the small of his back while letting my other hand settle underneath his neck. Kissing him sloppily, I gave him what he asked for, groaning loudly as I finally let myself move, pushing into him and then pulling back out continuously without skipping a beat, so lost in sensation, I couldn't properly kiss him anymore.

"Axel...Axel..." Only panting my name between moans, his legs pulling me close every time I pulled out and his arms clutching me against his chest. Suddenly tensing, he moaned out my name, loud enough that I'm sure the neighbors could have heard him and his body clenched around me.

Him tightening around me and the warmth of his spill settling between our stomachs, his body tense and his breath panting and moaning into my ear... "Roxas- I-" Pounding into him quickly a couple of more times, I finally followed his lead, my body trembling as it got caught in that amazing feeling, loving how Roxas' limbs locked tightly around me, holding me close. Staying stuck in that moment for a while longer, I finally breathed out long and heavy, smiling as I gently let myself settle back down on top of him, muscles never having been quite this relaxed. It's like I had no more bones in my body.

"Sorry," I chuckled, "Here, I don't want to crush you." I slowly slipped out of him, rolling us over, keeping him close and settled on top of me before kissing his lips softly. "You're amazing..." I said, somewhat on the breathless side.

"Axel...I love you..." Sighing happily and nuzzling his face into my neck, his trailed kisses along my jawline. Pulling back so he could look my in the eye, he smirked. "When can we do it again?"

Roxas - About eight months later

Stirring the gravy one more time, making sure that no lumps were forming, I raised the spoon to taste it and grinned when it was perfect. Putting the lid back on it, I bent down and opened the oven to see that the rolls were coming along nicely. The roast was done and I checked the clock on the wall, and smiled as it was close to the time that Axel had said that he would be on his way home.

Wiping my hands on my apron, I untied it and went to open the door, letting a cool breeze flow through the cottage that we'd purchased after I'd renounced my family name. It had actually gone over very well after the initial surprise from my parents. Gippal was a far better heir and was already included in every family decision so it was only natural that they accept him in my place. My mother had taken me aside and given me a hug, telling me to visit as often as I wanted and that if I wanted, I could take all of my books with me.

That had been a relief as my books were the only possessions that I would miss and since they were expensive to purchase, I had given up the idea that I would collect them in my simpler life. But Axel had found a large enough cottage, not too large, but large enough that I would have a place for all of them. We had a small modest farm, a place where we could grow a few vegetables to sell, and have our own cow that I'd learned to milk so that we could have fresh milk and cheese. Anne had come over a few times, and I'd gone over there to learn the proper way to make butter. It was amazing how these things were made out of milk. I'd been fascinated and had begged Axel to let me purchase our own dairy cow. Her name was Lucky and she was very easy to handle.

I did not spend all of my time with household chores, but I truly didn't mind doing them. Axel had mentioned once that I could possibly teach, and so once a week, I would walk to the closest school house and instruct anyone, servant, master, adult or teenager on the art of reading and writing. I'd taught Axel as soon as we had moved in and now our Sunday evenings were spent cuddled up by the fire, reading our favorite passages to each other.

"Hey love!" Turning, I saw his wild red hair stick into the doorway, giving me a big smile, his nose sniffling, "God, that smells amazing..." Looking over to the stove, his lips parted. "That's gravy, isn't it?" He was practically drooling. "I sold all of the vegetables and I went by the post. We got a letter from Demyx." Walking over to me, he snaked his arms around my waist, lifting me up against him so he could plant a kiss on my lips.

Something that I'd never tired of. His kisses were even more amazing every day. Pulling back, I smacked his hand gently as he was extending his arm, trying to sneak a taste of the gravy. "Not til dinner. We have a few more minutes. Sit down and we can read the letter from Demyx before we eat."

He looked longingly at the gravy but then decided to follow my instructions, pulling me along with him to our small round table. Once seated, he tore the letter open, flattening it on the table so we could both see it.

Glancing down, I recognized Demyx's handwriting.

"Hi friends! I hope you're living your happily ever after very happily indeed. Make sure to come visit me soon, because I need to tell you two about the blue haired miracle that gave me my own happily ever after."

I looked at Axel to see what his reaction would be. Maybe we could go and visit. We hadn't been back there since we'd both moved to this cottage.

Axel grinned down at the note. "He must have finally talked to the bookworm then." Pushing the letter away, he moved his chair closer to mine, leaning in to kiss me softly. "We'll have to go visit him sometime this month." He murmured, "Hmmm... I missed you today, but in order to show you just how much," He waggled his eyebrows, "You need to feed me first. Stock me up with energy so I can make it last as long as possible." He gave me an innocent look.

Smirking and kissing him, I purred out, "Hmmm, I love you. How could I possibly resist that offer?"

"You can't." He said happily, getting up and moving over to the stove. "Now give me that gravy..." Snagging me by the wrist, he made sure to drag me along with him.

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