It all started with a list…

Leo: Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), acrophobia (fear of heights)

Raph: Entomophobia (fear of bugs)

Don: Atychiphobia (fear of failure)

Mikey: Nyctophobia (fear of darkness)

Who: Lepidopterophobia (fear of butterflies*)

"What's that?" Leo asked noticing the paper.

"A list of all our phobias" the girl explained and handed the paper to the blue masked ninja.

"Hey! I already got rid of my fear of heights" Leo said noticing "acrophobia" beside his name.

"What about snakes?" Who asked. Leo winced at the word. Sure snakes were pretty nasty for him but at least he could control himself.

"Er… well… kinda. Working on it; but at least I don't freak out like Raph when he sees a bug" Leo said.

"True. You've got a lot more self control" the girl said. Leo kept reading.

"What ya talkin' about?" Raph appeared from the dojo.

"Bugs" Who teased.

"Ew! I'm outta here" Raph started to walk away.

"Sure… chicken" Who mumbled.

What ya said?" Raph growled.

"Easy Raph, she's just kidding" Leo glared at the girl.

"Sure. Now seriously, what were ya talkin about?" Raph asked again.

"Phobias… and yes, one of them is about bugs" Leo said.

"Well, I think I can handle it" Raph shrugged.

"Seriously Raph, I don't see why you're scared of bugs!"

"I ain't…" Raph replied.

"Yeah, yeah. I know that already" Who sighed.

"But you're also scared of bugs, Who" Leo said.

"Not all bugs. Just butterflies" Who corrected.

"But I don't get it. They're just harmless, beautiful…" Leo started.

"…nasty, creepy, horrible creatures! That's what they are!" Who ended.


"Nuh-uh! I'm not gonna hear you!" the girl covered her ears.

"But…" Leo insisted.


"Oh c'mon! That's immature! I'm just saying…" Leo continued.


"Fine, fine! Jeez!"

"And I thought Mikey was childish" Raph chuckled.

"Hey! I heard that!" Mikey yelled from the kitchen.

"Can't handle the truth, lil bro?" Raph yelled. Mikey poked out his head and stuck his tongue out.


"See? Childish" Raph shrugged with a smug smile on his face.

"Leo!" Mikey whined.

"Childish, childish, childish!" Raph teased.

"Stop it you two! First of all: Mikey, I'm not your mom! And second: Raph… shut up!"

"In your face, Raph!" Who laughed.

"Curious. I didn't know Donnie was afraid of failure; I thought that was you" Raph said looking at Don's phobia written in the paper.

"Well, Donnie does feel terrible when he discovers he can't do anything to help you guys. I'm not saying he panics or something like that. And then we have Mikey and darkness, of course" Who commented.

"He was afraid of it since he was a toddler" Leo chuckled.

"And monsters… don't forget monsters" Who added.

"I don't get it. Why he always watches those horror movies when he knows he's gonna have nightmares and he'll cry like a baby and…" Raph commented.

"I don't cry like a baby!" Mikey replied entering into the living room.

"You do" Raph teased.

"Do not" Mikey replied.

"You do"

"Do not!"

"Please, tell me the lab is free" Who sighed.

"Er… nope. Don is in there" Leo said.

"Good. I'm outta here" the girl said leaving the place.

"Hey! You're gonna leave me with them?"

"You're the big brother. Your problem" Who said disappearing into the lab.

"Darn it!... Oh well…" Leo sighed. In the background, the red and orange masked turtles fought. Mikey… was losing.


"…*sigh* … Raph, could you stop choking Mikey with the videogame controller… again?" Leo rolled eyes.

Meanwhile in the lab…

"Gosh, those two are gonna kill each other"

"Leo and Raph?" Don asked not stopping his typing.

"Nah! Raph and Mikey"

"Weird… but yeah. Need something?" Don asked still typing.

"Just a place to hide till those two stop wrestling" Who shrugged.

"And… you chose the lab" Don chuckled.

"Hehe, sorry. I was in a hurry" the girl rubbed the back of her neck nervously.

"It's ok. Where's Leo?" Don asked and continued writing down info.

"Trying to stop them"

"Hmmm… so tell me, how did you know I was atychiphobic?" Don asked. He had heard the whole conversation.

"Remember the time you told me about your experience on that horrible dimension?" Who asked.

"Don't wanna remember it… but yeah" Don sighed, frowning at the memories.

"And what about that time Viral…" Who continued.

"Ok, ok. I get it. I was acting weird, overworking myself and seriously I still don't get why I told you that knowing you could use that info for one of your crazy fics" Don said getting a little angry.

"Sorry… didn't mean to" Who said sadly making her way out of the lab.

"Who… wait…" Don stopped her. He felt ashamed of his reaction.

"I'm fine, Donnie. Just drop it, ok?" Who smiled.

"Hey uh… about your phobia…" Don said trying to change the subject.


"I've read Lepidopterophobia is not a very common phobia" Don added.

"Yeah, I know. People often laugh at me when I tell them I'm scared of butterflies" Who sighed heavily.

"Jerks" Don mumbled.

"Yeah. And mom gets angry and says I'm weird and… you know… stuff like that"

"Haven't you tried hypnosis? It's said that it's a good treatment" Don suggested.

"I'm too scared of those nasty bugs… I don't think it's gonna work on me"

"You haven't tried yet" Don replied.

"And I won't! I know it sounds stupid and… well… I'm a coward on that area. There! I said it!" Who folded arms and looked away.

"Well, you're not that coward. At least you accept your fear, not like Raph" Don chuckled.

"Yeah, you're right" Who grinned.

"It's up to you if you want to face your fear now or wait till it's the right moment. Maybe you don't have to do it now… but… someday" Don patted Who's shoulder as he left the lab for some coffee.

"Yeah… someday"