What Happens when NCIS meets the Harry Potter Gang? Well It will be epic. Epically Funny. Also this happens after school but none of the Harry Potter Gang are married yet. Just letting ya know

Gibbs marched up the stairs and into the director's office.

"What's going on?" he yelled throwing the door open.

"By all means, come in," said Vance cooly. The room wasn't empty as Gibb's had expected there was a severe looking woman and a slightly slimy looking guy with greasy black hair sitting at the table.

"Oh." Said Gibbs warningly, "I'll wait outside Director." Vance marched out after Gibbs.

"They are well somewhat secret," said Vance, "This is hard to believe but they are-" He took a long deep breath, "Wizards."

"Are you off your rocker?" Gibbs exclaimed, "This is what you've been hiding where you've been sneaking off to. To go see some supposed 'wizards'."

"They're the government has made a deal with the headmaster of their wizarding school." Vance said excitedly, "I've seen it Gibbs, they turned my cup of coffee into wine!"

"Fine, say I believe you. What are they doing here?" asked Gibbs, his tone saying he was not in the mood.

"They are here to help us. They are recommending graduates that are well qualified."

"But why?"

"Because they want to see America of course!"

"Really, 'cause that seems like a Bullshiz answer," Gibbs snaped, he was tired of Vance's games.

"No, well that's not all, they need some help back where they come from, they are in the middle of a war and they need help." Vance admitted.

"Of course, so Are those it?" Gibbs asked pointing at the closed door of the office.

"No they are the instructors the graduates will arrive soon."

"Oh great." Said Gibbs sarcasticly.

"I expect you and your team to greet and make whatever students come to help you welcome in fact we are having a welcome, cocktail party and I expect you and you team to be there."

"Is that all Director?" Gibbs asked.

"Yes, for now."

At the Cocktail party.

Ziva and Abbey entered the NCIS building at eight both dressed to impress. Abbey was wearing a black cocktail dress that hugged her hips and had zipper details on it. She was happily skipping along next to Ziva. Abbey was so excited, Yes there are wizards! Ziva was wearing a dark purple dress that skimmed the tops of her knees it was of a floaty material and it was umpire waist with silk straps and belt.

As they entered a small hall they saw that a lot of people were already there. Abbey looked around excitedly, "Are they here yet?" She asked to no one in particular.

"No." said a voice Next to them, "This reminds me of the Raven mixed with twilight."

"Tony!" said Abbey giving him a Hug.

"Abbey," he greeted, "Ziva."

"Tony," Ziva replied graciously, "McGee."

"Hi Ziva, Hi Abbey," said Tim from behind Tony, "This is weird right?"

"Yeah well now you have something else to write about." Said Ziva teasingly. Then suddenly a green light flared from one of the fireplaces.

"What theā€¦" Tony started.

Then a pretty young women with curly brown hair stepped out of the fireplace. She dusted off her robes and straightened up. This revealed a pretty frame and a emerald green dress.

"I'm going to say hello now," said Tony and he started to zip through the crowd to the young woman. Abbey was right Behind him. Ziva and McGee followed more slowly. The girl seemed to be looking at a piece of paper. She looked around, then Tony approached her.

"Hi I'm Tony." He said.

"Hello. I'm Hermione Granger." Said the woman in a charming british accent. She smiled at Tony and shook his hand.

"I'm Abbey, the forenstic scientist!" Abbey practically shouted before giving Hermione Granger a hug. "Umm Hello." Said Hermione un prepared for the sudden attack. When Abbey let go Hermione looked down at her paper.

"Umm do any of you know where Director Vance or special agent Gibbs is?" she asked looking around.

"There's Vance." Ziva said, finally getting there with Mcgee. She smiled at Hermione.

"I'm Ziva David," she said, Hermione introduced herself and the two woman shook hands.

"And I'm Tim Mcgee." Tim added.

"Hello" Hermione said, "I'd love to talk but I have to see director Vance."

"Okay goodbye!" They called after her.

"Did anyone ask how she popped out of the fire?" Tim asked.

"No, kinda missed that part."

Gibbs was standing at the entrance of the party looking at the scene in front of him and watching to see if any of his new team members were there yet. There were three pictures: One of a boy with jet black hair and bright green eyes, another of a girl with curly brown hair, and another of a boy with red-hair and freckles.

Suddenly he was ambused.

"Gibbs!" Abbey yelped before giving him a hug.

"Hi. Abbes." He said before giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"So whose on our team?" asked Tony, "Hiya boss." Gibbs showed them the paper. Ziva read it aloud.

"Harry Potter, Hermione Granger-" She started.

"We just met her," Tony interrupted.

"and Ron Weasley." Ziva finished giving Tony the evil-eye.

"Hermione, nice hair, rocking body." Tony said dreamily.

"Isn't she a bit young for you?" Tim asked innocently.

"Shut up McGeek." Tony snapped. Gibbs gave Tony the head slap.

"Shutting up boss," Tony assured.

Then Hermione Granger walked over to them again.

"You must be Special Agent Gibbs, I'm Hermione Granger." She shook his hand. Gibbs nodded.

"Yes, that would be right," Gibbs responded.

"Ron and Harry will be here in a few. They weren't finished getting ready yet." Suddenly a loud crack came from a little way to the right. Two young men stood there. One with jet black hair and a peculiar looking scar on his head and the other with bright red hair and freckled littering his face. At once Hermione went over to them followed closely by Abbey bouncing along. Hermione kissed them both on the cheeks and they kissed Abbey's cheek. Abbey happily led them back to the group.

"Hello, I'm Harry Potter and this is-" started the boy with black hair.

"Ron Weasley." The red hair boy interrupted. "And you are?" he continued.

"I'm Special Agent Leroy Gibbs." Gibbs stated. He and the young men shook hands.

"I'm Very Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo." Dinozzo said shaking hands.

"I'm Ziva David." She said and then looked completely at ease when they kissed her cheek.

Abbey beamed at the Happy meeting.

"So what can you do?" Asked McGee, "I'm Tim McGee, by the way."

"Nice to meet you Tim." Said Harry, Ron said something along those lines and they shook hands.

"Well," said Hermione, "I'm a witch and they are wizards."

"Is there a difference?" asked Ziva.

"No, not really just that witch refers to women and Wizards to men." Hermione answered swiftly.

"How old are you?" asked Tony with a glance at McGee.

"We are all twenty. We, umm had to leave school for the last year because of certain matters relating to the war. But our marks before had been excellent and all we would have done that year was take exams. "

"Hermione had top marks in every subject except divination. Which she decided not to take," said Ron, "Harry's best at defense against the dark arts."

"Umm well what is divination? And defense against the dark arts?" asked Gibbs.

"They are certain subjects." Said Harry, "Divination is seeing the future-"

"Cool!" interrupted Tony.

"Not really it's very not exact. There are very few real seers." Hermione said huffily.

"Yes, and Defense against the dark arts is well spells that are used to block dark magic." Harry finished.

"That's sooo cool!" said Abbey, "How do you become a witch?"

"Well you don't become one exactly," said Hermione, "You're born one, you find out if you're one by about the age of eleven."

Abbey's face fell. "Oh."

"Don't worry I think you're great abbey." Hermione reassured.


"So can you show us any spells!" asked Tim.

"Sure," said Ron and he pulled a thin rod of wood gave it a flick and muttered, "Levicorpus."

McGee has hauled upside down by the ankle. Hermione frowned and said, "Liberacorpus"

McGee fell to the floor.

"Are you okay?" Asked Abbey and Hermione at the same time.

"Yeah I'm fine." McGee growned.

"Anything not dangerous." Gibbs asked.

"Sure." Said harry, "Wingardium Leviosa!" Tony hovered a few feet off the ground. Then Harry Let him down gently.

"SO COOL!" tony practicly yelled.

"What drink do you like?" Hermione asked politely to Gibbs.

Tony interrupted, "Burban!" Gibbs raised his hand and gave him a headslap.

"Acio Burban!" she cried and a bottle of burban raced towards them.

Gibbs took the bottle and held it up.

"Welcome to the team!"

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