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Chapter 2- Dead men die


Tony was intently studying his computer when Ziva and Hermione walked in.

"Hello Tony," Ziva greeted.

"Ziva," tony replyed accenting the "va".

"Hullo, Tony, Tim," said Hermione, McGee waved back.

"Whatcha doin'" asked Hermione, coming to look around Tony's computer.

"Nothing," He muttered quickly closing the window. Suddenly a loud crack filled the room. Ron and Harry staggered as they suddenly appeared in the middle of the room. Ziva had her gun out, that noise always startled her.

"Must you do that every day!" She complained, "It sounds like a gunshot!"

"Guns…" said Ron bemused, like he didn't think they could actually kill people. Ziva looked irritated, she constantly wanted to hit Ron at his lack of faith in "muggle weapons".

Suddenly, Hermione yelled, "Aha! That's what your doin!" Tony was busy clicking his mouse trying to close the window but Hermione flicked her wand and the computer froze. She went behind him and said, "Why are you googling Gibbs?"

"Googling?" asked Harry and Ron, bewildered.

"I would answer that question, but as soon as I do he's going to walk behind me." Tony asked cringing as though expecting a head-slap.

"Oh I guess his timing is off," Tony said.

"Nope still spot on," Gibbs said as he walked into the office, giving out a headslap to Tony.

"Dead Marine, grab your gear," he said. Tony, Ziva, and McGee grabbed their guns and badges, while Ron, Harry, and Hermione just picked up their badges, since their wands were always in their pockets.

As they all piled into the elevator, which was extrememly difficult, Gibbs briefed them, It looked like a marine had been killed by a knife slit across his throat.

At the crime scene

Ducky started taking temperatures, all the while talking. "This reminds me of the time when I saw fox laying in the sun-"

"Duck, what a minute, when did he die?" Gibbs prompted

"Approxitimatly 3 hours ago," ducky answered.

"He has his wallet, I.D., and watch. Nothing seems to be missing." Tony said.

"No wand and he isn't a wizard," said Ron.

"How do you know?" asked Palmer, Gibbs just looked at him.

"Sorry, back to work." Palmer said quickly.

"How did he die duck?" asked Gibbs.

"I can't know for sure, but it appears to be by the knife cut along his throat," Ducky said.

Ziva waved from a little way away. "We may not know how he was murdered, but we know why."

"What?" asked Tony bewildered.

Ziva held up a small envelope, with the words: To Muggle and wizards who associate with them. She gingerly opened it and pulled out the paper.

She read, "'He's the first of many' What does that mean?"

"It means we need to watch our backs," said Gibbs.


Tony was yet again ingrossed in his computer, Hermione easily crept behind him, and started to read over his shoulder. Ziva returning from the lady's went to stand next to her. On the computer screen was a google search of Gibbs. Most of the answers were pointless, then Hermione winked at Ziva and Leaned over the cubicle wall so her face was right next to Tony's.

"Whatcha doin?" She asked, Tony started almost brushing her cheek with his face.

"God!, Haven't you heard of personal space?" He asked.

"Tony! What are you doing?" asked McGee as he walked in. "Are you trying to kiss Hermione?"

"NO!" he said.

"DiNozzo, no kissing Hermione in the office" said Gibbs, strolling in and slapping Tony's head. Hermione and Ziva high-fived.

"I wasn't boss-" Tony started.

"Save it," said Gibbs, taking a sip of his coffee, "What do you got?" The team gathered around the screen where Tony clicked the remote.

"John Geric, petty officer, he just returned home from a three month tour in Iraq," said Tony.

"Single, lives with his parents, who I talked on the phone with. They say he got along with everyone in his unit." Harry continued.

Then Gibbs' phone rang.

"Yep, Gibbs," he answered, a short pause, "I'll be right down."

"Come on, Ducky's got something."

They headed down the elevator, when they reached Autopsy, ducky was waiting for them.

"So, watcha got duck?" asked Gibbs.

"At first glance he appears to be killed by a knife cut to the throat," Said Ducky, "But upon closer inspection, the knife cut was post-mortum."

"So how'd he die?" I'm working on that, I've sent blood tests to abby, but so far I see nothing to suggest he was even unhealthy, much less dieing."

Gibbs paused, "Then why the hell is he dead?

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