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Chapter 1 – The Idea

Yuki Eiri was sitting in his office, typing up a novel that was sure to be another bestseller, just like any other evening. He looked at the watch and saved his work. His hyperactive lover, Shindou Shuichi, would be home any minute now and ever since that time, he always saves his progress around the same time every day.

That time, he didn't even see it coming. All of a sudden, the sound of front door opening startled the novelist and less than a second later, he found himself on the floor, being glomped by Shuichi. He must have somehow pressed the 'off' button on his laptop because when he got up, the screen was black and no lights were. This of course resulted in a huge fight that ended with a fuming novelist and a crying singer being thrown out on the street. And after he hadn't thrown the idiot out for over half a year!

So now he was sure to save his work before his lover came back home. But he still continued writing. He wanted to get all his thoughts down before the younger man returned and caused Eiri to lose his train of thought.

A few minutes later the writer heard front door quietly opening and closing but the door to his study wasn't flung open and there was no screaming greeting like everyday. There was a soft sound of footsteps walking – not running, walking – that got slightly louder as their source got closer. There was a small creaking noise as the study door opened slowly to reveal Shuichi standing behind it, with a careful, almost serious look on his face. "Hello, Eiri." The singer greeted his lover in a normal – normal for other people, unusually calm and quiet for Shuichi – voice.

'Hello? Hello? No screaming 'Tadaaimaaa Yuukiii!'? The hell is wrong with him today?' The writer thought and answered carefully, "Hello, brat. What's wrong with you – did someone come up to you and suck all the life out of you?" After being with the spastic boy for over 3 years, Yuki could tell when something was on his mind.

"No..." Shuichi said and slowly came inside the room to sit on the couch behind Yuki. A bit concerned now, the writer got up off his office chair and sat down beside his lover.

"Then what the hell is wrong with you, brat?"

Nothing's wrong with me.. It's just.. I guess I'm a bit tired.. I need a break from work.." He sighed and slumped against Yuki's shoulder.

"What are you talking about? You're not working harder than you have before and didn't you say you're gonna have a nice long break in a couple of weeks?" Yuki knew very well they had a break coming up – he's been reminded of that fact every day for 2 weeks now. He was already dreading that time – Shuichi always gets really bored when they have a few weeks off and keeps bothering him.. It always ends the same way and Yuki gets no work done – not that he could complain about that. It's just that his editor gets really annoyed when the writer misses his deadlines and doesn't leave him alone until she has the manuscript in her hand.

"Well... Yes, but... I need a break from fangirls too. From being famous. I forgot my sunglasses and got chased by a mob again..."

Yuki smirked at him, "You wanted to be famous. Be careful what you wish for. Besides, it's not like you can go off somewhere where there are no fans of yours, so just deal with it."

"Well.." Shuichi's tone became somehow different and the change alarmed Yuki. He didn't just walk right into a trap or something, did he? 'Actually... We could go somewhere... I was thinking that maybe when I get that break, we could go to.. I dunno.. England or somewhere... And while in Europe, we could visit Disneyland in Paris too... What do you think, Eiri?" He suggested, sliding his slender arm around his bigger lover, enveloping him in a warm embrace.

"No." Yuki replied automatically. He knew it. He knew Shuichi was plotting something. How long has he been planning this out? Did he intend on going to Britain ever since he found out about their break? And he told Eiri in a way that maybe would have worked if he only waited a few minutes.

"Why not?" It wasn't a whine. Shuichi was expecting him to refuse. "Come on, it'll be fun..." He hugged the novelist tighter "And I can't go by myself – I don't know English! Would you want me to go to a strange country where I can't understand anyone all by myself?" Yuki decided he couldn't listen to the boy anymore and moved to get up, then frowned – when the hell did Shuichi get onto his lap? "Although... You know what, you don't have to come. It would probably be a real pain for you anyway." Shuichi suddenly changed tactics to reverse psychology but he couldn't fool the novelist – the change was too sudden, he didn't have to protest against the idea and Shuichi didn't even whine or cry one time. "I'll ask Ryu-chan to come with me instead. He speaks English very well and I bet HE'd love to come with me!" This just wasn't fair. The singer had to sink so low... And he called Ryuichi 'Ryu-chan'! The novelist suddenly had a vision of Sakuma Ryuichi and HIS Shuichi running around London, being all friendly – too friendly, in Yuki's opinion – with each other. They'd go on the giant Ferris Wheel – the Eye of London – and do other touristy things. But they wouldn't stop there, no. Because Ryuichi would want to visit other places as well. They'd go to countries like Italy and France – France! Supposedly the most romantic place on earth! Shuichi would love that! And he's so easily manipulated... No, he can't let him and Sakuma Ryuichi go anywhere far away together! That would just make him all paranoid that Shuichi was – heaven forbid – cheating on him! Yuki growled. Apparently, his little lover was smarter than he gave him credit for – Yuki knew the singer wasn't that dumb all the time but this was unexpected. To have backed the great novelist into a corner like this! Still, he wasn't gonna be persuaded that easily.

"Off, brat." He growled and when Shuichi made no move to get up, he stood up and the singer landed on the hard wooden floor. "I have work to do and can't afford to take a damn 'vacation' just before my deadline just so I could babysit you in Europe." He walked out the door, to their bedroom. Like that idiot would have the guts to go all the way to Europe without him! He snorted to himself. Shuichi will be back, begging him to go and he'd have a little fun teasing the kid. Maybe he'll even consider the possibility of going when Shuichi is at work the next day...

Just as predicted, the singer showed up in the bedroom a few moments later. "Awww! Eiirriii! Please at least think about it!" He walked up close to the novelist "We'd have whole 2 weeks to ourselves... Just think of the possibilities..." He said suggestively in a low voice, giving him a seducing smile.

"You have 3 weeks off and what could I do to you all the way in England that I can't here?" He said smugly, eying his lover. Shuichi was no good at this – he'll crumble any second.

"Well..." He blushed and told him "It just seems different, more exciting to do it in a different country – a different continent..."

"I don't recall you being so excited about it when we visited New York?"

"That's because we were interrupted before we even started!" Shuichi got annoyed at the mention of their first visit to New York together – first that was their actual choice, no kidnapping or running off involved... "And it wasn't private at all! Reiji was there and she had a camera! And that's just sick. And it's not exactly private here either, with all the paparazzi... In England though... No one would know who we are... There would be no annoying photographers and reporters and mobs of fangirls and fanboys..." He finished off dreamily.

"Don't forget I'm known even in England. We can't get away that easily."

"Yes but you'd wear a disguise! And who'd expect to find you in England anyway? Come with me to England... Please..?" He asked sweetly and made the cutest begging face.

Yuki shook his head. "I can't... Mizuki won't let me off that easily. And I still don't see why I should agree to take you there. If you wanna see the sights, go to Google Maps."

"But Yuukiii!" Shuichi whined. He was losing patience and would soon start wailing on full scale. He regained control of his actions though and whispered "But Eiri... Please... I really want to go to England..." He reached up, took the novelist's surprised face in his hands and leaned up to kiss him deeply. When they broke away for air, panting slightly, Shuichi's eyes were huge, glistening with moisture and pleading. 'And so goddamn cute... How am I supposed to say 'no' to that?' The novelist thought.

"No." He told Shuichi but there was no steel behind his voice as he uttered the word. It sounded kind of soft when panted out like that. Shuichi saw a small chance of success and whispered in his lover's ear.

"Please? Please, Eiri... Say yes..." He bit Yuki's ear lightly and licked it. He sucked on the lobe a bit, playing with it. 'Goddammit, why does he sound so sexy?'

"Nno... No." He managed to say somehow and couldn't stop himself from gasping as Shuichi tugged at the soft muscle. He never would have expected Shuichi to do this. Though the singer's unpredictable character shouldn't have made him think that. Where could he get an idea like this from? It was going to be really hard to keep telling Shuichi 'no' and he couldn't simply push the boy away – not with his growing -problem- … He pulled his head away from the boy's hot lips, holding him by the shoulders and gave him a small glare. He leaned in to whisper into the singer's ear "You really shouldn't take on more than you can handle, Shu-chan." He stressed the pet nickname. He licked the rim of his ear and was satisfied to hear his lover's small gasp when he nibble on the back of the singer's jaw.

Shuichi was shocked to notice that he was no longer in control. How did this happen? He had to get that control back! If he wanted to go to England in 2 weeks with Yuki, he had to be the one in control! His thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Yuki found his way to Shuichi's lips and forced them open.

'Heh. The brat thought he could make me agree to go to England with him by exploiting my sensitive ear? I'll have to make him pay for that...' The writer thought, an evil plan of torture already forming in his head. He was just exploring his lover's mouth when all of a sudden something changed again. Shuichi, who was moaning pretty badly until just a second ago, tried to dominate the kiss and take back the control! Yuki was not pleased, though the whole attempt amused him some. Still, he couldn't give up that easily! 'That's it.' He thought, 'playtime's over'. He pulled Shuichi's shirt off and pushed him down on the bed. He started pressing hot kissed to his lover's exposed skin and the singer gave up the battle for control.

o.o.o Some time later o.o.o

Eiri was sitting up on the bed under silky covers, smoking a cigarette and wearing a smug smile on his lips. Shuichi thought he could win? He smirked and looked down at the subject of his thoughts, who was still panting. The singer was lying on the bed with his arms spread out and half-closed eyes. He made an effort not to fall asleep and when his breathing evened out a bit, he shifted under the covers to sit up a bit and latch onto Yuki's free arm.

"So.. Will you go to England with me?"

'So?' Yuki thought and answered without hesitation, "No."

"Aww! It didn't wo~ork! Yuukiii!" He whined, crushed.

"It didn't work? What didn't work?" He asked, genuinely confused.

"The sex didn't work! You're supposed to agree to give me whatever I want when I ask you when we have sex!" He whined, accusatory.

Yuki was baffled. Who the hell gave him that idea? Not that he didn't enjoy it but who could have told him something like that? "And where did you get that dumb idea from?"

"TV!" Shuichi shouted "And movies! The women on TV and in movies say they always get what they want from their husbands and boyfriends after sex – jewelry, romantic dinners, new dresses, everything! You were supposed to agree to come to England with meee!"

"What? You-you thought that- that's ridiculous... Stop whining. Movies and real life are different. I'm not going anyway, no matter what you do.

"Then-then-then no sex for you until you agree!" He shouted and pouted angrily, crossing his arms.

The writer smirked, amused by his lover's reactions. "Sure. You'll be begging me to fuck you in a few days top."

"Not true! I won't! You'll see!"

"Yeah, right! Then how about this – if by this time next week you won't once ask me for sex or try to seduce me in any way, I'll take you to England for 2 weeks." Shuichi's face lit up like a Christmas tree. "But! If you ask me outright or do anything seductive at all – and that includes wearing certain tight clothes – I won't go and you will never ask me again to go to England with you. Got it, brat? And you can't go there with Sakuma either." He added as an afterthought.

"Okay! I agree!" He accepted the challenge with a very determined look. Then he looked up at the writer thoughtful, "Uhh... Is that effective from now, or..?"

Yuki looked at him with an amused expression – this was gonna be easy. "Yes." He grunted, deciding that this way, he'd break quicker. "Now get some sleep. You've work tomorrow."

Shuichi nodded and turned off his bedside lamp, Yuki did the same.


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