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Chapter Three – And The Winner Is...

Yuki looked up at the clock hanging on the wall in front of him. Again. The long hand hasn't moved a bit since the last time he checked and he almost threw his laptop at it. He could swear that time was moving slower on purpose, just to annoy him. It was past midnight now and Shuichi still hasn't come home. He left early in the morning, he should have been back hours ago! Eiri ground his half-finished cigarette in the ashtray with a lot more force than necessary. He stormed out of his study and into the living room, looking for his mobile phone. He found it on the coffee table, dialled Shuichi's number and waited. It finally started ringing. And some Nittle Grasper song could be heard playing from their bedroom – Yuki recognized it as the brat's ringtone. 'Goddammit, I forgot he left his fucking phone here!' The fact that his lover was so late pissed Eiri off and he felt like taking it out on the pink beanbag on the floor. He kicked it as hard as he could, trying to get all his rage out in that one powerful kick and regretted it a few moments later – the beanbag shot across the living room, knocking over his favourite coffee mug off the table, breaking it, and landed in the creamy wall at the other end of the room. There was a pretty big hole in the wall now and it made Yuki even madder. He still had enough sanity left to think of calling Hiro and asking him where his fucking lover was so late if not home. Even though he refused to admit it, he felt anxious and nervous as he dialled the guitarist's number. Shuichi was just dumb enough to get himself kidnapped or killed or- No! No, he must be okay! He was with Hiro all day, wasn't he? What could possibly happen? The guy was a great friend to Shuichi and Eiri respected him for being able to put up with the whiny kid for extended periods of time.

"Hellllllooo?" Hiro's voice sounded through the receiver, yawning out the word.

"Hiro, do you know where Shuichi might be? He's not home..." Yuki said in a business-like tone, refusing to let any feeling besides anger and annoyance seep into his voice.

"Oh, yeah, he's here with me... Sorry, he forgot to call you" Hiro laughed nervously, trying to lighten up the situation. He knew that the writer cared for his best friend and would want to know if he won't be coming home for the night. The guitarist made a mental note to give out to Shuichi about forgetting to call him.

Yuki growled into the phone "And when, if ever, were you planning to tell me this? What's that idiot thinking, forgetting his fucking phone home and then not calling me!"

Hiro gulped. 'Okay, he's pissed off. Shuichi's screwed when he gets back...' He was thinking, frantically trying to come up with something to say to smooth things over. "Uhh, I'm sorry, Yuki-san, we were just so tired on our way home that we didn't think of much besides getting to bed..." He said, hoping to at least keep the writer from exploding. He didn't know if it worked because he heard the dial tone before he even finished the sentence.

"Nuah, who was that?" Shuichi asked sleepily from the mattress on the floor. When they had sleepovers like these – as in, when Shuichi wasn't kicked out but willingly left the house for the night, as rare as it was nowadays -, they always slept in Hiro's bedroom, just like when they were still in high school.

"Shuichi..." Hiro said "You forgot to call Yuki-san to tell him you'd be staying here... And you forgot your cell..."

Shuichi didn't say anything but stared up at the ceiling in horror. He knew how easy it was to make the writer mad and this was sure to have made him absolutely furious. "Oh... Shit..." He whispered. Hiro nodded and went back to sleep. Though he felt sorry for the boy, he still needed his sleep and it's not like it was something that would break up the two stars. 'Shuichi will be fine, he knows Yuki way better than I do...'

It was a while before Shuichi could finally close his eyes to get some rest. A looooong while. The birds were singing their morning songs when he finally drifted off to sleep.


Eiri glared at the phone in his hand. He just hung up on Hiro – he couldn't take listening to his miserable attempts at justifying Shuichi's behaviour. It was unthinkable. He was alright, he wasn't planning to come home for the night and he wasn't even planning on telling him! That fucking idiot! At least he wasn't hurt... For now, that is. 'The second he comes back from work tomorrow, he's going to wish he had never gone out... Damn, annoying brat...' Yuki saved what little work he did in Shuichi's absence and went to the bedroom. He changed and went to sleep, somehow more at ease now that he knew where Shuichi was. Not that he was okay with that. As he was falling asleep, Eiri had this nagging feeling at the back of his head that he forgot something... 'It's probably nothing, I would've remembered it if it was that important...'

It was around five AM, when the world was waking up and the birds were welcoming the new day with their songs, that Yuki's eyes snapped open. He was lying on his back, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling. He remembered. How could he ever have forgotten? Today was Monday... He only had around twelve hours left until their bet would end... And Shuichi wasn't home... And he wouldn't be until it was too late! He had to think of something – anything! He couldn't just resign himself to his fate without a fight. Though it was too early in the morning for that and he'd only gotten a few hours of sleep so despite the need to come up with a way to win the bet, his heavy eyelids closed and he drifted off to sleep. Maybe he'd find an answer to his problem in the beautiful world of dreams?


Shuichi was violently torn from his dreams when he felt someone shaking him like a maraca.

"Shuichi! Shuichi, wake up!" Hiro was yelling at the singer.

"Guah, what? I'm awake now... Hiro?" He opened his eyes and looked puzzled at his best friend. 'Why am I at Hiro's place? Did- Ohhhhh...' Shuichi was finally awake and fully conscious.

"Shuichi, you dumbass! Get up and get dressed!" Hiro shouted, throwing Shuichi's clothes at him. "We're late! You overslept! I've been trying to wake you up for at least ten minutes now! And I woke you up just before going to take a shower! You moron! K will murder us if we're late! You know how obsessed about punctuality he's been this past week!"

At the mention of their almost psychotic manager, Shuichi was up on his feet and changing into the clothes Hiro gave him. They had no time to lose! In about fifteen minutes, they were all ready to go out to work. They rode Hiro's bike, breaking the speed limit and praying that they wouldn't get caught. Thankfully, they arrived at the studio only ten minutes late. They ran as fast as they possibly could from the employee parking to their recording room and burst through the door, panting. Shuichi looked up and found himself looking inside a steel tube. A fairly long, all too familiar, tube.

"Well, so you decided to finally grace us with your presence, eh?" K asked, pointing the Magnum at Shuichi's head.

"Wh- But! We're not that late! And why am I the only one getting the damn gun shoved in my face? Hiro was late too!"

K laughed, "When has Hiro ever been late himself? Hmmm? You are the one who always oversleeps, Shindou! That, and I only have one Magnum on me at the moment!" He told Shuichi.

They all got to work and the day was flowing smoothly, unlike their usual work days that were always filled with so much craziness, no sane person would be able to stand it. But not today. No, today they got their work done like they were supposed to. It was just one of those rare, almost-normal days at the recording studio. Before they knew it, it was five o'clock and they were finished what they were supposed to do that day. 'How lucky! Last week we finished this early too!' Shuichi thought, happily. And he'd win the bet in just an hour! Thankfully, Yuki was smart enough to actually write down the date and time when the bet would end. Not that he believed they'd need to know that. Shuichi giggled madly 'Oh, Eiri, how wrong you were!' He started singing randomly and was just heading out the employee exit with Hiro when he remembered that he forgot the lyrics he was supposed to memorize. "I'll see you tomorrow, Hiro! Bye!" He called out and ran back inside to get the song words. He'd be in trouble if he forgot to memorize the lyrics on time again.

'Wow, this is weird...' Shuichi thought, walking down the path to their studio. This part of the building was all empty and kind of creepy... It was only something like half past five but no one was there... 'I'd better hurry, this place is creeping me out...' He thought and sped up his pace. When he finally got to the right room, Shuichi pushed at the door and sighed with relief to find it unlocked. He quickly jumped inside and grabbed the lyrics from the table. He stuffed them into his pocket and turned back. The quiet was starting to get to him and Shuichi had a bad feeling. He really just wanted to get out of here. He walked back to the door, opened it and ran into something hard. Startled, Shuichi looked up and stared at the person in front of him with a confused look.

"Hello, I've come to pick you up, Shu-chan." The writer said, leaning down into his lover's personal bubble. The little rock star almost freaked. His only way out was blocked. "Why didn't you tell me you were staying at Hiro's last night? I had such big plans for you... Oh well, doesn't matter, we may as well do it here." He said and moved even closer to the singer, who backed up a few steps in response. Yuki smirked and went inside the studio, closing the door behind him. He went up to Shuichi, who kept backing away until he hit a wall. 'Perfect...' Yuki thought. He put both his hands on the sides of Shuichi's head and leaned in to nibble on his jaw. The singer stood there, frozen. He looked at the clock up on the opposite wall. '5.55... If I can just resist him for five minutes... If I can do that, I could finally give in and not lose the bet! And I'm sure Yuki won't stop once the bet is over...' Trying very hard to believe that he could get both the trip and Yuki at the same time, Shuichi shifted his head to shield his jaw from the writer. Eiri chuckled, he was expecting as much. "Oh, come on, don't be like that, Shu-chan... Shuichi... Don't you want me?" He asked slyly. The singer whimpered slightly and almost gave in. He almost shouted 'No, Yuki! I waaaant youuu!' Almost. Instead, he sank down against the wall, trying to escape the novelist. Well, not so much to escape him as to stall him. Eiri didn't do much to stop him, he just stood there, watching Shuichi sinking down onto the floor. This was better, actually. Without realizing it, Shuichi trapped himself even more. Yuki sank down to the floor after his lover and reached out to touch the boy's face, pretending to move some hair away from it. He knew that sometimes, simply touching Shuichi in a sensitive way like that would have him on his knees.

The singer gritted his teeth and battled his inner demons, who demanded that he give in and immerse himself in the pleasures Yuki was willing to offer to him. Shuichi looked at the clock. 6.00. He made it. He made it! He won their bet! He was going to England with Eiri Yuki! Shuichi couldn't hold back any longer. He reached out, grabbed Yuki by the collar of his shirt and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss. Oh, how he missed this! The feel of Eiri's lips on his, the way he tasted, the closeness of their bodies! The kiss lasted long, until both men were in desperate need of oxygen. After a few minutes, they broke off to breathe in. They panted heavily for a while, just staring at each other. Shuichi had a wide, satisfied smile on his face. Yuki did too. Shuichi grinned up at the writer and told him "Eiri. I won. It's past six." he felt so giddy! He wanted to rise to the mountaintops and shout out loud that he won their bet!

Yuki grinned. "No, Shuichi. It's past five."

Shuichi laughed and pointed at the clock behind his lover.

Yuki chuckled and pointed at his watch.

The singer told him, "You can't trick me, Eiri. I know you could've just changed the time on your watch. I won and we're going to England. Just admit it."

"No, Shuichi. You lost." He found the TV remote and turned on a news channel, where the time clearly stated '5.24'. Shuichi's smile faded. He didn't understand it. What was going on? Why did it say that there?

"That's impossible! How?" He shouted. He still refused to believe that he had lost.

"I changed the time on that clock." Yuki stated simply.


"Asked Tohma for a favour." He explained before Shuichi could ask. "He also cleaned out the whole floor so you wouldn't get suspicious."

Shuichi could hardly comprehend what he was just told. So all his hard work for the past week was for nothing? He couldn't have sex for a week and now it was all for nothing? He couldn't even spend time with Eiri once he tried to seduce him! It was unthinkable!

"YOU TRICKED MEEEEE!" He screeched like a banshee – or rather like a whole legion of the worst, most irritated banshees. An unimaginable terror.

"HOW COULD YOUUUUUUU! YOU TRICKED MEE! YYYYYUUUUUUUUUUKIIIIIIIIIII!" Eiri's head was starting to hurt. He definitely didn't think this through – he should have at least moved further away before telling the brat the truth. Shuichi burst into tears all of a sudden and was screaming at the top of his lungs, letting out all the anger and frustration in one long series of shouted curses, all mixed in together son that they made no sense. It was basically just a never-ending line of profanities. When he finally ran out of breath, Shuichi sank to the floor, spent, and just sobbed. He felt hopeless and betrayed. And he thought he had won!

Yuki most definitely wasn't expecting that. Oh, he knew there's be tears and screaming. He just didn't know how bad it would actually be. Now that it happened though, he felt bad for having had to result to such trickery. Before his spastic lover's mood could change again and he'd start screaming about how this was cheating and he actually won the bet, Yuki quickly said, "But I will take you to England... Tricking you like this wasn't fair and you did try really hard. I just wanted to prove a point. You can't last." The words left his mouth before he could even think about what he was actually saying. He sounded really childish – he knew he did – but he couldn't help it. It just wasn't like him to lose. And since, technically, Shuichi didn't last a whole full week, he didn't lose. And he was gracious enough to tell Shuichi he'll take him to Engl- 'What? What did I just-' Yuki rewinded back to the start and flinched. Why would he say that? Why would he be so dumb as to say something idiotic like that? Eiri growled at himself. 'I already said it, there's no denying it...He would have argued about it anyway and this way at least It'll make me look good...' For some reason, his mind wasn't making much sense today. It was probably because he woke up at five AM for a few minutes. Yes, that must be it...


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