AN: This will be the refreshed and better explained Version of Uzamaki: Awakening of the Bloodline. I apologize once more for turning my first attempt at this one into a cluster-duck. I will keep many things similar but I am going to stretch out Naruto becoming so skilled a little further than Super Gennin. He's a genius True but that is still no excuse for letting him get that strong on several Fronts. To Explain how he can master sealing so quickly. The reason not many do is because the theory, and knowledge behind it is complex and boring. But he memorized it after one read through making it so much simpler. He still has issues with the making of the seals but that will take time. Everything else.. I hope you like the smoother version.. There may still be some bugs in the story but.. I like bugs!


Six months have passed since the near destruction of the Village Konohagakure, their two saviors cast in opposite directions. Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, sacrificed his life to end the threat of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. He was given the Honor of being the greatest hero of the village. On the other side of this coin we have the six month old infant Naruto Uzamaki, the chosen vessel and prison of the demon. Already the blond child is feared, hated, despised and tortured and nearly killed on a regular basis. Why pray tell am I telling you this, and who am I to know such things as the Third Hokage, back from his retirement had made the heritage of the boy a secret and to speak of what is held within him punishable by immediate death?

Well I am the Great Kyuubi no Kitsune, the most powerful of all the Demons and Biiju of this world. But I am practically as powerless as the infant who holds me prisoner. For now this is my story to tell you, now be a humble mortal and listen to what I have started doing to ensure my survival from within this damnable seal. Unlike most demons that have the unfortunate mishap of becoming sealed I stayed awake and lucid during the transference. I who have no fear will admit to quaking before the presence of the Shinigami, and the man who summoned him. He unlike all of you have earned my respect, though he has passed on I have passed that respect onto his only son and my jailer.

Like I have said it has been only six months since that day, and already I have had to heal wounds no child should have to endure. Burns, cuts, broken bones, brain damage, seals upon his chakra paths, ruptured spleens, kidneys, bladders, stab wounds through his heart and so much more. But today is special for my unknowing host, as today I will start to correct the damage and make him better for it. After all the longer he lives, the longer I too shall live, damn this seal.

From this point forward I will continue to heal him from their attacks, and attempts on both our lives. Yet, I will change him, to make him stronger. They break his bones, I will repair them, and make them stronger. They destroy his eyes I will make them better. I am sure you get the picture, but today I have my work cut out for me, yes even as a demon I will have to toil harder than should be needed. As they have taken him to be an effigy of my defeat and once more are trying to kill him and myself.

Now leave me, as I have much to do if I intend for us both to survive.

/Three Years later/

Once more I am forced to upgrade my prison, this simple mortals could not distinguish between a demon sealed in a boy nor could it seem if they could tell the difference between a kunai and the scroll they have sealed it within. I have made his bones, unbreakable to those who cannot use Chakra, his skin much the same. My true pride in my jail comes from the repeated attacks from the Uchiha, I have studied their eyes, and given him just their one trait. Yes he can copy any jutsu, and with the sacrifice of all others even raw manipulation of that energy. But he will still have to work for those skills even with the knowledge of how to do them.

I may be a demon, but I will not cheat just as I have worked for my power, so must this boy. They destroyed his hearing, so I made it better. They gave him so much brain damage that I altered it to be near genius levels. If they knew what I was doing none gave any inclination and that was fine with me for they will truly reap what they have sown from these attacks one day that I swear. The most amusing however is the dormant bloodline I am toying with now, this was from his mother. How do I know this? I was once within her though under a much different seal.

Now I will work on bringing this to the front, the Kochiku bloodline, Dense or heavy chakra. Such a fun little toy and I will enjoy watching him master it. After all it will be the means for my resurrection and release from this seal. Think of it as his payment for my renovations. Just a few more years of dealing with this, and I will meet with the boy. Set him on the path of being a chakra wielder one of these Shinobi. That will be all I need to do after that I will leave it to him to honor my deal.

/Three years later- Naruto/

It was during the festival, and as always he was told to stay inside. He just didn't find it fair that he couldn't go on his birthday. Sure the villagers tried to hurt him, but they couldn't do much to him anymore, he didn't know why but he was happy about that. It wasn't hard for him to figure out what they were calling him, and wonder about it. But being only 6 had a detriment on his knowledge. He had taught himself to read and write, and understand several things like money. Since he was now living in an Apartment that the old man had given him.

"Screw it.. I am going." He said to no one, as he walked out of his new apartment, locking the door and took of through the village. He wandered the stalls and watched the giant plushy dolls of the Yondaime hanging from the game booths. It was all fine until he was truly spotted by a group of drunken villagers, though this night would be different somehow.

Shouting started, 'Kill the demon,' 'Finish what the Yondaime started,' or ' Get away from me.' repeated by different voices and genders. He did what he had to do and that was run, the mob formed and chased him through the streets objects and weapons were flung at him some cutting into him other just bashing into his back or his head. He was getting away from them as he could move through the crowd much easier do to his smaller size, and the few 'ahem' modifications to him over time. Until he ran into a person who just looked down at him, "How dare such a disgusting creature touch me." The man said, as Naruto looked up to see the black hair, and the funny red eyes that he somehow knew to be the full Sharingan.

The gestures of the mans hands and fingers, cause his eyes to tingle before he watched a fire ball collide against him. The pain of the fire was enough to cause him to shriek out in pain. Before he felt the cold sensation of water covering him, and the screams of other people dieing around him. The gentle arms picking him up and the motions of moving very fast were the last things to pass through the boys mind before he faded to nothingness.


"Boy, come before me." A voice echoed around him as he woke up in a strange tunnel. Funny he thought, as he felt no pain but could now see a light glowing and flickering towards one end of the tunnel. "Come to me and I will help you." The voice called again, the low rumble and strongly comforting tone lulled at him as his feat carried him towards the glow and the presence of the voice. Soon he entered a room, with row of bars on one end. Behind the bars sat a large glowing being that his mind quickly came up with a name.

"Kyuubi..." The boy said out loud. As he studied the demon that sat on the other side of the cell. Obviously very much alive considering he was told the demon died. 'Demon, filth, disgusting, Hell-spawn.' All the names he had ever been called rattled through his thoughts. "You're dead."

The demon laughed, "Yes and no." The kitsune spoke as it lowered it's massive head to eye level of the boy. "I have lived, well been trapped, here for six years. Thanks to your Fourth Hokage. He sealed me inside of you. It was the only way to defeat me." The fox spoke matter of factly. Which caused Naruto to ponder this as the demon continued. "In that time, I have kept you alive, healed you every time they tried to hurt you. Then I decided to try and prevent that, I made you stronger, faster, smarter for every injury I made you whole and improved you when I did so."

Naruto seemed to falter as he stood there listening to the demon, as he fell on his ass, telling him that he has been helping him. 'Leave it to him to be the only good guy out of this.' Naruto thought. To which the Kyuubi started to chuckle.

"You have not figured it out, but we are within the seal and your mind. I can hear your thoughts." He laughed again, this time slightly more evil. "But we don't have much time so I will make this short. You are going to start learning how to be one of those Ninja. I don't care how you do it but you will. But first you need to learn to control your chakra, as you have much more than nearly everyone in this pathetic village. Because of this seal you are absorbing mine into your own." The fox paused, as one of his tails dimmed considerably.

"I have used too much power to keep us alive, now it is your turn to work on that. I will need to rest to deal with the drain of the seal, so that I can recover most of my power." The fox sighed, "My chakra will still heal you but that is it. I have done all I can for now, and in time you will find a way to repay my kindness. Now do not mention me to anyone until I awaken again, and do you best to become a True Shinobi. None of that flashy crap, use my 'gifts' wisely. Now you must return to them, I sense the two old ones are starting to worry." With that he flung a tail passed the bars and pushed Naruto down the tunnel. With a yawn he curled up into himself and started to sleep.

/Real World -Hokages office/

Two older men were sitting in the room discussing many things, all of which seemed to revolve around the healing yet still unconscious blond. "He's six now sensei, if we start now he will be ready for the academy in a few years. Even if we can't use his father, his mother still had a clan and many things of her own to pass on to him." The heavy looking man, which was none other than Jiraiya of the Sannin.

The oldest of the two, the Third Hokage sighed. "Jiraiya, I know but I will not let him learn those skills until he is a gennin. There is no changing my mind." Sarutobi held up his hand to forestall his once student from talking. "However we can start him to train on his own in a few areas if He wants to." The old man sighed, the weight of his job and burden of his age slowly creeping up on him.

"That's all well and fine but what are the basics going to do the next time he's attacked like this?" Jiraiya spat out, he wished he could have taken the boy with him but his duties and the damned council kept him from doing so. "At least let him study the basics for her taijutsu, and sealing." He practically begged. "It will work on his focus, speed and concentration. As well give him a way to defend himself."

Sarutobi sagged in his seat. With a sigh he realized he was still trying so hard to give the boy a normal life and failing. "When he waked up, we can ask him if he wants to start learning. If he says no we will drop this matter. If he decides that he wants to do this then I will allow him to study ONLY the taijutsu and sealing along with the basics. Now, let's get him a change of clothes and some food." With that said the two men walked from the office to do just that leaving what they assumed to be a sleeping child on the couch.

Naruto, was stunned with dealing with the realization that the demon was sealed inside him to comment on what they were saying. "Like hell I won't be a ninja. Even 'He' wants me to be one." He opened his eyes blinking a few times as he sat up stiffly to look around the room. The blond had spent many days in here either recovering or just talking with the Old man. But today he noticed something different. "That shelf was never there before." he said out loud as he got up and walked over to the shelf that revealed to be holding a rather large scroll. Looking around he picked it up and opened it.

The forbidden Scroll of Konohagakure

Within are Jutsu deemed to dangerous for your average Shinobi.

He paused reading that line, and smiled. 'I won't be average, I will be the best. With or with out their help.' He thought, knowing that only the Fox had truly helped him, even if it seemed just for his own plans. He looked back to the scroll and kept reading.

Kage Bunshin no jutsu

A ranked jutsu- Created a corporeal Clone, that can interact with the physical environment as well as use the limited chakra supplied to it. Can be used for trianing Techniques of a Chakra based nature. Also for observation/spying and studying. As any knowledge the clone gains will be returned to the User once the clone is dispelled.

*Warning, the Clone splits the Chakra between user and clone, and the return of knowledge may cause severe damange to the user if not regulated carefully.

Naruto thought this would be a good thing, seeing as what the Kyuubi had told him. So he looked over the seals to create the clone and memorized them. Before he started to return the scroll to its place the next one caught his attention.

Chakra Control Threads

Commonly referred to as Chakra strings, most Shinobi use these to guide weapons or collect falling items. That is the lesser focus of this skill. Control threads when used at their true strength are capable of taking over another being or persons body. This is through pushing the Chakra into the target. Also with enough focus these Threads may also be used as a ninja wire or such. The options are limited to the imagination of the user.

*Warning, using such a technique on a living being could result in Chakra depletion or overflow. As the combating energies will duel until one is left or the one with better control stabilizes the connection or cuts it off.

This would definitely be something he could use, and he read further on it not seeing hand signs but a complex description on how to create them. He noted that it was one of those raw skills. Which would be why it need so much control. But he shrugged and committed it to memory, this time rolling it up and placing it back. He scurried off to the couch just as the doors opened.

The Hokage and Jiraiya returned with a change of clothes, (both in color and compostion) as well as food. "Ah Naruto you're awake." Sarutobi said as he settled the tray with food on the couch. "Now I am very upset with you because you went out after I told you to stay inside tonight."

"Yea but Oji-chan it's my birthday I don't see why I have to stay inside," 'Even if I know why now.' Naruto said as he started eating the food. Ramen had nothing on real food but that's all he could afford.

"I can understand that you want to enjoy your birthday, my boy... But now I have to ask you something." The Hokage said eying Jiraiya carefully. "You don't have to do this, but would you like to become a ninja one day?"

Naruto slurped down his food quickly, "Hell yea Old man."

Jiraiya started to laugh as he looked at the expression on Naruto and his Sensei's face. It was almost to poetic. Since this was after all His and Her son, there was no way he wouldn't want to be a ninja and he would be a damned fine one on his own. But with a little push and nudge from The Sannin himself he could be great.

"Are you sure?" Sarutobi asked, as he watched the boy nod. " Then you will have to work hard and study what Jiraiya and I give you. Since you will have Three years before you can start at the academy, you will have to learn this on your own." He said as he pulled out several scrolls from his desk. "These will be what I will give you to study. Nothing special but what is expected of any Shinobi to know. Chakra Control exercises, Shinobi codes and conduct, and physical and some weapons training." He laid those down next to the now empty tray of food.

"The last one I will give you is a Taijutsu, or an unarmed fighting style. This belonged to your mother, I don't know what it is but if you put some of your blood on this seal it will open up for you." He sighed pointing to the seal on it and placed it next to the others.

Naruto nodded, and waited since he knew he would be getting something on seals. He smiled like a happy little fox though through out all of this, just acting amazed. " This is awesome, I am going to be the best Ninja out there. Even better than you Jiji."

The two older men looked at each other and shared a small smile, as they both remembered another blond not much older than Naruto saying the exact same thing to them many many years ago. "The last thing that you will learn is something Jiraiya-kun here wants you to learn, so he can take you to your place and explain it along with any other questions you have."

/Naruto's Apartment/

The two people sitting there had been there for several hours since they left the Hokages office, Jiraiya had been explaining the physical exercises that the boy needed to do along with how the Chakra weights worked. Then he gave him a rather large scroll, with 'Fuiinjutsu' on it. "This is pretty much everything I know about seals and sealing. Just go through each level of the scrolls and take you time learning it. Nothing is worse than a seal gone bad Trust me." He said.

"Aright.. (yawn) I'll start tomorrow... 'm too tired now.. and Thanks for the new clothes.. just wish they were orange.." 'Not really but he doesn't need to know that.' He thought. Sure after looking over everything they had given him, except the taijutsu scroll, It would take him three years probably just to get everything started. 'Well until I can start using that Kage Bunshin.' That he knew would be probably one of his most guarded secrets for now. Since having figured that if it was in that scroll no one but the Hokage and who ever he said could learn it should.

"Good Gaki, I'll be back in three years to check up on what you learned. Maybe I'll teach you a few things special when I get back if you impress me enough." He stood up stretching before he left, "Remember always keep those weights on unless you are complete out classed or are going to really loose." He pulled up the sleeve on his coat revealing his own set. "Haven't had to take mine off in years..hehe." Before he jumped out the window leaving Naruto alone in his apartment.

/Next Day/

The blond boy was found looking over the Taijutsu scroll, and had a grin that would put a fox to shame. 'This style will be awesome but I have to change my exercises to what the scroll says.' He thought as he noted the major difference between what Jiraiya had set up for him and what the scroll wanted. The major difference was Jiraiya's was to build a lot of muscle, where as the scroll wanted muscle, speed and flexibility to be evenly matched. Which too much muscle and you loose out on the other two. So he would work hard on what was in this scroll.

Setting that aside he read through the Shiobi Codes and Conduct scroll, several hours in fact but he committed it to memory. This was of course after taking out much that seemed to contradict itself, but still he retained that knowledge. It was when he did this he knew one of the changes the fox had done, and didn't mind that a bit. He could remember anything he studied like he was looking at it.

He would set that aside and re-read it a few times afterwards just to make sure. But his two biggest obstacles now would be the exercise and the Chakra control. Sealing could wait now that he knew it would be easy to learn, well for him since he could just memorize it. So he unrolled the scroll on Chakra Control, and read the rather dry material about 'What Charka is, Why we use it, What could go wrong.' All of which seemed to be interesting but so poorly written that it would make most kids fall asleep.

Tier 1- Academy/Low gennin

Leaf Balance

Kunai Balance

Senbon Balance

Tier2- Chunnin/Jounin

Tree Walking

Water Walking

Air Pads

Tier 3- Medic Level




Elemental -Chunnin/Jounin


*See specific Element for Further Focus

He read the list, and noticed seal under each one. So he touched the first one, and felt a tug at his Chakra that seemed the cause the seal to release the notes on the exercise. "Seems I have to have the control level to unlock the next one." He laughed. The old man was smart since he would have probably tried the hardest one first. He set himself to working on these, making a note that once he got to the Water Walking he would use the Kage Bunshin.

/One Year later/

Sitting in the middle of the floor, our blond shinobi in pre-training was focusing his chakra. If you looked closer you could see several needles were standing straight up on his skin in places. More slowly rose to stick straight out as well. He was starting to look like a shiny porcupine. The slight shimmer of blue coating all the needles the only sign that they weren't actually stuck into his flesh. Before he floated one off at a time, a nearly invisible thread of charka connected to each one.

He had started using the Chakra Threads once he finished the first level of the exercises. He wanted to master it and would only get better control of his chakra, and this jutsu the more he used it. It also seemed to help to have more than one thing to focus his chakra on. Especially after he found out roughly how much he had, though there was more each day.

With the study of fuiinjutsu he had learned quite a few seals and methods along with it, the fact that he just read the a scroll a day from it, with spending an hour after reviewing everything he had read to that point he was progressing quite a lot faster than anyone would ever know. That was three hours of his day, another two were spent on writing and drawing to perfect the needed penmanship for sealing. Three hours on physical training, and another three on Chakra control. Mix in eating and a little recreational time and that had been Naruto's day since he started down this path.

Eventually he removed the last of the needles with a smile, "Yes. Tier One complete." He gave a smile, for himself hoping that when the Fox wakes up he would be impressed. It was rather sad that his only friend seemed to be the demon, but for now he was to focused on training and studying to be bothered by the lack of people. He was sure when he started the academy in two years that he would change that.

Opening the next level on the scroll, he firmly decided that he would stay training inside for now, he could do this on the walls and ceiling. He looked at the scroll and go an idea, which he spoke out loud to no one, "Maybe if I master the Tree walking, and then have to do that while I redo Tier 1 that would speed up things since I would have to split my control between more things." He smiled, this was SO going to be worth it.

/Another Year gone by/

Now at eight years old Naruto, was starting to show the fruits of all of his physical training, as he stood shirtless in a run-down training field long forgotten on the outskirts of the village. The toned muscled rippled with pure sinew. Unlike what Jiraiya had planned for him, he was the opposite, sleek and slender with a slight curvature that could be associated with a female. He stood almost five feet tall now, his blond hair grown longer and held back in a single band, his bangs falling to frame his face, the last vestiges of baby fat still clung to his cheeks.

He lowered his body into the now familiar stance and flowed through the katas. Following the forms of the Uzuken style, his sinewed body, rippling like a predatory feline each move no energy wasted. Naruto had taken to doubling his training six months ago when the Uchiha clan had been slaughtered, or in his opinion put down like the rapid animals they were. True he didn't know the full details nor did anyone, but after all of his experiences there was only one that he had even liked. That just happened to be the one who killed nearly all of them, Itachi. He had been his rescuer many times from his own clan.

That was a driving reason to get better, but all of this was under the radar of the village and anyone that knew him. Otherwise he was still the loud, brash and clueless blond. It worked well for him, that mask, as it let him listen in or sit and watch others train. He had learned not to long ago that he could copy any jutsu he saw though not like the Uchiha that would instantly use it. Rather he would take his time to study the techniques learn them. Just like anything he had he didn't take it for granted. Every bonus to being a shinobi he would only work harder because of it.

His thoughts followed this pattern as his body followed the fluid motions of the style, while the set of clones he created were working on the Air Pads technique. That one allowed a Shinobi to jump on air, or shift himself across spaces. From what he had learned not many even bothered with it, instead they would just push chakra into their bodies to move them. Even most medics skipped that step and when on to higher levels. But if one thing Naruto was it was a perfectionist.

The blond prodigy looked over to another set of clones that were working on a few 'inventive' seals. Something he had noticed in a few places, and even took from the design of his own seal. He was going to test the full set on himself, though if it worked he would offer the base seal to a clan maybe for a favor or some money. The full array would split his reserves in half, allowing for the creation of two sets of reserves that would be the same size as his would be now. With the addition of the second seal to the array it would create a duplicate of his pathways for the other store of chakra to flow. He hoped to have the 'kinks' worked out before he started the academy.

The added bonus of the array however was that only his primary reserves would receive the Kyuubi's Chakra while the other would be his purely. It would slow down the rate of conversion. A small gift for his Savior. Finishing his physical training, sweat coursing over his skin he sat down to rest. Pulling out the last of the scrolls he had for sealing and decided to memorize that one. Which according to the Sannin would put the boy on his level of knowledge if not practice. That was what Naruto was planning on next, crafting seals constantly, expounding upon them altering them making new ones. As that was the only way to get better from this point on.

The sun was lowering on the horizon, as he finished with the scroll, this would leave him with to much time on his hands. But what else could he study with out being noticed, between just control exercises and taijutsu he would have plenty of time. Now thanks to his clones he had even more time, but what to study? Meditating he thought over the primary skills of Shinobi. Ninjutsu, genjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu these were the four main areas of study. Yet, there was Fuiinjutsu, something called puppetry, Medic-jutsu, and other Clan specific styles.

His train of thought was broken, when he heard a keening noise, opening his eyes he found a silver ball of fluff stumbling towards him. The distinct color of blood dripping from and clinging to it's fur, He got up slowly and approached the animal, "It's alright I'm not going to hurt you." He said softly, as he closed in of the small wounded thing. Once he picked it up gently he noticed it was a fox kit, with bite wounds. The only thing in his thoughts was that it was alone and would die if he left it.

That was his resolve, he was sure he could nurse the kit to health maybe raise it and train it to fight with him. Just like the Inazuka do with their dogs. Which meant trying to figure out how they do it. But first he needed to get him some help and he wasn't qualified to do so. Leaving his clones there with the order, "When you are done dispel but one of you take everything back to the apartment." As he took off for the Inazuka compound and the only Vet in the village.