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/The next Morning/

The blond arrived at the training ground his clone had spent the last four months 'training' with his team. His hands in the pocket of his trench, a faint smirk on his lips. His blue eyes looking over the two others. Sakura looked pathetically weak, and he felt disappointed mostly that she would be so. The Uchiha was smug, arrogant and still a prick as he had been since his clans cleansing. "Pathetic." He spat on the ground as he felt the incoming shunshin.

Kakashi arrived in a flurry of leaves. "Yo."

"YOU"RE LA.." Sakura started to scream only for Naruto's fist to slam down on top of her head.

"Shut up." He snarled, "Unless you find a way to turn that banshee wail into an actual jutsu keep your pathetic ass quiet." The faint buzz of his hive practically growled in the air. Turning to Kakashi, "Mission?"

The jounin sweat dropped, 'he's not killed them yet at least.' Waiving his hand, "Mah.. come one then... I think you're ready for a C-rank..."

The team nodded, save Saukra who was busy holding her head in pain. As they followed Kakashi to the Hokages tower, Naruto standing in the back his eyes never leaving Sasuke's form.

Entering the Hokage's office Naruto smirked at the old man, " Hokage-sama."

Hiruzen twitched, the only time Naruto was formal was when he wanted something. Which mean this was actually Naruto and the Uchiha was still breathing. "Naruto-kun... team seven."

The blond tossed the letter from his father onto the Hokage's desk. "I think you may want to read that before Kakashi-sensei picks up a mission."

Everyone looked between the two with a look of confusion.

Taking the letter, the old Sarutobi opened it reading over it, with a sad smile and an eventual chuckle. "I see. Far be it from me to override the decision of the Hokage."

"Mah aren't you the Hokage?" Kakashi asked.

"Of course but there have been three others." He reached into his desk and pulled out a scroll unsealing an item from it. He tossed the flak jacket to Naruto, "Congratulations Naruto on your promotion to rank of Tokubetsu Chunnin."

Slipping the flak jacket on under his tench coat, "Thanks Jiji." He smirked.

Sasuke was fuming..." Why's the Dobe get promoted? I'm an Uchiha an elite of this village!"

Kakashi and Hiruzen both now understood, well Hiruzen understood why Naruto had waited. 'Sneaky.. and underhanded... ' "You are a gennin and I would remind you Sasuke-kun that Naruto is the Son of the fourth Hokage and related to the first and Second as well. Should you be brandishing your titles around he outclasses you in this village alone. Yet the Uzumaki title as his clan trumps yours once more as He is also the descendant of the First, Second and Third Uzukages." The man leaked a small touch of killing intent.

The blond simply smirked at the black eyed boy, "If memory serves the Uchiha were always second to the Senju... it's only fair that you begin learning your place."

Sasuke lunged, only to be caught by Kakashi but not before something slashed through his cheeks.

Everyone looked at the purple chakra that was outstretched from both of Naruto's hands in a whip like fashion. "Chakra Lash..Successful." The cables of pure chakra retreated back to his fingers. His blue eyes looking at the bleeding lines just below the boys eyes. "Looks like my aim is still off...your eyes are still there."

The room grew cold as the Hokage stood up unleashing his full intent, "ENOUGH." He slammed his fist back on the desk. "I didn't want to do this... but Team seven you are disbanded. Sakura Haruno your perfomance reviews since graduation leave me no choice but to remove you from the shinobi program." He snatched her headband from her neck. "Sasuke Uchiha... your evaluations are even worse, Arrogance, inability to follow orders, work with others... and a strong proclamation of vengeances and a inability to control your emotions.. I'm placing you into a reahibilation program pending a clean psychological evaluation." He snapped his fingers two ANBU appearing grabbing the boy and vanishing.

Naruto mentally check his todays to do list off, "Myself Hokage-sama?"

The aged man sighed, "Your skills to this point are to valuable to loose. Also you've stated plainly and calmly your position many times over the years. But we have no teams with openings."

"Hokage-sama.. I.." Kakashi cleared his throat. "I Kakashi Hatake formally request to apprentice Uzumaki Naruto."

The two reamaining people in the room looked at him, the Hokage picking up his pipe. "Under what pretense?"

"Given I am the sole surviving member of Minato Namikaze's team I have intimate knowledge of the mans jutsu and fighting styles that I could pass down. As well Naruto has shown to have skills that I could lend my knowledge towards."

The blond didn't smile at this but given last nights heartfelt conversation it didn't surprise him that it stirred the mans resolve to do what was right after all these years. "I'll accept under the condition that you let me give you a seal to control your sharingan."

Hiruzen turned to look at the blond, "You were planning on placing it on Sauske weren't you?"

Nodding, "It requires a hand seal to activate letting the chakra enter the eye enough to form the sharingan, however it's a seal that Kakashi-sensei told me that the Sharingan is unable to copy." He smirked, "Built with a kill switch that locks away the eye forever it they try to over power it with chakra or remove it with out my blood and chakra."

The village leader hung his head, 'The boy is serious... and after seeing his seals I don't doubt the validity of it.' Sighing, Kakashi do you accept this stipulation?"

The jounins features were stern, "Yes... it drains chakra constantly from my system and if I can learn the seal it would prove beneficial in many ways."

The hokage nodded, as Naruto pulled out a brush and ink, "I can do it now."

Pulling his headband up revealing the eye with scaring around the edges. " Let's do this."

Quickly Naruto began working on a seal that at first seamed to cover the entire right side of the mans face. Looking over his work he put his fingers on the edge of the seal, "Elemental Seal: Controlling Force." He pushed his chakra into the array for it to glow and shrink leaving a spiral pattern around the mans now black eye.

Kakashi blinked as he felt his chakra settle down and the drain vanish. "It worked."

"Of course it did." He held up his one hand in a strange seal. "One handed Dragon seal, and to seal or unseal the eye takes about as much chakra as a substitution."

Hiruzen watch Kakashi mimic the seal and begin rapidly trying to unseal his eye. The man was a genius and it showed after twenty minutes when his eye flared red as the Sharingan appeared. The Spiral pattern around it glowing red as well. Nodding to himself he resealed his eye both the seal and eye returning to their previous black color.

The cry of a hawk caught all their attention as it flew through the window dropping a scroll on the desk . The hokage snatched it up and read it quickly, "Kakahsi, Naruto... team twenty six is requesting back up on their mission. It seems they encountered Zabuza momochi on a C-rank mission to wave."

Naruto perked up, "That's Kiraba's team." He looked at Kakashi.

Turning to look at Naruto. "Go and pack meet me at the south gate in twenty minutes." He watch Naruto vanish. Looking back to the hokage, "What details can you give me..."

/Twenty Minutes Later/

The two were walking out of the gate, "Now.. It's going to take us a day to get there if we run full out. According to the message they have a bout a week before they expect him to attack again after his injuries."

Jumping up to the trees they began moving quicker, " So we should take two days.. keep our strength up since I'm guessing they're in bad shape anyway?"

Nodding, "Shiro is suffering chakra exhaustion, and a few minor injuries. Your Inazuka friend has a fractured leg. The other two are cut up pretty bad." The two became blurs as the sped along towards wave.

/Bridge Builders House/

The two landed with a crouch, Naruto instantly spotted the large white and tan dog standing by the house. "Tsumaru, where's that flea bag you keep for a companion?" He barked at the dog.

Floppy ears perked up, "Naruto-san?!" He walked over sniffing, "Kiraba is resting.. broke his leg against a tree."

Kakashi gasped, there was no way the dog should be able to talk yet.

Looking over his shoulder at his teacher he shook his head. Turning back to the hound, "Well me and Kakashi are here to help out... but it'll take some time for Kiraba's leg to heal up."

The dog escorted them to the house, "I'll keep watch the others aren't feeling well yet."

Naruto shook his head, "You need your rest too.. I've got it for now." He lifted his arms as two columns of kikkai spread out over the property. "You've done good boy here." He reached into this pocket and pulled out one if the Inazuka treats for their companions.

Tsumaru snatched it up and made a circle before laying on the porch. "Thanks Naruto-san.. you're a worthy Beta."

Naruto nodded, knowing what he meant. "Shiruba isn't here so I will definitely work with you when the time comes Tsumaru."

The door opened revealing a fairly attractive woman with shoulder length brown hair. "You must be the others that Shiro-san sent for?"

Kakashi stepped up, "Yes I'm Kakashi Hatake and this is my apprentice Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto nodded when he was mentioned. Knowing he still didn't really trust the man given his past but still it was a man who was willing to try and change.

"Well come in.. breakfast is almost ready and the others should be getting up soon." She moved aside letting them come inside.

Looking around Naruto saw it was rather plain but had a touch of that comfort making it a home. "Sensei I'm going to check on the others."

Nodding, "Just don't do anything outside of what you can handle."

The blond found the two that were the least banged up, and nodded his hand flaring green after a moments concentration he checked them over and healed the few cuts and bruises they had. "Hey breakfast is ready and Kakashi-sensei wants you to fill him in on what you know." Waking them up as he left to find Kiraba.

Shaking his head when he saw they simply wrapped his leg, "Better than nothing." Moving it carefully he scanned it over before pulling a splint from his kit and setting the leg. The muffled scream from his friend caused him to wince. "Sorry Kira... but it needed set." He used a numbing jutsu on the area.

The Inazuka rubbed the tears from his eyes. "Naruto..figures they would send you.. where's that excuse for a ninken of yours?" he joked trying to focus off the pain.

Blue eyes shut for a moment, "He's getting special training. I made a summoning contract for him and a few kits that Koramaru found." He chuckled dryly, "Come to find out there used to be a Kitsune contract that got destroyed.. and me making a new one pulled on the Kyu..rea awakening the whole of the old contract...So Shiruba is being trained to be the new Boss because my contract over rode the destroyed one."

A rough hand reached out and patted his friend on the shoulder. "At least he's not really gone.. right?"

"Right." He looked back to the leg. "I'm not good enough to heal that leg but It's set and I'll kep the numbing jutsu on it to kill some of the pain." He gave his friend a skewed look. " seems Tsumaru thinks I'm your beta?"

If the tanned boy wasn't in pain he was surely blushing. "Uhm..well.. I.."

The blond smirked, "I'm flattered Kira.." He was going to continue speaking when Kiraba grabbed him and pulled him into a light kiss.

"Don't say anything else please?" The brown eyes pleaded.

The blond was blushing slightly, "I'll leave it for now... but when we get back to the village we're going to talk about this alright?" Getting a nod from his friend he stood up, "I need to go check in your sensei..." Walking out of the door he shut it and leaned against it. 'What just happened?' He hung his head his bangs covering his eyes that showed his true confusion. 'He's my first friend.. my best friend really.. but can I.. I mean I haven't ever thought...' He shook his head pushing the thoughts away as he walked towards the last one.

Pushing the door open he found the man propped up reading a familiar orange book, "They sent Team seven?" Shiro spoke from his bed.

Shaking his head, "There is no team seven.. I'm Kakashi's it's just the two of us." He walked over his hands glowing green checking the man over. "General stress on your coils... the rest of your injuries are healing nicely..." He fiddled through his kit pulling out a small jar, " No more than three of these a day.. they'll stimulate chakra production and on a down side will make you pretty hungry." He sat them on the table, "I've fixed everyone what I could.. Kiraba needs to stay off his leg for at least two weeks. Since I can't heal a bone... and Kakashi is wanting more details than your message had."

/Three days later/

Shiro's team and Naruto were standing in a clearing while Kakashi looked them over. " Alright...Shiro said that you were working on your elemental composition." Getting a nod from the two. "If you can master the leaf exercise in the next two days I will teach you one jutsu of C-Rank for your element."

Naruto looked at them, " For water try feeling the water in the leaf and tuning your chakra to that feeling and let it draw the water from the air. And fire... since water is your opposite turn your chakra against the water in the leaf until it's evenly matched then push til the water is gone."

Kakashi nodded, "That's the simplest way to figure this out and our best bet to get you two stronger."

"What about Kiraba huh? He's not going to learn this.." The girl, by the look of her was a civilian clan.

Chuckling, "Kiraba already knows how to do his natural element... he's learn his second one with you guys."

"Bull shit." The other team mate called. "That idiot couldn't be learning a second one.."

Instantly Naruto was in front of the boy his hand around his throat. "Kiraba is not an idiot. I should know I worked with him on his Air manipulation when I found out that we had the same element."

"Naruto..." Kakashi's voice echoed.

The blond nodded and released the boy before vanishing and appearing where he was standing previously. "Sorry Sensei."

"No problem.. he is your friend after all." He chuckled, "You two get too it and if you can still stand by dinner you weren't trying hard enough." He turned and walked towards the water, "Naruto... you and I are going to spar you don't use seals and I won't use my Sharingan. I want to get a true feel of your level with out your companion."

The faint twitch was the only sign he was irked by the statement. "Well if I had known that would have happened I would have sure as hell not made that contract." He muttered as he walked out onto the water. "You sure you want to do this? I mean water is my second affinity..." Purple chakra strings formed from his finger tips and coiled on the surface of the water.

"You may have trained hard on your own, you may have some advantages that other don't have because of your knowledge... but that doesn't make much of a difference when it compares to an experienced ninja." The man nodded putting his book away securely. "I would watch the arrogance in your skills... an arrogant ninja often ends up a dead ninja."

At some unspoken signal the two vanished the sounds of the fight echoing from the water, as it rippled outward and seemed to move violent on it's own. Occasional pauses in their fight revealed them in different positions before the moved away again. These scenes and sounds continued for two hours before a mop of blond hair became visible as it was flying through the air and smack into a tree. Kakashi nodded, "Not bad.." He stopped as the blond burst into a bunch of beetles.

"You're in the grip of my tides.." Naruto spoke as the water began to glow with Chakra light. "Uzuken:Wave of a thousand Crashes!" His body flew across the surface as he began to circle Kakashi faster and faster creating a vortex of water that was glowing brightly. Row after row of waves seemed to pound into him pushing the Jounin to the center and lower under the surface. "Uzuken: Whirlpool Devastation!" The waves closed over glowing with chakra as they along with the whirlpool battered and beat the Jounin within before it seemed to explode in a fountain of water.

Kakahsi was on his hands and knees on the surface, coughing, "You know Kushina's fighting style.." He pushed himself up,"I'm impressed though you're not as good as she was...Let's call it a break.. your taijutsu is definitely on par with a Chunnin if not a little better on technical value... but you're still to young to full utilize that style." He limped to the shore before taking a flopped seat.

Naruto nodded and winced the whole way back holding his ribs, "If it wasn't for my guest... some of those hits would have been the end." He spat out some blood.

Chuckling, "True.. though I'm impressed with those Chakra whips you create."

Yawning, "Yea.. because of the Uzumaki bloodline and my reserves it's funny what something like chakra strings can turn into."

Nodding as he started to feel the full drain of the spar, "I want to make it up to you still for the past.. I know two jutsu that each of your parents made... I'll teach you how tomorrow.. they're difficult... and took them a few years to even create let alone use fully."

"What are they?" He fell back on the ground letting out a deep breath.

"The rasengan is your fathers... and the Chakra saber is your mothers. I can't do the last one because I don't have the bloodline but I know the theory behind it.. and seeing your whips.. it shouldn't take you to much to get it to work."