Catch me if You Can

Jason was talking on the phone, explaining to Elizabeth's grandmother why the three boys were so hyper as she took them shopping. Hearing the silence, he started to defend himself, saying that he hadn't meant to tell the boys they could have ice cream for breakfast, then telling her about Elizabeth and the new baby's desire for ice cream.

As the older woman gave a soft chuckle, he got that he had to have missed something only for her to say "For a man who supposedly doesn't speak a lot, Jason, you certainly offered up a lot of information. Now, as to why I called, did you get the list?"

Flushing a bit in embarrassment, he said "Yes, I tucked it into the inside pocket of Cam's coat."

Hanging up after thanking her for going with the boys, he turned when he heard footsteps. Seeing Elizabeth's brother standing there, he muttered "Thank god Audrey doesn't work for the Port Charles police department or I wouldn't be around to be with my family."

"She does have a way of making you confess to your crimes." he said ruefully then added "I was hoping you had a moment."

"Is there something wrong with the boys or Elizabeth?" he asked as they sat down. His eyes were on the medical file in front of Steven and was now worried.

"No, uh, this is Alexis' real daughter Sabine's file. I noticed a familiar looking anomaly in her blood test results and knew that I had to take a chance to speak to you. What do you know about the father of Alexis' child?"

"Nothing. She just told Sam it was a teenage romance gone bad." he replied frowning at even the name Sam.

"I think it was more than that and if I am going to treat Sabine, I need the information." he replied. "Alexis refused to give anyone any information when Sam was shot a few years ago, mainly because Nik's blood matched. I have done some looking into that as well. I now know who Sam really is."

"How and why would you care?" he asked bluntly.

"The way she treated my sister, I just felt I had to know who spawned this woman." he replied. "I am driving over to Pentonville to give her the information, it might help Sam let you go. I am more worried about Sabine Antonivich though."


"The anomaly, it shows her to be related to you." her offered then paused before adding "I ran my blood as well, but there is only a relation for the two of us."

Seeing Jason's shock, he asked "You did know that your biological mother and mine were cousins, didn't you?"

"Yes, but I was told my mother was an only child." he offered up.

"That is true, but now we know that Sabine's father is related to the Quartermaine side of you, I was hoping you might be able to get your dad to talk to me." he opined. "The only good thing, she isn't Alan's daughter."

"Oh god, thank god, Sam isn't Alexis's child, I would have been..." Jason's voice trailed off as he got that he would have been committing incest when he had been involved with that particular mistake in his life.

"Yes, well I did some checking, I know that Tracy and Alan have two illegitimate brothers. Ones who is dead, Justus' father. The other, a man by the name of Jimmie Lee Holt. I just don't see him as Alexis' type." he stated and then told Jason what he had found out about the Okie.

"Your right, she is more the button down type. Wait, are you saying that there is another Quartermaine out there?" he asked groaning.

"Maybe or we have to, for Sabine's sake find out Alexis connection to this Jimmie Lee." he offered. "I know that he left town years ago, that he doesn't get along with Edward."

Jason had no idea but asked what Steven needed.

"I was hoping since Elizabeth was at GH today, you would come with me to speak to Alexis." he asked. "I did some checking, her daughter has a shift at Kelly's and Molly is in LA with Ric."

"Why do you want me to come with you?" he asked doubtfully. "Alexis is still furious about AJ and has been quick to point out that she thinks I owe Sam something."

"Because if we are right and she was involved with this Jimmie Lee..." Steven had a smirk on his face "Think about it, she was engaged to your cousin Ned, the supposed daughter in question was with you... how do you think someone was tightly wound as Alexis is will react."

Jason got it and grabbed his jacket on the way out the door. Driving to the Lake House, he stood to the side while Steven knocked. When she opened it, he said "I need to speak to you in regards to your daughter Sabine."

Alexis moved out of the way glad that Steven would be treated her. When Jason came in as well, she frowned then asked if he was there about Sam. "No."

"What do you need then?" she asked.

"He is here with me." said Steven who said "Alexis, Sabine's blood showed an unusual anomaly, one that Michael has, one that Alan has but Jason doesn't. I looked into Ned Ashton's records and he has it as well. Who is Sabine's father?"

Flushing she stuttered then said "Why is it any of your business?"

"Well since we are aware of the anomaly I am running DNA tests comparing her blood to Jason's family's, you might want to get out ahead of this." he said then taking the picture he had gotten from the newspaper archives, he asked "Was this her father?"

Alexis didn't even look at the photo and said no. "Alexis, this is important."

Flushing a bit, she looked at the picture a bit surprised to see that it was the man. "Y-es, he is a bit older but that was my daughter's father? What are you doing with it?"

"Who did he tell you he was?" she was asked.

Alexis got a mulish expression on her face then said "He never told me, all I found out was that he was from Oklahoma."

"His name is Jimmie Lee Holt." Jason saw the horror and knew that Alexis had heard the name from Ned more than likely "Yeah, Alexis if Sam had been your daughter, Jason and her being involved was not a good thing, why didn't you tell anyone? I mean what name did he use?"

Looking in annoyance at Steven she said "Jimmie Lee With Lee as his last name."

"And you didn't think that maybe you should look into it." asked Jason furious with the woman who tended to stick her head in the sand about things that scared her. "What if Sam HAD been your daughter, Alexis?"

Refusing to answer, she sputtered a bit then asked them to leave then stopped them. "Wait, what does that have to do with my daughter having cancer?"

"There is a procedure, a lung transplant, I put her name up and she told me to take it off the list, that she is accepting that death is coming. I was hoping to give her family, a reason she might want to fight for her life." offered Steven who then said "But I think learning this latest revelation might just convince her that death is a better option than being related to you."

Seeing Alexis flinch, he said "What the hell were you thinking, or was it as long as Sam was happy, you didn't care? I mean, Alexis according to some you are a smart woman... Why on earth would you not go looking for the truth?"

Jason looked at her assessingly then said "If I remember right from Lila, Jimmie Lee was older, almost Alan's age. Alexis would have been a teenager, he an adult... so it can't be that, he would be facing the trouble for what happened."

Alexis just told them to leave, knowing she had to warn Sabine only to be told when she called the woman "I am well aware of my parentage unlike your fake child, I have made good use of my assets. It wasn't that hard to find out where you were when you got pregnant."

Alexis frowned then asked her to please, please just get help.

Alexis sat there, rationalizing things in her mind, trying to excuse her behavior knowing there was no excuse. In truth, she looked around the bedroom, the room she had shared with Ric, the man who had slept with her daughter, whose brother was the father of her other daughter, who had had a child with the woman she had thought was her daughter...

Alexis looked at her room, then decided she needed to redecorate, she couldn't change her past, couldn't change her memories so she would make outer changes and force herself to believe that that would make up for the mistakes she had made in the past.

Across town, Robin and Elizabeth were eating lunch together in the cafeteria when Maxie came in. "Elizabeth, where is Steven?"

"Hello to you too, Maxie." she offered up with a scowl as the blond paced back and forth. "Is there something we can help you with since I don't have my brother lowjacked?"

"No, I need to talk to him." she said leaving as quickly as she came. Robin looked aghast at not even being greeted, then shrugged as they went back to discussing Christmas both wondering what had Maxie so wound up.

"Anyhow, then Grams showed up and the boys were telling her about the ice cream. Jason slipped his list to Cam and I just handed my list for him to Grams." she said taking another bite of her salad. Looking down, she gave a little chuckle when she saw the light yellow scrub top straining across her chest a bit. "I am getting big a bit early."

"I wasn't going to say anything." sniped Robin in fear "After all how do you tell your friend she is getting a bit fat."

Elizabeth's jaw dropped, her eyes narrowed then she said "Well if we are being honest with one another, what about that little pouch you are getting or is it a case of you are finally eating regular meals."

"Shhh!" said Robin looking around gleefully. Then at Elizabeth. "I am telling Patrick for Christmas next week. It is going to be my big present to him. For now, I have decided to take up needlework."

"Oh is that what that thing was on the bench when we were changing." said Elizabeth laughing as she recalled the strange ball of yarn that had looked mangled beyond all recognition.

"My mother learned how to do it, I am sure I can." said Robin who then told Elizabeth about Anna's slight obsession with being a normal grandma and how quickly it had ended. "Ugh, I have to get back to work. What are you plans for the rest of the day?"

"I am finishing up the boys presents, then I have to get Jason to put them together. After that, I am going to talk to John Zachara. He was a bit jumpy if smug when he showed up here earlier today." said Elizabeth.

"I had a visit from him too." said Robin as they carried their trays to the trashcan. "He was asking the strangest questions then gave me a bottle of perfume."

"You got a present?" she asked pouting a bit. "I got grilled on all sorts of things including the notes we were getting back when this Sabine was in town last time. Is your Uncle going to arrest her for the murders of Anthony, Helena and Franco?"

"He is going to talk to her, she did confess in the newspaper but most people know she is dying so there isn't a lot of pressure on him to lock her away in a jail cell." said Robin as they left the room. "I feel bad for her, grateful for what she did but at the same time, she killed at least three people in cold blood."

"Cold blood is right, all three were snakes in the grass who deserved to be in jail, but they locked Helena up plenty of times and she always escaped." said Elizabeth who saw her in laws and went to greet then while Robin went back to her lab and her beakers.

Alan handed Elizabeth the proofs of the pictures he had taken a few days before of the boys, then said "I have a meeting with Mac Scorpio. Do you recall the girl I told you that stayed with me for a few weeks, but then her family showed up?"

Nodding Elizabeth got it. "Wait, that was Georgie?"

"Yes, I have strange memories of that time, with missing moments, Gail thinks that they tried to remove the memories of her from my brain. And I have a few questions regarding AJ." he said bleakly as that he had to have known some of what had happened to him.

Monica went home with her husband who reminded Elizabeth to let him know which of the photos she wanted enlarged then the nurse went to change. Stopping in at Kelly's, where the boys were eating lunch, she hugged her grams then heard something that made her annoyed.

Turning she said "Hello Carly. I heard you were in town from Jason. What can I do for you?"

"Get the hell out of my life." she said then added sarcastically "Please."

"Carly, I am not a part of your life. I haven't seen you nor thought of you once since you left town." she offered up with her bitch please face on. "You are the one trying to gain entrance to GH which you know is forbidden. Who showed up at my house, who came over to talk to me at a public diner."

"Public my ass, my family..." In the background, Catherine who had come in from her office heard Cam Morgan saying that the blond was saying bad words and approached as Carly continued. "owns this joint."

"No, Ms. Jacks. I am the owner of Kelly's." she said then heard all about how Carly's great aunt Ruby started it.

"Uh, Carly, no Ruby bought it when Rose Kelly died, but the Kelly family started it, hence the name Kelly's." politely offered Audrey who saw her granddaughter hide her grin as Carly flipped out.

Detective Dimisecto who had been trying to eat at the counter peacefully turned and said "Carly, one more word and I will arrest you for creating a public disturbance."

"You can't do..." With that she was told to turn around and cuffs were slapped on. "You are going to pay for this, you just wait until Diane gets a hold of you, I am going to sue you for false arrest, for..."

The door closed and Catherine looked around then said "Blessed silence again reigns."

Elizabeth and Audrey laughed while Jake looked at the door and said "Loud lady."

Audrey couldn't help thinking Carly was no lady as she gathered the boys then told Elizabeth that they and the guards were going to be baking cookies that afternoon. Elizabeth made a note to tell Jason about that so the guards could be thanked, she went on to get her shopping done.

Jason meanwhile had talked to his parents about Jimmie Lee, Alexis and what he knew. "We just saw Elizabeth, she didn't mention any of this."

"I know, I just got off the phone with her, she is the one who told me to come and speak to you about what Alexis thinking." he said with a sigh. "I just don't know what to think."

"Alexis Davis needs extensive therapy." offered up Alan as he poured himself a cup of tea then grimaced "Monica, what is this?"

"Tea, it is better for you than all that coffee." Jason commiserated with his father as Monica went to speak to the cook, explaining how Elizabeth's black tea frequently looked like his coffee and how often he had drank it by mistake.

John smiled at the trap he had set, hoping she showed up again that evening. No more running, no more sneak attacks. Ms Georgie Jones was not getting away this time he thought to himself as he entered his penthouse only to almost drop the bag in his hands when he saw the blond man sitting on his sofa.

"What the..." Looking at Frisco Jones, he said "Why are you here?"

"My daughter." he said then looked at the man then said "There are a few things you should know. Keven Collins and I have been talking about what she has been doing and now that you know who she is, you need to know the truth."

John looked at the secret agent then said "I am glad you are so interested in your daughter but I really have my doubts about you knowing the real reason. My guess is that whatever my father did to her is behind the need to take over my life."

Frisco walked over to the wall of windows and said "Georgie truly believed what your father told her. When Kevin finally got to the part of her that is my daughter, she was emotionally devastated to learn the truth. What that man did, creating this fantasy, something about it resonated with Georgie."

"Are you saying she is doing what she is because she wants it to be true?" he asked not letting the man know how that badly that stung as he thought about his own fantasies.

"I don't know, she won't talk to me about it." he said frustrated. "She won't talk to anyone. She has been ducking her sister and her cousin. It took me weeks to find out where she is staying. I had no idea that she even knew about Tony's cabin. Nor where she got the Land Rover she is driving back and forth. When I caught her, she disappeared on me yet again."

Glaring at the younger man, Frisco said "When she shows up here again, I need you to contact me, clearly Kevin is right and she needs more intensive therapy."

Johnny watched the man leave then went to his kitchen where he got out the chicken intending on cooking dinner. "My father is an idiot."

Whirling around at the sound of her voice, John said "What no more sneaking in late at night?"

"You saw me, kind of defeats the purpose." she said with a shrug as he took in the beautiful young woman wearing jeans, a thick cable knit sweater and boots.

"Will you tell me why?" he asked as he went back to cooking then with a glance at her said "Because I think your father is missing something."

"Oh he is, mainly the how to be a parent gene." she said then sitting on the nearby stool said with a sigh "First I owe you an apology but the explanation is going to sound like an excuse afterwords so how about I just talk."

"Lemon or lime?" he asked holding up the containers. When she replied lime he went back to cooking.

"When Kevin did his brilliant job at getting through my mental defenses and forced me to face the truth, nightmares started. I would see the accident, the one that before I couldn't picture. I would see you dead then could feel my body miscarrying."

When the man flinched she said "I would ache, physically when I woke up for a baby that didn't exist. Then I wasn't sleeping, the nightmares were taking over both my sleep and now my time awake. When I started with the WSB program it helped a little but not much."

Watching as John started cooking the rice, Georgie said "Then my father had to leave on a mission, the one that rescued Jason Morgan. I saw your picture in the file, and I knew that the answers I need, that you are the only person who can give them to me."

"Georgie, I know nothing about what happened to you." he stated stressing the word nothing. "I still don't understand it, my father is or rather was a lousy human being by any standard, yet what he did for you, minus of course the convincing you we were married is beyond anything he ever did for his children."

"I know, I remember a lot from before I was thought dead." she said sighing. "Look, how about you let me finish, then you can ask anything you want, okay?"

When he agreed, she continued on while John couldn't help wondering what she would think if instead of dinner, he found their way up to his bedroom and had them on his bed naked while he worked on making that dream of hers a reality.

"John are you listening to me?" she asked annoyed when she saw the peculiar expression on his face.

"yes." he promptly answered and went back to cooking dinner with quite a bit of regret.

"Where was I, oh yeah. I came to Port Charles after Frisco almost caught me at Uncle Tony's cabin and with the money I had took a room at that small boutique hotel on the edge of town. I had planned to see my sister, my cousin then the nightmares started again, then they got worse. I just wanted answers the first time I broke into this house, then I saw how I don't know how to say this, but how disorganized things were. You had hotel files all over the place, your clothes were a wreck, most of them were on the floor of your closet dirty."

"I have a maid." he said defending himself against being labeled a pig.

"I know." she said with a slight smile. "I met her. Told her I was your secretary/assistant. It was how I got access to fix and organize things for you."

"Why would you do that?" he asked her the question burning as he looked for answers.

"Because of what happened next. You didn't come home that night and I had been waiting, I was going to talk to you. Anyhow, I fell asleep on your bed. Was shocked at how well I slept. I came back the next night, once again intending to talk to you, but... well you were asleep and looked exhausted. You had a file on top of you so I just lifted it and I meant to put it on the desk next to the computer that was on but I saw all the unanswered e-mails."

"Your phone rang, it was Mercy. The woman who used to act as Jax' assistant and who was now your had called to say she wouldn't be in. I don't know why I did it but you looked so tired and clearly needed help... so I helped." she said simply. Then with a sigh she said "I sat down on the other side of the bed planning on waking you up to tell you about the car accident but you were having a nightmare and I felt bad."

Grimacing because he had been having those for years, he listened as she continued "I just meant to comfort you, but the next thing I knew it was almost seven o'clock in the morning and for the first time in almost nine months I was well rested."

Johnny remembered that night as she said "I was only going to help out but then I heard some of your staff talking about your wardrobe, so I took care of that. Then the designers needed answers, and the florist... I just did what I knew needed done and then the next thing I knew I was ordering groceries and then you got a call from GH about your flu shot and when I checked your records I saw you hadn't been to the dentist, it just snowballed."

Johnny was putting the food on plates, hiding his smile as he listened to her explanation of how she had accidentally taken over and organized his life. Hearing her frustration and confusion, he set down the plate in front of her, opened a drawer, gave her a fork then went to get them something to drink.

"What would you like?" he asked holding up a soda and a beer only for her answer to make him laugh as she ruefully relied milk.

Pouring her a glass he said "For future reference I prefer 2% or skim."

Her eye brow went up as she looked at him and said "I am trying to get myself to stop this, and you keep making suggestions, do you like my invasion of your life?"

"Eat." he said sitting down across from her then said "Yes, I do, now that I know you aren't some sort of crazy stalker. That note with the boxers scared me a bit."

That caused her to laugh as she sat down her fork then gave him a mischievous grin as she said "Good, that was what it was supposed to I had just heard about Lisa and wasn't feeling too fond of you at that moment."

"I know the feeling. I was lost and strangely enough in some sort of sick way she reminded me of my sister." he confessed.

"You had sex with a woman that reminded you of your sister?" she asked doubtfully.

"Not like that." he said glaring at her. "More like how lost and confused she seemed to be. Then it got out of hand."

"Don't kid yourself it was out of hand the moment she stepped into town." she replied darkly. "Women like that, they think they deserve whoever they want and don't care about the damage they cause. Trust me, I have been there plus spent years watching my sister in action. Too bad it took Lucky dying for her to finally realize what a scumbag he is, that pretty much that entire generation of Spencer is."

"Not all of them are that bad." he said softly. "I mean, Lulu was screwed over pretty badly by her parents, Georgie. Its why she is so insecure."

With a laugh she said "Really how is she any different than the rest of us. Elizabeth's parents abandoned her, so did Maxie and mine. Same thing with my cousin Robin. The only difference is that Lulu tries to use a whoa is me story to get attention."

Johnny didn't know the past but he was well aware that there was bad blood between Maxie and Lulu at one point. "I have to say that I give her credit for standing by Lucky when he was addicted. Most people would have bailed."

"Uh, wrong, she did bail. The whole Spencer family did. They put it all on Elizabeth who was pregnant at the time." she said dryly.

"I didn't know that, she said that she found it hard to stand by him but that she did. That she found it hard to forgive him for blowing his marriage to Elizabeth by getting involved with your sister. I like Maxie but I have to say, I can picture her her as the aggressor in that relationship from the way she was around him. Lulu forgave her for getting him addicted to drugs."

With that Georgie laughed then said "Yeah, real big of her. Johnny have the two of you ever discussed her past with Dillon."

"Dillon? No, I mean I know he was her first boyfriend and that they were careless and she got pregnant and had an abortion but otherwise no." he said frowning then admitted "I am not sure I am very comfortable discussing this with you. Lulu's past is just that, hers."

"You would be right, except where she forgot to mention that at the time she was sleeping with Dillon, he was married to me." she informed him. "Yeah, she had no right judging Maxie when she used Diego Alcazar to make it look like I was cheating on my husband and then set out to seduce him because she decided she wanted him."

That shut him down for a few minutes as his mind went back to the past, Johnny got that Lulu hadn't told him the whole story and that made him curious about the woman in front of him. "Anything else between the two of you?"

"Years and years of animosity that I tried to put away. See her father while single had a one night stand with my very married mother. Lucky and Maxie, then there is the fact that someone more than likely Laura Spencer killed a man in my parents house and her family covered it up."

"Ouch. I had no idea. I am surprised that Maxie and Lulu are pals or were pals then." he stated.

"I am shocked my sister almost married that idiot Damien Spinelli." she tossed out there. "By the way, I visited the geek in his new home in the house with the rubber rooms, every time he opened his mouth he gave himself away for the idiot he is."

"Spinelli, wow, I had forgot all about him." said Johnny. "I felt sorry for the kid, frankly I thought your sister connected the geek to you in some fashion, that it was what led to their friendship and later romance."

"Maybe, honestly don't care." she said with a shrug as she finished eating then said "I love my sister but I have never been blind to her faults. Look, I didn't mean to rag on Lulu, I actually feel sorry for her now. Her father is an idiot, her eldest brother was a psycho who locked up two people including a kid to try and win Elizabeth, her next brother who should have never come back died like he was meant to in a fire."

"I heard about that." said Johnny thinking on the reports in the newspaper about Lucky Spencers first supposed death. "What about you, Georgie Jones who are you and where do you go from here. Because I know what I would like and I have to admit I would love it if you were to stay here in town."

Georgie looked at him then said "There is really no choice. When I am away I can't sleep. You are apparently the best sedative in existence."

"Okay that sounds very bad." he replied then gently added "When are we going to discuss the white elephant in the room? When are we going to discuss what happened when we are in bed together because I will be completely honest and admit I don't want to stop."

With a sigh she said "I kind of thought that would be your reaction. John I don't know that I want to continue that part because I am uncomfortable with the fact that my body wants a man I barely know. I have had two lovers in my life. The first left me for Lulu, the second brought hell to town because he was chasing after her."

John swallowed hard on hearing that. "So where do we go from here?"

"I don't know but there is something else we have to discuss." she said her skin turning green as she returned to the living room then brought the small white plastic bag into the room and sat it down in front of him like it was a bomb.

Johnny opened it then turned pale as he stared between the woman who clearly wished he was any other man on the planet in spite of their intense attraction and what his father had pulled and the box that announced if the two lines were blue she was pregnant.

"We weren't using protection and honestly I never thought about it." she said sickly as she went to reach for the white box.

John found that he liked the idea but it was clear that Georgie didn't. "What happens if you aren't?"

"We find a way to help each other sleep but only after I get the prevention shot since condoms won't work and I can't take the pill right now." she said.

"And if you are pregnant?" he said softly his mind on what he would like to happen.

"I don't know, I truly don't." she said as she stared across the table at him. "We will know tomorrow morning, it is the best time to find out."

John stood, then picked up the box, carrying it to his bathroom then looking at her said "I know you aren't going to be happy about this, but I want to be a father."

Georgie looked at him then said with a heavy sigh "I am more scared about the nightmares coming true John. What if I am pregnant. What if there is an accident and what if you die and I am left alone but for real this time..."

The man held onto the trembling woman as he vowed to make sure that didn't happen. Tomorrow morning they would know either way.

Elizabeth was sitting on Jason and her bed as the phone rang. "Hello."

"Elizabeth, I need you help." said the woman on the other end. "Please?"

"Maxie what is it?" she asked as she could hear the other girl sobbing.

"Can you come to Crimson, please, Don't tell Robin or anyone." she said as she held the stick in front of her.

"I have to tell Jason." she was reminded.

"Fine, but please, please no one else." said the younger girl while Elizabeth said she would be right there. "Oh my god, how did this happen?"

Elizabeth saw the sexy smile on Jason's face and felt bad but she told him what was going on. Seeing his slight pout, she said "Hold that thought, I am sure whatever is going on, Maxie over dramatized it."

Jason went to check on the boys while Elizabeth drove over to the hotel. Entering the office for the magazine she found the petite blond sitting on the floor with what looked like a whole box of crumbled used tissues. "Maxie, what is it?"

Bursting into tears she said "I ruined his life, I didn't mean to, I swear."

Rubbing the shoulders of the crying girl, she got her to stand then said "Is Kate in her office?"

"No, no, she is dealing with Fredrico, he doesn't want us to film his wedding masterpiece until after the show but we need to put the magazine to bed before then." she said sniffling as she regained a small semblance of control.

"Wait Fredrico, the Spanish designer with the Italian name, the guy with the big ego and the small er- sized tool." she said lamely. Seeing Maxie's shock, she said "I used to work for Chloe when she was in town. They dated a long, long time ago. If he is why you are upset, just reminded him of how little freddy has a hard time keeping it up and that there are pictures."

Giggling, the blond suddenly started crying between sobs as she said "No, the person whose life I ruined is your brother. I saw him tonight, he is dating that pretty woman from the newspaper. He is never going to believe me. I don't believe me."

"Okay, how is who my brother might be dating is relevant." she said.

"I'm pregnant and he is the father but he doesn't know because I lied and told him we only fell asleep together that nothing happened." she said all in one breath. "I am so sorry, Elizabeth but I know what he thinks of me. I know he thinks I am too young but it was only once. I don't regret it, but now... now I do. I ruined his life."

As she began crying again Elizabeth listened as Maxie told about ending things with Matt and how she had gone over to talk to Steven because he had been so nice to her. How they had discussed her article for the magazine then how they had been watching movies together. "Then he felt really really warm. I meant to put my check against his forehead, then next thing I knew we were kissing and it was sooo hot. I am sorry but damn Elizabeth, your brother can kiss."

That threw Elizabeth's mind into a tailspin as Maxie continued to explain how she had meant to keep it at a kiss but somehow it was like their clothes had magically come off. "I don't get it, I mean sex is just sex, it has never been like that before where I don't remember losing clothes."

Elizabeth knew what she didn't, that sometimes sex was making love, making desperate love to someone you can't resist. Her mind on Jason and the night Jake was created she almost missed what Maxie said next.

"I can't help it. I mean I like him, I really, really like him but he keeps reminding me how old he is. I didn't notice he was sick, not until the morning when he threw up. I had gone to shower and when I came back to the bedroom he was so shocked to see me." she said as the tears began again. "I lied and said I had come over to see him but had stayed because he was sick. He thanked me for taking care of him."

Elizabeth patted Maxie on the back and held the girl as she started to cry again then took what the blond had in her hands, then was given fifteen more from her pockets. "Maxie you ran fifteen pregnancy tests?"

"I kept hoping for one to tell me the others were a false positive." she whimpered. "But it didn't happen, Elizabeth. I was worried at first about not being able to pee enough but for the last month all I have wanted to do is sleep and pee. And I have cried at the drop of a hat. What am I going to do."

"For now, you are going to come with me." she said firmly as she took the young woman to the fourth floor. Seeing Marty she thanked him then told Maxie to shower then go to sleep. "I promise we will have an answer in the morning."

"Thank you, Elizabeth." she said the tears still there. "I am sorry, I am sure I am the last person you want to hear about being pregnant."

"Go to sleep Maxie and stop imagining things." she said as she found the blond hadn't bothered with a shower but had climbed straight into the bed with her clothes on, only kicking off her heels. In the hallway, Elizabeth thanked Marty for his help then laughed when he said "Mr. Zachara said to keep this room for Mr. Morgan and you."

Grimacing a little as she returned to Crimons's offices and gathered all the pregnancy tests, then she in a moment of deviousness called Steven. "Can you meet me at the Metro?"

"Be there in five." he said as he left the hospital after yet another long night. Seeing his sister sitting on one of the sofa's now in the lobby he said "Is everything okay?"

"Yes, I need you to be honest with me about Maxie Jones." she said gently.

Flushing Steven said "I am too old for her."

"Yet you are attracted to her." she said bluntly. Seeing Steven's face she said "You can't help who you love, big brother."

"Yes you can." he insisted. "Elizabeth, I swore I would never be a father, would never pass on Heather's genes to any kid. So that means stopping myself from being anything more than casual bed partners with any woman."

Elizabeth felt bad but then took the small bag and poured the sticks on his lap. "Too late, Steven."

"Wait, what is this?" he asked looking at the various sticks and how they all showed a positive result. "Elizabeth, I haven't had sex with anyone since Olivia."

"What about the reporter?" she asked worried she was about to implode another woman's life.

"No, she is too aggressive for me." he stated. "Elizabeth who do these belong to?"

Taking a leap of faith she said "If they could belong to anyone who would you want them to belong to?"

"Don't go there." he warned her as his eyes closed.

"Steven. Maxie lied about the night you were sick because of your telling her you were too old for her, she likes you. You won't admit it but we both know your like her. Go upstairs and talk to her when she wakes up. She is in room 419. These are hers and she is convinced she is going to ruin your life."

Seeing how white he looked she said "Are you okay? Do you need a doctor?"

"Not funny Elizabeth." he said shortly then standing and falling back down he said "Oh my god, Mac Scorpio is going to kill me and you have never seen his CRV, he could do it. I am dead."

"Don't worry about Mac or about Frisco." she said smirking as she saw his eyes widen. "Worry about the very scared woman who just found out that she is pregnant and that hoping you aren't doesn't really work."

"She is unhappy?" he said upset.

"Yes, she is upset, Steven she likes you, she has lied before and is scared you are going to think she is lying now. She is pregnant and from the sounds of it, very emotional. Add that to what I am sure are worries about her heart and being pregnant..."

Watching as her brother rushed off with the room key she had had in her hands, Elizabeth stood and walked towards the exit only to be stopped by Jax. "How are you?"

"Doing better." he replied. "Uh, I heard about Carly bothering Jason and you, I am sorry."

"Don't apologize for someone else's behavior, Jax." she replied as the tall blond looked exhausted. "How is Alexis and her daughter?"

"There is no hope for Sabine, she accepts that, Alexis like usual is in denial about everything." he said then added. "I am taking Carly home in two days but until then I hate to say it but you shouldn't be out without a guard."

"I have one." she said pointing to the unobtrusive man in the corner. "Jax, why are you still married to her?"

"For Morgan and Joss." he replied as he walked toward the elevator after saying goodbye.

Elizabeth hurried home, soon telling Jason all that was going on. As he held her curled up in bed, they went over their plans for the holidays then Jason said "I talked to Michael and Alan today. They are going to visit with AJ. Find out what he did and why he did it."

Shivering she said "I should have seen something was wrong, that there had to be a reason our connection wasn't there."

"Elizabeth you thought I had lost my mind and was back with the woman who hurt our child, I think you deserve to be forgiven for not noticing that AJ wasn't me." he replied. "Besides, the way I look at it, he has already paid some of his penance, after all he was sleeping with Sam."

Giggling, Elizabeth said "He didn't look too upset about that."

Jason almost said well what do you expect from a man who also slept with Carly and Courtney but with a sick feeling he kept his mouth shut. He himself had had that same bad taste. Carly had been while he hadn't known better, Courtney had been about trying to recover from the mess his life had been without Elizabeth. Sam however, well he had no excuse for.

Snuggling closer she said "I was thinking how do you feel about after the art auction we get away while we can?"

"Italy?" he asked lifting his head only to hear her light snoring and laughed while making plans to take his family to Europe as his mind went to those falsified records. Diane had finally figured it out with Jackson Montgomery.

Sonny's paintings had had their provenance, Nik had tried to use those to cover for the very illegal paintings his father and grandmother had bought. They were trying to locate the real owners but it was becoming clear that the Cassadines had done some very dirty dealings that had involved murder for art they had wanted.

Jason was about to fall asleep when something occurred to him. He wondered whatever had happened to the painting Elizabeth had done for him, it was time for it to come home, out of whatever storage unit she had it stashed in.

He had no idea how it had been ruined by Elizabeth in a moment of rage, now how badly it would hurt the next day when he mentioned it to her...