Acolyte's Warrior

Author's notes

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Quick summary

In homeworld-cataclysm, when the bentusi self destruct, the lone survivor of the attack (and resulting explosion) has to find his way back to his ship, the Kuun-lan.

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Black... the vastness of space... whats going on? I remember explosions... can't remember... where's my fighter? Keiil, you have a concussion- don't panic. A.I.? I have an A.I.? Why can't I remember!

"wha?" It's good to see you awake, Keiil. Kind of a feminine, sexy sounding voice was talking to him through his earpiece. "Who are you?" You have suffered a concussion, you seem quite dazed, but your vital signs seem to indicate that you will be fine. Why am I here... remember explosions...some kind of virus... Kuun-Lan! "What happened to the Kuun- Lan!" the Kuun-lan is safe. "Where is it?" Unknown "why can't I see?" There is nothing to see "Why?" I am trying to access the memory files of what's left of your acolyte fighter, and I require the use of your optic nerves and central nervous system. Acolyte... now I remember! In a rush the things that he couldn't remember came back to him. Keiil Somtaaw, ace fighter pilot rushed into battle with the Beast. He did not fully comprehend the nature of the Beast, but he knew it could die. There were rumors that the Kiith Somtaaw's only science vessel was assimilated by the beast, but he was just recently pulled out of the cryo-tray, and hadn't been fully briefed yet. He knew very little about the Beast, other than the fact that it was a virus that could take over ships and kill all aboard them. So he rushed into battle aboard his beloved acolyte fighter to aid the Bintusi station against the Beast, it seemed to him that the bintusi were holding out pretty well, until an imperial infected heavy cruiser blasted the stupid thing with a red beam... that's when he blacked out. "What happened to the Bintusi?" Unknown. "Unknown!? What happened to my personal database!" the A.I. sighed. Fine, I'll show you. Small, tan triangles began to form a small tunnel. Hang on. Warned the A.I. At seemingly incredible speed, keiil was blasted through the tunnel. The end of the tunnel came very quickly and Keiil's conciseness slammed into a very hard brick wall.