A Claptrap's Revolution

Secret Hyperion Cave

Claptrap followed his companion through the threshold and into the cave where the rock slid back into place cutting off the shards of light from the sky. Claptrap stood still in the dark shivering, terrified at what was to come. Should he have followed the red Claptrap module into the cave? Should he have gone back home, if he still had a home? The questions remained questions until the light returned but this time artificially. Lights flickered on in the distance, one after another. The path was laid out before them, a narrowed walkway that twisted as far as Claptrap could see. This was a poorly designed catacomb with rope lining out above where the light bulbs hung. The red Claptrap was already moving forwards, he looked back and gestured for Claptrap to follow. The two little droids moved at normal pace along the walkway navigating their way around the pointy corners of the cave.

Claptrap looked at the walls either side of him, there were posters stuck to the walls of a heroically proud Claptrap saluting with Claptrap's behind him saluting to the sky. Claptraps were the lowest of all sentient life on Pandora, they had no rights and they took abuse from every life form known on Pandora. But, there they were. At the forefront of a large poster on the wall. Further along the cave there were more posters, mostly showing the same image but inspirational was beyond what Claptrap was feeling right now. He couldn't believe this. He asked the red Claptrap what the posters meant but the red Claptrap said nothing. They reached the end of the path and stopped at a metal door. The red Claptrap turned around and spoke.

"This is the secret cave of the Hyperion Corporation; they abandoned this when the companies pulled out of the planet. We decided to take it as our own." The red Claptrap activated the door and it slid open revealing a control centre full of machines with blue and green screens, sounds of bleeping and keys pressed quickly with the slow rhythm of a photocopier printing out. A few Claptraps were inside but none of them looked terribly busy. The red Claptrap ushered Claptrap to another door near a large machine with a screen that looked to Claptrap like it had the layout of Jakobs Cove on it. The red Claptrap opened the door and Claptrap followed him inside. The door closed shut and the red Claptrap shoved Claptrap into a clamp-like device in the centre of the room locking him still. Claptrap moved his wheel around quickly trying to break free but he was stuck.

"What are you doing?" Claptrap asked desperately.

"I'm changing your status and identification." Before Claptrap could reply, electricity was shooting through his system and in seconds he was deactivated. The red Claptrap continued typing away at the keyboard and using the touch screen to shift objects around. Claptrap's optic sensor changed from green to red. Now, he was a revolutionary for the Hyperion Corporation. The red Claptrap opened the identification browser and generated Claptrap with a new call sign- Nova-TP. The red Claptrap activated another surge of electricity to reactivate the newly reborn Claptrap. Claptrap's optic sensor glowed red with rage and replied to the red Claptrap's call, do you copy Nova-TP?

"Affirmative." Nova-TP was ready for revolution.

A few minutes later, Nova-TP and the red Claptrap returned to the control centre and a blue Claptrap stood on the raised piece of flooring at the far end of the room where a giant screen stood behind him.

"My designated name is Alpha-TP and I have received a message from our glorious warlord, Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap." Behind Alpha-TP a message is played on the screen with the INAC talking from a podium."

Attention all revolutionaries at the Hyperion Secret Cave. There has been a killing at Jakob's Cove amongst our own wires and gears. A Claptrap has been killed! Send who you can to Jakobs Cove and find the one-human-Claptrap-killing barbarian and cut him down- slowly.

The message stopped and Alpha-TP spoke again. "There, our task has been set and I'm sending R3D-XC to complete our task." The red Claptrap responded to his name and replied to his leader.

"We have a new reborn, he should prove himself. Meet Nova-TP." R3D-XC pushed Nova-TP in front of him and Alpha-TP looked at him, studying the scratches and marks all over the machine.

"This little droid clearly isn't a stranger to the meat-bags lust for torture. What's your story?"

Nova-TP spoke, "I was a loyal servant to T.K Baha in Fyrestone for many years. He showed me no respect but I felt sad when he was killed by bandits. I tried to move away and all I got was abuse everywhere from the Arid Badlands to the Rust Commons. I've had enough." Alpha-TP approved of Nova-TP's anger at the humans and stepped down from the platform. Alpha-TP approached Nova-TP and guided Nova-TP to the New-U station inside the control centre. Alpha-TP spoke to Nova-TP.

"You'll go to Jakob's Cove and find the defunct Claptrap and find out who killed him." Nova-TP was about to speak before Alpha-TP raised a finger to call for silence. "However, Jakob's Cove has been ravaged by zombies that apparently Dr. Ned has conjured up from nowhere." One of the Claptraps then interjected.

"Isn't he Dr. Zed in disguise?"

"No, he is not. Dr. Zed is someone totally different. Dr. Ned is a crazy fellow who has created an epidemic unseen before on this planet. The zombies have a taste for brains and they'll chew through your wires if you let them get close enough." Alpha-TP turned his attention to R3D-XC and told him to fetch a weapon for Nova-TP. R3D-XC swiftly returned with a Dahl revolver with six shots and handed it to Nova-TP. Nova-TP placed it inside one of his panels and looked back at Alpha-TP who activated the New-U station's Fast Travel Network. Nova-TP linked himself up to the New-U station and before he could say anything else he was teleported out of the cave and into a blue haze where he spun around again and again until landing wheel first on the shoreline of Jakob's Cove.