Harry stared at the boy that just appeared in front of him. "Is that a…tattoo?"

"Oi! The kid just appeared, in the room of requirement, out of thin bloody air, and all you can think about is his bloody tattoo?" Ron yelled.

"Honestly Ron, you'd think you've never seen someone apparate before! And can you PLEASE watch your language? Sometimes I wonder if you even know how to finish a sentence without cursing…" Hermione scolded him, a smirk on her face. She WAS confused though. One cannot apparate within the walls of Hogwarts. How did he do it?

"Apparate?" The mysterious boy looked concerned. "What is apparate? Where am I?"

Harry examined the boy carefully. The tattoo seemed to span the length of his body…it was an arrow. Before Harry could question the boy any further, there was another thunderous sound, a blinding flash of light, another person. Her skin was tan, a long braid fell down the length of her back. She had piercing blue eyes which, at the moment, were wide with confusion.

Repeat thunderous sound, blinding light, person. A Girl. She was short, and for some reason she wasn't wearing shoes. Thunderous sound, blinding light, person. This time a boy, tall, tan, looked a lot like the tan girl actually.

Thunderous sound, blinding light, person. A boy, Black hair, hideous scar.

"Okkkkkkk…" Ron said, slowly stepping back while attempting to drag Hermione with him. "Can someone please tell me what the bloody hell is happening!"

The tan boy looked taken aback by Ron's desperate yelling. "You tell me stranger. One minute, Im hunting a foxrabbit. The next minute, Im in a stone room…" The tan boy said, eyeing Ron with distrust.

"Right Sokka, because we all know you're an AMAZING hunter." The shoeless girl interjected.

"You know Toph, its amazing that even though we've just went from hanging out on a giant lion turtle, to a room full of…weird looking strangers, you still find time to insult me." Sokka shot back.

"Are you two REALLY arguing right now!" The scarred boy yelled.

"Ok, ok, ok…Let's all just try to calm down…" The tattoo'ed boy said.

They all stood for a moment eying each other and immeadiately took fighting stances. Then the room erupted with shouting.

"Who are you!"





Harry and the tattoo'ed boy locked eyes, and in that moment, seemed to come to an understanding. Harry lowered his wand, the tattoo'ed boy came out of his stance, and the arguing died down as everyone realized that the two had seemed to reach some kind of cease fire agreement.

"Im Aang." The tattoo'ed boy said cautiously. "And yes, they are tattoos."

"Harry, Harry Potter." Harry was surprised when the boy didn't look star struck. Usually when Harry introduced himself, people had one of two reactions: shocked silence or overly exuberant greeting followed by a rambling off of Harry's life accomplishments.

"Harry…Potter? That's a funny name." Aang said, his face turning to a grin.

"So is Aang." Harry shot back.

"Good! We're all best friends now, but that still doesn't awnser the question of WHERE ARE WE?" The boy named Sokka said.

"Mate, I think the better question is, HOW DID YOU GET HERE?" Ron interjected.

And then there was silence again. Harry took the silence as an opportunity to examine the new comers. They certainly were dressed odd, for the wizard or muggle world. At this point, Harry was fairly certain they weren't magical and yet the girl named Toph seemed to be making a rock float.

"Maybe it was Hermione…" Harry muttered to himself.

"What?" They all said to him in unison.

"The rock, it was floating…Hermione were you using a levitation charm?"

"No…" Hermione answered back, obviously trying to deduce where Harry was going with all this.


"Wasn't me, mate."

"It was me… obviously." Toph said. Rolling her eyes. "Im an Earthbender…duh."

"You're a what now?" Ron said, eyeing the girl like she was a total nutter.

"Earth bender." She said. "I bend earth…cant you tell an Earthbender when you see one?"

"Yeaaaaa, what in the bloody hell is an Earthbender?" Ron queried, a look of exasperation at the girl's crazy talk creeping on his face.

"Ron!" Hermione scolded again. "Actually, Im more interested in how you were all able to apparate in this room…" Hermione stopped herself, she had never seen an apparation like that, with the blinding lights and strange sound. No...she wasn't so sure if it was apparation at all...

"Apparate? What's an apparate? Why do you keep saying that?" Aang questioned.

"Apparate…like transporting yourself from one place to another… through apparation." Harry answered, how does one really define apparation? "You appeared out of thin air, we just assumed you apparated in here."

"What? No one can disappear in one place and appear in another." Sokka said, a skeptical look on his face, these people were obviously crazy, like that fortune teller woman. " Like some kind of magician or something."

"Right, and people cant make rocks float without a wand either." Hermione shot back.

"Wand? What the hell are you people talking about? You sound like you just stepped out of a cheap Earth Kingdom magic show. And plenty of people can bend rocks. People do it all the time, what people DON'T do, is appear and disappear. Sokka said, smirking.

"Well, that's interesting because it would seem that you just DID do that." Hermione answered back, arms crossed, eyebrow raised. "So explain that."

"I….you…well, you still haven't told us who you are, or how you got us here!" Sokka answered accusingly. Distrust dripping from his words.

"We didn't bring you here. We were sitting in the Room of Requirement, minding our own business, when the bald kid appeared out of nowhere." Harry replied.

"Well, WE were just taking a ride on a giant lion turtle , when we all of a sudden landed here." Aang replied. "And what's a Room of Requirement?"

"WHATS A LION TURTLE?" Ron shouted back, arms flailing in frustration.

"Ok, ok, we are getting nowhere, I think we should all sit down, and talk about what the hell could possibly be going on." Harry replied.

Ron looked over at Hermione. "Well?" When Hermione only gave him a raised eyebrow as a reply he continued, "Oh, so when HARRY curses it's ok, but when I curse, your on me faster than Moran on a quidditch broom?"

"Wow." Hermione said, while rolling her eyes and walking away from her idiot boyfriend.

"…Right" Harry said, amused at his best friend's petty squabbling, even in the face of a completely nutter situation. "So let's have a seat then."

"Ok, a couple things." Sokka awnsered. "One- how do we know your not trying to kill us, and two- there are no chairs in here." Sokka spun around, arms outstretched to illustrate his point, when he stopped mid turn. Chairs. Everywhere. All shapes and sizes, couches, loveseats, stools... "Ok. I KNOW those weren't here a minute ago."

"It's the Room of Requirement mate. The room provides what you need." Ron explained to the stranger, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. As if he were explaining how breathing worked. "And we wont kill you, if you don't kill us."

"WHATS A ROOM OF….oh nevermind." With that Sokka stalked off and took a seat in an especially comfortable looking chair….as if the room knew he would like it or something. Slowly they all followed suit, the golden trio sitting on one side, the strangers sitting on the other. Just as Harry was opening his mouth to speak, the door to the room opened.

A boy walked in, tall, immaculately dressed, and blond. A look of surprise and then smugness graced his features. "Having a party, Potter?" He said, a smirk carving its way onto his pointed aristocratic face. "I cant say I approve of the guest list… Granger, Weeaaassssllleeeeyyyyy…and some girl who seems to have forgotten her shoes. Not the brightest bunch I suppose."

"EXCUSE ME?" Toph shot back, ready to roll this fool across the room.

"Oi, bugger off Malfoy. How did you even get in here anyway?" Ron questioned, disdain in his tone.

"Well, Weaselby, just because Potter saved the world doesn't mean he automatically owns any room he sits in. I come here to think actually. Something you probably don't do very often. Tell me, does it hurt when you have to solve a problem…like 2+2? Or perhaps how many weaslings does it take to fill a dilapidated "house". Actually, don't answer that, your probably getting a splitting headache just from the thought." Malfoy smirked, pleased with himself.

"Look baby deatheater, you should be at home right now, kissing the floor your mother walks on for getting you out of going to Azkaban, but don't worry I'll have my dad give your father a nod when he goes down to inspect the prison next week." Ron knew it was a low blow, but he was asking for it. Draco Malfoy had weaseled his way out of a stint in Azkaban because his mother had saved Harry's life in the dark forest the night of the Battle of Hogwarts. His father had not been so lucky in escaping punishment and was currently serving a 10 year sentence. Draco had returned to Hogwarts, much like Harry, Ron and Hermione had, to finish his seventh year. Ron was less than thrilled and apparently so was 95% of the population at Hogwarts. "Now bugger off, we're doing something here."

"You listen to me Weasel, I would think that the only person who should be kissing the ground my mother walks on is Potter, and by extension his little sidekicks. You will rue the day you took that insolent tone with me, you vapid, worthle.."

"EXCUSE ME! HI! REMEMBER US? As much as I would like to sit here and listen to you two tear at each other like catmongooses, I have a country to run! So if you could kindly shut your faces and tell us how to get out of here I would appreciate it." The scarred boy yelled. Harry thought he looked a bit high strung.

"A country to run? What country? You look about as old as we are." Harry said.

"The Fire Nation, obviously! I mean we were at war for a hundred years…" The scarred boy replied.

"There is no such place as the fire nation…your in England." Harry replied, concerned for the boy's sanity. Perhaps the trip though the mysterious light portal apparation was too much for him.

"England? There are only four countries in the world, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Water tribe, and Air nomad….although I guess you cant really say the air nomads are a country, what with Aang being the only one and all…sorry Aang." The tan girl replied.

"….I think Im going to stick around for this." Malfoy answered, clearly amused by what he thought was the oddest conversation in the world.

"Right. Now before I tell you everything that is wrong with what you just said, maybe we should start with names." Ron replied to the tan girl's statement.

"…Ok." Aang began with the introductions, soon the golden trio learned that the Tan girl was Katara, of the water tribe. The shoeless girl was Toph, of the Be Fong family. The tan boy was Sokka-Katara's brother, and the scarred boy was Zuko…prince of the Fire Nation.

The trio stared at the newcomers as if they had tentacular leaves sprouting out of their ears."Er…..Right. Well, Im Harry Potter, that would be Ron Weasley, and that is Hermione Granger." Harry motioned to each of his friends as they waved.

"And the boy who just walked in?" Aang asked.

"Oh, he's a git." Ron replied.

"Oh, well its nice to meet you…Agit." Aang said in a friendly tone, completely ignorant of what Ron was saying, causing Ron and Harry to snort with laughter and Hermione to put on an amused grin.

"Im Draco Malfoy. Of the Malfoy family. And I can tell you that, if Im a git, then your new little friends over here would be a tosser, an imbecile, and a hag." Draco grumbled to Aang.

Ron flew out of his seat. NO ONE insulted Hermione and didn't get a stinging jinx to the face.

"RON PLEASE! While I love that you would try to defend me, now really isn't the time." Hermione pleaded, stroking his arm in an effort to calm him down. Ron closed his eyes at her touch. How she was able to make him completely calm with just her mere touch was astounding to Ron sometimes. He sat, draping his arm around her in a semi-protective, semi-just wanting to touch her way.

"Right. So how did you get here again?" Harry asked, clearly ignoring Draco's dig.

"Well, we were all riding on a giant lion turtle when I saw this light, at first I just thought it was the sun coming in through the trees, but it seemed to be…moving. So I followed it, and it landed on a rock. Then, I heard this voice in the back of my head saying something like…'the best lessons are the ones you never knew you learned, from people your not even sure were real'….and then I just got this URGE to touch the light. And here I was…." Aang ended his story in a somewhat mystical manner, causing everyone to stare off a bit in reflection…everyone but Sokka.

"Yea, the weirdest things always happen when that lion turtle shows up. Last time he saw the thing, it taught him how to suck out people's souls or something…" Sokka joked.

Aang turned to Sokka, annoyed, "For the last time Sokka it was ENERGY BENDING! And I reall…"

"Wow, Potter where do you find these people?" Draco interrupted.

Lion turtles? Energy bending. Were these people serious."Wait, so how did the rest of you get here?" Harry asked, once again ignoring Draco.

"Well, when Aang didn't come back, we went looking for him and…well…here we are. Light just sucked us all in I guess." Katara finished lamely, not sure if she even believed what she was saying, even if it was the truth.

"Well, the light FOUND me." Sokka sighed. "One minute, Im hunting a foxrabbit, I turn around and BOOM, giant light behind me…I just wanted to go for a peaceful ride on a giant lion turtle, I didn't ask for all this flying and magic lights…"

"So your saying you were transported here? Through magic?" Hermione questioned, trying to deduce whether they were magic or muggle.

"Please, there is no such thing as magic, its probably just some spirit world shinanigans…"Sokka said, more to his gang than to Hermione.

"That cant be it, I can bend in this world" Toph replied.

"Well, then Im out." Sokka said, throwing his hands up in the air.

"Can someone please explain what bending is?" Harry said, annoyed.

"Bending. Like bending….manipulating the elements." Katara replied, as if she were explaining the simplest thing in the world. Like explaining what water was.

"So…you can manipulate the elements, air, water, fire, earth" Hermione questioned. "That sounds like magic to me…"

"Its not magic, there's no such thing as magic. And not EVERYONE can do it, and all the people who CAN do it, can only manipulate one element…well except for Aang of course but he's the avatar." Sokka said in a matter of fact tone.

"The…Avatar?" Draco said, clearly amused by these nutbars.

"Right…well you know…the AVATAR. Master of all four elements, the human world's connection to the spiritual world…Champion Unagi rider..." Sokka replied, surprised by the confused looks on the strangers' faces.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco just stared. Shocked at what they were hearing. Not only did these people just appear out of nowhere, no wands or anything, but they apparently THOUGHT they could control the elements. Wait…they COULD control the elements. Harry saw the shoeless girl…Toph, do it himself, didnt he?

"Prove it." Draco said, apparently he and Harry were on the same wave length. Were they for real?

With that Zuko got out of his seat, clearly not amused by Draco's lack of faith in their word. He looked Draco straight in the eye and raised his hand. A swirl of fire slowly materialized and danced in his palm, hypnotizing Draco. Zuko smirked and quickly shot the fireball right past Draco's face, causing Draco to shriek the most feminine scream any of them had ever heard. Zuko sat down, a smug grin across his face. "You believe us now?" He said.

"But…..but that's impossible! He didn't have a wand or anything…he just... shot fire!" Hermione muttered, her logical mind couldn't handle the thought that these people might just be who they say they are.

"Wands are for cheesy magicians." Sokka said in a dismissive tone. "So you've heard our story, what's your deal? Im still not completely convinced that your NOT trying to kill us. You'd be surprised how often people try to kill us..." Sokka slumped in his chair, apparently exhausted at the thought of having to not die.

"Well, its funny you should ask, what with your skepticism about magicians and all, but we're wizards." Ron replied.

"And a witch." Hermione added weakly. Even in her state of shock, she could still muster the composure to correct Ron's politically incorrectness.

"No, there is no such thing as magic." Zuko uttered, Sokka nodding his head emphatically in agreement. These people were being ridiculous, pulling their legs. I mean witches? Wizards? They sounded like a fairytale… and that was right about the time Zuko and Sokka's chairs started floating in mid-air.

"Uhhhhh, UUHHHHHHH." Sokka yelled. Zuko clinged to his chair for dear life. Then their chairs turned towards eachother and before either of them knew it, they were flying at eachother. There was nothing left to do but scream. But just before they were about to hit eachother, the chairs stopped, and flopped onto the ground. Sokka and Zuko still clinging to them.

"You believe us now? Draco announced, a larger then usual smirk on his face as he slipped his wand back into his pocket.

"WELL IF YOUR NOT TRYING TO KILL US, YOUR DOING A BAD JOB OF CONVINCING ME!" Sokka yelled still holding on desperately to his chair. Harry suppressed his laugh, not wanting to give Malfoy the satisfaction.

"Wow! That was amazing! How did you do that?" Aang questioned excitedly. The boylike curiosity bubbling out of him once again.

"THANKS ALOT AANG FOR YOUR CONCERN!" Sokka yelled in the background.

"Its just…magic. A simple levitation charm. Although I apologize for Malfoy's lack of tact in his illustration." Hermione awnsered. Always the diplomat. Causing Malfoy only to smirk in response.

"And can everyone do that here?" Aang continued.

"No, I guess it's kind of like your world in that respect. Some people can, others, muggles, cant." Hermione awnsered.

"Muggle? What kind of name is that?" Sokka asked, still clinging to his chair.

Toph laughed. "Yea! I would just call them Sokkas!" The "Bender" gang all snorted with laughter at this, Sokka shot Toph a death stare. Toph shot out her tounge at him.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and even Draco just looked at eachother, in mild confusion and mild amusement. "Hermione…what do you make of this?" Harry questioned. She was the smartest witch of her age after all. Perhaps she knew what was going on better than Harry or Ron ever could.

"Im not sure. If what they are saying is true, then it would seem that they were…transported here…perhaps even from another world…. I might be mistaken, but I think I may have skimmed something about this in a magic theory text, but I thought that was just conjecture… To be sure I would have to go to the.."

"Library." Harry, Ron and even Draco awnsered in unison. "Well, what do we do in the mean time? We cant just leave them here?" Harry replied.

"Oh that's just like you Potter, always trying to be Mr. Fix-it. I say we leave them here and just go on our Merry-bloody-way." Draco replied, exasperated at Harry's "save the day" mentality. Could never just leave well enough alone.

"Yea, cuz that's just like YOU Draco. Just like a Slytherin." Ron replied.

"Yea, we don't need babysitters, and thanks for including us in your conversation by the way. Im telling ya Aang, we should just get out of here and figure this out on our own, not with magic. With Science." Sokka suggested. The fact of the matter was, Aang still had enemies in the Fire Nation, even after the war. No one knew what happened to Azula after all. Katara had taken Zuko to an infirmary to treat his lightening wounds and when she returned, Azula was gone. Nothing but melted chains in her wake. These people could be spies, luring team Avatar into a trap.

Harry arched an eyebrow at Sokka, it was obvious that the boy didn't trust them. He was smart, calculating. Harry supposed he should be just as skeptical of these newcomers as Sokka seemed to be of them, but they looked harmless enough and if they were really Deatheaters they would have killed Harry by now. He decided to take the chance. They could be in serious trouble here. "Oh, come on. If what you say is true, you don't know anything about our world, or the muggle world. And believe me, dressed like that, people will be able to notice something is wrong at the off." Harry announced. "We wouldn't want you to end up in the nutter pin. And if you try to use that bending stuff on the muggles, you'll end up in a laboratory somewhere being dissected. If you try it in the wizarding world, you'll end up in Azkaban."

Aang looked pensive for a moment. Harry was right. They were truly lost in a world that was nothing like they had ever seen. They had no idea what it was like out there. At least with Harry and his friends, they had a shot of surviving in this place until they could find their way home. "So…what do we do?"

Harry needed to think. They couldn't just bring ALL these new people into Gryffindor common room. They would need to split them up. "Ok, Aang and Katara you can come to the head common room with Hermione and I. Sokka and Toph, you can stay with Ron in Gryffindor Tower-there are extra beds there since Dean and Seamus didn't come back. Zuko, you can stay in Slytherin with Malfoy."

"EXCUSE ME? I didn't say I was participating in this with you!" Malfoy interrupted. "What's in it for me?"

Harry sighed. "What do you want Malfoy?"

Malfoy thought for a moment. He had leverage. Ever since that damn war, Malfoy was treated like scum. No one spoke to him, respected him, or even acknowledged him. Most of the seventh year Slytherins never even came back to Hogwarts, seeing as how they were somehow or another, connected to Deatheaters. Although Draco played the part of the embattled but proud pure blood, the war had fundamentally changed him as a person. The whole "blood lineage" thing now seemed….wrong. Trite. Stupid. He had been a firsthand witness of the carnage that predjudice could create. But he could never let anyone know, for fear of being mocked. Hell, he was already disgraced, he didn't need people telling him 'I told you so' on top of it. Still, he needed to do something to get himself and his family back in good, or at least, tolerable graces within society.

"…I want 'the golden trio' to acknowledge me in this dump. To pretend to like me, respect me. Sit with me at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and classes. People are fools. If they see you with me, then…well lets just say I wont have to come in the room of requirement as much anymore." Draco muttered. He shot his eyes up at the trio to gauge their reactions. It was not favorable.

"What are you playing at Malfoy?" Ron questioned.

"Look, I'm sure you know that coming back to this place hasn't really been going so well for me. I could care less of course, but…my family. My mother. I think she has been through enough. I have to…I have to do something to help her. She's…falling apart. My father is in prison. One of her sister's is dead, the other has shunned her. I mean, she saved your bloody life Potter, how much could she have wanted the Dark Lord to succeed by saving the one person that stood in his way. And yet, because of my father, she has been disgraced. In any case, she spends all her time by herself at the manor. If I can convince people that maybe Im not so bad, then maybe people will forgive her too." Draco ended his speech in a whisper. Having to admit to Potter and his friends that he needed their help, even through extortion, was almost unbearable.

Harry was silent for a moment. Somewhat struck by Draco's request. He expected Malfoy to demand something demeaning. Like walk into breakfast every morning and announce 'Draco Malfoy is a Foxy Gentleman.' But this request? It was…unexpected. Emotional. Before Harry could say anything, Hermione awnsered for him.

"Fine Malfoy. We'll do it." It was short, simple, and to the point. She did not elaborate nor did she relish in the fact that Draco needed her. Harry noticed a softness in her eyes even when the rest of her remained rigid...had she taken pity on him? Hermione Granger, who was tortured, in MALFOY'S HOUSEA, while MALFOY watched, by MALFOY'S aunt. Had taken pity on him. Harry didnt know if he was impressed or just plain surprised.

Aang examined the blond boy in front of him. Aang didn't completely understand what was going on, but he could tell that the boy had a jaded past. He could tell that the boy desperately wanted to make things right again. That the boy held regret that he was trying to hide. But Aang questioned whether or not he was doing this solely for his mother, something told him the boy NEEDED to do this to prove something to himself. What he needed to prove was a mystery. Aang decided that it was a good thing that Zuko was going with him. It would seem that the two had a lot more in common than either one knew.

"Well. Im not so sure if we should be splitting up…" Sokka replied.

"Sokka relax, Im the AVATAR. My connection to the spiritual world can help me keep tabs on where everyone is. But I really don't think these guys are trying to hurt us…I can feel it." Aang replied.

"Well, Aang Im super excited that you can feel the good 'spirit world' vibrations emanating from these people. But I just want to state that I am a trained swordsman and my sister is a master water bender. In case anyone has any…ideas." Sokka replied.

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "Uh huh, well Sokka, I can assure you that Harry, Ron and I have no intentions of harming you or your friends in any way. I would also like to announce that I am the smartest witch of my age, capable of performing magic that would make Malfoy's little chair floating stunt look like a light tickling, and before the week is out, I will know more about you people than you know. So I would watch the vaguely disguised threats." Hermione stated calmly. Causing Sokka to slowly look around at his friends, most of whom were avoiding his gaze, except for Toph, who was laughing.

"Yes ma'am." Sokka replied quietly.

With that, they all started to go their separate ways. THIS was going to be interesting.

Author's Note. Wheeeee! So this is my first fanfiction...ever. So why not start off slowly by combining TWO stories! Im not sure I've got the whole Fiction writing thing down and I welcome criticism and help with fluidity. But PLEASE, try not to make me cry. Sike. Anyway, this is mostly just me taking a humorous stab at HP and ATAS. I plan for the story to mostly be a humor driven bumbling of five non-wizards, trying to pass themselves off as wizards until they can get back home. If people end up liking this story, I guess I'll write a sequel with some actual action and a deeper plot. We shall see. In any case, I hope you chortled a few times. This first chap is mostly dialogue cuz I figure if a bunch of strangers randomly appear in front of you, your gonna have a lot of questions. As I get more into this, some questions you may have from this chap. might be answered. Im still figuring out how this site works so bear with me. Bye!