Woo Foo Warrior

Chapter one

Hey guys this is a remake of the "Woo foo Princess" I have made like two years ago, but have not finished it due to me not coming up with ideas for it. But this time, I'm gonna remake the whole story all over again, and I'm going to give it the title "Woo Foo Warrior" instead. Some scenes might be the same and others will be very different, so I hope you enjoy the first part of chapter one, "Woo Foo Warrior"

16 years earlier inside a palace mixed with a dojo around it. There lived a king and queen who were in charge and yet the strongest king and queen of woo foo warriors. Everyone knew woo foo contain might and magic and was a very serious martial art challenge to learn. The king had the power of might, and his wife which was the queen on the hand had the power of magic. They were trained as younger children by a panda named Master Yo. 16 years later from now, they knew they were gonna have another new warrior very soon. The king and queen had just given birth to a healthy baby girl about a week ago. They had named her Mariah Gabrielle Key. They were very anxious to train her to become the best woo foo warrior princess in all kingdom.

Inside the palace, baby Mariah was in her bedroom, sleeping in her crib. While meanwhile in the main hallway her parents were sitting on one side of the another their own throne waiting on Master Yo to arrive with something.

"Where in the world could he be?" Queen Kathryn wondered.

"Now, now dear, must not you worry? Master Yo will be eventually. He's probably just running late." King Richard answered. (I decided to change his name from George to Richard.)

"I sure hope so. You know how I get at times." Queen Kathryn said, taking a sip of her drink and then sighing.

King Richard sighs as well and says, "You know, I remember our days a little woo foo warriors several years ago."

"Really? I hardly remember any of it." Queen Kathryn said studying her glass.

"Oh…well then, I-"The King was cut off by someone entering inside the hallway of the front of the palace. "I think that's Master Yo right now."

And there stood a normal young panda with a purple afro as his hair style. He's wearing his black belt around his waist and he has something in his hand, it's a little white box with something in it. Master Yo walks up to the king and queen, smiling and then bowing to them as a greeting.

"Greetings Richard and Kathryn, I apologize for being late." Master Yo said.

"It's alright, Master Yo. We understand. My wife was starting to get a little worried about you, but she's alright now." King Richard said, looking over at her.

Queen Kathryn looks up and smiles and puts her glass down and stands up and walks down a few steps up to Master Yo. "So, you said you were bringing something for our daughter?" Queen Kathryn asked.

"Indeed I was. It's right here in this little white box. I'm sure little Mariah will like it." Master Yo answered.

"Well, what is it?" Queen Kathryn asked anxiously.

Master Yo smiles, and opens it and it's a necklace. Not just an ordinary one, but a special one. It's a Yin Yang symbol necklace inside the box. "It's for your daughter to wear and she shouldn't take it off by no means necessary." Master Yo answered.

Queen Kathryn takes the box with the necklace inside it and smiles and nods. "Thank you, Master Yo. I know my daughter will make a great warrior princess, since your gonna be training her when she turns sixteen." Queen Kathryn said, observing the necklace.

Master Yo nods. "Now I must be going you two. If you need anything, you know where to reach me." Master Yo said, patting her shoulder.

"Oh yes, anything we will let you know." King Richard said.

"Good bye, Richard and Kathryn. I will see you later." Master Yo said as he's walks out of the palace.

Queen Kathryn is still observing the necklace. "This is such a beautiful necklace he bought our daughter. I'm gonna go show her. I'll be back." She said, as she closed the box and headed down the hallway and upstairs.

King Richard nods and set back in his throne.

Meanwhile, Queen Kathryn passed a few doors, and came to the door that was Mariah's room and opened her door and walked in and went over to her crib.

Mariah had just woken up from her nap, blinking her blue eyes and smiles slightly at her mother. She was happy to see her by baby talking like ordinary babies do.

"Hi honey. Mommy is here to show you something." Queen Kathryn said setting the box down and picking up little Mariah and holding her close and sits down in the rocking chair and picks up the box. "Our master just came by and he bought you a special gift I think you'll love." She said.

Mariah looks at her confused and a little curious at the same time, and continues to blink her eyes a couple more times.

"He bought you this." Queen Kathryn holds up the yin yang symbol necklace for Mariah to see. "It's a necklace, just for you my darling." She said smiling.

Mariah smiles happily and giggles a little. "I knew you would be happy. Here, let mommy put it on for you." But as she was about to put the necklace around Mariah, a fire orbit comes flying into the window, breaking the glass and hitting the queen, knocking both her and Mariah to the ground, and the necklace fell out of her hand and onto the floor.

Queen Kathryn rubs her head, while still holding her daughter. "What on earth was that?" She said groaning.

Suddenly the Night Master comes flying in, smiling evilly at both of them. "Happy to see me, Kathy?" He says walking up to them.

Queen Kathryn backs up, holding Mariah close. She stands up and runs over to the closet and gently puts Mariah in there to keep her safe and says, "Stay here. Mommy will be back to get you." Queen Kathryn said, and then after those last words of Mariah hearing from her mother she closes and locks the door, and turns to the Night Master and glares at him.

"Who the heck do you think you are crashing into my palace without an invitation?" Queen Kathryn said, balling up her fists.

"I can come whenever I feel like it, my queen. Now where is your husband?" He asks.

"That's none of your business, Night Master. You'll have to come through me first. I'm not letting you touch my daughter." Queen Kathryn said, lighting up her magic.

The Night Master laughs sarcastically. "Oh, wow, I'm so scared of you. I hope your magic doesn't hurt me." He says, laughing.

Queen Kathryn jumps and throws huge fire orbits at him. The Night Master dodges all of them, and sees she's about to throw a punch at him, but he grabs her wrist, squeezing it very tightly, and throws her onto the wall. She lands on the floor, panting, with a mark around her wrist.

The Night Master walks up to her and kicks her hard in the stomach. "You thought you were all tough to beat me? Think again, my queen. No one is strong enough to beat me!" He said, smiling evilly. Queen Kathryn looks up at him glaring. "Shut up, you. She stands up and gets ready to launch an attack, but he grabs her by the throat and her pins her to the wall. "You're way too weak to hurt me, my child. It's too bad that I'm gonna kill you eventually." The Night Master said, smiling evilly and laughing.

Queen Kathryn gasps for air, and yells for help. "R-R-Richard…!" She says barely breathing.

King Richard hears her from upstairs and immediately stands up and presses the red button for an emergency for Master Yo to come. He grabs his sword and runs upstairs to help his wife.

The Night Master is still chocking her to her death. "There's no one to help you. NO ONE, so say goodby-" He gets hit with Richard's sword, and Kathryn falls down still alive, but breathing in and out fast.

"Are you alright, Kathryn?" King Richard asked, kneeling down next to her.

"Oh yeah, I'm alright." She answers, standing up. And Richard stands up as well.

The Night Master stands up too. "Two against one, no problem."

King Richard charges at the night master with his weapon and gets ready to launch an attack on him. The night master smiles and grabs his sword and twist it out of his hand, and shocks him with this hot blister.

"No!" Queen Kathryn said glaring and her eyes become fire and blast the Night Master up against the wall, making him let go of Richard's sword. Richard grabs his sword and stabs the Night master with it, creating a big hole, but the big hole immediately heals back up. "Huh?" The Night Master punches him out of the way and he stands up. "I've had enough of you two! It's time to do what I was going to in the first place." The Night Master hits his fist down hard on the floor, creating an quake for the entire palace to shake. He begins to develop some powerful dark dangerous magic.

As the king and queen are shaking, King Richard gets in front of Queen Kathryn in order to protect his queen. "No matter what happens, I hope our daughter is taken care of." King Richard said.

The Night Master becomes darker and the magic becomes much more dangerous than before, and he aims the heavy magic at both the king and queen and it hits them both and they fall up in the air and then come back down with a hard landing.

They are not moving in inch. The Night Master turns back to normal and everything stops shaking and he goes over to the king and queen and feels both of their pulse, and notice they both had no pulse. They were killed instantly. He smiles evilly and says, "Yes, I have finally destroyed both the king and queen of woo foo. My dream has come true." The Night Master said with a happy joy, and then he hears a noise and immediately flies out of the window of where he came from.

It was Master Yo. He came running into the room, but he was too late. He saw both his students lying on the floor dead. He gasps. "Oh no…I was too late…." Master Yo comes in the room and notices everything is torn. "This is all my fault. If I were to be here sooner, I could have saved them." He said as a tear falls down his eye.

Then he hears a cry coming from the closet, and he turned around. "M-Mariah?" He wondered as he tried to open the closet door, but it was locked. So he use his magic to unlock the door and open it and find her sitting there, crying. "Oh dear, you poor thing." He said picking her up, and holding her. "It's okay, it's okay." He said rubbing her back and picking up the necklace that fell from the floor. He looks at Mariah and says, "It's alright, I'm here. I promise I will never let anything happen to you…I'll take good care of you…" He said, holding her close.

And everything goes blank.

Well, that's the end of chapter one. I hope you enjoyed it. Be ready for chapter two coming up very soon.