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Chapter 1 – What. The. Hell..?

'BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BE-' The regular, monotone and highly irritating sound coming out of the alarm clock on Shuichi's bedside table was abruptly cut off as the singer slammed his fist on the machine. He yawned and reluctantly got up from under the warm covers and off the bed. His body felt kinda heavy and awkward as Shuichi made his way slowly, still half-asleep, to the bathroom adjoined to their bedroom. He proceeded to empty his bladder, thinking that maybe he' gotten taller overnight. After having pulled his pajama bottoms back up, the singer went to the sink to wash his hands, the fresh smell of citrus soap filling the bathroom, and froze when he looked in the mirror. 'Wow... I must still be dreaming...' He thought, 'Cool!' He made silly faces in front of the shiny surface and laughed, amused to no end. He was having a laughing fit and thought he may as well enjoy this dream – it's not every night he dreams that he's Yuki after all! He reached out to take a can of the smelly shaving foam and splattered it all over his face, laughing madly and pretending to have a beard. Then he took the sharp razor in hand, made a posh face in the mirror and dragged the metal blade across his cheek. "Oh no, mister Yuki, that line is so uneven! How will you ever live with yourself!" Shuichi had watched his lover shave many times before and the writer's strokes and everything were so smooth, so even, that he thought the world would fall apart if he'd done a zig zag on his face instead of the old, boring straight lines. "Ouch!" He squeaked when the blade cut into his sucked-in cheek. Needless to say, Shuichi wasn't even close to being an expert in shaving. 'Wait a minute...' A thought suddenly occurred to the singer. 'We... Aren't we supposed to NOT feel pain inside a dream? Impossible...' He gasped and pinched himself. A second later, a piercing, extremely loud scream shook the house.

The scream woke Yuki up, who was instantly put in a foul mood. "What the fuck are you screaming about so early in the damn morning? Found another tiny baby spider? You big baby! Shut the fuck up, brat!" He was trying to squeeze his eyes tightly shut and scowling at the singer who dared wake him – intentionally or not. Shuichi came running out the short distance from their bathroom, clutching a small blue towel. Yuki sat up, surprised at the sight in front of him, and stared at the person who just entered the room. Definitely not Shuichi. The tall blonde figure in the doorway was none other than Yuki Eiri himself. It felt bizarre staring at his own body like that. Likewise, Shuichi was staring at his body sitting up on the bed, It was an unbelievable sight for an observer who didn't know what was happening – 'Yuki' was staring wide-eyed with his jaw dropped so low from shock, it nearly hit the floor, and 'Shuichi' staring back with a scowl and a weirded out face expressing utter disbelief. It really felt like the two men's souls suddenly decided to switch their homes for fun.

"What... The fuck..?" Yuki's scowl on Shuichi's face deepened, staring at his own body looking really out of it with that idiotic expression on his face.

Shuichi said nothing but slowly, cautiously, shifted closer to the bed. As he was advancing, Yuki started to slowly back away when he saw his body moving towards him but the writer hit the headboard and his mind was too freaked out at the moment to make any sense and move in a different direction. Yuki could only sit there and watch as his hand slowly reached out to him, seemingly of its own will.

As their skin touched, Shuichi gasped and suddenly pulled away. His mind was so chaotic, so overflowing with billions of thoughts at the speed of light, that he was calmer than ever before. The singer slowly leaned in and looked into his body's eyes. Even though they were still his eyes, they weren't. The colour and overall look hasn't changed but the way they looked – that gaze! - wasn't his. It definitely belonged to someone else. "Yuki...?" He asked softly, unsure.

"Shuichi?" The writer responded, noticing the same thing about the other man's eyes.

Shuichi sat down, frowning and watching as Yuki did the same. It was weird to watch your body like this. The singer suddenly smiled very widely and Yuki pulled back with a horrified expression. 'Would I really look like that if I smiled? No wonder I never do it...' Not that his smile wasn't breathtaking. It was just.. Freaky... When he smiled so brightly and honestly... It was weird but also very interesting – and kinda amusing – to watch his own body being in control of someone else, someone with a completely different personality.

"How did this..." Shuichi gestured at the two of them "happen...?"

"How should I know? Idiot... Now that it did though, we have to figure out how to fix it. I feel really weird looking at myself with such a moronic expression."

"Waaah, Yuuuukiii! You're sooo Meeaaan!" Shuichi whined, almost crying, and freaking his lover out even more. "But what are we gonna do about today? If I have to call in sick again, K will murder me! Waah! I'm too young to diieee!"

"Baka. We can't do anything else. I can't go to the studio in your place with this voice and they won't believe a bizarre story like this." Yuki leaned over to his bedside table and handed Shuichi the house phone. The singer sighed, took the phone and dialed the number to their studio that he had memorized perfectly by now.

"Moshi moshi" the voice – sounded like Sakano – said almost cheerfully.

"Sakano-san? It's Shuichi here..."

"Ah! Shindou-kun! What is it? You sound so much better now! Glad you'll be coming back today – the work keeps piling up!" He emitted a small, nervous chuckle.

"Umm... About that... I-uh... Ahem.. I can't make it to the studio today... I feel better now but * cough cough * I still feel a bit weak... * cough... *

"What? Shindou-kun! You can't mean that y-"

"Shuichi? You have to come back now! You had 2 whole weeks to recover and I know you're fine now! If you don't-" From the looks of it, K snatched the phone away from a panicky Sakano and wouldn't let Shuichi skip work.

"K-san! But I * cough cough * I still don't * cough cough * I don't feel well enough * cough cough * to work... * cough cough cough wheeze cough *

"Nonsense, Shuichi! I know you're faking it! Ha ha! You can't fool ME! I'm coming to get you!"

"K-!" Shuichi tried to convince his manager that he was still very sick but the other man hung up. "Shit..." The singer groaned "Better get dressed, Yuki..." He sighed.

"No way! We don't have time to play 'switching roles'! I have an interview tomorrow that I can't miss and I'm not letting you anywhere near that magazine! You'd ruin my whole career!"

"But we don't have a choice!" Shuichi whined "It's K! He'll be here any second! Get dressed! Quickly!"

"No! I won't be forced into one of your ridiculous outfits and-" But Yuki didn't get to finish his rant when the wall behind him shuddered and part of it collapsed as K burst through.

"You're looking well, Shuichi!" He shouted as he took Yuki under his arm and jumped back out through the wall, grabbing the rope ladder hanging out of an N-G helicopter. Shuichi just stood there, gaping at the hole in their bedroom wall – small, compared to the blown-up corner of the other room where K disappeared .

"Is that what it always looks like to Yuki..?" He wondered, then realized that they now had a huge hole in the corner of the room. "Oh well... It's not like we ever used that room anyway..." He shrugged and went to get some boards, nails and a hammer to fix up that hole right next to their bed.


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