IMPORTANT EDIT! 10/05/13: I just got an anonymous review that was seriously confused about my use of the word "cut". After guessing that English is not my first language (Which, it actually is. My mistakes, however, are a result of me not proofreading and typing too fast, not a misconception of the actual language) and saying that it is a sloppy mistake that I should fix for that sake of my reputation as I writer, I felt the need to post this. This is not the first time I caused confusion as a result from my usage of the word. In fact, the author that is working on the French translation of this story felt the need to write up a glossary of the biker terms to help non-native speakers understand and "cut" was on that list of defined terms. No, I didn't mean to say "coat" this whole time and it's not a mistake that I'm just too incompetent or oblivious to fix. It was deliberate. I'm sorry if there is any confusion, which is not my intention as an author. A CUT IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE BIKER COMMUNITY AND THEY DO NOT CALL THE DENIM OR LEATHER VEST THEY WEAR A COAT. IT IS CALLED A CUT OR COLORS. I chose to say cut in this story but colors could be used also. I am posting this on the first chapter in order to try and clear up any confusion before the reading begins. I apologize to everyone who was confused at all by the lingo, just trying to make the story seem for real and true to what I know about the biker community. Thank you for listening. END EDIT

This is a product of my new obsession, Sons of Anarchy. Way too many hours watching the show and my mind does this. It may be a little show at the beginning, but hopefully it will speed up quickly, maybe third chapter or so.

Summary: Sakura, a doctor, moves to Konoha after a hard time in the city hoping that the smaller town would better fit her and she would be safer. Unknowingly, she happens into Konoha; the birthplace of a large Motorcycle Club that is involved in more than just a war with a rival MC. Sasuke is the Vice President of the MC, the future leader of a world based on crime, loyalty, blood, alcohol, pussy, and family. He's a new father trying to adjust to a new way of living within this world. It's only a matter of time before these two worlds collide and mesh.

Disclaimer for entire story: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters, Sons of Anarchy, or any songs featured within the text.

As always, my editing sucks, but I hope you enjoy anyways.

Chapter 1

Finally Home

Sakura sighed and sipped the warm coffee in her hand, focusing all of her body on relaxing. The warmth of the caffeinated beverage traveled down her throat and radiated out to warm her entire body. A jolt of energy came with the warmth that she gladly welcomed. She had spent the better part of yesterday and last night unpacking boxes in her new house and loading boxes up with her grandfather's old belongings. Her new house was left in her name from her grandfather on her mother's side after he died.

She leaned back in her chair of the quant café and brushed her pink hair over her shoulder. Today she wore the shoulder blade length hair down with a small bump made up of her face frame. She leisurely smoothed out a wrinkle in her new mint green scrubs, inwardly surprised at how well they looked with her naturally pink hair. They looked much better than the baby blue scrubs she had worn during her internship in the city. She was taking it as a good sign. Already this tiny town that was barely a dot on the map was shaping up to be a better fit for her than the bustling city.

Focusing her attention out the wide window that looked out on Main Street she watched as families went about their early Saturday routines. A rumble caught her attention and she looked in time to see three men on motorcycles coming down the road from the left and parked in the front of the convenience store next door. They backed into the spaces, lining up their bikes so that they were in a row facing out towards the street. They handled the machinery with a lot of care but with a skill level that suggested that they had been riding for a while. With their back to her, she noticed that they all wore the same leather vests but she quickly turned her attention away before she could study it when the waitress came up.

"More coffee, ma'am?"

Sakura nodded and muttered a thank you to the woman. She was a pretty girl but sort of plain looking. She was good looking but plain enough that she was easily overlooked. Looking at her, Sakura had the sneaking suspicion that the girl was single and not because she wanted to be.

The woman refilled the cup and then just about left before she faltered. "Are you the new doctor in town?" she asked and was received with a look of surprise and confusion. Quickly the girl was talking again. "It's a small town and I had heard talk of a new doctor. I didn't recognize your face and you're wearing scrubs so I put the pieces together. I just thought I'd ask instead of just assuming things," she rambled nervously.

Sakura smiled politely to the stranger while she poured some cream into her newly refilled cup. "Yeah, well, you assumed correctly."

The woman smiled in a friendly manner. "What brings you to our charming Konoha, if you don't mind me asking?"

Sakura shrugged in a casual manner while stirring in some sugar. "I just needed a change in scenery. The city is a crazy place and there is a much lower crime rate in Konoha."

The woman looked out the wide window as the three bikers exited the store next door. They were laughing and talking, elbowing the one in the middle in a playful manner. They stopped and prepared to mount their bikes, taking a moment to dig through the plastic bag containing their purchased loot.

"Well Konoha is about the safest place around," she said in an almost adoring tone. Sakura looked up when she heard the tone of the woman's voice and followed her gaze.

Snapping out of her trance, the woman cleared her throat and flashed a warm smile to Sakura. "Well, anyways, welcome to Konoha." Sakura smiled back in response and watched as the woman walked away.

Another loud rumble filled the air and Sakura turned expecting to see the three bikers were leaving. Instead, when she looked she saw that while they had already mounted their bikes, they had yet to leave or even startup the engine. Sakura looked again as a group of maybe nine or ten more men on motorcycles came from the right and park across the street. They maneuvered their bikes into the available spaces in the same manner as the other three. Behind the hoard of bikes was a plain black SUV. It parked next to the bikers.

Sakura examined all of the bikers, noticing dimly that they had almost identical vests. On the back of the vests was the name 'Akatsuki' across the top, slightly curved so that it wasn't straight across. In the center was a picture, the grim reaper staring out with red eyes. The reaper was only its upper body. The scythe was in one bone hand while the other hand was outstretched with an open bone palm. In the palm was a red cloud. Almost directly underneath the red cloud was the letters 'MC'. Sakura dimly noticed that the next part was where they differed, as well as some of the smaller patches on the front. From the distance she couldn't make out the patches in the front because of the size of the letters but she could make out the back just fine. Underneath the picture was a name of a city. The three bikers next door had the name 'Konoha' on it while the group across the street said 'Suna'.

A biker across the street quickly removed the bowl-like helmet and dismounted in the same quick fashion. The engines of the other vehicles hadn't even died down yet before the man was already making his way across the street.

As he got closer, Sakura could see that he was very attractive. He was pale but his complexion was clear. He was tall, maybe six foot or so, and lean with muscled arms that weren't too muscled. He wore blue jeans, a tight black t-shirt with the vest on over it, gloves, and dark sunglasses. He had a few tattoos on his arms but she couldn't make out what they were besides black and gray blotches of ink. He had dark raven hair that shined blue in the sunshine. It was sort of shaggy looking, like he never bothered the comb it, but at the same time spiked in a crazy disarray in the back.

The three bikers on Sakura's side of the street dismounted and the one in the middle, a blonde handsome man, was the first to pull the Suna biker into his arms. They were both laughing and they pulled way in a friendly fashion. Sakura watched as the Suna biker was greeted by the other two men in a similar fashion and the other Suna bikers across the street made their way over.

"So the prince has returned, huh?"

Sakura looked up in surprise to see the waitress standing next to her again. She had been so intent on watching the bikers that she hadn't noticed the woman's approach. She gave a questioning stare but it was ignored. Instead she offered a strange smile and handed the pinkette her bill. She moved way before Sakura could question her.

Sakura checked her phone, monitoring the time. She had to get to the hospital by eight and it was already seven thirty seven. Taking a final sip of her coffee, she put the needed amount of cash on the table, including the tip. She shouldered he bag and then exited the café, making a conscious effort to keep her stare away from the group of bikers. Maybe she was being paranoid but as she walked to her car she felt as if there were eyes on her back.

She climbed into her bucket car and threw her bag onto the passenger seat. Putting the key into the ignition, she prayed that it would start and wouldn't backfire. She twisted the key and heard the noise of the engine groaning, unwilling to start. She stopped and tried again, feeling her face redden when she thought about the bikers watching her. She glanced to her left and noticed that the handsome Suna biker was indeed watching her but he was the only one who had seemed to have notice that she even existed. She looked away quickly.

She leaned forward over her steering wheel and put her hand on the dash. "Please," she whispered to the car. "Come on. Don't do this to me, especially when the sexy biker is watching."

Taking a deep breath she leaned away and twisted the key again. Some car god must have been watching because this attempt was successful and she let out a relieved sigh. Backing out of the space rather quickly, she longed to get away before she could embarrass herself even more. Allowing herself one look as she passed, she noticed that the handsome Suna biker had looked way from her and was laughing with the blonde Konoha biker.

She fled the scene as quickly as the speed limit would permit her.


Sasuke revved the engine of his Harley and twisted around the bend. Beside him Gaara did the same, slightly ahead of him. They were fast approaching his hometown and Sasuke found himself itching to be with his family again after two years. The circumstances of his return were less than favorable, seeing as the Suna charter was coming in for a funeral, but still he felt his heart flutter with the thought of returning home.

Coming around the final bend they went on for a few more yards before they passed the familiar "Welcome to Konoha" sign. Sasuke smiled, remembering all the times he had passed that sign and the number of times he had passed by the sign on the other side, the "Thanks for visiting Konoha" sign. He felt a wave of nostalgia pass through him and then smiled to himself, looking forward to the future. He was finally home at last.

The first part of Konoha was made up of private housing where the houses were sparse and far between. They kept straight on the winding road they were on, ignoring all the smaller roads that branched off from the main road. It was pretty easy to get lost with all the different roads but if you kept on the larger road it would lead you straight to Main Street if you stayed on long enough. As you got closer to Main Street, the population got denser. In the center of Konoha was the business district surrounded by the typical suburban neighborhood. The business district was made up of local, family owned stores and zero franchise chains and corporate businesses. Konoha was virtually untouched by the outside world.

Sasuke revved the engine again, feeling restless as they drew closer and closer to Main Street. Twisting around a few final bends and the road straightened and the speed limit decreased. Within a few more yards they entered the business district and Sasuke looked around to see that nothing had changed during his absence. The stores seemed to be thriving and the residence seemed to be happy like when he lived there.

Gaara signaled ahead of him and Sasuke looked forward to see three men on motorcycles ahead of them on the opposite side of the street. As they drew nearer Sasuke could make out three familiar faces and his heart leaped in his chest. There were open spaces available on their side of the road so they moved off to the side, maneuvering into the spaces so that they could quickly head out when they needed to. He waited just long enough to see Temari pulled up in the SUV before he was quickly dismounting.

Sasuke removed his helmet and double checked the kickstand was secure before he was making his way across the street. He didn't even bother checking for traffic, they would stop for him if there was anyone, as he made his way over to his brothers. Technically only one of them was his actual brother but he grew up with these boys and they were all part of the same motorcycle club, or MC, so they considered themselves brothers of the MC.

He saw Naruto standing in the middle with the same stupid grin on his face that he grew up seeing. He laughed like than idiot and then pulled Sasuke into a tight hug.

"Teme! You're finally home!" he shouted and Sasuke pulled away with a smile, too happy at the moment to care that his stepbrother had yelled in his ear.

"And it's good to be home. How's Mom and Dad? Or Itachi and Sayuki? How are the boys?" Sasuke asked in a rush, so elated to be home that he wasn't bothering to keep his cool like he usually did.

Next to him Kiba laughed and patted him on the shoulder. "Chill out man, we have to grill you before you can grill us," he laughed and then pulled him in for a brief hug.

"Yeah, stop being troublesome and take a breath," Shikamaru muttered next to him before hugging him next.

The other bikers from across the street strolled over at a much more causal pace. The next few minutes was a flurry of greetings and offered condolences. Sasuke glanced at the SUV, seeing that Temari had decided to stay in the car and then turned to address Naruto. As he turned, however, something pink and green caught his attention and he stopped to get a closer look.

Exiting the café next door was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was a small thing, probably only five foot four or five with a petite body. She had a creamy complexion and the biggest, expressive, sparkling, beautiful emerald eyes he had ever seen. She had the strangest pink hair that looked silky smooth and bounced as she moved. Her green scrubs were loose on her small form but hinted at curves underneath.

Her eyes were focused first on the pavement and then on this beat up, ugly Beetle that was rusted and painted in three different colors of peeling paint. It barely looked like it would run. Sasuke found himself transfixed, watching as this immense beauty climbed into the ugliest pile of metal imaginable. She settled herself into the car and Sasuke found the next few minutes almost comical as she tried to start the pathetic excuse of a car and failed twice. She turned ever so slightly and Sasuke thought he should look away at some point as to not look like a total fucking creeper but found that he couldn't look away from the comical scene. She leaned forward in an almost defeated manner and Sasuke almost rushed forward to help her-he was a mechanic after all- but then she leaned away and tried once more and was able to coax the car into starting.

She reversed in a hurry and Sasuke was finally able to look away when Naruto put his hand on his shoulder. He gave that same stupid grin and then looked around like he was missing something obvious.

"Where the hell is my nephew? You had us freaking out over here for months when we found out he was purged early!"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the handsome blonde male. "Purge? He's not a fucking whale, Dobe. He's a baby," the raven replied with snort before gesturing towards the SUV across the street. "He's in the car with Temari. Come look," he said and the group migrated over across the street.

Naruto was practically bouncing outside the locked door of the backseat, trying to peer through the tinted black windows. They were tinted to an extreme, probably passed the legal limit though no one really cared, so he couldn't easily peer through. Sasuke knocked lightly on the driver's side window, knowing that it was Temari behind the black glass. The mechanical click sounded next and Sasuke moved so he could open the backseat door. He leaned over so his brother could peer into the backseat.

In the middle seat of the back was a car seat. Sasuke's five month old son was sleeping peacefully in the comfort of the carrier. He was in a blue onesie, a blue hat with the club's symbol, or patch, on it, his dark hair picking out from underneath. He was small for his age, a premature baby that was born ten weeks too early. He almost hadn't made it. He was healthy now, a fact that the entire MC community was extremely thankful for. Everyone had been on edge when they received news that he had come early and it had taken a lot to make sure that every charter hadn't come barreling into Suna that night.

"Sasuke, man, he's adorable," Naruto muttered, so awed that his voice was as quiet as a whisper for once. He smiled and waved at the sleeping child. "Hi Aiden," he muttered and Sasuke rolled his eyes but choose not to comment.

Sasuke nodded, pride swelling in his chest. "Yeah, and when we get to the clubhouse you can hold him if you want."

Naruto nodded quickly, keeping his eyes on his nephew. Kiba and Shikamaru stood behind them, peering over their shoulders to see the baby boy. Temari was twisted around in the driver's seat, her blonde head sticking out to see the boy as well. She was eyeing him in a similar fashion as Sasuke, filled with pride. Sasuke glanced at her with a small smile, choosing to ignore the look.

Naruto smiled and clapped his hand over his shoulder. "Let's get you home so I can hold my nephew."

Sasuke nodded and moved away from the car after checking to see that his boy was good. The Konoha boys jogged across the street and quickly mounted their Harleys. Sasuke closed the SUV door softly and walked calmly over to his own Harley. He mounted and pulled his helmet back on, looking to Gaara. He nodded and then looked to the ones across the street and waited until they pulled out before he followed. The reason they made a point to park in rows they way they do is so that they can easily pull out, going down the line.

They traveled down Main Street and then turned right and traveled several blocks down and then turned right once more. They traveled several yards until the driveway of the town's one and only auto shop came into view. The Uchiha-Namikaze Auto Shop sat on the edge of the business district and owned a large lot of land. The entire property was caged in with thick fences that usually sat open, free for anyone to come and go. By the entrance was a large building, the clubhouse that only friends, family and members of the MC were allowed to enter. In the back of the lot was another building. This building was the auto shop and office. It was large too with skilled workers. The rest of the lot was open space, plenty of room to move around in.

When they entered the property they made their way down a long driveway that led straight to the auto shop. On either side of the large driveway were rows of bikes and several cars parked in such a way that left plenty of space to move around still. The Konoha boys maneuvered their bikes at the end of the row on the right. The Suna boys went to the left with the exception of Sasuke who broke from the Suna pack and moved over to join the Konoha boys. The SUV pulled up the rear and parked in a space on the left.

Sasuke hadn't even gotten the chance to kill the engine before the shop's office door burst open and the queen bee came running out to greet her baby. Tsunade Uchiha-Namikaze was higher in age than most of the group but she was nowhere near ailing. She recently had celebrated her fifty second birthday, but still she looked remarkably young and youthful. She was the mother of three boys, though she never carried anyone of them so she was able to keep her figure for all these years. Sasuke was her middle child and Naruto was the youngest. And although she loved each one of her sons deeply, Sasuke always held a deeper place in her heart than the rest. He was her baby, the one that so strong and independent but always needed someone to take care of him as well.

"Sasuke!" she called and the raven smirked and rushed to her before she got too excited and did something stupid. He pulled her into a tight hug, marveling at how small she felt in his arms. It always amazed him to think that he had grow bigger than her, after years of seeing her as this immobile and big stature in his life. Even if he was physically bigger than her since his teen years, he had always still felt smaller than her. Being a father now, he felt more like an equal and it was a strange sensation.

"Hey, Mom, I've missed you," he whispered and she tightened her grip on him to express how she felt the same. He gently released her from the hug and she gripped his head in a motherly fashion. She pulled him now so she could kiss his forehead.

"Oh, baby, I'm so glad you are home. Never leave again," she demanded.

Sasuke chuckled. "Well, I have to be voted back into the charter, Mom. I can't just come in and say I'm staying because Mommy says to."

She waved her hand dismissively and linked her arm with his as they started towards where everyone was gathering in the center of the driveway. "Honey, this charter doesn't need to vote. Once Gaara writes up your transfer letter you're back in as our VP."

Sasuke shook his head. "Seriously Mom, it's not that easy. Naruto is the VP now and I can't expect to just have my position back just because I came back into town. I have to be voted in again and even then it's not likely that I'm just going to get my old position back when Naruto has already stepped in. It's not going to happen."

Tsunade yanked his arm and pulled him to a stop. They were still a good distance away from the rest of the group where the rest of the Konoha charter had joined. Sasuke glanced at the SUV to see Temari's rear end sticking out the backseat as she worked at getting Aiden out of the car seat. Tsunade gripped his chin and pulled his face toward her so she could look him in the eyes. Her other hand pulled off his sunglasses so her amber eyes could clash with his onyx eyes.

"Akatsuki needs balance. Your father is rather rash and he does things without looking at the big picture sometimes. Naruto is the same way so with him as VP there is two rash forces working together and running the club. You are more calculated. You always look for the path of least resistance and you're smart with every move that you make. Your father needs you to be his right hand man. With him as President and you as the Vice, you can balance each other out and work in harmony to make the best decisions for the club. Naruto will get his chance again, but in due time. When your father steps down and you take over, Naruto will be your right hand man and then you and your brother can work with the same harmony. It is how the club works and the boys all know it. There will be no need for a vote except for formality's sake." She smiled at him, her manicured thumb rubbing his cheek soothingly.

Sasuke took a deep breath and gave a small smile. "I love you, Ma."

She kissed his nose and repeated the sentiment back to him. They joined the group and the flurry of greetings. Sasuke scanned the crowd quickly, trying to find two people. He spotted the first easily enough because he was practically charging trough the crowd to get to him. Sasuke smiled as Itachi pushed passed the last person and pulled his little brother into a hug.

"Hey old man, how's it going?"

Sasuke laughed. "Who would have thought I would be a father before you? You're the older one and the one who's married. Is Ma still bugging you for grandchildren?"

Itachi shook his head and pulled away. "Nah, the good thing about you knocking up that junkie was that it gave her something to focus on and she could get off my back."

Sasuke snorted and rolled his eyes but was interrupted before he could comment. A beefy hand clasped onto his shoulder with a strong grip and he turned to see the other person he had looking for. His father, Minato Namikaze, was a large man. He was tall, around his height, and muscled in such as way that it made him look huge. He was one of the oldest members in the club, his striking blonde hair getting grayer as the years went on. Despite the gray he still looked youthful and extremely intimidating.

"Welcome home, son," he muttered and pulled his stepson into a hug.

"Glad to be home, old man," Sasuke muttered into his shoulder as he patted him on the back. They pulled away from the hug and Minato looked over his son.

"You look good. We've been worried about you and the kid."

Sasuke ran a hand through his messy hair. "We're both good. Temari has been taking good care of us."

Minato clasped him on the back. "Good to hear. Where is that grandson of mine?"

Sasuke looked around for Temari and only saw her crazy ponytails sticking up just barely over the top of the crowd. He gestured towards the blonde hair and then grabbed his father's arm and started to tow him in the right direction. Directly behind them were his two brothers and his mother, eager to see the new addition to the family. Temari looked up from her conversation with Shikamaru and floated over to Sasuke ever so slightly, in her arms the baby carrier.

Tsunade shot out and was immediately gushing over the child. Within moments, Aiden was out of the carrier and in her arms and Tsunade turned her back on the other blonde woman so she could face her family. The boys crowded around her, admiring the baby boy. Sasuke glanced over his shoulder to see Temari standing almost dejectedly with the empty carrier in her hand. He reached over and momentarily grabbed her arm. She looked up in surprise and gave a sad looking smile when he offered one to her. He chewed on his lip and released her arm, turning his attention back to his family when they started gushing to him.

Soon the party drifted into the clubhouse. The clubhouse was the MC's base camp. The front room was the entertaining room. There was a bar, pool table, couches, kitchen, and a very large table. The next room, through a pair of double door, was the club's meeting room or the chapel. This was where the boys gather so they could make the important decisions for the club. The rest of the building was rooms, offices and bedrooms. There are enough rooms to hold at least two charters comfortably.

The next few hours went by quickly for the club. The boys and several old ladies all hung around the front room. Aiden was passed around to each of the Konoha members and their old ladies before he was finally settled into Tsunade's arms again. Sasuke sat at the bar across the room, watching as his mother cooed over his son while he smoked a cigarette. The boys of the Konoha charter were all around him, finally feeling like they were all one piece again. The charter was made up of nine men, their ages all ranging. The president was Minato, and the vice president was Naruto. Kiba was Minato's third in command, followed by Itachi. The other men were Neji, Jiraiya, Shikamaru, Shino and Choiji.

Sasuke took a drag on his cigarette, holding in the smoke for a few moments before releasing it slowly. His eyes lingered on his mother and his sister-in-law, Sayuki. They were settled on the couch across the room with Temari hovering closely by.

"He looks just like you," Minato muttered with a cigar between his lips.

Naruto leaned over the bar, his feet sticking up in the air. "Yeah, good thing too. It would really suck if he looked like that red-haired junkie bitch that you knocked up."

Sasuke snorted but choose not to comment. Karin was not a half bad person but she got messed up with all sorts of drugs. Sasuke had been seeing her casually in Suna and hadn't even thought twice about leaving her so he could transfer back to Konoha. But she got pregnant and he wasn't about to leave his child with a junkie so he stuck around to clean her up for the duration of her pregnancy. He had left her alone for only three weeks to do a run for the club and when he came back she had relapsed and had to be hospitalized. Aiden was born at twenty seven weeks and had to spend many weeks in the incubator. Karin was in rehab in Suna and Sasuke has sole custody of Aiden and was still undecided about whether or not he was still angry enough to deny letting her see her son.

Jiraiya took another drag on his own cigar. "It's good to see you back, kid. You remind me so much of your old man that it just feels right to have you sitting here with us."

Sasuke nodded sullenly, knowing it was meant as a compliment but still feeling bitter none the less. The raven knew the comment was pointed towards his biological father and not as his old man. To a lot of people, the term old man fit perfectly for both but there was a difference to him. His biological father was a coward and a bastard and his old man was the one who raised him and balanced out the club. Minato had been there for him when his stupid father hadn't. They may not always get along and he had more fights with the old man than his other brothers did, but Minato had always stuck around and that was more than what his sperm donor father could say.

"Yeah," Sasuke said to quickly change the direction of the conversation. "But it's too bad that it took one of our own going down to finally get me over here. It's a damn shame about Asuma."

The boys all nodded their heads sadly. "Funeral's tomorrow?" Sasuke asked.

Neji was the one who answered, toying with his cell phone. "Yeah, the viewing is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow. We have three more charters in the area coming in tomorrow but they have to roll out again right away."

Sasuke nodded and blew out another puff of smoke. "Well the Suna charter is here until Friday. Gaara is still learning the ropes of presidency and is going to stick around to observe how we all work." Sasuke tapped his cigarette over the ash tray, ridding it of the excess ashes.

"Good, we can have a meeting tomorrow and Gaara and his boys can observe. We have to have the transfer vote anyways so we might as well kill two birds with one stone," Minato said.

"Do we have a plan?" Sasuke asked meaningfully while looking at his father.

"Tomorrow's meeting," he said in a way that put an end to the discussion and then turned as Tsunade started to make her way over to them. She had Aiden in her arms still and the cigars and cigarettes were quickly put out as an unwritten rule that they never smoked in the presence of children.

Sasuke reached out and his blonde mother passed her grandson over to his father. Shikamaru's old lady Ino and Temari both strolled over as well. Ino leaned against Shikamaru, her arms wrapped around his waist while Temari moved to stand right beside Sasuke and Aiden. Tsunade sat herself on Minato lap and smiled at her son.

"I remodeled the extra bedroom at your house for Aiden while you were away. Are you going to head over there later or are you crashing here at the clubhouse tonight?"

Sasuke adjusted Aiden in his arms, the boy getting fussy from being passed around all day. His little hand gripped the pocket of Sasuke's cut, his vest. The boy yawned and rubbed his other hand other his face and let out a small whining. Sasuke cradled the boy and rocked him gently and in a soothing manner to try and coax the boy into a nap. He kept his attention on his son while he spoke.

"Um, I'll probably go home after the viewing tonight. I want to get sleep in my own bed for once and since Aiden has a room there, it makes sense."

Tsunade nodded with a smile. "Well you have your bike so I'll take Aiden in my car and you can follow. I'll help you get situated in the house again."

Sasuke smiled. "Thanks Ma. Do you have the Jeep or the Lexus today 'cause I have some stuff in Temari's SUV that I want to drop off at home?"

Tsunade smirked. "Mommy always has you covered. I brought the Jeep for this purpose. But don't forget to uninstall the carseat from Temari's car so you can install it in your Cutlass. Knowing you, you only bought one."

Sasuke laughed. "You know me way too well."


Sakura sighed and removed her hands from the steering wheel to tie her hair in a ponytail. It was late now, nearly eleven at night. She worked her first shift today, and after hardly sleeping last night, she was exhausted. She kept her eyes on the road and scanned the street names because she was still unused to the town and she couldn't make it home yet without having to hunt for the damn street.

'Green Grove' the street sign said and Sakura quickly returned her hands on the wheel so she could turn. When she turned she was greeted with the sight of three headlights in the darkness in front of her. With her window down, she could hear the rumble of a motorcycle and she slid her car over to the right side of the road, knowing her house was coming up and so the other vehicles could pass.

The vehicles didn't pass however. Just before she could turn into her driveway the motorcycle turned into the driveway of the house across the street. The car behind the biker pulled up behind the biker in the driveway. Sakura turned into her own driveway and slowly got out of her car. Glancing across the street she was surprised to see the same sexy Suna biker from earlier. He was dismounting his bike and an older woman was getting out of the car. She was very beautiful, older but youthful, and very busty.

Sakura grabbed her purse and walked to her door, the front porch light flicking on as she walked up. Determined to keep her gaze away from the sexiest man she had ever seen, she focused on getting the stubborn lock open. Sometimes the door liked to stick because it was an old house and the locks badly needed to be replaced. It took some muscle for her to open it, but it was the sort of lock that thieves looked for because they were easy to break.

Getting the door open, she flicked on the light and quickly stepped inside. It still freaked her out to live alone so she always turned the light on before she entered. She closed the front door behind her and locked it before relaxing. Half the living room was in boxes but she was too tired at the moment to even think about working through the mess. Instead she threw her bag down and went to the bedroom.

She changed for bed, getting out of her scrubs and into a pair of shorts and a tank top. She moved to the bathroom next and did her nightly routine. After her bladder was empty, her teeth were brushed and her face was washed, she exited the bathroom and padded her bare feet into the kitchen. She filled a glass of water and then turned to head back to the bedroom, but stopped when looked out the window. The front window of the kitchen looked out onto the street and she could see the biker and the woman again.

She moved closer to the window and looked out. The biker and the older woman were exiting the house and both walked over to the car. The woman kissed the man's cheek and then climbed into the front seat while the man opened the back seat and grabbed a box. He closed the door and then leaned over the open driver's window for a moment before straightening out. The car slowly reversed out of the driveway and he watched the woman drive away before heading back into the house. He closed the door and then a few moments later a light flicked on and allowed her to see straight into what she assumed was his kitchen, judging by her limited view of the place. He set the box down on a table and then disappeared from view.

Sakura turned away, feeling like she was intruding on his privacy and quickly fled to her bedroom. Exhaustion finally took full grip of her and she climbed into bed and turned on her TV for some background noise. She settled deeply into the mattress, drifting to sleep while watching some late night television.

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EDIT: I have decided to put in a little mini glossary of some of the biker lingo the way that SushiShibui, the French author who I have given permission to translate my story(link in my profile if you would like to check it out), did because of the number of confused comments they were getting. Terms are usually explained in the chapters but this is here for extra explanation. Feel free to ask questions and I can add more as they come up.

The Man Behind the Cut Glossary:

Chapel: The meeting room of the MC.

Charter: A sort of subgroup or branch of the MC. Can pertain to a country, state, or city. In the case of this story, the club is divided into charters by city. Example, the Konoha charter is the maiden charter or group, and is based in the small town of Konoha. The Suna charter is based in Suna.

Church: Scheduled routine meetings that club members and prospects attend to discuss the happening of the club.

Clubhouse: This is the base camp of the MC. It is scared ground of sorts, the place where they call home.

Crow Eater: This is a loose woman who hangs around the club and entertains the boys of the MC. These women are generally not treated with respect, basically just girls who hang around to sleep with the boys.

Cut: a term used to describe the vest of a MC member or prospect. It can be leather or denim and displays the patches of the MC. On the back is the top rocker with the MC Name, the center patch with the MC symbol, and the bottom rocker usually displays a country, state, or city that member is affiliated with. Front usually has some smaller patches that my describe rank and achievements, or even personalized patches. Worn with great pride, it is the uniform of the MC. Can be called colors or cut.

Hang Around: a person who hangs around the club, trying to get in good with the members, but has not reached the Prospect level.

Nomad: A term used to describe a patched member of the MC who is not affiliated with any one city. They are in their own charter though they have no set home base. They travel from city to city and hold church in different places.

Officers: These are the patched members within each charter of higher rank. These are the members like the President, Vice President, Sergeant-at-Arms. The top three are the President, VP, and Sgt-at-Arms though there can be others like Treasurer or Road Captain. In the story there is no Road Captain. Those who do not have one of these titles or rank are considered non-officer members. Definition of the officers are as followed:

-President: the leader of the charter. Minato is the President of the Maiden charter while Gaara is the President of the Suna charter.

-Vice President: The second in command of the charter. Sasuke is the VP of the maiden charter, though Naruto stepped in for some time while Sasuke was in Suna. Someday Naruto will be the VP for good when Sasuke takes over as President.Kankuro is the VP in the Suna charter.

-Sgt-at-Arms: The third in command and responsible for discipline within the charter. They are the right hand man to the President and are the first line of defense for any threat that the President may face. Kiba is Minato's Sgt-at-Arms. For a time, Sasuke was Gaara's right hand while he was in Suna. Someday Kisame will be Sasuke's Sgt-at-Arms.

-Treasurer or Secretary: This is the member who keeps track of the record books. They manage the collective club money. Neji is the Secretary of the maiden charter.

Old Lady: This is a term used for the ladies of the club. These are the women who are in serious committed relationships with patched members of the club. They can be girlfriends or wives. Unlike crow eaters, they are committed to one person and are treated with a level of respect by members and nonmembers alike.

One Percenter: A term used to describe outlaw biker clubs. It is said that 99% of all MCs are law-abiding citizens and only one percent are considered to be troublemakers. Those in the one percent are outlaw bikers.

Patched-In or Patched: This is when a person becomes an official member of a MC. They have proven themselves and have earned the right to wear their cut.

Patch-Over: When one MC decides to take over another MC. This can be to strengthen bonds, expand territories or allow the weaker MC to have a better support system. The weaker MC takes a vote and they drop their affiliation to their former MC and instead take on the persona of the stronger MC. They become another charter of the MC.

Prospect: This is a person who is in a trail basis regarding the club and hopes to patch in and join the MC. They wear a Prospect Cut and ride with the club though they are not considered one of them yet. They are considered lower than the patched members and offer are tasked to handle bitch work for patched members. After a certain required amount of time and a unanimous vote from all members within the charter, they are patched in as a new member of the MC.