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chapter one

When I woke up that morning, I wasn't expecting to sit down next to a random stranger when the place I went to for breakfast was crowded with customers.

And I wasn't expecting to kiss him either, but that's what happened.

I had just walked into the little shop that I would stop by every morning to eat breakfast when I was met with a huge chaotic cluster of people wanting food and drinks. Thank god Lissa probably already had my order done. She knew I had the same thing every morning, so I walked to the front of the line ignoring the dirty looks people shot me.

I said hello to Lissa and she gave me my order, telling me I could pay her back later. I agreed and turned around, hoping to find an empty seat. There was only one but a man was already sitting at the table. I waited a couple minutes for someone to leave but no one did, so I walked over to the one empty seat.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" I asked nicely, with my order in my hand.

The man, seated at the table alone, with a half eaten pastry, and a cup of, from what I could see, black coffee looked up at me. He was looking through the paper and ripping off tiny pieces of the donut and putting them in his mouth.

I for one had three donuts on my plate and a smoothie in the other hand, because I was never one for coffee.

He looked up after I had spoken to him and I bit my lip so it wouldn't hit the ground. Good God. It's just my luck to find a seat next to the most sexiest guy I had ever seen in my life.

He had brown hair that was tied back neatly, with only just a few strands around his face that had come loose, brown eyes, and a beautiful mouth.

I knew from that moment that I wanted him. Odds are I wouldn't get him though, especially not with that ring around his finger.

I sighed internally, defeated. Some lucky bitch had gotten to him first.

He smiled and raised his eyebrows at me. "Sure, go ahead." Oh boy, he had an accent, a sexy accent.

He turned back to his paper and I was pretty sure I was focused on a picture of some married couple on the back of the page he was reading for quite some time, until he closed the paper and noticed me staring. I looked away at Lissa, who was paying no attention to me and this sweet piece of man that I had come upon.

She was rushing back and forth, trying to take care of her incoming orders.

"So are you just going to sit there and stare around and let your donuts get cold?" I turned back to the man who had just spoken to me and looked down at my three donuts. I hadn't touched them at all. I was actually quite surprised at myself. Usually by this time, I had downed them all and had already walked up to get in line for more.

What can I say? I was a big eater. But not today. No, today, I was hungry for something else.

I took a bite out of one of my donuts and moaned, lost in its delicious sweetness. The man chuckled. I laughed, embarrassed. "Sorry. The donuts here are just so good."

Wow. The donuts here are just so good. Stupid.

I thought for sure, he'd get up and leave right there, but he didn't. He just laughed and smiled at me. Greatest smile ever!

"So, do you always come here? I've never seen you before." I asked and scolded myself. That's all I could come up with? Really?

"Yeah, at least twice a week. Never seen you here either."

"Really? I guess we just miss each other, because I come here every morning, and surely I would've noticed you."

Great. Now he knows I like him.

"Same." He said and took another drink of his coffee.

fifteen minutes later

After about another fifteen minutes of light conversation, I learned that his name was Dimitri and that he lived just down the street in an apartment complex and worked at a dojo that taught forms of self defense to young kids. I told him that I'd always wanted to learn ways to defend myself other than using the measly pepper spray on my key chain, and he told me I should come by the dojo some time.

That's how I ended up walking with him all the way, down four blocks to his work place. It was about half an hour before the place opened, so he unlocked the door and let us in.

I looked around at the mirrored walls and punching bags that were held in place in a far corner of the room.

"Wow." I said and walked over to them. I hit one slightly and pulled away. Just that small hit had shown me how hard those things were.

"You might want to use these." Dimitri said, bringing over two pairs of boxing gloves. One for me and one for him. I stared at him funny for a moment. I hadn't planned on actually going up against the punching bag. He laughed at my face and gave me the gloves.

"Oh, no I wasn't going to-" I began, but then he went and started punching one of the bags and I was mesmerized by his strength and speed. With each punch and kick, I saw his back muscles, his arm muscles, his leg muscles move and contract. I was going to start drooling soon.

I cleared my throat and put on the gloves and watched how he hit the punching bag. I went for my first hit, but he stopped me by holding my arm back before it made contact.

"No, no, no." He said and went behind me. "Your form is all wrong. Spread your legs apart." He told me and I did, not without noticing his choice of words. They were full of innuendos that ran through my head. I could think about plenty of different situations that could start right now.

I licked my lips when he knelt down and pulled my right leg back further than my left. Oh God, he was touching me! He came back up and looked me up and down. Almost like he was checking me out, but I knew or at least I thought he wasn't.

He came in close, putting his chest against my back and used his right arm to lead mine toward the bag. When I hit it, the bag moved back an inch or two. I smiled and turned my head to him.

"Thanks" I said and he smiled. I could've sworn for a second that he'd looked down at my lips, but I dismissed the thought. He had a wife for god's sake!

I spent the next few minutes punching the bag and feeling proud of myself whenever I could give the bag a good punch that pushed it back a few inches. I would catch Dimitri every once in a while looking over at me with a small smile on his face.

It started getting hot really quick, so I went to unzip my jacket and turned to see Dimitri watching me. I didn't know what came over me, I really didn't, because in that moment I completely forgot that he had a wife and that it was so close to opening time for the dojo.

I stared him down as I slowly unzipped the jacket, watching his eyes follow my hand down. He swallowed, and I let out a heavy breath.

"It's hot in here." I said, and asked him if he had any water bottles.

I was still going. I hadn't stopped my little charade, because when he said yes and walked toward a small room in the back of the dojo, I followed him and stood in the doorway, watching him as he bent down to pull a bottle of water out of a large cooler.

When he turned around, I had slipped my jacket off and let it fall to the ground, leaving me in a tank top. I usually didn't wear a bra most mornings when I was just going to the coffee shop and today was no exception.

The way his eyes followed my body down to the jacket on the floor, I knew he was fighting himself. He wanted me. Just like I wanted him.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, a voice was telling me to stop and that he was married, but I couldn't. I was impulsive. Nothing could stop me from getting this man.

I was pushing the boundaries when I grabbed the water out of his hands and took a sip, purposely letting some of the water drip down my chin to my chest. Like the zipper, his eyes followed the droplet down.

"You know you should take a drink of this, you're looking pretty hot over there." I said and took another drink. He took a couple steps to me and we stood together in the doorway.

He pulled me into the room and closed the door behind him. Got him, I thought and then he stared me down, almost like he was checking to see if I had some kind of explanation for what I was doing. The minutes were counting themselves down before the dojo was supposed to be open, and then he finally spoke.

"What do you think you're doing?" He asked, and I was scared for a moment that he'd tell me to put my jacket back on and to never come back here again, but he didn't. He kept talking. "You know I'm married. Don't think I didn't see you checking out my hand back at the shop."

"I don't know anything." I said. "For all I know, you could be unhappy with your marriage. I don't care. What I do know is that I want you."

He just stared at me again. He looked toward the door and I had this fleeting feeling that he'd walk out.

God, what was going on with me? I didn't even know this guy and here was I was offering myself to him. Never in my mind had I ever thought I would ever end up doing this, and to a married man nonetheless!

I was completely seducing him. I gave him the most sensual look I could muster, which wasn't hard because I was already turned on by him. I reached up and slipped down a shoulder of my tank top, looking up at him.

"Stop." He said, walking over to me.

He put his hands on me, rubbing his arms over my shoulders down to my breasts. I let out a noise that sounded like a cross between a whimper and a moan.

His lips met mine and he picked me up and put me on the cooler. He trailed his lips down to my neck while his hands kneaded my breasts through my t-shirt. Ohhh.

"Do you know what you're doing to me?" He asked in a whisper against my shoulder.

"I could ask you the same question." I joked and he brought his face up to mine and laughed. I looked behind him at the clock and noticed it was five minutes past opening time.

That's when we heard the bell to the dojo ringing, alerting us that someone had walked in. He looked behind him at the door and turned to give me a kiss before stepping away from me and walking out the small room. He left the door open behind him.

I already knew that I was lost to this man. He had me wound up around his finger and it was only the first time we had seen each other.

I smiled to myself and put my jacket back on, grabbed my water and took a drink as I walked out of the room. I saw Dimitri standing across the room with another man and a little boy who looked around seven years old.

The guy, who I'm guessing was the dad of the little boy, looked over at me, raising his eyebrows. He looked back and Dimitri and then to me.

"Hello." He said. I smiled to him and sat in a chair beside them, introducing myself. When this man asked who I was, Dimitri told him that I had came at opening time asking if he could train me personally.

"Yup, I'm Rose." I said and shook his hand. He had green eyes and hair shaped to messy perfection.

"She's a pretty thing" He told Dimitri without looking away from me. I laughed. I was used to this type of attention from guys. I saw Dimitri look at the two of us from across the room, where he now stood with the little boy showing him how to stand. I pictured his hands back on me and had to take a deep breath.

"So how old is your son?" I asked the man and he laughed.

"Oh, no. He's not my son. He's my nephew. I'm bringing him here to get him off my sister's hands for a little while. Dimitri here has been training him for a couple days and I like to come by and watch. I figured I'd see what I could pick up from their lessons."

I nodded and looked back to Dimitri. He was showing the little boy how to punch. "I'm Adrian, by the way." He added and told me about himself until I could hardly handle listening to any more information about him and how he was thinking about moving here and blah whatever blah.

I stopped him before he could continue and stood up. Calling back to Dimitri, I said goodbye, and turned to Adrian telling him how nice it was meeting him though it really had been anything but and walked out the door.

I made about halfway down the block when I hear my name being called. I turned around and saw Dimitri running up to me.

"Hey." I said and realized he came to probably to plan for me to come by sometime. "Oh, um, here," I told him after scribbling my number down on a piece of paper I had in my purse. "I'll come by tomorrow?' I asked and he nodded. I smiled at him and turned away.

"Goodbye Rose. It was very nice meeting you." He said as I walked away. I laughed and kept walking.

twenty minutes later

When I got back to my flat, I thought about calling Lissa and telling her what had just happened to me, but I didn't. Lissa was the type of girl who would tell me I shouldn't meet him again, because he was with someone else.

Any other day with any other man, I would've listened, but I didn't feel like it with this guy.

So I walked into my bathroom and took off my jacket to find my tank top half down my body all wrinkled. I laughed to myself and changed into a pair of pajamas then went on the internet and ordered a beginner's punching bag set that included a pair of gloves and an exercising booklet.

I had a feeling I'd be using it pretty soon.