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the epilogue

three years later

"Daddy, don't hurt yourself," I called, sitting lazily in a chair at Dimitri's dojo. I rubbed my belly lovingly, watching my man in action.

He was currently doing pull-ups to the extreme. I could see the pain in his eyes. He was really pushing himself today. Why, I wasn't sure. It was like he was trying to show off.

We'd been here all day. Dimitri was here for work, but I decided to tag along because I was tired of being cooped up in our apartment all day.

Being pregnant meant waddling around on swollen feet, and since we didn't own a car, it was a hassle to walk all the way here, but I sucked it up because I knew it would lead to moments like this.

Moments where Dimitri was hot flaming sex on legs (not that he wasn't always sex on legs) and sweaty and wet and, "Oooh," I moaned, loud enough that Dimitri's grip on the bar slipped. Pregnancy was really spicing up our sex life. Now, whenever I wanted Dimitri, I just couldn't restrain myself. Which was bad - or good, however you saw it - in some circumstances.

Like when we were out shopping for furniture to put it the baby's nursery at a department store.

I dragged Dimitri into one of the women's dressing rooms and had my way with him. It was one of the most exciting things I'd ever done.

And with the way things were going today, I was going to take him on the damn dojo floor. That wasn't anything new though. We'd done the deed here many, many, many times.

Smiling to Dimitri, who was wiping sweat off his brow as he looked at me, I lifted my shirt up a bit to show off my belly. I knew it drove him wild. His eyes not only shined with lust, but enormous amounts of love as well.

He approached us, my baby and I, and leaned down to give me a kiss.

"I love when you look at me like that," I whispered, my forehead resting against his. He pulled my lower lip between his teeth and tugged. "Mmm, and I love when you do that." Dimitri laughed. I pushed him away, smacking his arm softly. The feel of his arm muscles was too much. I kept my arm there and let my fingers dance over the contours of his bicep. "Do you know what you do to me?"

Dimitri smiled and kissed me again, resting his hand over my bare belly. In a loving gesture, I placed mine on top of his.

"Do you know what you do to me, Roza?" he asked, moving his free hand down my leg. I almost moaned again. He was the only person who could do this to me.

I was so glad I met him in that coffee shop now. It had been a struggle for us for a while there, when he was still married to Tasha, but it all worked out in the end. We were meant to be together, and I truly believed that. We found each other in the end.

He slipped my shoe off and started massaged the sole of my foot. Another smile tore at his lips when he saw my head fall back in pleasure. My feet were so sore, and he knew it. He knew that he was playing to his strengths right now.

He was really sucking up to me today. It made me wonder why. I wasn't complaining at all, but I was really curious.

He had give me a wonderful show with his exercise routine, and now he was rubbing my feet.

Either he really wanted to have sex with his girlfriend of three years or something else entirely was happening.

I didn't really find the mind to care, though because the feel of his hands on my skin drove me insane. Slowly, he worked his hand upward and he moved his other hand so he could massage both of my calves.

"You really want me today don't you?" I asked, laughing when a small smile graced his lips.

"I want you everday."

"But you don't do this everyday," I said, gesturing to his sweaty self and the exercise equipment. "What's going on? Are you feeling guilty about something?" I asked, fear gripping me for a moment. I stopped breathing. "Did Tasha call again?"

Dimitri's eyes widened and he hurriedly shook his head no. I relaxed immediately. "No, I told you she wasn't going to call again." True, he had. Apparently Tasha had tried to get a hold of Dimitri a few weeks ago, trying to slip her way back into his life. He had recounted their conversation to me many times.

Because I was pregnant, I had grown very angry and jealous of the fact that Tasha was trying to contact Dimitri, especially because she probably had her same skinny body while I was over here blown up like a twinkie. Dimitri had endlessly told me that she was a part of his past and that he had turned her down gently.

But something told me that he hadn't been as gentle as he had claimed. He seemed so sure that she wouldn't call him again, almost like he was blackmailing her or something. That was none of my business though. I didn't want to know about that stuff. As long as she stayed away, I was happy.

"I know," I admitted. "but spill. I know you better than to think all this is normal."

"Geez," Dimitri joked. "You make it sound like I never do anything for you."

"Aw. Did Mommy hurt Daddy's feelings?" Dimitri simply smiled and then leaned up to kiss me again.

I loved that things were like this between us now. We were only a couple years older than when we first met, but I felt like being together really caused us to grow. Plus, now that we could openly be together, I could have my way with him whenever the hell I wanted.

He was mine.

Dimitri's mouth opened and closed a couple times, so I knew he was going to come out with it. I listened attentively when he finally opened up. He pushed a strand of his hair behind his ear and cleared his throat. For a moment, all I could imagine was myself on top of him, riding him like I had in his old apartment...calling him cowboy. I giggled at the memory.

I returned back to Dimitri who was looking at me fondly. He stopped his movements and then got up to get something from his workout bag. From where I sat, I couldn't see what he had pulled out, and he hid it from me when he came back.

He knelt back down and started talking to my belly, our son who currently had a month left before showing his face to the world. "You see, baby, Mommy here is really special to me." I smiled. "We didn't meet on the best circumstances, and there were a lot of bumps in the road, but it led to you. The best bump of all." I laughed, and his eyes shot up to mine. "I love Mommy so much."

"I love you too, Daddy," I added, though he wasn't finished.

He placed one of his hands over mine, then pulled it to his lips. "Since the day we met, all I ever wanted was to give Mommy the world. She deserved more than me, and still does, but I'll try forever to satisfy her and keep her happy to make up for our first year together. So, with that in mind - with you in mind, Baby - I'd like to ask Mommy to marry me."

My mouth dropped. His words sunk in, and I looked down to my hand as he slipped a ring onto my finger. I didn't go all the way, because my hands were swollen. I laughed happily and smiled so wide at the sight.

"Are you sure?" I blurted out, not really sure why. This was a big commitment and I guessed I was a little insecure because of his first marriage. He had admitted to not wanting to fail with his first marriage because of his parents, and I didn't want ours to fail. I didn't want him to feel disappointed again.

"Roza," Dimitri said, his voice sounding so incredibly sincere. "I've said it before and I'll say it again. I should've waited for you. Your insecurities are nothing to worry about. We're supposed to be together. This isn't out of the blue. I've been thinking a lot about this. I want to take that step with you. I want to be able to call you - the mother of my child - my wife."

I smiled at him, pulling his lips to mine, kissing him as passionately as I could.

"Come here, Daddy," I whispered against his lips and starting tearing at his shirt. I had waited long enough.

Soon, like I anticipated, we were both on the floor of the dojo, our hands begging to touch each other anywhere we could reach. I straddled him, our bump between us. For a quiet moment, he pulled away and rested both hands on our baby.

We were both breathing heavily. "This is the most beautiful sight," he said fondly, taking my image in.

A wide grin on my face, I forced his hands up to my breasts and then started to kissing him again. We had discarded out clothing minutes before and I was so ready for him.

Lifting myself up, I positioned him below me and then slowly slid down onto his hard length.

We both signed in unison at the feeling. Making love with him felt like a new adventure every time.

Instead of going full force like I had wanted at first, I kept the pace slower, more intimate. It felt so right to be doing this right here, right now now that we were engaged.

I moved up and down on top of him, his hands at my hips giving me a little support because this was really going to make my body ache later, but I didn't care. He was all that mattered right now. Dimitri, Baby, and Future were the only things that were important now.

"Oh Dimitri," I called when I found that spot. I moved at an angle so I could keep hitting it. Oh God. This was bliss.

He gasped for breath below me and then shivered when I climaxed on top of him. He kept driving into me, riding out my orgasm until he himself joined me in pleasure.

I would've stayed on top of him, but the position wasn't comfortable with Baby in the way. So Dimitri helped me off of him, because my legs were a little shaky and unstable right now, and then turned me around so I was laying with my back to him. He kept one arm under me and had the other rubbing over my belly gently.

It was amazing to think that I could be this in love with someone. If I had thought I was head over heels in love with him back when we started our love affair, then this was mind blowing fire work over the moon drive me insane love. I had never experienced something so intense.

"I'm so happy that we found our way back to each other," I expressed, recalling our brief time apart. Our one year split was probably one of the worst years of my life.

The bad parts in our relationship weren't even relevant anymore.

"Me too, Mommy," he said sleepily.

"You know, now that we're engaged, you can call me Wife."

Dimitri shifted under me, and I knew I had made him really happy. "Mrs. Belikov." I could tell he was smiling by the sound of his voice. "Doesn't that sound amazing?"


"You know, now that I think about it," Dimitri started, "I don't think you ever gave me an answer."

I laughed and then laced his fingers in mine. "What we just did wasn't an answer enough?"

He made a funny sound, and then I craned my neck up so I could plant a trail of kisses on his neck.

"There is nothing I'd want more than to be Mrs. Belikov," I confessed, officially giving him an answer. "I love you."

"Me too."

a month later

"He's an eager little one isn't he? Our Ivan. He couldn't latch on fast enough," I said happily, gazing at the sight of our son suckling for milk forcefully.

The three of us were in our apartment, sitting in Ivan's nursery. Low piano music played from the radio that Dimitri insisted on buying for the room. He said it would help in calming Ivan down for bed. He was right.

I had given birth to Ivan, named after an old friend of Dimitri's, four days earlier, and was very sore from the experience, but I didn't dare complain. The sight of Ivan made it all worth it. To think that we had created this angel, this masterpiece.

It really reminded me of how much I had matured over the last couple years. This life suited me more, I thought.

Dimitri looked down at Ivan and glided a finger over our son's brown hair. "Just like Daddy," Dimitri said, cupping my other breast. Now normally I'd push him away for the gesture but I let him. I knew it was only a show of affection.

Smiling tiredly at him, I basked in how incredibly warm his hands were. He placed another hand on my cheek and leaned in to kiss my forehead.

"Ouch," I whispered when Ivan tugged a little too rougly.

Dimitri of course thought that he had placed his hand somewhere where it hurt and jumped back. "What's wrong?"

I sighed, and then grabbed him by the shirt sitting him back down. "Like I said, your son is eager. Nothing I can't handle. I'm a strong Mommy," I declared proudly, though my voice was quiet. I was really, really tired.

I felt like I'd fall asleep any minute now.

When my eyes opened next, Dimitri had his head resting on the arm rest of the chair and Ivan was sleeping peacefully in my arms. I covered my chest and sat up. Moving slowly, I stood and placed Ivan in his bed.

I flipped the baby monitor on and leaned over Dimitri to wake him. I imagined he couldn't be comfortable with the way he was sitting.

"Dimitri," I whispered, shaking him. He lifted his head, a clear imprint of the arm rest on my forehead. I almost laughed, but didn't want to wake Ivan. He was a light sleeper.


His eyes were tired as he started to look around him.

"Where's Ivan," he asked, still half asleep.

"He's sleeping, come on. Let's go to bed."

eighteen years later

"I'm going to miss you so much," I cried, wrapping my arms tightly around my son.

Ivan, who just carried his last bag out the door, was heading off the college. He was leaving out of state and it broke me heart that I would get to see him everyday.

An unknown amount of tears continued to fall down my face.

"Mom, please don't cry. If you start crying, then dad will start crying, and then I'll start crying." I laughed and then sniffled.

"I'm your mother. I'm allowed to cry, damn it. I'm just going to miss you so much."

Ivan, the spitting image of Dimitri, pulled away from me eventually, placing a comforting hand on my cheek. Dimitri stood behind us, biting his lip like a mad man. I knew he was trying to control himself. We had talked the night before about how much we were going to miss our first born now that he was leaving us.

Marie was still in her early teen years so we had a few more years with her, but it wouldn't be the same without our son.

"Ivan, we're so proud of you, son," Dimitri said, pulling his son into a tight hug. They said their words and had their own male version of goodbye. I knew the moment Ivan really left, Dimitri would run off to our room and mope.

He stood at the door, and we all had a moment of silence. This was it.

I couldn't stand it. "Oh, come here one more time," I whimpered, pulling him back into my arms. "I don't want to let you go. Call the college. Tell them you're not going."

"Roza," Dimitri said, placing a hand on my head running it through my hair comfortingly. "We have to let him go."

"No we don't," I protested, holding onto Ivan even tighter.

"Roza," Dimitri tried again, this time placing both hands on my shoulder. I turned to look into his eyes. They spoke paragraphs. We have to let him go.

Hiccuping, I pulled away and wiped the tears out of my eyes. "I'm going to miss you so much," I said for the third time.

"We all will," Dimitri added.

Ivan stood with his hands in his pockets, looking sadly at the both of us. I could tell that he was a little somber about leaving us too, but he was growing up. I'm sure he couldn't wait to leave, but I knew he'd be homesick as soon as he did. There was no easy way to say goodbye. "Where's Marie?" He asked, wanting to say goodbye to his little sister.

She had locked herself in her room all day, dreading Ivan's departure.

She really looked up to her older brother, and didn't want to see him go. That made three of us.

"I'm right here," called a little voice from the hallway. Marie, with her long brown hair like mine, walked into the room and threw herself at Ivan. "I'm not going to sob like mom did, don't worry."

"Hey, I can't help myself." I said, trying to joke, but nothing could lift my mood right now. Dimitri kissed my temple.

"You have to come back for my birthday, okay?" Marie pleaded, not wanting her brother to miss an important day to her.

Ivan patted her head, and then they split up. "I'll do my best. I don't know how my schedule's going to be."

When Marie made a face, Dimitri said, "He has other obligations now, Marie. Don't be sad. If he can't make it, it's because he's too busy."

Ivan sighed and then smiled softly to his little sister. The two had a relationship that I'd never be able to understand. Brother and sister. When Marie turned three, the two of them competed so much for Dimitri and I's attention but since then had come to an understanding. Sure they fought, but at the end of the day, they were two loving siblings who loved, and sometimes couldn't stand, each other. He looked into her eyes and said, "If I have to walk here, I will. I promise I'll be here for your birthday."

I was about to say something, because I knew he might not have been able to keep that promise. After all, Marie's birthday was in the middle of October, during classes. But I said nothing. If Ivan wanted to make the commitment, he could. He was growing up. He could decide things for himself now that he was going off on his own.

A sob came out of my mouth and everyone turned back to me. God, if twenty year old me could see me now. She'd have a ball at my appearance.

Upset, I walked out of the room and tried to calm down. "You knew this day was coming, Rose. There's no avoiding it. Man up and control yourself," I said to myself.

"Honey, Ivan's leaving..." Dimitri said, joining me in the other room. I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"It's going to be lonely without him."

Dimitri kissed my forehead, a small smile on his face in an attempt to comfort me. Small marks of crows feet showed around his eyes. He was aging beautifully. He had signs of aging in places here and there, like some graying hair, but he never looked better. I'd never get tired of gazing at him.

"Hey, hey, beautiful. No more crying. We still have Marie, and this isn't goodbye. We'll see him again."

Sighing, I nodded and kissed his lips quickly before we returned back into the other room to say our goodbyes. This time, I didn't hold onto him for dear life. I let him go.

The three of us watched as Ivan headed down the steps of our house that we bought a couple years after Marie was born.

"I'm going to miss him," Marie said, before walking upstairs and quietly closing her door.

"Me too," I whispered, waiting until Ivan's car was out of sight before I started crying again. This time, Dimitri joined me.

many years later

Third POV

The nurse sadly watched on as the man's shoulder's shook uncontrollably. He was the husband of the woman that the doctor was taking care of. She had just passed away.

Her lips frowned, and her heart went out to the man in the room.

The doctor stepped out of the room to give him some privacy and joined the nurse in the hall.

"It's always sad when this happens."

"Don't I know it," she said, averting her eyes to look through a couple papers regarding the deceased woman. Rosemarie Belikov, age 79. She sighed and then bit her lip.

She had signed a contract saying that she wouldn't get personally attached to any of the patients or cry in front of them, but she had known the couple before her for years, since she had just started here as an intern.

She heaved out a breath remembering the first time she met them, and each time after that. She could tell how much the two loved each other. Their love was palpable each time she was in their presence. She could see it in their eyes every time. She only wished she could one day have a love like theirs.

Her shoulders shaking, she excused herself and rushed into the bathroom to cry.

Dimitri's POV

"Roza, oh, Roza." I cried, burying my face into her cold hands. I gripped them tightly in mine, trying to warm her up, but she was so cold.

I remembered back to a couple hours earlier. We were both at home and I was serving Rose and I both bowls of our favorite cereal. She was in the other room watching something, waiting for me.

I was getting the milk out when she called me from the other room. Leaving the bowls, I rushed inside, worried that something was wrong. She called my name until I came into sight.

"Dimitri," she said, and I knelt down beside her. The look in her eyes said it all. Tears fell down my face. "Oh, Baby. Please don't cry, Baby. You know I can't stand to see you cry."

"No, it's not time." I pleaded, kissing her hands with my wet mouth.

She grabbed my face in her hand and smiled sadly. "We knew this day was coming," she said almost like she was comfortable with it. "These last few days were great, with my energy burst, but now I'm just so tired."

My shoulder shook. "No," I mumbled, not wanting to believe it. Not Roza.

"Baby, it's going to be okay. You hear me?"

No. It wasn't going to be okay. Today was not happening. No. I couldn't imagine a world without Roza in it. "I can't handle this."

"Hey, hey. Yes you can. You have to be strong for the both of us, for the kids. Honey," she started.

"I love you so much," I whispered, burying my face into her neck. I tried to memorize her scent.

She held me tightly to her. "I love you too," with that, she stood.

We both walked to the car silently.

We had been in the hospital room for an hour or so when Rose suddenly, grasped my hand tightly. I looked up fearing the worst, but she only smiled down at me, her eyes forever gentle. I had yet to stop crying.

"Baby, don't be sad." She placed our hands over my heart, sending endless warmth into my chest. I couldn't let her go. "I'm not leaving for good. I'll always be with you, right here." She patted the skin over my heart. Her smile didn't make me feel any better, but I basked in her touch and beauty.

We talked lightly after that. Talking about trivial things like the weather. My mind couldn't comprehend anything. All I could tell her over and over was how much I loved her.

Soon, she asked me to get something to drink. She complained about her throat being dry, so reluctantly, I got up and walked down the hall to a nearby vending machine. I bought a bottled water, and headed back toward the room. The doctor stopped me from outside the door.

When the words left his mouth, I pushed past him and rushed into the room.

My Roza, my beautiful Roza, had tricked me. She didn't want me to see her in her last moments, so she asked me to leave. I was so angry with her. I didn't want her last sight to be an empty hospital room.

"Damn it, Roza," I whimpered, pushing the memory away.

I moved to interlace our fingers, when I realized a small rolled up piece of paper in her hand. It wasn't there before. I pried the paper gently from her loose grip and unrolled it. It read,

I'll always be with, my beautiful husband. You gave me the world, and more. Don't ever doubt that. Please don't be angry with me for sending you away. It was for the best. I love you, always. I'll wait for you. This isn't the last time we'll see each other. I just know it. Give Ivan and Marie hugs for me, and kisses. I love you, so very much.

Curling the paper back up I looked at Rose's closed eyes. I stood, and bent down, my lips pressing down on her forehead for the last time.

a couple months later

I stood beside the bed, my hand gently running over my husband's arm. He was in bed back at our house. The radio alarm had been on for a while. I couldn't muster up enough energy to turn it off. Some piano music played gently, and I smiled, fond of this song. It was one I remembered hearing while in the nursery feeding Ivan while he was a little baby.

His cold body was resting gently, lifeless. I now knew how horrible it was to see someone you loved like this.

With one last look, I moved over to the living room. Everything was how I left it. When I caught sight of the kitchen, I could almost imagine the two bowls of cereal he had been serving months ago.

I gazed at the many pictures we had on the wall. Images of Marie and Ivan through the years. A picture of Dimitri and I, young and good as new, at the dojo. One of us on our wedding day, with my small, barely noticeable baby bump.

My eyes looked over to another image, of Lissa and Christian, in their younger years. I smiled sadly at their picture perfect faces. They had both died in a car accident a couple years ago. Dimitri had held me two days straight in our bed when that happened.

If I had tears, I'd surely be crying them now. I really missed them. In the little time I spent away from Dimitri and my children, I had tried searching for them, going to their house, which was now being lived in by a new couple who had a beautiful little boy that reminded me of Ivan, but still, I hadn't found them.

Maybe Dimitri and I could find them together.

I waited a minute to garner an enormous amount of energy. Then, I dialed a familiar number on the house phone. I waited as it rang and rang until my son's voice came over the line. I didn't have the power to speak, but if I could I would've told him I loved him and his sister so very much.

"Dad? Hello? Are you there?" I set the phone down, listening until the line cut off. I waited in the hallway until I heard a knock on the door.

It was Ivan. I unlocked the door for him and watched as he stared at the knob oddly. It had been locked a second ago.

He walked right through me, and I felt a little of his emotions. He was worried, and afraid of what he'd find.

"Dad?" He called again, wandering down the hall.

I left after that, not wanting to watch as my son came across my husband's body.

With the snap of a finger, I stood several miles away in front of a familiar building.

Dimitri had sold the building to a couple who remodeled it into a small cafe. It looked completely different now, but when I opened the door and walked in, I was in the dojo.

Dimitri, back in his 24 year old self's body, sat on one of the mats, stretching. Smiling softly at me, he patted the spot next to him and I joined him. He wore the same clothes he had on many years ago the day we first met. When I looked in one of the wall mirrors, I was back to my young age as well, wearing my white tank top.

I smiled, then looked over at the empty doorway nearby where I had seduced Dimitri. I looked back on the memory fondly.

Dimitri stopped for a minute and pulled my hand into his.

"How do you think they'll take it?" He asked, keeping our kids in mind, though they weren't kids anymore.

Ivan, now married, lived in a house a couple miles away from ours, with his wife Meredith and two children, Elizabeth and Clara. Marie, who now lived in another state, was living with her boyfriend of five years. And if I my snooping around had gotten me anywhere, I had it on good authority that Alex, her partner, was going to propose sometime soon.

I really hoped Dimitri's death wouldn't haunt them for too long like mine had.

We were still here. We just couldn't communicate with them.

"They're strong," I replied, looking at our wedding rings, which we both wore. "It'll be hard for them at first, but we raised them well. Besides, we can leave little hints of our existence around them for comfort."

Dimitri nodded, accepting my answer and then stood suddenly. I looked up at him expectantly, and he leaned down, picking me up in his arms. He walked us over to the small room and sat me down on the cooler like he had all those years ago when our romance was first blossoming.

"I believe we have some catching up to do, Mrs. Belikov," he said, lifting my tank top over my head. He immediately went to kissing my lips desperately.

I smiled into the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck, loving how perfectly we fit together.

"I'm two steps ahead of you, Comrade."


"I think this is the place," I said, tugging Dimitri along with me. "Come on, old man. You're 24 again. Speed it up."

Dimitri laughed and sped up at my request. I really loved this. We were young again, and able to be with each other for a million lifetimes.

We were expecting Ivan's appearance in our world soon, which made me incredibly sad, but also made me look forward to his arrival. He had lived a long life. Longer than Dimitri and I had lasted.

We walked through the doorway, into the little house. It had been so long since I was last here. It was like being in a dream.

Dimitri and I were in Lissa's first home, the one she grew up in with her family before their deaths. For a brief moment, I wondered if we would find her family here, if not Lissa and Christian themselves. It would've been nice to see Rhea, Eric and Andre again.

This was the last place I could think of to find them. The place was deserted and worn down on the outside, but when we walked in, I felt that familiar buzz of spirit, and the place transformed before our eyes.

"I think they're here!" I shouted gloriously, rushing into the house. It look exactly like it had when I was here as a child. "Lissa? Christian?" I called, walking into each room.

I heard movement upstairs and pushed Dimitri out of the way, talking the steps two at a time. Hey, it had been a really long time since I had seen them. I didn't think I'd be able to last any longer without hearing Lissa's comforting voice, or Christian telling me something sarcastic.

I called their names again, stopping at the top of the stairs. Dimitri came up behind me, his voice calm. "I don't think they're here, Rose. I'm sorry.'

I pulled away from him, trying to remember which room was Lissa's. "They have to be."

Moving over to a nearby door, I opened it to find the room empty. I frowned, stepping into the room. I turned to Dimitri, feeling completely hopeless. I didn't know where else to find them.

Suddenly, Christian came bounding out of the bathroom in his youth like Dimitri and I, with Lissa running after him. Their lively eyes widened at the sight of us, and suddenly, Lissa stopped. Her eyes bore into mine. The laughter in her voice gone, now replaced with disbelief.

I could imagine tears leaking out of her eyes.


"Rose!" She cried, throwing herself into my arms. I held onto her tightly as Dimitri smiled across the room to Christian, who looked at us like we were a happy memory. Old friends.

Still in Lissa's tight hold, I reached my hand out and pulled Christian into our hug by his shirt.


Dimitri joined us, Lissa pulling him into the group hug like I had Christian.

Seeing them felt like coming back to family. Dimitri was my home, my children were my life, and these two were family.

"We missed you so much."

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