Story Title: Eat My Soul

Rating: T for Teen

Genre: Romance/Drama/Action/Slice-of-Life

Synopsis: Maka's mission is to transfer to Shibusen Academy in order to find the whereabouts of an Evil soul. But the thing is…it's an all-boy's school.

Chapter One

My Unexpected Mission!

This World…

that's filled with so many different Souls…

Kind ones…

Evil ones…

Warm ones…

They believe

that it just can't be

a bad place.

It was after midnight, first (well, technically second) day of my second year of high school at Shibusen Academy, when it all happened.

"Oi! Maka! Wake up!"

We were alone at the park, in front of one of those generic looking wooden benches, with only a single lamp for light, when it came at us.

"Damn it!"

The white-haired boy with eyes colored the same as blood cradled me in his arms, shaking me, looking down at me with frantic worry. "This is all my fault…!"

Or at least, that was what I imagined him to look like, based on the tremor in his voice.

I couldn't see anything. My eyes were closed, and my mind was almost blank. Only his voice that was ringing in the darkness like a safety light kept me intact.

A few feet away from us was a once-human being, now turned into a giant monster with large fangs and devil-like wings. It wasn't human anymore. Its soul was now "Evil", contaminated with emotions and feelings much worse than the seven deadly sins. Its bright eyes glowed an ominous red color and its beastly body was as black as a starless night sky. In fact, no one would have been able to see it if not for the single ray of light coming from the lamp post nearby.

The Evil growled with a sinister smile on its face, appreciating its handy-work on the Weaponless Meister: me.

It had done a fine job beating me to a pulp when I had tried to, in an act of brash bravery (not to mention stupidity), protect the white-haired jerk now holding me.


I couldn't even move my hand, let alone defend myself.

This is bad.

I could feel a thin trail of blood trickle down my forehead, onto to my cheeks, and then fall steadily in line with my neck.

I messed up.

How could I have been so stupid?

This was all my fault.

"Maka!" The boy screamed my name again.


So he can sound like this.


Why can't he be more normal?

"Maka! Are you just going to die like this!"

Oh, shut up. I volunteered for this. So I know what I'm doing.

"Without a fight! How lame and pathetic can you get?"

Lame? I would chuckle if I could. My mouth hurts, though. So I can only think about my responses.

I would have said, "Aren't you the lame one? Trying to act so cool but when something serious happens, you loose all composure! Try being a little bit more mature instead of cool, idiot Soul!"


I guess I'll tell him another day.

I tried to open my eyes but all connections my brain had with my body just either stopped or was taking an extremely long time processing my thoughts into actions.

My heart suddenly sped up.

Wait a minute. What's this? My mind…I feel it slipping from my hands. No, don't go. I can't go yet. Not now. Hey me, don't go to sleep right now.

I still need to finish what I started.

I still need to thank him for this morning.

I still need to…

I still need to…

I still…

And then, my body fell against Soul's arms, and I felt his heart momentarily stop.

He kept shouting my name, even though I couldn't have heard him anymore.

As I realized that, my mind suddenly wandered to that morning, when everything had been all right, when I hadn't meet this guy, or that guy, or that other guy yet.

Aahh, I sighed. Today just really wasn't my day.

My blond hair that I had been saving for so long…


With a single command, I had cut it all off without so much of a second's hesitation.

I had wanted my hair to be long, at least down to my waist. And it was steadily getting nearer and nearer to its appointed destination when Professor Shinigami called.

After eating dinner, I headed toward my dorm room's bathroom, ready to wash my face, brush my teeth, and then take the night off. But when I came in, the mirror behind the sink suddenly flashed a bright white color and Professor Shinigami's face sprang out at me.

"Wah!" I screamed in surprise. I then found myself lying on the marble tiled floor, white, fluffy pieces of cloth all around me because I had knocked into the towel rack. My body was in disarray.

Professor Shinigami looked downward at me, his giant foam hands in a salute but still looking worried.

"Sorry about that, Maka! I didn't mean to frighten you!"

"That's all right, Professor," I mumbled, untangling myself from the web of towels wrapping my arms and legs. Once I pulled off the final towel from my head, I stood up and looked into the mirror.

It was Professor Shinigami, all right. And by the look of it, he was contacting me from Shibusen Academy.

Oh, by the way. Professor Shinigami is the principle and founder of two very well-known schools: the all-boys' school, Shibusen Academy, and the all-girls school, Meister Academy. Of course, I was enrolled in Meister Academy.

It was all part of my dream, after all.

"Did you need something, Professor?" I asked. Because I was Student Council President, I was often in contact with many of the teachers, including Professor Shinigami. I was secretly really glad about this. Knowing teachers (and especially the principle) is a one-up when it comes to finding jobs for your future and I wasn't about to lose to some no-wit-no-go-school idiot.

It was all part of my dream, after all.

He he.

Professor Shinigami bounced up and down, nodding as he did so. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do," he said energetically, but then in a more grave tone, "But…"

I tilted my head. "But?"

"Let's just say this conversation isn't very good over the phone. I'm sorry but I'll have to request we meet in person. It's safer that way…for everyone."

I agreed without question. "Yes, Professor."

If Professor Shinigami ordered it, then I would follow. I wasn't his lapdog, but I respected him for all that he's done for the schools and for me personally. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.

"So then!" Professor Shinigami bounced into an upright position, his hands now behind his back as if to illustrate how serious the situation was, but his voice was still buoyant as ever.

"I would like to talk about this as soon as possible. Maka, are you busy right now?"

"Eh?" I blinked. He wanted to talk, like, right now? "No…I'm not busy or anything." I shook my head.

Professor Shinigami clapped his hands together. "That's great! I'll see you soon then!"

And then he blinked out, like a television would whenever it died. I was now staring at my surprised reflection.

What did he mean, "I'll see you soon?"

Was I supposed to go all the way to Shibusen Academy? Right now? But…! That school's so far away from Meister Academy!

I sighed. If Professor Shinigami ordered it, then I would go, no matter what.

I was just about to walk out of the bathroom when it happened.

Another bright flash of light from the mirror, and suddenly, my entire body was being sucked into it!

"W-what!" I screamed, my head swimming in a pool of panic and nausea.

I shut my eyes. I could feel by body flying but to where, I had no idea. This had never happened before so I didn't know what to do. I simply waited until the calm after the storm.

"Maka! You're here!"

Huh? That voice….

I opened my eyes.

In front of me was…

"Professor Shinigami?" I shouted in disbelief.

He stood before me, tilting the upper half of his body left and right. "Aahh, I'm glad you came here all right! It's not easy on first-time users like yourself."

"First-time…" I muttered, and then it dawn on me about what just happened. I was transported from my bathroom to here by using Professor Shinigami's personal line of Portals!

Wow! I couldn't help but feel extremely lucky. Portals were only used by important people for important situations. I'm not exactly sure about how to get one, though…something about scattering your souls to different places and such. Professor Shinigami had dozens of Portals scattered about and they were all mirrors; Different people used different objects as Portals.

But that's not the point! Whatever Professor Shinigami wanted to talk to me about…it had to be important enough for him to use one of his Portals.

I stood up, fixing my poise. "Professor Shinigami, what was it that you wanted to talk about?"

"Maka, you're so serious!" he suddenly said, making my shoulders drop.


He twirled around so that his back faced me. "How about some coffee first? Guests must be served coffee after all!"

"H-huh?" I raised an eyebrow at him. Professor Shinigami was always an oddball for a principle, I knew that, but sometimes…he can be so random.

I realized then that he was looking at a low table with cups filled with dark coffee. Inside a small glass bowl were cubes of sugar and beside that was a metal container. Probably for cream.

Professor Shinigami hovered over to the table and took one of the teeny cups in his giant hands. He sipped the liquid through his mask (How? Don't ask me.) and then let out a satisfying sigh. He looked behind him at me, who was still standing, staring at him.

"Come now, Maka. Don't just stand there!" he said.

"Y-yes!" I immediately ran over and sat Japanese-style on the green cushion across from him.

After pouring some sugar and cream into my cup, I sipped my coffee.

It was extremely delicious.

I drank some more.

Professor Shinigami put his cup down on the table, making a small rattling sound. "Maka, what I am about to tell you does not leave this place. Understand?"

I put my cup down as well. I nodded. "Yes."

"There is an Evil at Shibusen Academy. An Evil that has not been seen in many years, nor has it been found in many years. Why it suddenly came to Shibusen, I'm not sure. But I'm afraid that if it's loose in the school, than many of my students will not be able to fight off that Evil, and become Evil themselves."

"What is this 'Evil', sir?"

"Evil comes in many different forms, you know that, Maka."

I nodded. "Yes. When a human being is consumed by selfish desires, greed, power, or anything else that pertains to the darkness, then his or her soul turns into an Evil soul, which begins feeding on pure, innocent ones or turns them into Evil souls as well. Their newly formed Evil soul cannot handle being inside a human body because human bodies are already so limited in their physical strength and hold no real powers, so it'll change that person to match the soul. Sir, this Evil you're talking about…"

"Yes. I'm afraid that it's already too powerful. It's hiding from me. I can't find it, nor make out where it is," said Professor Shinigami.

"And my mission is to…?"

"Find the Evil."

"And destroy it?"


I was rather surprised at that. "Why?"

"This Evil cannot be destroyed by you alone."

"But I'm one of the best Meisters at school!"

"You lack a Weapon, Maka."

I felt contorted with anxiety. Yes, that was true. I had no Weapon. "…Can't I do this mission without one?"

"You can, but you must not face battle without a Weapon, Maka."


"I want you to find out where this Evil is, and report back to me immediately. Nothing else. Do not engage in combat with it. Do not provoke it. Do not do anything to it other than find out where it is."

I nodded wordlessly, my head down.

Professor Shinigami sighed. "It's not that I don't trust you or your skills, Maka. This Evil would overpower even the teachers so I don't want you getting hurt."

"Sir, how are you unable to find where this Evil is when this is your school?" I asked with no ill intentions within my question.

"That's what I'd like to know. I presume that this certain Evil knows that I'm looking for it, so it's hidden its presence from me. If I try looking for it, it'll only disappear, and then reappear somewhere else. It also has the teacher's movements memorized so they can't find it either. Only someone with no connection to this school will be able to find it now."

"And that's why you chose me, correct?" I looked straight at him.


If Professor Shinigami wanted it done, it would be done.

"When do I start?" I asked.


I gaped at him. "To-tomorrow?"


Suddenly, all the intense air surrounding us disappeared and I was left with a comical principle clad in black again.

"B-but! Tomorrow is when the new school year starts! It's my second year at Meister Academy and I don't want to miss anything!"

"Hhmm, but this mission takes top priority, Maka. I'm sure you understand, right?"

I frowned, sucking in my pride and selfish wishes, and nodded. I held back tears.

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear, Maka!" said Professor Shinigami as he applauded. He stretched his arm out and clapped me on the shoulder. "And another thing. Since Shibusen and Meister are so far away, and we can't afford losing any time, you'll be attending Shibusen instead from now on."


I'll be attending the all boy's school…



From now…



Next Time on Eat My Soul!

I was lost. Completely, hopelessly…lost.

Someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me right back up.

Huh? Did I just turn into a pervert? Me? No way!

I noticed that he still hadn't let go of me.

"W-well. I-I-I should get going now!"

"Wait!" he called, and my heart may as well have burst from my chest.


I'm such an idiot.

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