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AknankanonxAmara(no shipping)

Summary: Atemu, the Crown Prince of Egypt, and Yugi, the youngest son of the Japanese Emperor, were betrothed to each other upon Yugi's birth. Now, fourteen years later, Yugi and Atemu have been told of the arrangement and are to be married within two months. Yugi comes to Egypt to meet his future husband and spend the next two months getting to know each other. Will love grow between them? Will it be love at first sight? Or will they be forced into a loveless marriage?

Warnings: yaoi, lemons, mpreg,

Disclaimer: I don't own anything!

Chapter 1- Informed


Atemu, the Crown Prince of all of Egypt, was curled up in his bed, still sound asleep. He had been up late the night before studying some of the scrolls that Shimon, his tutor in learning to become pharaoh, had given him to learn.

Of course, Atemu had also been up late the night before in deep thought. He had recently been thinking a lot about the fact that he would have to be pharaoh one day and all that entailed, more specifically, the part where he would have to be married.

Atemu had not mentioned it to anyone yet, except for his three best friends, that he was gay. He found no interest in women at all, which made his position as future pharaoh hard given the fact that Atemu was expected to provide an heir for the kingdom.

Atemu had star-shaped, tri-color hair. His hair was black with blonde streaks going up the spikes in his hair along with blonde bangs. The tips of his hair were crimson as well. He had a unique hairstyle that had yet to be copied. His facial were very sharp, making him appear older than sixteen. His eyes were a deep crimson color. A simple glare from Atemu was enough to make any man fearful of him.

Atemu jumped up in bed when he heard a very loud banging on his door.

"Hey! Your Royal Highness! Get your ass out of bed!"

Atemu rolled his eyes at the sound of the gruff voice that he knew well. It was one of his closest friends, Bakura, although it was hard to tell that they were friends with the way that Bakura acted sometimes. "I'm up!" Atemu shouted back.

The door was flung open, and Bakura strolled in. He had long white hair that was spiky with facial features that made him appear gruff and mean. He also had dark brown eyes. He was slightly taller than Atemu was.

Atemu raised an eyebrow. "I didn't tell you that you could come in."

"I know. Your father sent me here. Once you eat breakfast, he wants you to come to his office. There's something that he wants to talk to you about." Bakura told him.

"All right. Go." Atemu motioned for the door.

"Fine. I can take a hint. I know when I'm not wanted." Bakura said in a fake hurt tine.

"Oh, get out of here, you asshole!" Atemu snapped.

"Now is that anyway to talk to the man that saved your life?" Bakura asked sweetly.

Atemu narrowed his eyes. "Bakura, do not tempt me. You never know. I could always send a harem girl to you room tonight and tell her that you wanted her."

Bakura's eyes widened in horror and disgust. Like Atemu, Bakura held no interest in women at all. He preferred men, so that was a truly sickening thought. "That's cruel." Bakura muttered.

"Yes, now leave." Atemu ordered.

"Fine. I'm going." Bakura replied. He headed out the door and shut it behind him.

Atemu then stood up. He knew that the servants would have filled his tub by now, so h e grabbed some clean clothes for him to wear for the day before he headed into the bathing chambers. He stopped short at what he saw.

There was a woman sitting on a stool in the room. She had long blonde hair that reached her lower back. She also had baby blue eyes. What Atemu found the most disgusting was the fact that this girl was completely naked in his personal bathing chambers. She smiled seductively at him. "Hello, Prince Atemu." she purred.

Atemu glared at her. "What do you think you are doing in here?" He was downright pissed at this girl's forwardness.

The girl stood up and started to walk toward him, making sure to sway her hips in hopes that he would find her appealing. "I came to help you with your bath, Prince Atemu." the girl replied. She smiled at him again and fluttered her eyelashes. "And anything else you might need."

Atemu caught her suggestion loud and clear. He growled. "You have five seconds to get your ass out of my personal bathing chambers before I call a guard to come and drag you to my father so that you can explain to him why you are in here without any permission whatsoever."

The girl's eyes widened at the threat. She had assumed that Prince Atemu would be pleased at the thought of having her in his bathing chambers with him. She hadn't thought that he wouldn't want her there. "But-" the girl started.

Atemu growled in an almost animalistic way. "Get out!"

The girl jumped before grabbing her dress and scurrying from the room.

Unfortunately for Atemu, this was a common occurrence. He was often angered by how all of these girls thought that they could simply come in here and he would have sex with them. He had never given them any indication that he wanted them there, and he was getting angrier and angrier by the day that this happened. He knew that he would have to talk to his father about this. He was tired of it.

Atemu then stripped himself of his clothing before he climbed into the bath. He allowed himself to simply soak in the water for a few moments before he decided to wash himself. Once done with the bath, Atemu climbed out and dried off before he slipped into his clean clothes.

Atemu then went back into his room and put on his customary crown and other jewelry before he pulled on his cape. He then left the room and headed for the dining room.

Atemu found that Seth, his cousin, and Joey, Seth's husband, were already seated at the table.

Seth was a tall man with brown hair. He also had piercing blue eyes. He always had a stoic expression on his face, save for when he got into arguments with his husband.

Joey had dirty blonde hair that was slightly longer than Seth's hair was. He also had honey-gold eyes. He was more laid back, but was one who would fight to defend himself and his friends. He had started out as a slave, but Seth had fallen for him. After tap dancing around and hundreds of pointless arguments, the two had finally gotten together and were soon married.

"Well, look who finally decided to join us." Seth said sarcastically.

Atemu rolled his eyes. "Spare me the animosity for one day, Seth." He sat down at the table.

"What's up your ass?" Joey asked.

"Not what he wants." Seth retorted.

Atemu glared fiercely at his cousin. "Shut the hell up!" Atemu snapped. He didn't need Seth revealing his secret.

"Oh, please. Do you honestly think that I kept that from Joey? He already knows." Seth informed him nonchalantly.

"WHAT?" Atemu shouted.

Several servants glanced over at them.

"I'd keep your voice down if you don't want them to know what we're talking about." Seth remarked casually.

"Why would you-" Atemu started.

"No worries, 'Tem. I ain't telling anyone." Joey assured him.

Atemu sighed. "Sorry. I just don't know what to tell my father."

"I'm sure he'd be fine with it. Your father's a lot more reasonable than some people give him credit for." Joey told him.

"Still. I'm not sure." Atemu replied.

A servant soon came over and set Atemu's food in front of him before she walked off.

Atemu started eating.

"Did Bakura tell you that your father wants to see you?" Seth asked.

"Yeah. He told me. I needed to talk to Father anyway." Atemu replied.

"Why?" Joey asked.

Atemu swallowed the food in his mouth before answering. "About all these harem girls thinking that they can just be in my personal bathing chambers whenever they want just because they think they can get me to have sex with them."

"Ah! Happened again, did it?" Seth asked.

"Yes, and I swear that if it happens one more time, I'm carrying out my threat to have the guards drag the girl to my father and have her explain why she was there without permission." Atemu replied.

Joey snickered. "Well, we all know what the real reason is, but I would love to see what that girl would say to him."

They all knew that the girls hoped that Atemu would have sex with them in hopes that they would get pregnant with the heir to the throne. They then hoped that Atemu would be forced to marry her so that she could be the next queen of Egypt. It was what all of the harem girls hoped would happen.

"She'd probably try to lie her way out of it." Atemu stated.

"Well, she wouldn't get far. I mean, the only thing she could say is that you asked her to come because no one else has the right to order her to your bathing chambers, and since your father would believe you over her, she'd be dead." Seth stated.

"True." Atemu agreed.

Once Atemu had finished eating, a servant came and took the dishes away.

"Well, I need to be going. I'd better go and see Father." Atemu stated before he stood up and walked off.

Joey turned to look at his husband. "Any idea what the Pharaoh wants to talk to 'Tem about?" Joey asked.

"Not a one, but we'll find out soon enough. You know that the moment Atemu finds out what it's about, he'll tell all of us." Seth replied.

"I guess." Joey agreed.

"Now, come on. I have to get to my duties, and you have magic class with Mahado." Seth told him.

"Okay." Joey replied reluctantly. He didn't mind magic class, but Mahado was a hard teacher at times.

The two stood up and left the dining area as well.

Aknankanon, the pharaoh of Egypt, was sitting at his desk going over some papers. There was a lot that he needed to get done, but he had to talk to Atemu about an important matter.

Aknankanon had gray hair that was normally hidden by his headdress. His beard was also gray. His eyes were dark blue. He had sharp facial features and was just now getting a few wrinkles.

There was a knock on the door.

"Enter!" Aknankanon called.

The door opened, and Atemu walked into the room. "You wanted to see me, Father?" Atemu asked.

"Yes, Atemu. Come in and sit down." Aknankanon motioned to the chair across from him.

Atemu walked over and sat down across from the desk.

"Now, you know that you are sixteen now, so there's a lot of things that have to change for you given the fact that you are the Crown Prince." Aknankanon told him.

"Yes, Father. I know." Atemu answered.

"Well, something else that you have to be concerned with is marriage." Aknankanon told him.

Atemu felt his heart sink. He knew now that his father wanted him t o start looking for someone for him to marry. Someone who was a female, a princess to be more precise.

"Now, I know that you have no prior knowledge of this, but when you were only two summers old, the Emperor of Japan and I made an agreement." Aknankanon told him.

Atemu's eyes widened as it all clicked together rather quickly. "An arrange marriage?" Atemu squeaked, something that was uncharacteristic of him.

Aknankanon chose to ignore Atemu's reaction, though he wasn't surprised that his son had put the pieces together so fast. He knew that his son was extremely intelligent. "Yes. An arranged marriage. We arranged this so that when you were sixteen, you would marry."

Atemu was dreading all this. "How old is my intended?" Atemu asked.

"Fourteen, though very mature for that age." Aknankanon answered.

"I see." Atemu stated.

"Now, Emperor Kenshin had informed me that he will be coming within the next few weeks. You two are to be married within three months time." Aknankanon said.

"Yes, Father." Atemu agreed.

"We decided to give you two a couple of months to get to know each other before the wedding, so I expect you to be a good host." Aknankanon told him.

"I will, Father." Atemu promised.

"Good. Now, if there are no questions from you, you may leave." Aknankanon said.

Atemu rose, rather numb from what he had been told when he remembered what he needed to speak to his father about. "Actually, father, there was something I needed to talk to you about."

Aknankanon looked back up from the papers he had, giving Atemu his full attention.

"For a while now, I've had trouble with harem girls being in my personal bathing chambers, completely backed mind you, without any permission. We both know why they are there, and I have repeatedly told them to stop, but they won't listen." Atemu explained.

"I see." Aknankanon shook his head. "It appears that harem girls have not changed since the time I was your age. I had that trouble, too. It drove me up the wall."

"I know it had to. I've threatened to have the guards drag them in here to explain to you why they were in there without permission." Atemu replied.

"Next time, follow through with that threat, but I will speak to the harem master and tell him to have it stopped. They have no right to go in there without permission." Aknankanon stated.

"Thank you, Father. I would appreciate that." Atemu told hi.

"Very good. Now, go on." Aknankanon told him.

Atemu then left the room.

Aknankanon then returned to his work.

"No way!"

Atemu nodded his head before slamming it into the table. "I am so screwed."

Malik looked at Atemu with pity. "I feel for you, Atemu. I don't know how I would feel if I were forced to marry a girl."

Malik was another of Atemu's close friends. He had platinum blonde hair that was spiky. He also had lavender eyes and deeply tanned skin.

"Better you than me." Marik stated, leaning back in his chair with his hands behind his head.

Marik also had platinum blonde hair like Malik although his had more height to it. He also had darker lavender eyes as well as tanned skin. He looked enough like Malik to be his brother, although they were not related. He was Malik's husband.

Malik whacked Marik in the back of the head.

"OW!" Marik shouted. He glared at Malik as he rubbed the back of his head. "That hurt!"

"It was meant to hurt!" Malik snapped.

Atemu sighed.

"Sorry, Atemu. I hate this for you." Malik told him.

Marik and Malik also knew that Atemu was gay, so they both knew how much Atemu really hated this.

Atemu shook his head. "I appreciate that, Malik. The fact of the matter is that I can't get out of this. Father and Emperor Kenshin arranged this marriage a long time ago. Father said I was only two summers old when this was arranged. I have to do it simply out of duty."

"Who knows? Maybe you'll at least find a friend in this girl." Malik stated.

"I hope so." Atemu muttered. He wouldn't mind being friends with the girl, but he was fairly certain that he was not going to be able to love her. He shuttered at the thought of having sex with her.


Yugi, the youngest of the five sons of Emperor Kenshin of Japan, was out in the gardens. He was playing with his pet tiger.

Yugi had start-shaped, tri-color hair. His hair was black with blonde bangs and the tips if his hair were amethyst. He had soft, child-like facial features with amethyst eyes.

The solid black tiger had been a gift from his oldest brother, Kioshi.

Kioshi was twenty-six and had been married to his wife, Himiko, for five years. He was a tall man with dark drown hair and green eyes. He would become emperor when his father passed on.

Himiko was three years younger than her husband. She had long black hair with light blue eyes. She was a tall and slender woman whim had been coveted by many men, but she had eyes only for her Kioshi.

Kioshi and Himiko had given Yugi the tiger as a present for his fourteenth birthday, which had only been a few weeks ago.

The black tiger was named Yoshi.

The tiger cub was swiping at a stick that Yugi was playing with him with.

Yugi laughed at the playfulness of the tiger.

"Enjoying the gift, little brother?"

Yugi turned to find his older brother, Kenji, standing there.

Kenji was the third of Kenshin's sons. He was twenty years old with tri-color hair that reached his shoulder, though his hair was kept in a ponytail all the time. He also had dark green eyes.

"Hey, Kenji." Yugi greeted.

Kenji chuckled. "You love that tiger."

"Yeah. I do. I love all animals, actually." Yugi replied.

"But you like this one because it's yours." Kenji finished.

Yugi nodded.

"Well, you'd better let me take him because Father wants you to come to his office. There's something he wants to speak with you about." Kenji told him.

"Okay, Kenji." Yugi replied. He handed Yoshi over to Kenji before he headed into the palace.

Yoshi meowed after Yugi.

"Don't worry. You'll be back with him before you know it." Kenji stated, petting his brother's pet tiger.

Yugi walked through the halls of the palace until he reached his father's office. He then knocked on the door.

"Enter!" Kenshin called.

Yugi opened the door and walked into the office.

Yugi's other older brother, Mouri, was in the office. He was the second of Kenshin's sons. He had dark brown hair and amethysts eyes.

"Ah! Yugi. I see your brother found you." Kenshin stated. He had tri-color hair like his youngest son although his was long and in a ponytail, much like Kenji's was. He also had dark green eyes.

"Yes, Father." Yugi replied.

"Go on, Mouri. We can talk later." Kenshin told his son.

"Yes, Father. See you later, shrimp." Mouri said, tousling Yugi's hair before leaving.

"Sit down, son." Kenshin told him.

Yugi walked over and sat down across from his father.

"Now, Yugi. I want you to understand that what I'm about to tell you doesn't mean that I'm doing this because I don't love you." Kenshin stated.

Yugi frowned. He didn't understand that because he knew his father loved him. Out of all his brothers, Yugi's father had spoiled him the most. "I know that, Father."

"Good. When you were born, Aknankanon, the pharaoh of Egypt, and I made an agreement that you would marry his son, Crown Prince Atemu, when you were fourteen and he was sixteen." Kenshin told him.

Yugi's eyes widened. "I'm getting married!" Yugi squeaked.

Kenshin nodded.

"But Mouri and Kino aren't even married!" Yugi exclaimed.

Kino was the fourth of Kenshin's sons. He was actually Kenji's twin brother, but since Kenji was the first of the twins born, Kino was considered the fourth son. He and Kenji were identical twins except for the fact that Kino had amethyst eyes while Kenji had dark green eyes. Other than that, the two were identical.

"I know that they are not married, Yugi. That doesn't matter. I understand why you are upset given the fact that you are fourteen, but we made this agreement upon your birth, and I can't go back on it now." Kenshin explained.

Yugi was in utter shock. He had never expected this to happen to him. At least not at the age he was. It was the last thing he thought he would hear when he came to see his father.

"I understand your shock, Yugi, but please understand that with this marriage, there will be a permanent link between Japan and Egypt. It will keep our two kingdoms on good terms." Kenshin told him.

One thing Yugi understood all too well was duty and honor. It was taught to him since he was old enough to walk. If this marriage would bring honor to his kingdom and his father, then Yugi would do it, as it was his duty to do.

"I understand, Father." Yugi told him.

"Good. You and I will be leaving soon to go to Egypt. You are to be married in three months." Kenshin told him.

"Yes, Father." Yugi replied. He thought a moment before making a request. "May I take Ryou with me when we go?"

Kenshin looked at his son. He understood that Yugi and Ryou were good friends, so he saw no reason as to why he couldn't allow him to go. "Very well. Let Ryou know that he will be going as well."

"I will, Father." Yugi replied.

"You may go, Yugi." Kenshin said.

Yugi stood up and left.

Kenshin had expected Yugi to react much worse than he had. He thought that Yugi would have begged him not make him get married. He thought Yugi might have pitched a fit about it, too.

Of course, Kenshin had forgotten that despite the fact that Yugi was spoiled more than his other sons given the fact that Yugi's older brothers also spoiled him as much as he spoiled his youngest son, Yugi did not act like a spoiled child. He had a great sense of honor and duty, which is probably what made it easier for Yugi to accept this.

Kenshin hated to see his youngest leave home and become the husband to the Crown Prince of Egypt. He knew that Atemu was a good boy and that Yugi would be well taken care of in Egypt, but it didn't change the fact that Yugi was still his youngest son, and he didn't really want to see him go.

'I suppose a lot of parents have that feeling.' Kenshin thought.

"Married? You're getting married!" Ryou shrieked.

Yugi cringed at the volume his friend's voice had gotten to. "Yes, Ryou. I am. I just found out about it. Father and Pharaoh Aknankanon of Egypt arranged it when I was born." Yugi replied.

Ryou was Yugi's persona servant as well as his best friend. He had long white hair along with chocolate brown eyes. He had gentle features like Yugi although he was taller than Yugi was.

Ryou sat down on the bed. "Wow. The Crown Prince of Egypt. You're marrying up, Yugi." Ryou told him.

"So I noticed." Yugi replied.

"What's he like?" Ryou asked.

"I don't know. I've never met him before. That's why Father and I are going to Egypt soon. We're supposed to get married in three months, but I'm going early so that I'll have a chance to meet and get to know Prince Atemu." Yugi replied.

Ryou smiled sadly. "I'm going to miss having you around here. It won't be the same."

Yugi laughed. "Well, you don't have to say goodbye yet. Father's agreed to let you come with me to Egypt for now."

Ryou's eyes widened. "Really?"

Yugi nodded.

"I'm glad I'll get to see you for a while." Ryou then realized something. "What about Yoshi?"

Yugi smiled sadly. "I'm going to miss that tiger. I just hope Kioshi will take care of him."

"I'm sure he will." Ryou assured him, patting his friend on the back.

There was a knock on the door.

Bering Yugi's personal servant, Ryou went and opened the door.

It was Satsuma, Kenji's wife. She was a tall, slender woman with short black hair and dark eyes. She smiled. "Hello, Ryou."

"Princess Satsuma." Ryou bowed.

Satsuma walked into the room. "I heard that you were leaving."

Yugi blinked. "How did you know?"

Satsuma smiled at him. "Did you really think that your brothers did not know about your impending marriage?"

"They all knew?" Yugi asked, shocked.

Satsuma nodded. "They've known for quite some time. Several years, I believe. In any case, Father told them not to tell you." Satsuma explained.

"Well, I guess I can understand that." Yugi agreed.

"I wanted to come and see you since I know we'll be seeing a lot less of each other." Satsuma told him.

Yugi smiled back. "Don't worry, Satsuma. I know we won't see each other much, but I won't stop thinking about you."

"Good." Satsuma replied.

Ryou figured that now was a good time to leave. "I believe I will go and pack."

"All right, Ryou. Go on." Yugi replied.

Ryou then went through a food in Yugi's room, which led to Yugi's personal servant's room, which was where Ryou stayed.

Satsuma looked at Yugi. "Pack?"

"Father's letting Ryou go with me." Yugi explained.

"Ah! That explains it." Satsuma stated.

Yugi sighed. "I'm going to miss this place." He sat down on his bed.

Satsuma sat down beside him before reaching over and placing her hand on Yugi's shoulder. "I know you will, Yugi, but I'm sure that you're going to adapt to Egypt very well. You'll most likely see that as home before you know it."

"I know, but I'll still miss being here." Yugi replied.

"I understand that." Satsuma agreed.


Amara, the Queen of Egypt and Atemu's mother, had changed into her nightclothes. She was sitting on her bed that she shared with her husband. She was reading a scroll.

Amara had long, tri-color hair with flowed around her. She also had crimson eyes.

Soon, Aknankanon returned to the room.

Amara looked up and smiled. "Hello, dear."

Aknankanon smiled before walking over and kissing his wife. "How was your day?"

"A little trying. I'm trying to get everything set up for next month's ball." Amara answered.

"Ah! I understand that." Aknankanon replied. He knew that his wife worked hard to keep everything in order with her duties.

"Isis is a great to help to me in this matter, though. That woman has such a knack for planning things out. It's amazing what she can do." Amara stated.

Aknankanon chuckled. "I agree with that. Isis has always been a miracle worker as far as I'm concerned. She does so much for us, and she asks for nothing in return."

Amara smiled at her husband. "That is why we give her time off from time to time. She deserves it. I mean, she is married to Mahado and with the duties that they both have, we have to give them time to be together some days."

"I agree." Aknankanon then started to change into his nightclothes as well.

"So, did you tell Atemu about his marriage to Prince Yugi?" Amara asked as she continued to read her scroll.

"Yes, I did. He took it rather well, actually. Although I did have to give the harem master a talk on Atemu's behalf." Aknankanon said.

"Whatever for?" Amara asked, looking up.

"It appears that there have been harem girls going into Atemu's personal bathing chambers waiting for him. I don't need to explain further, right?" Aknankanon asked. He got his answer when he turned around to find an angered expression on his wife's face.

"Oh, for goodness sakes! Why can't they leave him alone? He's never asked for any of the harem girls, so I don't know why they think that he would want them now." Amara growled angrily.

Aknankanon knew one thing. His wife was very protective of their son, and he knew that if Amara got a hold of any of the harem girls that had been in their son's private bathing chambers, then they were in for a load of trouble. Amara was a fiercely protective mother, much like the way a lioness protects her cubs. Aknankanon would never want to be on the opposite ends of Amara's anger when it involved their son.

Amara shook her head. "I can't believe that these girls think Atemu wants them."

Aknankanon walked over and sat down by his wife. "Well, they'll learn soon enough. After all, once they learn Atemu is gay, they will know that they won't stand a chance with him, although something tells me that that still won't stop them."

Amara shook her head. "I still can't believe that Atemu thought he could hide something like that from his mother. He honestly thinks that I don't know about his preference for men. As if he can ever hide anything from me."

Aknankanon had to admit that he had no clue what his son's sexual preference was until his wife pointed it out to him. He would never had guessed, and that's what worried him about the marriage arrangement. He didn't want to force his son to marry someone that he felt no sexual attraction to. He feared he would have to call of the marriage due to his son's preference for women. He was glad to find that that wasn't the case.

"Well, he'll find out soon enough that his secret is already known by us. I'm certain that he's relieved that he doesn't have to marry a girl." Aknankanon stated.

"Yes. That is a good thing." Amara agreed.

"I only hope that all went well with Kenshin telling his son. I know that Yugi is only fourteen, so I'm certain that something like this is going to be hard for Yugi to deal with." Aknankanon stated.

"At least we don't have anything to be concerned about where Atemu is concerned. He'll be fine with this." Amara said.

"Indeed." Aknankanon agreed.

Of course, Aknankanon didn't realize that he had forgotten to mention to his son that he was marrying a male, so Atemu was stressing because he had no clue that he was actually marrying a male. For the time being, Atemu was under the impression that he was having to marry someone that was female, not knowing that Emperor Kenshin had no daughters, only sons.

Hope you liked it. I'm going to try a little side of Bakura and Ryou getting together this time around.

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