"Is this it? I can't believe it!" A mad man yelled victoriously with a wicked smile that rested upon his face. He stared down at a clear glass container that had a brown top resting upon it. Within the case was an enstranged looking fruit. The fruit was about the size of a pineapple, one side was black while the other was white, both colors came and merged together in the middle swirling to make a grey color. The whole patter of the fruit was swirly.

"The Omni-Omni Fruit! This fruit will allow me to posses every Devil Fruit power there is! With this I'll be the next Pirate King! I no longer have to deal with my side studies of reseructing already consumed Devil Fruits!" The man was overjoyed with his find as he brushed his fair skinned hand through his short brown scholarly hair away from his violet colored eyes. He dusted off and straighted out his white lab coat as it surpassed his jean pants. He looked at the fruit with his wicked smile once more.

Unlike other fruits the Omni-Omni Fruit had no side effects, this was the most powerful fruit ever. It had the power of every Devil Fruit and more, it was rumored to even taste amazing. With this the man's life long studies would come to a close. Though it would take a while for it to sink in, and on top of that time of training each power. Though the studies on the side he had created were also very interesting. He was able to take the Devil Fruits and resseruct them. Same powers and same side effects of course.

Though none of this mattered now. He opened the case and sliced the fruit into a small piece. He placed it in his mouth and let the overgrowing sweetness take over his taste buds. It was like nothing he had ever tasted, it seemed as though he had stuffed every single food into his mouth. He smiled and sighed heavily. He looked over at the candies he had made and realized he could only do one thing.

He took each recreated Fruit and placed them in a container, he then got into his small boat to take them and sell them at a store. As he traveled a Sea King had bumped his boat causing it to shake violently in which he ended up losing the Devil Fruits case. He didn't care for them that much, so he thought this would be the best thing for them. Selling them to a store would not turn out too good, then there'd be a whole area with Devil Fruit users. So with them now floating through the ocean he went back to his lab and waitd for his Omni-Omni Fruit to set in, then train and master as many of is powers as he he can, then he would be the third Pirate King.

Seven Years later...

Two teens had arrived on the East Blue on Dawn Island. On the docks they saw two marines who began to wonder where they came from. One was around the age of seventeen and was around average height, he had light brown skin, brown eyes, his hair was clean shaven though not bald, he was lean yet somewhat muscular. He wore a white muscle shirt that hugged his body well, along with some black big pocket shorts with loose belts hanging from them, he also wore some black shoes. He had a black duffel bag swung behind his back.

In front of him was a messy black haired teen. The teen had black eyes and fair skin, his body was lean built for a teen also around seventeen, yet he looked younger than the other. This one wore no shirt with the exception of his blue overcoat like jacket that was outlined in gold. He only kept the top part buttned so it wouldn't fly off of him since he didn't put his arms in the sleeves, he wore jean pants, along with some sandals.

"Who are you two?" One of the marines asked.

"We're pirates." The smaller one spoke as he walked pass the two marines.

"Pirates?" The second marine spoke and as the boy walked by he had the Jolly Roger on the back of his jacket.

"You know the Jolly Roger can get you killed."

"Yeah I know." The boy kept walking.

"We're going to have to turn you in!" The other yelled.

"Chase please handle them."

"Right..."" The other teen looked at both Marines and smiled, "You know who I am?" He asked.

"No." They said in unison.

"But we don't care, because you'll be dead anyways!" One of them yelled.

"I'm Chase M. Dragon." With that the boy, now known as Chase, released an electrical current from his body shocking both Marines and causing them to faint, "It's good to do that." Chase smiled as he continued to walk.

"They didn't ask me for my name." The boy in front of Chase spoke. He walked up to the fried Marines and grinned, "Well considering that you might not be able to hear me anyways I will tell you something interesting. I'm David S. Payne and I'm going to be the next Pirate King."

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