2 Years later...

"Hahaha!" A little boy cried out in laughter as he ran through tthe forest of an unknown island. This boy had short black hair, with fair skin, and since he was so young this was all that could really be told about him. He was wearing a white t-shirt with blue sleeves, blue shorts, and some straw sandals.

"Hahaha!" Another boy laughed as he chased the first one. This boy had light brown skin, with a shaved head of black hair. Again everything else not as important for someone so young. He was wearing a yellow and red stripped t-shirt underneath some jean overalls, and a grey beret hat. They ran through the forest playing a game of tag, then the first one stopped.

"Hey...you hear that he asked?"

"What? You hearing things?" The second boy asked.

"No, I promise!"

"Weirdo..." The second boy told him.

"Leave me alone!"

"Here I am!" Down from above a third boy came from above. This boy had pale skin, with shaggy black hair like the first, and had red eyes. He was wearing a blue and white plaid shirt, with some blue jeans, and was shoeless.

"Run!" The second boy yelled as he and the first child ran away from the falling kid.

"You guys aren't going anywhere." A girl voice assured.

"No! It's Lucy!" The first boy yelled. The little girl known as Lucy had short blonde hair with tan like skin, and had green eyes. She was wearing a pink dress with some black shoes.

"Ahhh!" The boy that fell from the tree earlier yelled, "Run!"

"Every child for themselves!" The trio of boys yelled running from Lucy.

"Hey you jerks!" Lucy stomped her foot on the ground, "Imma tell!" She cried out. Lucy seemed a little bit older than the trio of boys, but not by too much.

"Hey!" She called as she then ran after the boys.

"We gotta split!" The boy in plaid yelled.

"Right! Let's go!" The other two agreed as they then split up. The two boys ran off to the side behind some trees, while the other looked around for them.

"You guys! That's not what I meant! Don't leave me!" He cried out.

"Keep running! Lucy will never find us!" The boy with black hair smiled.

"Yeah, every child for themself." The brown skinned boy smiled as he and the latter bumped fist.

"Hey..ummm...where we going?" The black hair kid asked.

"Cloud...I don't know." The boy replied back, the black haired boy was now known as Cloud.

"So...Lucy can be anywhere?" Cloud asked.

"I think so..."

"And we left Jason back there didn't we?"

"Yupp..." The boy sighed.

"So Xander, should we go back?" Cloud asked the other boy, now known as Xander.

"Might be too late." A voice whispered. The two boys slowly turned their heads inch by inch, then finally. There she was, Lucy./

"Run!" They yelled as they ran even deeper into the forest.

"Your babies get back here!"

"You have cooties!" They yelled back.

"So?" Lucy called as she watched the boys running still, "Uh oh." Was all she said.

"Rock! Paper! Scissors! Ha I win again!" Chase laughed at Mason.

"Fine." Mason pouted.

"Oh right!" Chase cracked his knucles and turned to a boat in front of them, "Boo.." Was all he said and a blast of fire was released from his mouth and the ship began to sink.

Wanted Dead or Alive: 'The Flame Phenom' Chase M. Dragon 430,000,000

"Ahyahyahya!" Mason laughed at the sinking ship.

Wanted Dead or Alive: 'Monkey Boy' Mason 550,000,00

"That was too easy." Chase smiled.

"Yeah, maybe next time you should take it easy." Mason suggested.

"Nah, what fun would that be?"

"What was that? Ship number three?" Avery asked as he walked up with Mason and Chase.

Wanted Dead or Alive: 'Green Wind' Avery Wilson 90,000,000

"I'll give'em dedication." Chase shrugged.

"Yeah, but they won't get to Raftel." Mason smiled, "After all that's where I live."

"Same with the rest of us idiot." Chase sweatdropped.

"Yeah, maybe we should sail back to Raftel." Avery suggested.

"Yeah." Mason smiled as he and his fellow crew mates began to sail back to Raftel.


"Mommy! Daddy!" Lucy called, "Cloud and Xander ran deep into the forest again!"

"Oooh, Lucy." Red picked up her three year old daughter and hugged her, "Again?" Red chuckled.

Wanted Dead or Alive: 'Deaths Right Hand' Sakura D. Douge 89,000,000

"Yes!" Lucy said panicked.

"Eh, they'll come back." Gabriel joked.

"Gabriel." Red glared at him.

"What? They always do." He shrugged as he was playing pool with Lance, Chance, and Shiro.

Wanted Dead or Alive: 'Fortune Fighter' Lance Tarver 55,000,000

Wanted Dead or Alive: 'Fortune Sniper' Chance Tarver 56,000,000

Wanted Dead or Alive: 'Snow Queen' Shiro Kami 76,000,000

"Where's Jason?" A voice asked.

"Oh don't worry about Jason. I'm sure he'll find his way, he's always in trees." Lance assured as he hugged his wife.

"Huh...I guess you're right." His wife sighed.

"Awww. The happy couple, there's so many here." Chance scoffed.

"Shut up." Karma called from a distance as she and Riru were sitting down on lawn chairs trying to tan.

"Yeah, you're just jealous." Riru laughed.

"Hahah, a jealous Chance? No way." Shiro joined in.

Wanted Dead or Alive: 'Black Shadow' Monkey D. Karma 49,000,000

Wanted Dead or Alive: 'Black Falcon' Riru Sparks 66,000,000

"Aww, I wanna join in." Kit called as she walked out from a large house with her clothes on backwards.

"Umm...Kit." Karma tried to hold back her laughter.

"What?" Kit asked trying to fix her crazy hair.

Wanted Dead or Alive: 'Lightning Fox' Kit M. Dragon 50,000,000

"Oh...ummm.." Kit only blushed as she ran back into the house, then back out, "How am I?" She asked as her clothes and hair was fixed.

"Good, another good night?" Karma chuckled.

"Yeaahhh..." Kit blushed.

"Hey look who I found!" Jason yelled with Cloud and Xander in tow. The two seemed to be gagging massivley, they also seemed very pale.

"Cloud!" Karma called.

"Xander!" Kit called as well. They quickly attended their respective children.

"Oh no!" Riru had appeared suddenly with a first aid kit at hand, "Seems like they ate some kind of poison." Riru examined.

"I found them next to same weird looking fruit." Jason informed.

"What?" Everyone called.

"Yeah, they had some weird swirl patterns on them."

"Are you serious?" Everyone yelled.

"Why's everyone yelling?" Jason and Lucy asked.

"They ate Devil Fruits." Riru sighed, "They'll be fine."

"Well that's good, I guess." Karma sweatdropped as she and everyone else went back to doing what they were doing.

"Gah! Mommy! Help me!" Cloud and Xander called. Then Avery, Mason, and Chase had arrived on the island.

"What's wrong with them?" Mason asked.

"Devil Fruit." Everyone answered.

"Ahh.." Mason and Chase said in awe and examination.

"Dad!" The two boys jumped up and ran to their dads. Cloud to Mason and Xander to Chase.

"That was fast." Everyone sweatdropped.

"You guys ate Devil Fruits? Did you eat the same one?" Chase asked.

"No there was two." Cloud informed.

"Cool, so two diffrent powers for them." Avery informed.

"Yep. You guys know what Devil Fruits are right?" Shiro asked.

"Noooo..." They said as they hung their heads.

"Devil Fruits give you powers." Chase explained, "Like this." Chase blasted a tree with a Blaze Bullet attack.

"Cool! So we'll be able to shoot fire!" They yelled in unison.

"Or this! Gum Gum Pistol!" Mason then punched the tree.

"And stretch our bodies!" They yelled again.

"Or this!" Shiro then froze the tree.

"And freeze things!" The two looked at each other, "Awesome!"

"No, you all got diffrent powers." Gabriel informed.

"Oh, okay." the two nodded.

"I wonder what I get!" Cloud smiled.

"Forget you, what about me!" Xander smiled.

"Hey how come you guys get powers!" Lucy cried.

"Cuz we're awesome!" They snapped.


"We're only two!" They yelled. Everyone bursted into laughter at this comment as the kids just made faces at each other.

15 Years later...

"We'll be careful we promise!" Cloud called. He was now seventeen years old. Monkey D. Cloud stood at five eight, he had shaggy black hair, fair skin, with a lean good body build. He was wearing a sleeveless hooded vest, with some jean shorts, and a pair of straw sandals.

"Yeah, we're just going to Dawn Island." Xander assured. Xander M. Dragon was a little taller than Cloud now. He ha light brown skin, brown eyes, a good build as well, and seemed a bit more muscular than Cloud. He was wearing a body fitting white t-shirt underneath a short sleeved blue and white unbuttoned plain shirt, with some blue faded jeans he sagged, along with some straw sandals.

"Wait you guys!" Jason called as he met up with the two. Jason fifteen as well had the same shaggy black hair and red eyes. His build was similar to his father Lance's build. He was wearing a grey V-neck shirt underneath a black leather jacket, with some jean pants, and black shoes.

"You do know we aren't going together right?" Lucy informed Jason, she is now sixteen. Lucy is a tall young slender teen girl who joined her childhood friends. Her body was very well curved for her age, and her hair fell down to her back. She was wearing a black gothic like dress that had white frills at the ends, while wearing black legings, with black boots, with a white and red striped tie, and some black fingerless gloves.

"Awwww, you're all so grown up now." Riru smiled.

"Eh, don't get too excited." Chase scoffed as he and the rest of the crew gathered to watch the departure of their children.

"Why not?" Riru cried.

"They'll be back."

"We don't know that!"

"How reassuring." Chase sweatdropped.

"Maybe I should go as their doctor!" Riru suggested.

"No, they're going alone!" Chase demanded.


"Gosh." Chase sighed.

"Anyways, were you guys wanna go?" Jaden asked.

"Me and Xander are off to Dawn Island!" Cloud smiled.

"Yeah, I don't know about you guys." Xander joked.

"I wanna go to West Blue!" Jason raised his hand.

"South Blue is my start." Lucy smiled.

"Alright then!" Jaden pulled off one of his gloves, "Say your good byes."

"We'll miss you guys." Cloud smiled.

"We'll miss you too." Mason and Karma smiled.

"Watch over him." Chase informed Xander.

"I will." Xander sighed with his hands in his pockets.

"Good, just don't die please." Kit smiled jokingly.

"Mooommmm..." Xander sighed.


"Lucy I can't wait to see how strong you'll become." Red smiled.

"Yeah, and Jason. Don't forget anything I taught you." Lance informed.

"I won't dad." He responded.

"Alright can we go now?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah, I wanna see if Dawn Island is a goo place to practice parkour." Xander chuckled.

"Fine, you youngsters are always in a rush." Jaden chuckled as he looked at his the No Name Pirates and imagined them when they were just mere starters. Now their kids were going off to become pirates. What would the world hold for them.

"Bye!" With a swift of his hand Monkey D. Cloud, Xander M. Dragon, Jason Tarver, and Lucy D. Angel were gone.

"Wonder how strong they'll become." Chase smiled.

"We'll have to wait and see." Shiro advised.

"Yeah, then maybe we can fight their crew." Mason smiled, "That'll be something."

"But for now, we wait." Kit informed.

"Agreed." Riru and Karma nodded.

"What do we do as we wait?" Chance and Lance asked.

"That should be an easy question." Red chuckled.

"Hmm?" Avery looked at Red, "How so?"

"Leave it to captain." She answered. The whole crew looked at Mason.

"I know!"

"What?" They all asked, then Chase smiled faintly. He and Mason then cheered:

"Another journey!"

Dawn Island...

Cloud and Xander appeared on the docks of Dawn Island. There they saw two marines.

"Hey how'd you kids get here?" One marine asked as he and the other pointed their guns at them.

"Ooh, our first two Marines." Cloud smiled.

"You wanna handle them?" Xander asked.

"Let's do it together."

"Alright." Xander made a motion with his hands and one marine was caught within a clear bubble.

"Atrract!" Cloud called and the second marines gun flew into his hands.

"What the?" The marine yelled.

"Haha! Look at this." Xander laughed as he placed the marines head on his leg, and his leg on his neck, his hand in place with his foot, and placed his hands on his back.


"Ya freaks! Your Devil Fruit users!" The marines yelled.

"Eh maybe." Cloud shrugged. Cloud raised a arm in the air and suddenly all things metal slowly became attracted to his arm. He now had a large arm made of various steel items and weapons.

"Ha!" With that he punched out both marines. Cloud and Xander just chuckled. Xander walked ahead, but Cloud had stopped. He looked down at the fallen marines with a big large smile upon his face.

"Well considering that you might not be able to hear me anyways I will tell you something interesting. I'm Monkey D. Cloud and I'm going to be the next Pirate King."


I hope that ending was as expected for all of you. So now I give a special thanks to all reviewrs and readers who helped make this story possible! If it wasn't for you guys this story wouldn't be as good as I made it. So again thank you guys all this was one of my favorite stories to write. I'm so glad all of you enjoyed as much as I did. With that I got one last thing to say:


Sequel Coming Soon...One Piece: The Final Era?