Alec's Pov

"We found her, we finally fucking found this woman!" A voice called out to Aro.

Aro looked up to see Demetri running in.

"Found who?" Aro asked a little startled, but eager to know who has been so important to find.

"The vampire goddess you had us looking for all those centuries ago." He said with a huge goofy smile, which was a bit out of character for him.

Aro rose in shock.

"Don't lie to me, you really found her?" He asked looking like he was about to explode in happiness.

I remained uninterested, but I had to admit I was just a little curious.

"Who are we talking about?" I asked with a raised brow.

"Aphrodite, a smoking hot babe!" Demetri said with a low whistle.

This was even more out of character for him, and I had to say I was growing a little annoyed by it.

"And why is she so special?" I asked following after Aro.

"She is the oldest known vampire, born back before time even existed as goddess of the world, and of love. She is the most powerful vampire in the world, she could destroy nations with one snap of her finger. And her beauty is second to none, yet she is doesn't have a mate. If we could get her to join us we would be invincible." Aro explained.

As we stepped to the greeting room I noticed everyone was here, the wives, the guard, I even spotted my sister Jane. But my eyes went to a attractive leg as it slid catlike out of a car, then two legs, then I took a startled step back as I took in the most gorgeous woman I have ever had the pleasure to gaze at.

She stood thin, tall, with perfect curves, long blonde hair, and golden eyes. She wore all pink, with huge high heels, and a small expensive looking pink crown on the top of her head.

I watched around me at all the same thing, lust, and envy pouring off everyone, even Aro, Caius, and Marcus had a hard time not staring at her with desire.

She was gorgeous, every feature flawless, and I felt my heart squeezing as her eyes flashed to mine. I thought I was about to pass out as she began to march my way with a serious look. Everyone stared as she walked until she was just a few inches from me, staring me in the eyes.

I stared back, filling something warm fill inside me, and I had a strong urge to reach out and stroke her perfect smooth looking face.

She leaned forward, and to my complete and utter surprise pressed her lips to mine.

I was filled with such mind crushing love, I couldn't help but slowly kiss her back, but made sure not to go to far into the kiss, taking in her account.

When she decided to end the kiss she pulled away, and gave me a smile that made my insides melt.

"What is you're name?" She asked looking over every inch of my body with approval.

"Alec ma'am." I said bowing at her in respect.

She laughed an amazing twinkling laugh, and wrapped her arms tenderly around me.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Alec." She said grinning up at me.

I smiled down at her, unable to hold it back, and hesitantly wrapped my arms around her waist watching her with love filling in me.

What did I do to deserve such a beautiful woman embracing me, and how could I feel such great love for this girl already, just meeting her a few seconds ago.

"Love at first sight is possible Alec, do you believe that?" She wondered, as if knowing my thoughts.

I thought about this, and smiled.

"I think I do actually." I said with a grin.

Aphrodite's eyes brightened, and her hands rubbed soothing circles on my back as she let her head rest on my shoulder.

"Do you believe that a first kiss decides you're future?" She whispered in me ear, and I shivered.

"Yes." I said, feeling sparks fly now as I let me hands relax around her more, and feel the way her body pressed up against mine but to soon she was pulling away, and handing some random person her suitcases.

"I'll stay, and join, but keep in mind it's only because of Alec." She said and winked at me before walking past everyone and into the castle.

Everyone erupted in claps, and excitement, many coming over and hugging me, even though half still looked jealous.

"I think the goddess of love just might have found her mate." Felix snickered.

I smiled at this thought, hope swelling up inside me, filling me with inner giddiness that I wasn't used to having, and I looked around anxiously to see Aphrodite again.

"I think Alec might have found his mate as well." Jane spoke up with a smirk, and I gave her an embarrassed nudge.

"Shut it Jane." I said with a small laugh, but continued to look for Aphrodite, anxious to be by her side again.

"Calm down Alec, she's getting ready to join, getting the lecture, and robes and stuff." Heidi said laughed dancing over to me, and pointing to inside.

I nodded, and began to make my way through the crowd, looking anxiously for my angel.

What a powerful feeling love was.. I would take me a while to get used to, but if that meant being with Aphrodite then I wasn't going to complain.

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