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A few weeks into the summer, both Puck and Kurt are nursing fresh break ups with their significant others and Artie has not made up with Brittany. Feeling decidedly bored and lonely, the three decide to embark on a month long road trip across the US. Artie, being a faithful member of the AV club, video journals their entire trip including walks of shame, impromptu concerts in the street and crazy shenanigans in staple touristic attractions.

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"Artie I will go back to locking you in port-a-potties if you don't get that camera out of my face."

"Puck be nice!" shouted Kurt from behind the car, trying to make his fourth suit case fit in the trunk. "If we start killing each other before we've even pulled out of the driveway, this trip is not going to go well."

"Easy for you to say Princess, you've already had coffee. Abrams! Are you going to record us this whole trip?"

"That's the plan, yo." None the less, Artie put the camera in his lap to wheel forward, promising himself that he'd edit out the shake footage later. "That way, we'll have proof that our summer ruled."

"More like proof for when the police show up." Puck wasn't going to be polite or sociable before 8am in the middle of the summer, damnit.

"Well aren't you the optimistic one Noah." Kurt rounded the car, having successfully fit all of his bags in the trunk.

"I'm just saying. This trip is about forgetting about…..them and going crazy. And hey, if certain activies are slightly less than legal, well then, we'll just have to makes sure wheels here turns off the camera, won't we?" Puck shot a glare down at Artie. Two years ago, it would have made him cower, but instead Artie just stuck his tongue out at the Mohawked boy. Kurt rolled his eyes at his travel companions, but beneath the bitch face he was smiling more genuinely than he had since things with Blaine had turned sour.

"Remember what I told you." Artie picked his camera to catch Burt walking up to the huddle of boys and handing his son a twenty. "Drive carefully, go to a motel if you get too tired, check the tire pressure before you start driving, never let the take get to less than half full…"

"Yes I know Dad." Kurt stepped forward and hugged his father close. "I'll miss you."

Burt looked like he wanted to ruffle Kurt's hair, but thought better of it and squeezed his shoulder instead.

"I'll miss you too buddy. Call me sometimes alright? And take lots of pictures."

"Don't worry Mr. H," Artie chimed in, "I'm keeping a video diary." He smiled at his friend's dad.

"Alright, have a good trip boys. Stay out of trouble." Puck choose to ignore that Burt seemed to be aiming the last remark mostly at him. With one squeeze of his son's shoulders, Burt went back into the house. Puck turned to get back in the car.

"WAIT! We can't just start. We need some kind of send off." Artie flicked the camera between his two friends.

"What, like "So Long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu?"

"Or "Peace out, mother fuckers?"

"No! Not like that…. Just like, a cheer or something. Wait, I've got it!"

Artie held the camera up and over his shoulder so it was aimed at the space between the three boys.

"Hands in."

Kurt raised his eyebrows and glanced at Puck. Puck looked like he was regretting every action in his life that lead up to this moment.

"Come on guys, for the video. Hands in." Artie put his free hand in the middle of the circle to start them up. Kurt put his hand on top of his. Puck looked around for anyone he might know, then put his hand into the pile.

"To the best road trip ever," declared Artie.

"To getting out of Lima," Kurt followed.

"TO FUN," shouted Puck.

"To fun," the other two chorused. They threw their hands up and let them fall. For a moment they looked at each other in excitement then…

"SHOUTGUN," Puck was off like a shot. He was getting the best seat, and he was napping, so help me god, he thought.

"Not driving!" followed up Artie, aiming the video camera at Kurt just in time to watch his draw drop in the realization that he was stuck doing the work for the first leg of the trip.

If all we get out of this trip is this video, it's totally going to be worth it, thought Artie as he maneuvered to film Kurt 'accidentally' jabbing Puck with his elbow while he adjusted the mirror from the driver's seat.